Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Getting Real.

Hey, so let's do some fun stuff before I drop the bomb, right?

First, have you seen how Amazon's destroying the indies? Check my latest film blog here for that:


So hey, even more bleak times for us. Awesome!

I went out tonight with the Malfi after a couple months of non-going out. We talked, drank, then I got pulled over on the way to my parents' house to sober up. Good news--they gave me a warning about running a bullshit stop sign(that they've put at an intersection that didn't have a stop sign for 40 years--they've made it a four-way, and I may just burn down the entire development that demanded there be a four-way stop because they're fucking ASSHATS)

Then I apparently dropped my wallet when I got out of my car at my parents. Hours later after I went home, I couldn't find it. Called my brother(who's watching my parents' house while they're away) to see if he could find it. He found it in the drive way. Good times.

Anyway, gave Malfi the notes on the things I was considering doing next, if I did any movie. He had some good thoughts. I hate the fact that he's written nearly 30,000 words on his new novel in roughly a week. Fucker. I've been working on my novel and done about 10,000 words in a month.


So here's the bad. About a year ago my wife had a small purple mark on the back of her head.

I thought that was strange. I asked her if it was a birth mark that I never noticed. She said no, didn't know what it was. It got bigger.

I told her to go see a doctor. Eventually she did, after the mark got bigger and darker. This fucking dipshit doctor looked and claimed it was an "infection", and gave her an antibiotic. Weird thing is, it got better a little, then got WAY worse.

She went to another doctor. This doctor had them take a biopsy. It's skin cancer. The big C. And we didn't catch it early, thanks in no small part to this dipshit doctor.

This was around December 12th that we got the news. The depth of the cancer was over 4mm, which wasn't great. Under 1mm and you're looking okay. Over that and things get dicey.

We saw an oncologist. Earliest he could get us in with him and the plastic surgeon(they have to cut it out, and the area is large so they need to cut part of her thigh and put that skin on the back of her head) was January 25th.

That's a lot of time. Meanwhile, my wife is emotionally collapsing. Not going to work much. I find her crying in a room by herself sometimes. She didn't tell any of the family(and nor could I) until after the holidays. She didn't want to ruin anyone's holiday stuff.

We finally told people last week. This week is the surgery where we find out if it's spread past her lymph nodes. If so...bad times.

So basically 2019 is continuing the raping of 2018 and 2017. Shit continues to go downhill at every turn. It's hard to see a bright side any more.

Not sure what's going to happen. Dunno what else to say.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

My Favorite Songs of 2019

Man, the moviemaking memes have been spot on lately.

Anyway, this list isn't really in any sort of order. These are my favorite songs that I listened to the most in 2019.

This is for sure #1--this is by a guy named Ollie Wride. He's the main singer for one of the best, if not THE best, synth groups out there right now, FM84. If he sounds familiar, you probably recognize his voice from "Running in the Night" on FM84. Great song.

This is from what appears to be a solo album coming out, and nobody's doing 80's synth revival better than this guy:


This is another favorite from that same album. As they say, take my fucking money.


This is Jake Shears, lead singer of Sister Scissors. I love their stuff, so have been bummed the group sort of split up. Then I get surprised that Jake has a new solo album, and it's really good. This is probably my favorite track.

BUT...this is neck and neck. Got that funky Sisters beat I love.


This was a joke song for one of those bad lip sync segments for Stranger Things, and it turns out the song is hugely addictive. Has a sort of funky Prince vibe to the music.


This was a fun summertime song. Catchy as shit.


This is an oddly catchy song, like something a more pop Trent Reznor would come up with.


This next one is crazy...this guy has been making music for DECADES. Like, since at least the 80's(I remember his big big hit "Cars"), and here he is still killing it. I feel like Bellware will like this video--has a very post-apocalyptic vibe to it.


This next one has got to have one of the catchiest choruses that I've ever heard. Whole thing starts off slow and then bam...that bass...then they add to the chorus on the second time...so simple, but so great...


Okay, I heard this one on the Island show me and the missus love during the summer. As soon as I heard it, the hook got stuck in my head. I went to look for it. I'm not sure how this is not a huge hit...like, all of the youtube videos of it have under 10,000 views...?


Also this one, same thing--this has under 20K views? Huh?


Damn, I think I'm getting too high to post the rest of these. So this is a good start.

Honorary mention:
Like the 80's and metal music? Go watch this video, and afterward check out their others. But as much as you're going to swear this is an actual 80's video made by an 80's band, keep in mind that they're Swedish and were formed in 2002.


Monday, January 14, 2019


Just got back from L.A., a relatively okay trip. It's exhausting, as always, but it's over. Only thing left to do is collect a big check.

The auction went okay, and the banquet video went well. A couple of people, including Luke's brother, thought it was the best video we've ever done. That is crazy sauce, because THIS is the best video we ever did:

Sure, part of it is the fact that I forced Luke to go out in the snow and do some ridiculous stuff. But there's some funny shit in there, and I think we got the gist of the "Cops" feel down, plus I'm still sort of surprised I got the logo that close to the actual logo.

Out in LA, we made a stop at the weed store--completely legal out there, and got some fun stuff. Weird thing is, that meant I got plenty of sleep every night, but every day I STILL felt exhausted for some reason. I'm guessing jet lag and stress.


Back here now, and I'm nearly ready to let slip a secret I've been keeping. It's not a nice one. It could be a VERY bad one--still waiting for confirmation.

On another front, I'm still mulling over my next move, movie wise. Am I done? Do I have the ability to QUIT? I'm not sure I do.

Which means I do one of two things:
1) That experimental thing which is just a hodgepodge of stuff that I've written since I was in college--I just go out and shoot them all whenever I get a chance, and put 'em all together. It will have segments that are 30 seconds long, some that are like 15 minutes long, just a bunch of random mostly-horror shit. I can shoot 3 or 4 of the short ones in a weekend, and the longer ones will take full weekends.

Just do it as a I can, and it's done when it's done. Mostly nobody gets paid, so I'll be using actors who I'm pretty good friends with who will work for nothing but food and the incredible honor of working with me. :)

2) I'd had an idea last Halloween when I spontaneously came up with my costume--remember that S&M clown? I had thought, given the reaction by EVERYBODY I came in contact with, that this was a frightening thing to people.

And recently I've been thinking...perhaps I go the "Terrifier" route. That movie basically has no plot. That clown follows two random girls, killing everybody in the way to get to them. Period. Has a ton of gore. It was a big hit for them.

If I could come up with something a little like that--I can't do no-plot movies, but maybe I can do a VERY light plot--that's basically chock full of cool gore, and keep that budget to like $2K...(how do I do that? Not sure)

These are the things I'm going to mull over.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Too Busy

That there is one of the greatest memes ever. Sad and true.

Anyway, been busy finishing all the videos for the big auction this weekend. The lady in charge really went overboard on how many showcase videos she wanted. It ended up being nearly 90 minutes of edited video.

And then I finished up the banquet video.


Watched a pretty good werewolf movie on A-zon. It's called Howl, and has a premise I love--a train gets stranded in the middle of nowhere, and werewolves attack.

Saw Wreck It Ralph 2. Not bad. Not as good as the first though, but still fun.

Anyway, am off to L.A. on Thursday, back on Monday. I'm sure I'll have stories.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

New Years Over Too

2018 went out the way it came in, like a big steaming bucket o' shit.

See, our toilet kept running so I popped the top open to see what was up. The flange that keeps the water from going down into the toilet has broken off the pole. This flange is probably--no joke--30 years old. It's amazing it lasted this long.

Problem is, they don't sell this kind of flange any more. All of the ones you buy at Lowe's or Home Depot come with their own poles--so I'd have to take the whole top off of the toilet, remove the old pole(which is metal--that's old) and put the new stuff on.

I wasn't too enthused about that, so I called my dad for his advice. He came over and took a look. His advice--buy a new toilet completely. Awesome, more money. The only thing that sold me on it was that the interior pieces were already attached, so less work for me.

Bought the new toilet and put it in. What's weird is how much less water it uses than this old tank. Our old tank had a ton of water in it--this one uses 1.28 gallons per flush. I hope it's enough water to flush my kid's enormous horse-sized dumps he likes to take.


Then, if that wasn't enough, our heat stopped working on New Year's Eve. AGAIN. I am ready to blow up my entire house and start over again.

We think we know what the problem is, so we ordered another part. Every goddamn part on this furnace is under 5 years old except for the shell of it, so I don't know how it keeps going bad.

Part won't come in for a couple of days, so no heat for a while. Luckily it's not THAT cold out, considering it's January.



Okay, not in an order, because I don't have time for that.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
Ready Player One
Deadpool 2
A Quiet Place

Haven't seen but might make list if I had, from what I hear:
Creed 2, Apostle, Spider-man Into Spiderverse, Bohemian Rhapsody, Searching, Bird Box

I saw Aquaman the other day with my kid.  It wasn't terrible. It was like 25 minutes too long, but had some decent stuff. As far as DC movies, it's a step in the right direction.

Watched Cam on Netflix. Pretty decent watch, even if it falls apart toward the end.

Haunting of Hill House
Daredevil Season 3
Better Call Saul Season 4
Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 3
Ozark Season 2
Counterpart Season 1
Man In the High Castle season 3
The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Cobra Kai season 1
The Americans Season 6

Television has some very strong stuff. I just finished The Bodyguard on Netflix, a UK show. A show you can blaze through, because it's compulsively-watchable. Not sure it would make my best of though.

I could make a worst of, but the one that pops out to me is Mandy. I cannot understand how people made it through that movie, much less the near-universal accolades it's getting. It's SO fucking boring. As in, nothing happens, at least through minute 35 when some dude yanks out his dick and continues the long speech he's been spouting.

That's when we were all like, enough. It's bad enough you're going to bore me with a dude talking forever, but he's gonna whip out his tiny dick and talk MORE?


I'll do some best of music next post. I heard some good songs this summer that I'll share.