Monday, August 27, 2018

Another Bad Week. Crom Is Not Pleased With Me.

Had a minor procedure done. They knocked me out for it. The kind of procedure where you have to starve yourself for 24 hours and drink stuff that makes you shit EVERYTHING out of you in liquid streams. I know, TMI.

Just another thing on my list of things.

Here were are, one day away from me having to take a screener to the theater. The good news is, I went through the entire movie and mixed the audio to an okay degree, and exported the whole movie. Then authored the blu ray, and it popped out of the computer about ten minutes ago.

I have to watch it to make sure it doesn't have any weird glitches on it, but I can't stand to right now. I'm tired of seeing it--I literally just watched it all while I was mixing it today.

So that's on the agenda today once I wake up.


The Proctor called me today. Hadn't talked to him in a while, so that was a cool surprise. He's going on a show and wants to promote the movies of mine that he's been in, especially Bounty.

He needs clips, but I'm not sure I can get him any in time. He also told me about some top secret stuff he's going in to audition for. Can't say what, but it's pretty awesome. This is your hint--he'd be on a couple of different shows that I watch if he gets the part.


I hate actors. Did I mention that?

In general, they're just dumb as fuck. I've sent pretty easy, yet detailed instructions about the ticket they get for the premiere. Yet they don't click on the link I provided--they ask questions that would be answered on the fucking link.

They also ask for extra tickets, which they ain't getting. I refuse to lose money on this premiere. I simply don't have it to lose at this point.

They also don't spread ANY links about the premiere, or hell, any news for that matter. There's one actress in the movie who has a relatively small role. But she ended up being on the poster for Ttory 2. I sent her the link and she's like "Cool!"


Can you explain that? I can't.

But I mean, it's not all of them. Just the majority.

Some of the actors have spread the link--the ones I like, in general.

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Steve Pattee said...

I'm a broken record on this, but I'm absolutely convinced it's this area.

The motherfuckers around here show no support for filmmakers; actors, other filmmakers, it doesn't matter.

It's disgusting.