Saturday, February 23, 2019


Woke up to a great review for Ttory 2. That's pretty cool.

So the wife is still healing. Can't move her neck much, so she hasn't been back to work. They've only sent her one disability check, which is bullshit for how much time she's been out.

On top of that, her cousin who is around 60 years old, is a bit of a disaster. She's been having health issues for a year or so. They thought she had a stroke at one point, but turns out that she's diabetic and not doing anything about it, so when her blood sugar gets low, she starts babbling and can't move her jaw to talk right.

Well, the doctors put her on medication and told her to prick herself to check her blood sugar. Her brother and his wife tried to get her organized with pill boxes with days of the week and all that, but...

My wife went to pick her up the other day and she hadn't come out. Like 15 minutes later she comes shuffling toward my wife's car, her sweater all wrapped around her weirdly so her arms are trapped. She can't talk and can barely walk. My wife takes her to the emergency room where they say it's not a stroke still, it's her low blood sugar and high blood pressure.

My wife is pissed. Her cousin is a grown-ass woman, and my wife already has HER parents to take care of. Her cousin isn't following directions, isn't keeping her medications organized. They went into her apartment to get her some stuff, and apparently it looks like a tornado went through there, and smells like piss.

So my wife is feeling angry and guilty at the same time, because she can't care for her cousin, on top of her aging parents and her autistic son. (luckily, I'm super self-sufficient so there's no taking care of me. I know where Burger King is...)

Once they sent her cousin home, my wife didn't talk to her for a couple of days to try to get the importance of self-sufficiency through. Her cousin calls to talk to her MULTIPLE times a day, so she knew something was wrong.

Hopefully she gets the hint.

Working on the Roku channel thing. I have a working copy up there, and if you knew the vanity code then you could check it out. But there's nothing streaming yet.

That's the biggest rub. YOU have to host your movies somewhere. Roku is just the portal to your films. The big question is, how many people are going to stream your movies? Is the ad-revenue you make going to be enough to pay for the hosting, wherever you end up hosting it?

On top, because you're paying per gig of streaming, I have to make the movies as small as possible, yet not sacrifice all the quality. So I'm trying to make each movie under 1gig in size, which is tough without going through multiple compressions.


Also trying to finish up the artwork for the dvds of GOH and Ttory2. And writing that script for something I feel like I'm not up to shooting at a location that will probably get us all arrested, if we don't die of asbestos poisoning, or homeless people/the ghosts of former sanitarium patients who died horribly in the location killing us.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

I Died Last Week

Last week my brother and I returned to the abandoned asylum for some more pics and stuff. You can read the details here with pics:

While I was there I started to get a cough, and since asbestos is a real issue here, I thought maybe I'd inhaled some bad stuff.

Then I find out my brother gets super sick the next day, and then I follow suit. It's the flu, or something like it. Super body aches, very weak, and at one point I'm so cold I can't stop shaking. (even though I'm in a warm room with the warmest blanket known to man). Had to get in a hot bath just to warm up.

Was a bad, bad two days. I'm still recuperating, and it's been a week.


There's a convention coming near us in September, and Joe Bob's gonna be there. If you don't know who he is, he's a legend. But more importantly, he reviewed my first movie and gave it four out of four stars, and said a bunch of nice stuff about it.

Over the years we've emailed each other, and recently he reached out to me to ask where he could see my other movies. So I mailed a bunch of them to him.

And now it looks like he's coming to town? I want to meet the guy. I reached out to the guy putting it on to see if he wants me as a guest. Come on, who doesn't? He gets back to me fast and is like, "Yeah, for sure." And he suggests if I have any "monsters" from my movies, let him know and he'll add him to the list.

That gets me thinking. Shivers himself has moved back to the states. He hasn't done a show since that Fango show we did back in 2006-ish. So I reach out to him. Turns out the show's not far from him, so he's cool for it.

I guess that means I'm doing a show with him this year.

That means I gotta have some new stuff at the show. I guess I'm going forward with that GOH DVD. I won't get that many printed up.  And I figure I'll do a super-small pressing of Ttory 2 also.

More work for me to do now...

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Wait...good news? Do I Need To Make Another Blog For That?

If you haven't read the blog post before this, you should go read that one first.

Went in for the surgery last week. It was a long day--since she had to be up there at 5:30am, I just didn't go to sleep. Got there--the place was packed, which is crazy that early in the morning--and they took her back to get prepped.

About an hour later they came and got me(and a friend of my wife's who'd come up) to see her in the bed before the surgery.

The doctors came back(the surgeon and the plastic surgeon), and spoke to us. The anesthesiologist  gave her a little something "to relax her", and it must have been pretty great stuff, cuz she was giggly as shit.

Then boom--they took her away. My brother showed up, so I went to the cafe downstairs and had some breakfast. (they sell breakfast food by the pound's very weird)

A few hours later they called us and said the surgery was done, and the plastic surgeon was taking over to close it up. They'd talked about a skin graft, but he was going to try it without that. Said it would leave a big scar, but if they did the skin graft then the skin there would be a different color and be more noticeable.

Fast forward quite a few hours later. She took about two hours to come out of the anesthesia. She was woozy, but we could take her home. They wheeled her out to my car, and we went home. They had to wrap bandages around her head and neck to keep the bandage on, so she looked a bit like the mummy.

We were told we'd need to wait a week to find out the results on the lymph node and the surrounding tissue. They cut a certain amount of "clean" skin around the cancerous area to ensure they've gotten it, but sometimes it's there even if you can't see it.

Wednesday they called and gave us the good news. Lymph node is clean, and the surrounding skin is clean. They can't guarantee it hasn't spread, so we're not gonna get all crazy happy about it. (my wife's bf from way back who died of skin cancer got the same exact results, and was dead six months later)

But, as I told her, that was like 30 years ago and technology's a lot better now.

Anyway, brace yourself. Here's a gruesome pic of what the back of her neck looks like right now:

She's in a lot of pain, even with the pain killers but it's gotten a little better. So fingers crossed this is all done. I imagine the big horror will come when we get the medical bill.


Still writing that book. Around 22,000 pages WORDs(DO NOT LET YOUR FRIENDS GET HIGH AND BLOG) now. I like certain parts of it a lot, other parts not so much. It's probably meandering a bit too much, but it's a first draft so I'm not going to sweat it too much. Just get it all out, and then start re-working when it's done.

Also gone back to adapting that book of my buddy's into screenplay format. I'd lost track of it, and gotten a little frustrated by the fact that it's going to run very long. I thought I was cutting enough out to make it around 110 pages, but it looks like it's gonna get to around 140.

Then I want to go do a totally new version of it with some changes, and see what my buddy thinks.

Mulling over whether I can make that $2K movie. Without getting arrested. (if we shoot at that asylum, there's a huge risk--I'm trying to figure out how few days we could shoot there, and if there are other places similar that I could use for some interiors)

While also figuring out what the exact setup of the story is. Still don't have that yet. Some of the stuff that my buddy had suggested was good, but on further reflection, probably wouldn't work for what I'm trying to do.


Super Bowl is tomorrow. I'm trying to care. Failing. I'm not sure I've ever been THIS disinterested in a Super Bowl before.

Is it because I'm sick of seeing the Pats in every bowl? Probably. Is it because I also don't think the Rams have a chance in hell of winning? Probably. If Drew Brees and the Saints were playing, I'd be interested in that game.