Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Joe Bob And Arizona

Jesus is that meme on point. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.

Been working as hard as I can to finish ttory 2. I am SICK of working on this fucking movie. Sick to death of it. And that's a dangerous place to be for any filmmaker, as there's probably ways to make it better even now, but I'm at a point where I'm just like...ENOUGH.

Then last week was the infamous Joe Bob Briggs marathon. I'd been waiting for it for a while, ever since I'd done an actual video testimonial that Shudder should bring Joe Bob on--Joe Bob had sent me a request for it, so I wasn't gonna turn him down. (the man gave me 4 out of 4 stars on my first film)

Anyway, the night of the premiere--I was psyched. I was going to get a slurpee, pop some actual popcorn in my full-sized popcorn stand(which I don't do too often any more), and stay up for as long as I could to watch some great TV.

Shit started going wrong when I realized that I didn't have any popcorn to pop. I was 30 minutes away from showtime, and I didn't want to miss the start.

I booked out to the store, breaking speed laws all over. Ran in, grabbed popcorn. Had 10 minutes--stopped at the 7-11 and grabbed slurpees. Got home in time to turn on Shudder, hit the Joe Bob stream and--


What. The Fuck.

For the next three, yes THREE, hours, I tried to access the stream. On occasion it would show me about 5 minutes of show, then cut off again.

Twitter was blowing up with everybody pissed they couldn't watch it. It was fucking crazy.

I gave up a while after that. I had seen a few minutes of a couple of movies, and it was great seeing Joe Bob in between. But I was pissed.

Woke up the next day and started watching. Was able to get much of them, but when one ended, the stream ended and I had to re-start it. It wouldn't work for a good 15 minutes, so I missed at least that much of every movie.

But man, couldn't keep the smile off my face when Joe Bob came on. Really flashed me back, man. And he was just as good as he used to be. No matter how long the marathon went on, which actually leaves me suspicious that maybe they pre-taped some of it.

Don't care either way, and I hope they give him a regular slot. They ought to, since clearly they can see he's got the fans to back them. Shudder clearly never saw this coming, or they'd have been more prepared...


Went to Arizona on Sunday. Back on Tuesday.

Not fun. Very long. The plane on the way back got delayed due to the storms here. Nothing better than sitting around in a fucking airport when you've averaged 4 hours of sleep a night for three days.

Got some music for the main story of ttory 2 when I came back. It's decent but still a little off. I'm not sure why he's not getting this one as well as he did the first one.

Would really love to wrap this all up and be done by mid-August so I can get ready for the premiere and the publicity push I'm going to do.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

A bad, bad year for family members...

Man, this has been a BAD last year for the K clan. We cannot catch a break. At this rate, I fully expect Ttory 2 to not only lose money, but to somehow make me lose more money than I even spent. I'm not sure how it's possible, but I think the year will figure out how to do it.

First we lost our 18 year old nephew. Then my dad had a massive stroke, and now he's a shadow of his former self, going to rehab three times a week to try to get back what he lost.

On July 4th I get a text from my mom, because THIS happened. 

That's the house next to my brothers, and also his house. His fucking idiot neighbor decided to grill on his back porch. Started it, then went inside to ignore it for a while. He left a bag of charcoal right next to it, which apparently caught on fire.

He also had a can of gasoline not far away, which ALSO caught on fire. Then, to make matters worse, when he saw his deck was on fire, what did he do? He did NOT call 911--he went to some other neighbors to find out whether they had a fire extinguisher.

None of his neighbors did, and they all asked, "Did you call 911?" and he said "No, I just need a fire extinguisher."

He is a GIGANTIC dickhead. The fire was massive--they had FIVE different fire departments involved to try to stop it, one from the eastern shore.

My brother's house was TOTALED. The insurance person actually came out on July 4th--which shocked me--and went in. Fire came in through his roof and burned a ton of stuff, but then the fire department completely hosed the entire apartment down. The carpet was soaking wet when I walked through with him, debris everywhere. Smelled like ash and smoke. Insulation all over.

He and his girl weren't even home when the fire started, so they have NOTHING but what they were wearing. They also couldn't find their cat, which was a HUGE deal to his girl. She literally stayed out front of their house every night from dusk til dawn in a lawn chair in case the cat came back.

Only good news out of this is that today they found the cat. Crazy part is that it was INSIDE the house. They'd checked every day on the off chance it somehow got back in, or WAS inside, but it's a big meow cat, so they doubted it was in there since it didn't meow when they called it.

But hey, at least it's safe and sound, so that's nice.

Now they have to find a house to stay in for 7-9 months while their house is fixed, but my brother says they're moving out once it's done anyway. No more townhouses for them.

I don't blame him.


Here is the definitive list of what I need in order to have Ttory 2 done.

--Need most of the score to the main section. Only have about 17 minutes of music out of the 50 minute length. Not sure how much music will end up being in the movie, but I'd guess nearly 40.

--Need the final Pump Trail music. Ben sent me the full score but it was one minor tweak I want, and we're good to go.

--Need Fountain music. I just sent him the timecode version of this segment. I told him to hold off on the end of it, as I'm waiting to see if my brother can do this FX shot we want there.

--Need The Mad Gathering music.

--Have to finish the final piece of the wrap to be done. The FX segment is giving me some problems. At a certain point I am just going to have to say "That's as good as I can do..." and move on.

--Need to tweak all the color correction I've done to make sure I'm happy with it. This involves watching it on a couple of different screens, as the picture seems to look different on everything.

--Once all the music is to me, will need to mix it all. I fucking HATE that part of it. I'm not great at it, but I certainly don't have the money to pay someone else to do it.

After all this, I have to begin prepping for a premiere. (pick date, pay for venue, make blu ray they can play from)

Then prep for the Amazon delivery. Create all the weird aspect ratio artwork they want from the poster. Get subtitles. Then make a definitive plan with dates on who/where I'll be sending various exclusive pics, plus a few web sites will get exclusive video from the movie.

SO much to do. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.


That script idea I had that sort of excited me continues to percolate. Ideas are coming. Some interesting stuff. And it's starting to move outside of what I could do if I wanted to shoot it.

The eternal question of--write to what I can shoot, or let the story go where the story wants to go.