Sunday, September 02, 2018

The Premiere Is Over

There's some pics from the premiere. It was a bit hectic, as usual. Took nearly an hour to get to the theater because of traffic. Had to double check the settings on the projector with the projectionist, then head back down and make sure everybody had their free pass if they were cast/crew.

Of course TONS of people are late. I start the screening 5 minutes late, trying to let the late stragglers get in. It's a decent crowd, but there's a lot of empty seats up front. I'm wondering how many seats sold(and still don't know).

The movie starts, and man does it seem slow to me in the first 10 minutes. And people are still coming in to the theater nearly 20 minutes into the movie. I'm thinking..."No way are you gonna understand what's going on..."

It plays okay. There are a few sound issues, as expected. I'm not even positive what to do about them, because they sound find on my headphones and TV.

The movie ends, and people clap and seem excited. It's always hard to figure whether people REALLY like the movie, or are just congratulating you because it's a premiere.

But many came up to me when they could have slipped out, and wanted to talk about the film. I heard "That's your best movie" from a lot of people, which isn't something you hear that often. I don't know that I agree with them, but it's nice to hear.

We went across the street and had some drinks. A lot of people went over to drink, but not many stayed until the end. It was just me and the wife, Malfi and the wife, and Cutting, plus my buddy filmmaker Eric. We closed the bar down.

Now I'm back working on the movie. I was going to take a couple of days off, but my brain doesn't work that way. I have a lot of work to finish in 3 weeks. September is going to be a brutal month...

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