Sunday, September 16, 2018

Final 2 Weeks Before It's Live

And I just, not an hour ago, got the last piece of music I needed. So today I'll be putting in, mixing it, and then attempting a final render that I'll have to watch to make sure there's no errors, then export the .wav of it so I can get it subtitled.

Then I upload all that stuff to A-zon and see if they approve it. If so, it's set and ready to go on October 1st. If not, we do it again and I resubmit it. At this point I'd have an easy three, maybe four tries. I think two is the most I've been rejected.


Saw The Predator. It's got a messy pieces, which is weird for Shane Black. But I'm rooting for him and Fred Dekker, who's done some movies I love. Any way you look at it, The Predator is a lot of fun though.

Has some very funny moments to it, and Thomas Jane is freakin' amazing. If they took out some more of his jokier moments(which I enjoyed), his performance as someone with Tourette's is spot on.

There's something that gets revealed at the end that I won't tell you about, but I will give you this so you are not disappointed: Dutch is NOT in this movie. Part of me wanted some sort of cameo, but I can see why they don't want to do it.


Been wanting to go to some super cool Halloween place for years. Kept thinking about maybe Salem, but it's a long way away.

Recently I saw something about Sleep Hollow. Turns out that's only about 3.5 hours from me. Looks like it has some cool events and things to take pics of. If I had money, I would be making plans on it right now.

Wondering if I can pull it off somehow anyway...


The convention I was going to do at the end of the month doesn't have any tables left. I'm on a waiting list. Either way, I'll show up to pass out flyers and stuff, and hang out with people that night.

Ain't getting a room this year though. Nobody stayed up drinking last year, so it was basically a waste of money, and this year they even increased the room rates to $200 a night. Fuck. That.

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