Monday, August 27, 2018

Another Bad Week. Crom Is Not Pleased With Me.

Had a minor procedure done. They knocked me out for it. The kind of procedure where you have to starve yourself for 24 hours and drink stuff that makes you shit EVERYTHING out of you in liquid streams. I know, TMI.

Just another thing on my list of things.

Here were are, one day away from me having to take a screener to the theater. The good news is, I went through the entire movie and mixed the audio to an okay degree, and exported the whole movie. Then authored the blu ray, and it popped out of the computer about ten minutes ago.

I have to watch it to make sure it doesn't have any weird glitches on it, but I can't stand to right now. I'm tired of seeing it--I literally just watched it all while I was mixing it today.

So that's on the agenda today once I wake up.


The Proctor called me today. Hadn't talked to him in a while, so that was a cool surprise. He's going on a show and wants to promote the movies of mine that he's been in, especially Bounty.

He needs clips, but I'm not sure I can get him any in time. He also told me about some top secret stuff he's going in to audition for. Can't say what, but it's pretty awesome. This is your hint--he'd be on a couple of different shows that I watch if he gets the part.


I hate actors. Did I mention that?

In general, they're just dumb as fuck. I've sent pretty easy, yet detailed instructions about the ticket they get for the premiere. Yet they don't click on the link I provided--they ask questions that would be answered on the fucking link.

They also ask for extra tickets, which they ain't getting. I refuse to lose money on this premiere. I simply don't have it to lose at this point.

They also don't spread ANY links about the premiere, or hell, any news for that matter. There's one actress in the movie who has a relatively small role. But she ended up being on the poster for Ttory 2. I sent her the link and she's like "Cool!"


Can you explain that? I can't.

But I mean, it's not all of them. Just the majority.

Some of the actors have spread the link--the ones I like, in general.

Monday, August 20, 2018

It's a train, coming right at me

Less than two weeks away from the premiere.

Saturday I took some time and assembled the full movie, even though I'm missing music. See, all the segments of the movie are in separate timelines. I don't want to stress Premiere out by trying to do it all together.

Then Sunday I went over Zig's house(after 3.5 hours of sleep) and we watched it, making notes. It still has quite a few tweaks it needs.

I am sweating this. The stress is clearly impacting me, as I woke up in pain. The dull ache through my body that signals it a bad day for the Kango. I'm also having that weird sciatic pain that I occasionally get.

I really gotta get this thing DONE.


Work's getting weird. It may come to me having to take a full-time job elsewhere soon. I've eyed them up, but it's insane what these people expect when they're looking for a "editor". They want you to also know how to shoot a camera, how to do VFX, how to use Powerpoint, etc.

Much of that I KNOW how to do. But they're not paying enough to be hiring someone who does all that. An editor shouldn't be expected to do 3D compositing in Cinema 4D. That's an entire separate thing.

They shouldn't be expected to shoot footage. Again, not what an editor does.

And the other big thing is...the commute. Man, do I not want a commute. Most of the jobs are either in Baltimore or Silver Spring. Both have sucky commutes.


Did I tell you I'm writing a novel? Why the fuck not? You can't stop my brain unless you put a bullet in it, and you've clearly been lax about that, haven't you?

It was that idea I had for a script, but the more I thought about it, the more it feels too big for that. Coupled with the fact that a lot of studios are looking for IP(Intellectual Property), a book makes more sense. Even self-published, as a lot of those are getting optioned.

So if I do a novel, publish it, and then write the screenplay then I've got a nice package to offer.

The good news is that the whole prose-writing thing is coming back to me pretty fast. I haven't written prose in probably ten years. I had tried not that long ago and kept hitting a wall.

All of this shit means that I'm very, very busy. I just gotta make it to October. There will be breathing room there. All I'll be doing then is pimping the movie constantly. But the work will be done(until I start working on the blu ray and/or dvd...)

Monday, August 13, 2018

I Just Wanna Sleep

I'm averaging 3.5 hours a night now.

I mentioned one of my neighbors moved out, right? Well, workers are completely destroying and rebuilding sections of his house. This starts EVERY day at 7am, including Sunday.

If you know my schedule, you know that's about when I go to sleep.

So I got buzzsaws and hammers going about 30 feet from my bed. It's a nightmare. I can't sleep through it.

There's about a 50% chance I'm going to shoot them all some time in the next week. Just FYI.


Still not done the movie. Got some big pieces of music in, but they're not quite there. At a certain point I may just go with what they've given me for the premiere, and then just make sure it's all done just like I want when it's released.

Fucking thing is stressful as shit though, which I don't need right now. I've been feeling very weird lately...fatigue and light headed. Not sure what that's about.


Fuck Moviepass. Not JUST because of their new policies. A while back I tried to see a movie only to find that the Moviepass app needed updating or it wouldn't work. Well, I was already at the theater when I found out, and the app store wouldn't update unless I was connected to the internet.

So I had to pay for a movie, even though I had this service.

Well, with all their dicking around and policy changes, I'd been leaning on canceling it. Today I went to see a movie, and the app gave me errors every time I tried to Check In. I ended up having to buy my ticket again.


I'd like to say it was good while it lasted, but it was just adequate. It saved me a little money in the end, but not so much that I'm sad it's gone.


Watching The Sinner on Netflix. It's okay, but if it turns out that my suspicions about the plot are true, it's gonna be a big thumbs down. I'll put my suspicion here in invisible ink, so don't click unless you've watched it.
If Cora turns out to NOT be Cora, but to instead be her sister(the one expected to die), then this show sucks. You simply can't do that gag any more, as it's too predictable.Or the other thing is if her sister ended up dying way earlier, so all the flashbacks are Cora talking to her dead sister...again, you can't Sixth Sense us any more.
UPDATE: Didn't happen, so that's cool. It was a decent show. Why is Bill Pullman so damn likeable in everything he does?

Also started watching Castle Rock. It's pretty decent so far, but it's suffering from the all-mystery, no-antagonist syndrome. Right now it's all just this unfolding mystery, but is pretty slow. There's a lot of Stephen King easter eggs, which are cool, but if it doesn't sink some hooks very soon, it's gonna be a quit.


ALSO...sure, it's early, but as of right now--the halfway point of the month--my dollars earned from book sales are out-pacing my dollars from movie revenue on A-zon. This is the first month that would ever happen, if it finishes the same way.

So if you're wondering, apparently August is the month people start thinking about Halloween again...

Lastly, I stumbled across this frame from ttory 2. Yes, it's in the movie. Yes, Virginia, that's what spiking the camera looks like.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

The Clock Officially Starts Counting

The premiere is now scheduled for ttory 2. August 30th. That means in about 3 weeks I have to have a blu ray to take up to the theater to test. I don't wanna just hand them a thumb drive, as it's super easy to copy that file to a laptop if the projectionist is a dickhead.

It's slightly more complicated to rip a blu, and takes longer(in general).

I have got a lot of shit to do. It would be a lot to do if I already HAD all the music, but I don't even have that. Still waiting for much of it. In two weeks, if I don't have it all, I'll start putting temp music in to parts of it that doesn't have music, just for the premiere.

Man, not going to get a lot of sleep this month, I can tell you that.


Looks like this weekend I'm gonna slip away to a horror con I haven't been to in a few years. The drive back has always been MISERABLE, but this time they have two guests in particular I'm interested in seeing, plus my writer buddy's gonna be there so it'll be fun drinking, and I'll probably meet some new people.


My aunt died yesterday(well, technically Tuesday the 31st). She'd been in very bad shape, but honestly, even before she got sick she'd been getting nearly intolerable. How bad? Well, my uncle--her brother--literally didn't go visit her in the last six months of her life. Yeah, he knew she was dying, but he'd had enough of her.

If my mom wasn't so nice, she probably would have done the same.

So I'm not particularly sad, even though she was my godmother. Hell, she's probably part of the reason my dad had a stroke.


Introduced my kid to Karate Kid 1 and 2. He liked them a lot.

The wife and I finally finished Cobra Kai. Not that it was bad, but I had to wait to watch it with her. Turns out it's really good. Very well written, and with just the right amount of nostalgia.

I really want to show the kid Lost Boys, but I'm not sure he's ready for real horror yet, even though it's fairly mild other than the scene where they vamp out and eat the bikers. If he was a normal fifteen year old, I'd show it to him in a heartbeat...