Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween flies by...again.

You know, I got a lot of these sexy Halloween pics, but I'm just not doing a lot of blog posts. Just haven't had much to report, at least, nothing I want to report.

Did you see my upbeat new post on the indy blog? Check it at the link below. I don't exactly hold back. At this point, fuck it. I have no reason to play the benevolent game. Let's burn some mutherfucking bridges.

Had a good past couple of days though. We went to Sleepy Hollow for some Halloween fun. You can read the run-down plus see some pics here:

I don't have anything to add. It was a lot of fun. I'll probably have some pics featuring me and the family I'll post here, but I'm not feeling like doing it today. I didn't mention there, but we actually watched some of Burton's Sleepy Hollow while we were in Sleepy Hollow. (we started it late, and we were all tired, so we went to sleep and finished it the night we got home)

We were too tired to go out on Saturday when we got back. Kind of bummed, because it's the Saturday before Halloween, so we always go out. Once again, getting old sucks shit.


On the T2 front, we're at like 1.6 million minutes. We've picked up, but nowhere near enough to get the bonus, I don't think. I guess there's a slight chance, since we haven't fallen out of the top 100 horror movies, but it counts ALL movies, not just the horror. I'd bet that even if we make the bonus, we'll be at the bottom of the barrel, and will get not much of a bonus.

It still really shocks me that I have friends--actual, honest to god friends that I've known for years--that have read my plea about leaving us a review, and they've THUMBS UPPED the goddamn post, and then not left a review.

And other people involved in the fucking movie who have not spread the link at all.

But I see them spreading other shit. Other shit they have nothing to do with. What conclusion do I draw from that, other than they're specifically being dickish toward me?

I have to make a big decision soon--leave it up for free for November, or make it pay-only. I just have no idea what it will do in November. I think the first dropped pretty big in November, but this one's not performing like the first.

If we could do a million minutes in November, I'd leave it for free. Every $1K I make is one more K that didn't come out of my pocket to pay for the movie.

But if it's only gonna do like 200,000 minutes--which is only $200, then I might as well make it pay only. I'll probably make that in people paying to rent it, or something close.

Either way, you have to republish the title to get it to change, and that takes 3-5 business days. So once I make the choice, it will still stay for 3-5 days as free before the change takes place.

Book-wise, October's turning out to be pretty good again. I don't like that A-zon is once again moving the whole dashboard to ANOTHER dashboard(the one that used to handle only the digital versions of your book). It's clunkier than the old one, so I wish they'd move that one to the print dashboard.

I think I may start working on the 2nd volume of my Halloween book pretty soon, try to have it out for next year. It shouldn't take me as long(I hope) since I know a little more about what I'm doing this time.

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