Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Uh...this is torture...

I submitted the flick on Tuesday night, the 18th. It's now the 26th and A-zon has neither published it nor denied it. It's still "PUBLISHING".

Their web site claims it's 2-4 business days to publish. So we're past that. I sent them a message to see what they say. Because it's now less than 4 business days until I want this to premiere, so if they deny it then I may be fucked on the premiere date.

I'm trying to get out as much press stuff as possible, but it's strange how many sites don't get back to me about exclusive pics. I'm wondering if my stuff gets thrown in spam folders...

This weekend I'm going to a convention to spread flyers and sell stuff. I ended up getting a table, so that was lucky.

Haven't even begun to get ready for it. I'm not taking a ton. I always take too much stuff, so why not take too little? I mean, since I'm not spending the night at the hotel, I can always restock if I happen to sell out of something.
The book revenue continues to out-perform the video revenue. September is picking up, as it usually does for Halloween books.

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