Monday, December 23, 2019

Xmas 2019

Been trying to watch some Xmas stuff. Saw the Joe Bob thing, which was fun. He did Black Christmas, Jack Frost(what a shitty movie though) and Silent Night Deadly Night 2.

Tried to watch something called Unholy Night. Quit after about 30 minutes.

Watched Slay Belles. Pretty mediocre.

There's a movie called Let It Snow on Netflix--not horror, but the wife wanted to watch it and it didn't look as bad as the other Hallmark movies she watches. Turns out, not bad at all.

Watched Good Tidings right now. Seemed like Clownhouse but with a Xmas slant. Has some interesting shots and decent FX at the front but eventually gets too repetitious.

Started watching Anna and the Apocalypse--it's on now, so will let ya know.

I'm gonna do a best of/worst of list soon, I think.

Got no big plans for Xmas. Made cookies for the family--the kind we had as kids. They're a giant pain to make, so nobody makes them any more. I made them last year, and they went over big, so since I can't really afford to buy any real presents this year, cookies it is.

Took me 3.5 hours of baking. So honestly I wish I just had the money to buy gift certificates...


The job hunt goes nowhere. Not sure what the deal is. Am I overqualified? Do people look at my resume and think...why is this guy looking to do regular jobs? He's a movie director...

So maybe I take the director job off the resume? Make it seem like I'm just an editor?

I'm still doing the video work for the auction company but it's sporadic. I'll get a decent check in January, but it's just gonna go to catching me up--and won't bridge the gap in what I've missed.

I posted that gig on that web site I mentioned a while back. The one where I'd edit a movie trailer for anyone's movie. Got two inquiries pretty fast--one from a guy who had a movie that had Ed Asner in it. He was very vague in what he wanted and wouldn't answer my questions directly. So I blew him off.

Other one wanted a trailer for his short but wanted to "pick my brain" before he ordered the gig. No thanks. People just want free stuff. I give out enough of that shit on my 100 blogs.

Anyway, Merry freakin' Xmas.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

FOC Work Continues

Man, is it slow going. There are a lot of places where I cut and pushed shit together, and then it moves a dissolve. That dissolve is something I can't replicate now without going to find the original takes on both sides of it. So I've been doing that.

Did I mention that apparently I now grind my teeth in my sleep?

I was chewing popcorn about a month ago and felt a hard kernel in my mouth...but it turned out it was a crown of mine that came off. About a week later, a crown on the other side cracked. I had suspicions that I was grinding my teeth, because I'd wake up with my jaw clenched a lot.

So anyway, don't have the money to go get either fixed, so they've just been like that. Sure, I have insurance, but it's still probably going to cost at least a hundred bucks. Frankly, I'm behind on my actual bills so there's ZERO money for anything else.

Getting pretty frustrated on the job thing. I've submitted to probably 15 places. Some of them I wasn't keen to get, but figured I'd put up with the job for a year or something just to get something else on the resume, maybe get some leads elsewhere.

All these money problems are probably what's causing the stress that's causing me to grind my teeth at night.


Had a fun night the other night. I went over to Stewie's to do the other commentary track for when I eventually put out the T1 and T2 blu ray. Malfi came over and I interviewed both of them for the making of, then we started drinking.

Watched a couple warm-up flicks--The Hidden first, and I was pretty shocked that neither of them had ever seen it. Then Just One Of The Guys, which is one of those movies that always makes me feel good.

Hell, by the time we got to T2, I was pretty drunk. Kept drinking anyway.

I don't remember much of what was said during the movie. Afterward we chatted a bit, and then the guys tried really hard to get me to not drive the 3 miles to my parents' house to sober up. Didn't work. Went over there and played video games with my brother for a few hours, then drove home...on the way, I can tell ya I was second-guessing that decision.

Crashed as soon as I got home at about 4:30am. Woke up at 1pm, still buzzed. Climbed back into bed and didn't wake up until 7pm. Haven't been that drunk in a long time, but really needed some R&R.

This week is Friday fun at Zig's, then a UFC fight at Luke's.


Been writing. Still thinking about that T3 segment, but having a hard time cracking it. Like, it's SUCH a departure from everything I've done on the other segments that I'm not sure that the people who like the others will like this one.

It's nearly 100% psychological horror. Almost no gore. It might work if it was inside the whole movie, but if I plan on releasing it in segments first, not sure.
(and did I mention that A-zon has once again revised their payments come January 202 so that we may only get paid ONE CENT per hour? Depending on how popular your stuff's crazy)

Don't know, man. There was a time when I thought I knew what bleak looked like, but all that shit's getting redefined.

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Long Absence

Wow, almost a month since my last update! Haven't been in the mood much to update.

Have continued to hunt for freelance or contract jobs. No joy yet, so it was a tight November. Starting to fall behind in bills. Not fun.

Finished that script adaptation of my buddy's book. It's officially the longest script I've ever written--170 pages. Too long. Every page is more money, and if we want to shoot this, we'll  be killing ourselves over how long it takes to shoot that.

We're going to sit down soon after he reads it, and see if we can't figure out what to cut. It's VERY faithful to the book. I'm thinking about doing a slightly different version.


Also, figured I'm gonna let my Creative Suite lapse once the year is over. Can save myself some money, and just use an older version of Premiere to edit stuff.

Problem is, I gotta get the redo of FOC done before that happens, since I started working on it with the suite. (and I won't be able to edit any newer Premiere files with the older Premiere program)

Dove into it. Man, it's painful to watch the first 70 minutes of it. So many problems. So many mismatched eyelines that I can't fix now. (sometimes you can flip the pic horizontal on one side, and they'll be looking right--but only if the person is symmetrical--which Shivers is not)

Things are all weird, in that some audio goes out of sync--and the movie, as put together, is like 11 minutes longer than the Lionsgate cut. So I'm trying to figure out where I cut by figuring out where they go back into sync

Then I'm missing a couple of pieces of music. That sucks. I had to literally rip the dvd and pull a section of audio from it for one short scene. It's really not noticeable unless you have an incredible sound system.

I've had to redo the end credits from scratch, cuz when they're blown up to HD, they go fuzzy. So I retyped every name and title.

I managed to get everything together, but it's still like 9 minutes longer than the release. I'm going to have to lay the entire Lionsgate version on top of the timeline, and then go through cut by cut. That will take some time.

Been catching up on a lot of TV, and some movies. (It2 -- so, so bad after the first 20 minutes.)

Saturday, November 09, 2019

The suck, if we'd been shooting, today or tomorrow would have been the last day of shooting. We'd be done.

So that's depressing.

Anyway, went out with the wife the weekend before Halloween to a Stranger Things 80's themed party at a bar with the Malf and his wife. Drank some beers, chit chatted. Malfi and his wife left around midnight--she doesn't seem to be much of a night owl--so we stayed and danced a little.

But the ad said they'd be spinning 80's tunes all night long, but by midnight they were playing whatever they wanted--a lot of new shit.

But there were some cool costumes. One guy was Jack Burton, and he had an Asian friend and two girls dressed in those intricate geisha costumes from Big Trouble In Little China. I got a little video of them. I wish I'd gotten a pic.


The Joe Bob thing was great, as usual. Weirdly, my wife came down that night and was like "Do you want to watch something?" and I said sure, just let me see what Joe Bob is putting on. It was the first Halloween movie.

The wife ended up watching that with me. She'd never seen Joe Bob at all. I think she enjoyed it. She hadn't seen Halloween in like 15 years.

On actual Halloween, it was rainy and cold. Not a lot of trick or treaters.


Now here we are in November. I'm still writing shit. Still mulling over the Ttory short.

The idea that I've liked and been thinking about on and off for the last couple of years(it's already on the map) is a pretty technically-complicated thing. I have a special effect that features prominently in the short--and it's going to be real tough to do without a motion-controlled crane that can repeat a shot exactly.

I definitely have to go out and do some tests to see if I can make it work.

The short would be quite a departure, I think, from the other segments in that a lot of it takes place outside of the Ttory. I'm still zeroing in on the characters and how I want to tackle it. (linear vs. non)

But I think I mentioned I also had an idea for a segment for S. Jack. It's just, I know if I do it that means countless hours in front of the computer taking out eye-holes and hollowing out the pumpkin head. It's literally torture. Yes, LITERALLY.

Gotta keep thinking about it. Whatever it is, I'd like to get it done over three days. (Friday, Sat, Sun), probably in early April. That won't give me a lot of time to finish it, but I'll have to work fast.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Writing On Fire

So I was pretty down the night that I canceled the shoot. I went to sleep and woke up, feeling a little better. But still in that nebulous place where--if I'm not working on creating something--I feel fucking bored.

I sat down at the computer and took a look at some shit I have been working on. I decided to start writing some shit, and here's what I did:

That script I've been adapting of my buddy's--I got about 90 pages in and realized it's gonna run very long. That bummed me out, and other shit came up, but I decided to say fuck it--get it done, and then figure out what needs to get cut.

I've got some Ttory stories that have been in the back of my mind. I should get 'em down, and think about shooting one at the end of winter/beginning of spring. I could finally do that test to find out whether a short can possibly be lucrative at all. Because if it can--I can shoot shorts, put them up individually, and then use that money to shoot the wraparound that finishes off my Ttory storyline completely, and then re-release the whole movie together with those shorts already done.

I've been working on some prose stories. You know what? For SO long I tried to get published back in high school and college, but I wasn't that great a writer yet. Plot-wise, I was very good. Character-wise, fucking terrible.

I've decided I'm gonna try to get published in an anthology this year.

With all these in mind, I started writing the next night after the cancellation, and I'm not sure I've ever written so much in a short period of time.

I'm guessing that the buddy's adaptation is going to come in around 140 pages--longer than any script I've ever written. I'm pretty sure I know what needs to be cut, and then I just have to decide if I want to do an all-new version that adds some of "me" to it. Part of me doesn't want to, part of me does.

We'll see.


Halloween approaches quickly, again. I never get to watch as much stuff as I'd like to.

My buddy asked if I wanted to go to a Stranger Things party some bar is holding on Saturday, so we may both go to that with the wives. Personally I'd rather hit the pumpkin trail out by Zig's, but since we didn't do any partying last Halloween, I sort of owe the wife.

And hey--tonight is Joe Bob's new thing, so that'll be great. Always a great time. I smile like a fucking idiot watching him on TV. It's a rare thing.

Thursday, October 24, 2019


Well...I'll just go ahead and paste the blog entry I created for that private blog that I was going to eventually use as a perk for that crowd sourcing this. But on this blog, I'll put some hot Wednesday Adamms cosplay to make it seem SO much better.

I've been putting out a lot of fires on this thing. I've managed to cast every part other than a couple small parts that I know I can find someone for.

My current big worries before today were finding a bar for one scene, and figuring out how to make the FX work, since I'm sort of piece-mealing them through different people.

So Monday, we went out to the asylum for last looks and to do some tests. I took Matt, who was going to play our monster on day 1, production manager Ziegler, and my brother Mike.

I wanted to see if anything had changed on the inside or outside of the buildings, and to pick specific rooms for certain scenes. I was going to put Matt in the costume and shoot some stills, plus mess around with the camera and gimbal and see just what problems I might run into.

Well, the parking lot where we normally parked is gone. We knew this, but I thought we could use the road just outside of the asylum to park. But as soon as we pulled onto the road, Matt said "I think there's some cops down there on the road standing outside their vehicle..."

I pull over near where we walk through the woods to get to the asylum, and immediately a truck heads our way. Matt says "Oh yeah, this guy has a security shirt on..."

Guy gets out and comes over. "What you guys doing?"

So I'm honest. I say "We're going to the asylum to shoot some pictures."

"Can't do that," he says, so I play dumb and say "Why not?"

"You're not allowed."

I'm like, "We can't just go in and take some pictures of the creepy places?"

He says, "Nope. If we see you, we have to stop you."

I smile nicely and say, "Then why'd you have to see us?"

He smirks, seems like a nice guy. Says, "Tell you I didn't see you. But don't come back."

Then he drives off. I'm like...sweet. But this is going to be a problem trying to bring 6-10 people back each day. We can't park a bunch of cars there. So it means that we'd have to drive in, unload people and equipment without anybody seeing, head back out and pick up more people, bring them back, then park the car and slide in again without anybody seeing.

I'm getting leery.

Anyway, we go to the asylum and do many of the tests. Some are very cool.  Some work out. Others mean I have to change some stuff.

We get out after a few hours and eat. But my brother Mike tells me he talked to somebody who used to hang out a lot at the tunnels--my other big location that I thought we'd have easier access to. I wrote some big FX scenes there to be filmed at night.

This guy tells my brother that the park is closed at night, and they now patrol it. If you park in the lot after dark, they tow you. Park police and county police--not security--go in after people who park on the road.

My two big locations have just fucked me.


I go home and start brainstorming. I look for other locations that we might have more control over, but I've done this search before. Coming up with nothing near us.

Some decent stuff about an hour and a half away. That's not a crazy bad distance, but you have to consider that we'd be driving that 1.5 hours, then shooting for 10-12 hours, then driving back another 1.5 hours...and then I have to dump and backup all the footage, which could take 2-3 hours.

We have some fairly short turnaround days, which means I might get 4 hours of sleep if we do this. I'm not young enough to keep that pace up any more.

I try to figure out whether we can shoot at the tunnels during the day, even if the scenes take place at night. Inside the tunnels, it's pitch black even during the day.

Problem is that some of these scenes take place outside of the tunnels, and those HAVE to be during the night. We'd still have a full night there, and I don't think we'd have that long to shoot before we got arrested.

I was pretty tired, so I went to sleep to mull it over the next day.


After agonizing over the decision for hours, I finally had to make the tough call that I haven't had to make in 20 years.

I called the shoot off.

Now, lots of people do this. Most of the filmmakers I know have called off shoots for one reason or the other.

Not me. I tried to get two movies off the ground before HH, and those both got canned due to problems. (one was a location problem)

But since then I've been able to make every movie I've set out to make, mostly through sheer force of will.

So making this's devastating to me. I've done so much work and spent a decent amount of money...and I fucking hate failing, and this feels like failing to me.

I'm not giving it up as a project, but I don't have a definitive date for it. Until we find a location that I can re-work the script to fit, there's not much I can do.

To be brutally honest though, I feel like crying. (and I'm not a crying kind of guy) I can't really pinpoint why this is hitting me so hard. Part of me thinks I'm having some sort of nervous breakdown, except my mind is too strong to actually do that, so that other things in my body are starting to go berserk.

File this under "Why the fuck do we do this?" (part 308 in a 999-part series)

Monday, October 21, 2019

The Train Is Rushing Toward The Cliff...

Eleven days until the shoot. Not a single special effect is done. I have three or four roles not yet cast.

Ahhhhh, the life of the indie filmmaker.

I remember the good old days when all this shit was done weeks ahead of time...when there was way too many actors to choose from...

Anyway, on the good news front, I've replaced the 6'8 actor who ditched on me with another 6'8 actor who was referred by another actress we're using. I've never worked with him, so hopefully he works out...

Am going out to the asylum today to do some last-minute checks. Get some pics and video with the guy who played Smiling Jack in Ttory, who's gonna play the monster on the first day of the shoot for me.


Watched Shaun of the Dead with the kid. He liked it. Couple of days later we watched Zombieland. Liked that too. Two R-Rated movies in a row.

So tonight we went to his first-ever rated R movie in a theater--the sequel to Zombieland. It was a lot of fun. He enjoyed that too. I forgot to take a picture--I've been taking pictures off and on of us at the movies for years. Wish I'd done it EVERY time.

The ones I do have, I plan on making an animated gif of that goes from young kid to now kid.

It's very surreal looking at him now compared to when he was super young. He just went to his homecoming dance...some girl asked HIM if he wanted to go with her. So my autistic kid is still better with the girls than I ever was in high school.

Kinda sobering.


Been powering down a lot of horror movies, since I'm not gonna have much time soon. The closer this shoot gets, the worse it'll get.

And today, the crown of my tooth fell off, and I woke up to find our roof is leaking when it rains. Good times.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Book Month

First, let's talk about my book sales on A-zon. They started growing since July, but recently are really taking off. Like, this is my sales from the past 30 days:

Wow, right? That's pretty good considering I do NO advertising about my books. Wanna know the downside though? I've sold 101 books, and A-zon now will pay me the princely sum of $237. Roughly $2.37 a book.

Man...what a racket. I gotta keep reminding myself that it's essentially free money at this point, but a more equitable split would be super.


I've been pretty much killing myself to get this movie together. All the props. Working on trying to get FX worked out(though there is literally NONE of them done, and we're like 2.5 weeks away from shooting), casting, location scouting.

And then today, a bombshell. The guy playing the main "monster" in the movie is 6'8. When I was considering writing the script, I asked this guy if he'd be interested. I told him we'd be shooting on illegal land. I told him there was no upfront money. He was TOTALLY enthusiastic.

Since then he was all in. As of two weeks ago he'd posted on the private page for cast/crew that:
I like the set, the cast, the crew. Lets do this thing!

Then this morning, completely out of the blue, he sends me this message:
Hey I am going respectfully withdraw as the weird-ling. You guys enjoy yourselfs. My apologies. Nothing personal. Thanks for understanding.

I'm wigging out. I reply right away:
Whaaaaaat? Dude, what's up? I made a freaking costume for you and ordered a mask to your size. What's going on?

Here's where it goes crazy town. He replies:
Too many people setting me up everywhere I go. There was an email that went about me from someone. You received it. I'm tired of it. Lots of subtle emotional bullying from "friends". My apologies. Break all the legs!

I go through ALL my email acccounts. I have no emails from anyone about the guy. I message him back:
 I have no idea what you're talking about as far as emails--I didn't get anything. But what's that go to do with being a part of my flick? Is someone in my cast the person you're being bullied by? 

His reply:
Nothing to discuss. I am just out. My apologies. Please recast someone. I am no longer an actor 

At that point, I'm just fucking livid. This fucking guy can fucking go off and die, and I won't feel bad about it at all. I reply:
Ok, just so you know where I'm coming from--I have spent a fuckton of time on this, with you as the lead creature based on you telling me you were up for it. I paid for a suit to your size, and paid for a mask to your size. And then out of the blue, 2.5 weeks from the shoot, you're mysteriously out. So to be blunt, that's fucking bullshit man. But whatever.

So I'm out my monster, and have to try to replace a 6'8 guy with someone who can fit in this custom costume I had someone create. That's where I am now. I have a couple of okay prospects, but I don't know any of these people. Will they work out? Will they suck?

If I can't replace him for sure by the 22nd, I have to call the whole thing off. That's the day I have to cancel the lens rentals, or eat $400. I'm not eating any more, because I've already spent a decent amount of money on this that I don't have.

Honestly, WHY the fuck do I put myself through this shit? I wish I could be happy doing something else that actually paid money. Where what I created couldn't be stolen by everybody while simultaneously being hated by the vocal masses.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Very, Very Busy

Been moving on everything I have to do for this flick. It's a lot.

Need a shotgun. I'd prefer a tactical one, but we have not much money to spend on one. So I've been going around to all the pawn shops to try to find the perfect cheap shotgun. Failing. But I think I've found one we can borrow for the duration, and it's perfect.

Been casting. That's always a hassle. Been keeping a private blog that I'll give access to any of the crowd funders once I launch that. It's a pretty detailed account of everything right now, along with hints and whatnot for filmmakers on what's worked for me.

Been testing the gimbal I got. It's nice, but it was the smaller version and made some things difficult. I shot this one night. (the first part is with autofocus, which was having a hard time cuz of the dark, and the later part is on manual, fixed focus. )

That's also 16,000 iso--crazy, cuz it's not that grainy.

So I returned that gimbal and got the better one. It's freaking amazing. Has a follow focus on it that I can manipulate with a wheel on the gimbal. So I can dolly and rack focus. I can tell you though that it gets heavy when you run around holding it all for a while, even though it's light.

I've been spending time each day over the past week going outside and running around with it, experimenting. Getting my arms a little more beefed up and ready.

Still a lot to do. But I'm nearly done double-checking my shooting script, and I think it's doable. There's a couple of days that are going to be very tight, but I'm going to try to be aware of when we're falling behind, and then half-ass(go to a master only) until I catch up.


Went to a convention this past weekend. Was fun. Luckily had a friend grab me a pass when they got there Saturday morning, because they sold out by the time I got there.

Got to see some people I don't see too often. And then got invited to dinner with my buddy Dom, who manages the Greatest American Hero. (and the GAH was there). Pretty surreal to chat with him. He's a super nice guy. Has some fun stories.

Here's the after-dinner pic. The dinner was pretty mediocre, with a terrible waiter. (took me 20 minutes to get a bottle of beer to me)


Anyway, I'm realizing that I've ruined another Halloween for myself this year, but can't really be helped. I feel like the older I get, the less chance I'll be shooting any more flicks so I have to strike when I can, and it just happens that October/November usually has great weather for shooting stuff. (not too hot, not too cold)

Will probably snow the week I'm shooting though, given my luck. If it does, I'm still fucking shooting. Neither rain nor snow is going to stop me.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Zero To Sixty Overnight

Once I set my mind on something, I go full bore.

And I guess that's where we're at. I've been radio silent over here because of how busy I've been in the background doing other stuff.

I put an ad on Backstage for actors. Been combing through those submissions, trying to fill out my cast.

I created an indiegogo thing, though it's not public yet. I'd like some video to put up before I launch it, but I know we're gonna need some cash to finish this flick. In that vein, I've made a $1 tier that has access to an all-new private blog that I started. It's gonna have a lot of stuff I've never posted before, as well as new posts that go in depth into this creative process.

Never done that before. I've already put up four blogs there that no one can see yet.

I got a gimbal, and have been practicing with it. It's really gonna elevate some of our shots the way the drone did. Now I don't have to do all handheld, though that's a possibility if we start to fall behind.

Almost done the first draft of the shooting script. Have created a schedule that's ambitious as always.

Have been working on acquiring props, and getting some made. Am trying to find some locations. It's all a bit overwhelming.

In the next month, there's a lot of stuff that has to get done in order to do this. I'm having a hard time sleeping, because my mind is a pit bull with bone when it comes to this shit.

I have already solved some of the big problems. But there are lots more to come...but I keep reminding myself that every movie has had these hurdles, and I've managed to overcome them every time.

This won't be any different. (I keep telling myself)

Saturday, September 07, 2019

All Right...Let's Do This...

Finished the screenplay to that thing I was thinking about doing for BY FAR the least amount of money ever. I kinda like it. There's stuff I definitely feel excited about trying to bring to life, which is the most important part of any screenplay I intend to shoot.

I didn't do that great at the con, so I don't actually have the $2K budget I need to even have a shot at this. But that's not gonna stop me from now going full force at trying to make this happen.

And did I mention that before the con I quit my freelance job? I told them October 1st is my last day. I had told them I would only do out of town auctions if we flew Southwest. I told them this like five years ago when we took a flight on United, and ending up getting on three planes just to get to LA because two of the planes ended up having mechanical issues.

Well, they got pissy with me on this one cuz they'd booked United. I told them to just go ahead and hire the people they used to use to do my job. They didn't like that. They also have been giving me shit about other stuff, so at this point...enough was enough.

Weirdly enough, at the auction I just did this past week, the owner lady acted like nothing had changed. I had asked her to bring someone in that I can try to train to at least do the computer part of the job--the using the app during the auctions. I'm not showing him how to set up the computers or figure what bit rate to stream at, depending on the connections at the hotels each time.

That's all stuff I learned on my own over the years. But nobody was there for me to train this week. She also asked me at the end how I was doing, which she's never asked in the seven year history of me working there. She also asked if I wanted to shoot a video this month for them. It's all a little weird...
(I think they really want me to work this local one-day auction they scheduled on October 16th. It's the same day as the big local comic-con, where an artist buddy I haven't seen for years is coming to. this point, not sure I wanna do the auction. I could do both, as the auction would end by 3pm...but I'd rather get some sleep)

So I'm jobless, don't have the miniscule budget, but I'm still plowing forward on what feels like the last movie I may ever do, for reals this time.

I'm gonna do some minor changes to the script, but I think it's close enough to locked that I can break it down--I gotta figure out how many days/nights we need at each location. I have to figure out a way to get this done over a 7 or 8 day period--at least the parts with the main cast)

The opening scene we could shoot ahead of time, and the flashback the same night. Would be a long day, but we could get it done. We have to do the first scene first, because there's some video they shoot on a phone that the other characters find later. I don't wanna have to composite video into a phone screen--it's not fun cuz even if the camera is locked down, the person's hand holding the phone will move a bit.

So I started breaking it down in Scheduler. I ordered the custom "costume" for the baddie. It's going to take some time, so unless I order it now, there's no way it would be ready in time.

Once more into the breach...?

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

The Con

Malfi and I, and a horror author photobombing us

 This weekend was the con I was a guest at. Mark, the clown from FOC, was supposed to go also, but he finally contact me this week--after saying it was "all good" about 6 months ago--to tell me he couldn't go Fri or Sunday.

It's his wife and son's bday on Friday, and his kid's getting baptized on Sunday.

Anyway, long story short--he kept texting me to ask stupid questions that he should already know the answers to. He never showed.

I spent some serious time getting ready. Packed up the car with boxes and boxes of stuff.

Zig and I left around 10. I had barely any sleep the night before.

It only took us about 70 minutes to get there. An easy ride. We set up and ran to get a decent lunch at the diner nearby. Then back to the con.

Not much to report for Friday. I met Joe Bob and introduced myself, but he was clearly exhausted. I was a little discouraged, but at least he wasn't a dick. I was kicking myself mentally for forgetting to bring my book to get autographed.

The show was pretty weak that day sales-wise. Sold a few things, and I tried not to worry. Fridays are typically pretty weak. People work. They don't want to get off work and go to a con.

I ate a piece of brownie and we went to dinner. Got some haddock at the local restaurant that was very good. Malfi was drinking with another friend--hell, he'd started at 3pm in the bar, so he was pretty wasted by 10pm. He came over to our table, and then we all left.

Stood outside chatting with Stewie, Zig, Malfi, Malfi's friend Susan, and maybe someone else. I was pretty fucking high. Stuff kept being said that made me laugh and laugh until I was crying. I couldn't stop laughing.

Went to bed about 12:30am, figuring I'd get a decent 9 hours sleep to catch up on all the sleep I'd been missing. Woke up at 3:30am, and couldn't get back to sleep. I kept trying to go to sleep, then roll over and see the clock: 4am, 4:40am, 5am, etc. Last time I looked at the clock it said 6:30am.

Headed down to the show to get ready.

My friend Pennie came out for Saturday night. 

 Above: my buddy Eric  Below: Legendary actor Stover.

Saturday's a blur, man. We sold a decent amount of stuff--ended up better than I expected, given Friday. Didn't sell as much as I hoped, but for a first-time con it was pretty decent.

A lot of friends came out, met a lot of new people. The show didn't go as long as we thought because they'd scheduled the concert IN the guest room, and didn't tell any of us. That didn't go over well, as many people had to pack up all their stuff to bring it back the next day.

We were against the wall so we didn't have to. We went to get some drinks in my room. I brought a lot of vodka.

We started drinking, Pennie, Zig and I. Then we hooked up with Stewie and Malfi. Went to see the costume contest but got there too late. It was over fast. Cutting, my lead actor from GOH and Ttory, had come out and was with us.

Then the concert. It was fan-fucking-tastic. Loved it. The sax guy from my favorite vampire movie of all time. Not only is he a great sax player, but he can still sing great, and is funny to boot.

And in the crowd was Joe Bob, a smile on his face, watching the concert. Did he need to be there? No. Could he have just stayed in his room and slept? Yes. The dude is one of us, which is amazingly cool.

We wandered, but I needed a refill. Bunch of us went back to my room and hung out for a while. We actually had security come by and tell us to keep it down.

So we took off. Went downstairs. I was pretty buzzed and some people were talking about getting something to eat. Since I hadn't eaten since a late lunch, I was hungry.

We went to a diner nearby. Place was dark and looked closed, nobody in there. Malfi checked, and it was open, so we went in. In the space of a half hour, the place was packed.

We had a decent breakfast dinner. Fletch one-liners were flying around, and again I was laughing so hard that I was crying. Cutting, who doesn't drink, drove us there.
The Haim. 
He was expensive--like $50 an auto and $50 a photo. No break if you got one or the other. 

Me and Ripple. 

 Cutting, western-director W. Shipley and I

 Cutting's friend who has that eye thing and loves to freak people out with it

After the diner, most people went to bed. A couple of us hung out at the firepit outside. I didn't go in until 3:30am, and had to be downstairs by 10am again.

Hey, I'd sleep Sunday night.

Malfi and two author friends(not naming names, cuz I don't want casual searchers by here 

 Susan, Malfi's friend. She was fun.

 Me, Susan and Matt--another con friend

Sunday was slow, as all cons are. I got back over to Joe Bob to get a picture and talk with him for a second. He was definitely more animated. 

I went back over for his sidekick Darcy--she's big-time into horror flicks, so I gave her Ttory 1&2, plus my book.

 Me and indie director J. Johnson

The whole crew--me, Zig, Cutting, Cowie and Stewie 

Took a picture for Stewie of him and the authors. Started walking my boxes out to the car around 2pm, and we were out of there by 3pm. Grabbed a late lunch at Burger King, and drove home.

Me and the legend, Joe Bob.

Joe Bob's sidekick

All in all, a very fun con. 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

More Movie Watching

The kid and I sat down to watch the original Clash of the Titans. I hadn't watched this flick in probably 15 years.

It was THE staple of viewing for my brother and I when we were in high school. They played this on a loop back when there was only four movie stations, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and The Movie Channel.

We loved anything sword and sorcery, and this had the added bonus of TWO shots of nudity--and it was rated PG! Harryhausen monsters AND nudity? We probably watched this thing 200 times.

Watching it now brings a lot of that back. The Harryhausen work is pretty amazing still. Some of the optical shots are pretty dated, but it's still a fun movie. I'll be honest though--all of the Gods performances seem pretty phoned in. Like they all thought they were working on something beneath them, but a paycheck's a paycheck.

The kid seemed to enjoy it.

A couple of nights later I put on Demolition Man for him. I haven't seen this one in probably 10 years. Still enjoyable, but here's some thoughts I had:

The movie starts in the "future" of 1996. Why do filmmakers set future movies so close to actual time? Like, I love Escape From New York, but every time it opens with that 1997 thing now...kinda pulls you out.

There are other movies like that. Put that shit 100 years in the future, or don't bother telling me what year it is.

Stallone is in top form here physically. A lot of his acting reminds me big time of his character Ray in Tango and Cash.

I did not realize that Jesse Ventura was even IN this movie...

The Schwarzenegger as president joke is pretty great, especially since this movie was well before he became interested in politics.

Are they saying you use the seashells to scoop the poop out of your butt?

This movie said it was rated R for language and violence. But there's a topless shot of some lady on a video conference. The kid always perks up at that stuff. Crazy, huh?

Saturday, August 17, 2019


So...yeah, I failed miserably to get to the page I wanted in this new screenplay I might shoot come November. I'm at page 56 right now. I sort of know what's going to happen in the other 15 or so pages, but I'd like to spice it up a bit--which is very hard to do when you're not sure of the exact location.

Whether I'm actually going to shoot this thing is really dependent on so many things coming together that it's more probably it won't happen.

  • I have to make a lot of money at this convention I'm a guest at in two weeks.
  • All of the actors who said they were in, back when I asked, have to be able to get off at the same time so we can do it. 
  • When I break this script down, I have to be confident we can shoot it in about 8 days.
  • I have to know we can do the FX well. 
  • I have to get a costume for the "monster" made, as well as some other props.


Watched The Boys on Amazon. Lotta fun. Blew through it in two days.

Am rewatching Breaking Bad while I do stuff.

Got asked to do an interview for a book on killer clown movies. Also found that Shivers is featured as one of the top 20 scariest clowns in two different lists--one from Variety magazine. Links here:

Kinda cool, but Variety bags on the movie. Then again, so do I.


Began exposing my kid to some more movies I love. First was The Lost Boys, which he liked.

Next night was Predator. He seemed to like it, though he jumped pretty bad when they first discover the bodies in the jungle. And he thought there was some gross parts.

But then I asked him if he wanted to watch another movie right after, and he asked, "Another long movie?"

I say, "Do you think that was long?" and he says Yes.

I'm thinking...Avengers is fucking 3 hours long, and he watches that shit over and over. So I say "Hey, we can watch another movie or you can go do your thing, whatever you wanna do."

He says "I'm good" and goes upstairs. So there's no way to tell what he's really thinking. Too bad for him, I was gonna show him the original Clash of the Titans and there's boobs in that.

Friday, August 02, 2019

Let The Shaming Begin -- and BUNCHES of new stuff

Okay--things came up, so I only got to page 45. Not great, but I'm continuing at a steady pace now.

We decided to finally bite the bullet and go to the asylum to check it out at night, see if we'd get arrested. We decided to head out about 6pm, figuring we'd be setup and shooting by 7:30pm. I could get some dusk shots and whatnot, then move into the building and do some other tests.

We get to the asylum road and see some bad news RIGHT AWAY--the place we parked across the street, just some parking lot to nothing, is now blocked off. They're doing construction over there now.

Our only other option is a bar that claims you'll get towed, or the actual road by the asylum that has signs every 10 feet that say GOVERNMENT PROPERTY - TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

I park there and we mull it over. Can they legally tow me from the shoulder there? It's a public road. I'm not sure. But after a minute I'm like, fuck it, we're here. (even though inside I'm thinking, it would be so much easier to go home...)

We grab the equipment and head into the woods. It's like 95 degrees with tons of humidity. I had totally forgotten that it was July, and that going into the woods in July is fucking STUPID.

And the trail, which is normally clear, is completely overgrown. We have to sort of duck and crawl like 50 feet at one point, and I'm dragging a bag full of lights and equipment, plus my tripod and camera bag.

I'm already regretting this entire trip, and we're not even to the asylum yet. We get to the road that borders the asylum buildings, and see people walking along the road. Lookie-loos, acting like they're not trespassing. Just out for a stroll.

We head over when they aren't looking and into the building we use to get to the main building. And we find some weird shit. Someone has started cleaning up some of the hallways, sweeping shit to the side. Other stuff has been moved, like a crib and a piano.

What's going on here? This is worrisome.
We get through and head to the main building where we find a huge tree has fallen over in front of the building. Oh, hey, I have pictures.

Inside we set up the cameras and begin testing. I test my slider, and honestly, it's not great. I think you really need a heavier-duty tripod to use it on a tripod, and that's a problem because I'm not lugging my big tripod through the woods for this shoot.

Then we do some other tests I can't really go into without revealing stuff in my script. But hey, here's a pic that doesn't show much.

Then I pull out the road flares. See, I got some cool scenes in mind where my main guy is lighting up these flares and throwing them down the hall to illuminate it. So I got some cheap ones at Walmart--they only last 15 minutes apiece. Even the expensive ones only last 30 minutes, so how many shots am I gonna get done before that flare goes out?

The shots look cool as shit.

btw--look at my shirt. That's sweat. My entire shirt is sweated through. And my jeans get soaked with sweat, and I'm crouching a lot, so of course they fucking rip right down my crotch. Good times.

So I toss the flare to see what that looks like. The flare hits the ground and snuffs out immediately. I'm like...that's weird. They don't do that in the movies.

I light another flare, shoot some slow mo video with my brother which I'll eventually show you, and then we throw that flare. It goes out the second it touches the ground. So that shot is gonna have to be stitched together because whatever's burning in the flare just completely falls out when it hits the ground.

Also, more stupid kids came by and got freaked out by us. Always funny.

We're there until like 10pm, and finding our way back is tough. It's PITCH BLACK, and we have to find the entrance to the trail in the woods. We get a little lost, but then we find it, drag our asses back up the trail(it's up hill on the way back)--with me stopping three times. I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack at one point.

We get back to the car and it's still there. I'm feeling very leery about trying to shoot 7-8 days at the asylum. Seems like it could be very tough to do.


Funny story. I go into my freelance job and the lady who owns the company comes to me and says "Hey, can I talk to you for a second?" I follow her into her office where she shuts the door.

I'm thinking, "Uh oh..."

She says, "I don't think you're racist." I'm immediately like, "What the fuck is going on?"

She continues: "But in Tennessee at dinner, some things were said that got people upset." I can't think of what she's talking about, but then again after auctions we are brain dead and ready to drop. Then I remember what she's probably talking about.

At dinner, everybody's food was brought out except for Gerald's. He's a black guy from Jamaica that I've known for like ten years. I've joked with him in racist ways--he knows I don't mean it, and he laughs at them. So in this case I say, "Maybe this is a whites-only establishment."

Everybody at the table laughed, at least I thought they did. But two of the people at the table are people we don't usually hang around with.

Now, the head honcho continues: "Gerald was very upset. I talked to him about it, and he was embarrassed about it." And I'm way does this sound like Gerald at all. She asks me to go talk to Gerald. She's not saying I have to apologize but maybe it would be nice.

I can tell she's tapdancing. She knows she can't order me to do anything, because I'd quit. I really can't afford to, and they can't afford to lose me, so we're both in this game of "Let's not upset the other person". But fuck if they're going to tell me how to behave when I'm not on their dime.

Gerald isn't actually there, so I don't get to talk to him. But I hear that another person at the table got scolded for talking about tits, and also for wearing a hat. I don't remember a convo about tits, and I can't believe they'd try to tell him he can't wear a hat at a non-company dinner. But this is where I realized that it wasn't Gerald at was those other two people.

So life is gonna get pretty tough for those two people. They have to deal with me, not vice versa. Frankly, I've helped the lady of the duo out a couple of times, but that's done. Any favors she wants from me is gonna net her some harsh words. Nobody at the company other than the top dog even likes her.


Went to the carnival tonight. Took my new camera plus my new iphone that I still have. I only took my kit lens because I didn't want to carry around a bunch of stuff.

After shooting some of the same shots with each camera, I'm going to go on record as saying that the iphone shoots better STILLS than the A7III with a kit lens. Hands down. Like, if I spent enough time in lightroom or photoshop, the A7's are comparable...but the iphone needs no work.

Video is still nice on the iphone, but nowhere near the A7's.

My kid rides ALL the rides. He's fearless. I wouldn't go up on those things that flip over upside down and kidding? Also, whenever he's near a cute girl he tries to talk to her. He's terrible at talking though, so it never really goes very far even though they all seem to find him cute.

A group of two girls and one guy even invited him to go on rides with him. Unfortunately we didn't know that, so we beckoned him to come to us and he didn't tell us for five minutes that that's what happened. We're like, next time just tell them you need to tell us, and we'll let you go hang out with other kids.

Hell, we're dying for him to get real friends that he can hang out with. He spends too much time by himself. He's popular at school, and everyone stops and says hi to him(he saw like 5 people from his school at the carnival just tonight), but nobody invites him to hangout or go to birthday parties or anything.

Anyway, here's me and him about to get on the Scrambler. That's an iphone photo, yeah.

Man, his head looks big here. I got some video on the ferris wheel from both cameras. The iphone's is still impressive as shit.

As long as all you need to shoot are wides...

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Fun Little Story

Remember I mentioned that place where I was thinking about offering my freelance trailer editing skills?

So I went through the rigamarole of setting up the thing. It only lets me submit one video, then a couple of stills. I don't know how you demonstrate samples of your trailer editing skills with one video...

I put up the trailer I cut for that indie movie with L. Henriksen, and then put some posters of my movies to show I'm legit.

I submit it without making it "live"--it says the video is processing and will be approved within 24 hours.

Three weeks later, it still says the same thing when I check it. So I hit up the support staff to tell them they haven't approved my video, and some idiot says "Oh yeah, we did it, and by the way, you have to fix your gig. Your artwork isn't original."

Right off the bat he's lying, cuz they didn't approve my video until after I got his response.

I get pretty pissed off. I send this guy an email that says, "I own all the artwork. It's copyrighted to me. It shows I'm legit, and besides, I'm not selling poster-creation services, so it's not deceptive."

Same form-letter response except this time he says I can't use "random horror images" for my thing. So I reply with some choice words. No response that time. Then I get a note that they'll consider the ticket closed if I don't respond. I respond AGAIN. Next thing I know, my ticket is closed.

Now I'm REALLY pissed. So I open a new ticket and here's the actual message I sent them:

Hey, don't give me Josey as a customer service rep because he's an idiot who doesn't respond, then closes tickets without responding to emails. He makes your company look bad, which isn't that hard at this point.

I submitted a VIDEO CREATION gig over a month ago. I submitted a video of the work I would be doing, plus two images FROM MY MOVIES THAT I OWN to show that I'm legit. Weeks later the video gig hadn't been improved and still showed that the video might take up to 24 hours to be approved. 

I contacted customer service and the idiot Josey told me that "Thank you for highlighting this for us, we already reviewed the issue for you." This was a lie, as I'd re-logged in a couple of times that week and it still showed the video not approved.

Then he told me that I have to submit "Original" pictures. He claimed I can't just put "random horror movie" pictures up. AFTER I TOLD HIM THAT I OWNED THE IMAGES, and had WRITTEN AND DIRECTED AND EDITED the movies' pictures. Further, I'm not selling a poster-creation gig so it shouldn't even matter. If you let me submit more video samples of my work, then I wouldn't have to submit pictures at all. 

So either Josey doesn't speak English natively, or he's flat out retarded, in which case I compliment you on helping the special needs people of the nation, but could you please direct me to someone who isn't special needs? Also, he ignored my last two emails--I got no response, then a warning that the ticket would be closed if I didn't respond soon, so I immediately replied AGAIN--next thing I know the ticket is closed. No responses.

I get why you want these safeguards, but if you're going to have them in place then you have to do due diligence. Don't tell me my images are "random horror movie" images when you can literally CLICK ON IMDB, type in my name, and find out that I own those movies. 

You have a ton of foreign sellers on your site, and I've even seen some using posters that they didn't create to sell poster images. So how I'm being harassed for using images I own the copyrights's crazy...and I'm not selling poster images so nobody's being deceived. I'm an actual professional, and an American, which I'd think your site would want.

So can someone look into this--ACTUALLY look into it? If not, whatever. I'd fire Josey either way--he's crap.

Got a message from another customer service rep the next day saying simply "Your gig has been approved."

So there's that. Not sure when I'll actually offer it though. Kinda busy right now.

I think we're going to the asylum Monday night to see if we get arrested when we light the place up for a few hours. (or get killed by homeless people)



Also, the wife went to the beach with the kid until Wednesday. I'm on page 35 of the script, and I want you to SHAME ME like that Game of Thrones chick if I'm not on page 60 by Wednesday. I gotta pick up this pace if I'm going to have any shot at doing this come November.


Went for more drinks and fun with Malfi. Our conversations are fucking crazy, man. From fun stuff to deep writing stuff and more. Got a decent buzz and had some awesome crab dip.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Growing Tired Of Blogging

Dunno, may give this up. I'm sure you've noticed that I'm not blogging much. Every day seems pretty similar and depressing, so why keep reinforcing it by putting it here?

Anyway, saw Spidey with the kid. Was fun. Not as great as everyone says, but just what I want in a summer movie. And the best after-credit sequence they've ever had. Do yourself a favor and go in without reading about it, cuz it's amazing.

Then it turned out my lead actor from Ttory 2 and GOH was coming to town unexpectedly. I immediately try to organize so we can do that commentary and I can get these discs pressed so they're definitely done in time for the convention.

Cutting(the actor) comes down and my brother subs in for Zig who's out of town. We watch Brutal Massacre as a warm up--which is a great movie if you've ever been involved in making a low budget movie. Then we did GOH. I'm not sure how entertaining it is, cuz I'm barely buzzed.

Then on to Ttory 2. This one seems to have a bit more energy, at least from me, then about halfway through we hear some REALLY heaving breathing.'s snoring. Cutting has fallen asleep in the middle of the movie he's STARRING in, and it's all on the commentary.

I say "Cutting, are you snoring during the movie you're in?" and he's like "No, no." and then does it a couple more times.

It's priceless.

The next day I interviewed him for the Making of Ttory 2 that I'm slowly working on. I haven't gotten it all organized yet, so I'm not sure I asked him questions that I'll need answers to. All of my making of's are basically mini-documentaries, not fluff pieces like most studio movies make.

And to do that, there's a lot of work beforehand, figuring out what I have footage of, what do I want other people to talk about so I don't have to be the only person on the damn thing.


Couple days later finished up the dvds and the artwork. A couple of hours ago I uploaded them to the manufacturer, so now I just have to push the button and get them to work. (but I need some money to do so...)

Money is becoming a bad, bad time.

I'm actually combing the online wanted ads regarding editors and whatnot. Most of the jobs in this area are in SUCKY cities where I'm gonna be sitting in traffic for all day if I get the job, and most of the jobs want an editor/photographer/after effects/colorist and sometimes sound guy.

It's insane. I can do most of that, but they're not PAYING anywhere near what they need to. Hell, I saw one post that was paying $15 an hour. Are you fucking kidding me? To be a videographer and editor, and also do some after effects work?

Saturday, June 29, 2019


I mentioned that I want to make a limited DVD for GOH and T2, right?

Well I've been killing myself trying to get a date where #1) My wife and kid are out of town at the same time as #2) Cutting can come down from CT and Zig can come.

It's not going to happen. So I'd sort of resigned myself to the fact that I'd have Cutting and my brother Mike come over on July 26th. However, that's not a lot of time for me to make sure the DVDs are authored and working, uploaded to the duplicator, and completed in time for the convention the first week of Sept.

Find out Cutting is coming to town this Tuesday, so I scramble. Zig still can't do it, so I got Mike to do it even though he's busy moving out of his temporary residence since they're rebuilding house after the fire.

(they haven't finished his old house, but even if they had, he's not moving back in--him and his gf are moving back in with my mom until their rebuilt place sells, then moving elsewhere. There's talk of Delaware, and I can assure you that if he moves there, I'm done making films as he's pretty much the only guy I can count on to show up and help)

So the plan is to get the commentaries done on Tuesday night. I'll bust my ass to finish these dvds--most of the authoring is done, but still have some graphics to finish--then upload that shit. That'll be one thing off my plate.


Work still continues on the script I'm still considering shooting in October, or maybe November. Cutting REALLY wants to do this. I've told him a little bit about the character he'd be playing and he's dying to do it. The character, named Walter, is pretty great.

I've ironed out a couple of things that were nagging me regarding the plot.

But most of me REALLY doesn't want to shoot it. Why? Besides how much work it'll be to find actors and an FX guy who will work for next to nothing, there's the actual WORK WORK involved.

I'm already dreading the trek in to the location carrying tons of equipment. Then even worse will be the trek out everyday after we're all dead tired from shooting for 10-13 hours.


Something I'm considering...maybe offering my services as a trailer editor on one of those freelance services like one that rhymes with diverr. I wouldn't be THAT cheap(like $400-$600 for a trailer, which is cheap for that kind of work, but not compared to much of the stuff on their site)--but they actually have a section for professionals where THEY have to approve you.

I'm sure I'd get approved--it's pretty clear I'm legit. I'm just trying to decide whether it's worth the hassle. They're pretty customer oriented, even if the customer is wrong so I'm worried that if I go take all this time, make a good trailer, but the person says "I don't like it", the company will refund their money--and the person still gets to keep and use my trailer if they want.

That might make me finally snap and go kill a lot of people.

But I could use the money for sure. I'm rapidly coming to a point where I'm gonna run short every month on my car payment and whatnot, unless I start making some money elsewhere. A-zon ain't cutting it--I tend to get a check for between $100-$300 a month for EVERYTHING I've got there, movies and books. It's nice, being passive income, but it's not enough to bridge the gap between what I make on the auction gigs(which are only about 4 days a month).


Got my tix for the new Spidey movie on Monday night. Since my kid is going to the beach with my wife on Tuesday, I gotta make sure we get to see it before he goes away. Haven't seen a single trailer, so I'm looking forward to it.

That kid really is probably the most perfect high school Spidey we've ever had in TV or movies.

Anyway, that's the skinny on what's been going on lately.

Friday, June 21, 2019


I don't make a secret that I eat a pot brownie every night before I go to sleep, do I?

Well, it takes a while to kick in so I work and stuff while it hits.

It hit the other night, but I kept working. And getting higher and higher. Finally went upstairs to brush my teeth and go to bed.

I do that, then take a look at my chin to see if I can see this ingrown hair that's been bugging me. Nope, but then I stare into my eyes...

...transfixed...but I get the feeling that that guy in the mirror who looks just like me...IS NOT ME.

And I don't want to blink because I'm afraid that if I do, he WON'T blink, and then he'll know that I know that he's not me.

I don't know how long I stood there with my eyes open. But eventually I slid out of the bathroom without looking away, turning the light off.

And then went to bed and slept like a goddamn baby.

Monday, June 10, 2019

There's Too Much TV

Spending way too much time watching TV. Shows I'm enjoying:

In The Dark - Some CW show about a blind girl. Surprisingly good.
Doom Patrol - I'm 3 episodes into this quirky show, and it's entertain AF.
Barry - Just started this. Had heard it was good, and yeah, it is. Henry Winkler is amazingly funny.
Cobra Kai season 2 was just as good as season 1
Naked and Afraid is as good as always. Love this show.
Brooklyn 99 is another show that makes me smile a lot. Sure, I'm high most of the time, but whatever, man.
Billions - New season is turning out to be another winner.
Love Island - started again. The wife and I dig this show a lot. Stupid TV, but so fun.
Deadwood Movie - Man, it's amazing to see how these guys took a 10 year break and then came back and killed it. My only gripe is that it didn't feel like it had a real ending...but does that mean they hope to do another movie? Please do.

Watched Waterworld with my kid. He enjoyed it. I forgot the awkward moments in the movie--like when a hot Jeanne Triplehorn drops her dress and offers sex to Kevin Costner. Then later Costner sells her like a whore to a passing boater.

Also took him to see the new Godzilla. It's not a great movie, per se, but it's a lot of fun. Exactly why I go to the theater in the summer.


Writing continues on the new script. May have broken a plot point that had me stymied. Still feels like it'll be such a huge undertaking to shoot for so cheap that I shouldn't attempt it.


Went out and shot some more photos with my brother. Set up this new free phone with its camera to see how it would look side by side, and's scary. On the wide shot it's almost identical, possibly better straight out of phone, ungraded, than the real camera.

Sure, the issue still remains that you can't zoom well with it, and you can't change lenses--adapters aren't lenses--and it's dogshit in low light. So I'm not planning on shooting any movies with it but they are definitely making huge strides.

For the record, it will record all of these formats:
720P HD at 30fps
1080 HD at 30fps
1080p HD at 60fps
4K at 24 and 30 and 60 fps
Slow mo speeds:
1080P at 120fps(HOLY SHIT!)
720P at 240fps(WHAT?)
1080P HD at 240fps(Crazy)

This is an uncolorcorrected shot with the camera. I have others but for some reason my computer doesn't recognize the phone, even if I tell the phone to trust it. So I'm having to dropbox all these files from my phone, and for some reason it's taking forever even if I'm sitting right next to the router.