Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Hell-iday Season Starts

Been a fairly relaxed couple of weeks. Ttory continues to do well, but not sure if we'll qualify for the top 100 of the month or not. Fingers crossed.

Pretty uneventful Thanksgiving. I took the kid to my parents' house and had turkey over there with my younger brother. My older brother's family apparently isn't handling holidays well, with the death of his son still fresh, so they didn't come over. Well--mostly right. My older brother surprised us and showed up to say hi.

Then me and the kid went to the inlaws, where my kid had 2nd dinner. Small crowd over there too.

Oh, the new Fallout game has been sucking a lot of my time. It's a real mixed bag. Why? Because PEOPLE. The reason everything has to suck now.

See, douchebags in the game will come in and kill you for no reason. The game has things that encourage other players to cooperate, but of course there's always the douchebags.

Wouldn't be so bad if it was a fair fight. But you can be looking through your inventory box and all of a sudden some guy is shooting you. You hit the B button to get out of the inventory, but the game is slow to change screens, so you'll be dead before you can get a weapon out.

Then it puts a ridiculous "bounty" on the person who killed you. Big deal. Nobody's going to go messing with a dangerous person, risking losing valuable crafting materials, for 16 caps. (that's about 1/5th the cost of ONE stimpak.)

Anyway, the game is also getting smashed on every critic site because it DOES feel empty. There's no non-player characters other than a few robots, and none of them have any depth to them like the NPC's of the other Fallouts.

It's also SUPER glitchy.

Still, there's fun to be had, especially now that I have a boss set of power armor. Tonight I killed my first level 50 Scourgebeast. And now that I'm a higher level, people don't seem to want to target me. (it would be a lot harder to kill me now, believe me)


Still writing that book. It's an interesting project. For my return to prose-writing, of which I am very rusty, I've decided to do this multi-character, complicated story. As I get farther in, it's clear I have to really stop and do an outline to make sure it's going at the right pace, and that things aren't happening out of order, because I've lost track of what happened to what character when.

Really gotta get back to that adaptation of my buddy's book. I nearly finished the first draft, but I want to go do a 2nd draft with some major changes, and figure out which one would make the better movie.

Really gotta finish the goddamn 5 or so screenplays that I've been working on for between 5-13 years. It's getting just a WEE bit ridiculous.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Mystified In A Good Way

So a couple of days ago we launched onto page 1 of A-zon's top list. We were #15 out of over 4,000 horror titles. We were like #106 out of EVERYTHING, TV included.

Today we're in the top 10 of horror, and #72 of EVERYTHING.

I wish I could explain it, or figure it out. I have one tiny thought about maybe why it's going up, but I have little proof that it's that.

If we can somehow stay in that top 100 for the next 2 weeks, we have a great shot at getting the bonus in November. I would never have thought that.

So I guess you can't QUITE count me out of Ttory yet. Mostly, sure.

On my way out to see Overlord. Heard good things. It's got great reviews, but it's tanking at the box office. How does the Nun--which I didn't hate, but it got smashed by critics--make all that money, and this does shit?

I'd blame the trailer. I'm the target audience, but nothing in that trailer compels me to go see the movie.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Halloween over.

Fairly uneventful. Another pretty slow year for trick or treaters, and the neighborhood pretty much closed down at 7:30pm, which is a new record for early-nesss.

We sat outside with a firepit for a while, the wife and cousin drinking wine. Me, eating a ton of candy and crap.

Then after the kid went to bed, I asked the wife if she wanted to come watch an episode of Buffy from Halloween. I hadn't seen it in years, and wanted to check it out again. She said sure.

She had other ideas. Came down in what I call "Action Jammies", cuz when she's wearing them, she's looking for action. We watched a little of Buffy, but it turned into better times. Let's just say that I used to like that episode of Buffy, but now I REALLY like that episode of Buffy.


Couple of days after that we flew out to Chicago for an auction. One of the roughest landings ever--the whole plane jerked so that even I--who doesn't flinch for shit on planes--grabbed the seat in front of me. Then the plane SLAMMED down on the ground, bouncing back up, and he had to force it down pretty hard after that.

The auction wasn't too bad on the whole. We ate at the same place every night--a burger joint called Spears that had GREAT burgers. We tried to go somewhere different on the last night there, but we went in, sat there for 25 minutes waiting for a waitress to come to our table, and finally just left.

Figured if the food was as bad as the service, we'd regret it. So we went back and got a burger again.


Odd things going on with Ttory2. I was waiting to see how fast this thing plummets in November before I decide when to take it off of free.

The first Ttory took a nose dive in November a few years ago.

Well, Amazon's always behind, so it was a couple of days before I could see what would happen, and what happened is just fucking weird. Ttory 2 is doing AMAZING in November so far. The first four days of November are better than any four consecutive days in October.

I have no idea what's happening. People tend to quit horror flicks in November and move into Thanksgiving/Xmas fare.

Fingers crossed it continues killing it. Who knows, could we hit the bonus in November? I bet overall viewing is down, so perhaps the bar we have to clear is lower. I just don't know. But we're back on page 3 of Amazon's top horror(somewhere around the 45th highest ranked horror movie).

We got a good review for it, too, which is awesome. The more the merrier.