Monday, June 04, 2018

Fountain Edit Update

Have an assembly edit of 95% of the Fountain. Here's my main problems right now:

There are some rough cuts--the lead actor, as good as he was, was not very consistent. For instance, in one scene he hands the girl a penny. In the wide, he used his left hand. In the close up he used his right hand. There are other takes where he stands different during certain lines so it's near impossible to make it line up, especially if I didn't do any separate one-shots of the other person.

He also fucked up in that after I put the lav mic on him, I buttoned one more button on his shirt to hide the mic. For some reason--probably he was hot--he unbuttoned it. That means I can see the fucking mic on some shots. This pisses me off--he SAW me button it up. Did he think I was doing that for fun?

Some night shots have things in the background we couldn't frame out. In one shot there are blinking lights way in the distance. You wouldn't see them during the day, but at night...they're there. Those are pretty easy to take out.

Other shots there's a house and a tractor that need to come out. A little tougher, but still doable.

On the actual FX stuff...the story features a person coming out of another person, and we just couldn't get the actual moment of emerging. So I have the before, part of during, and we'll have to sell it with the audio as one person watches in horror. It's not too bad, but I have some audio work to do.

Speaking of, there's something that happens in the movie that needs an audio effect, but I have no idea WHAT audio effect to create. Like, I don't know what noise you'd hear, so how can I create it?

I need a sunset shot over the trees. I shot one last fall when we thought we were going to shoot this segment, but it doesn't fit now. All the trees are green in the footage, then we cut to a sunset over nothing but orange trees. Doesn't work. Too bad too, cuz it was a nice shot.

My lead actress' mic apparently cut out during one entire scene. It's one of the only scenes I didn't use my shotgun mic as a backup, because the camera was on a tripod and the mic is attached to my rig, which doesn't go on the tripod very well.

So I either use the lead actor's mic, which picked it up so so, or I loop her. I don't want to loop her.

That's all I remember now. More later, I'm sure.

Here's a pic of the special FX guy who filled in for Mark--his name's TJ, and he's super cool to work with.


I haven't mentioned, but the weight has been coming off, slowly but surely. I'm back under 200. I actually hard-core cheated for a week, and figured I'd have gone back up to 203. Turns out I'd lost another pound somehow, and am at 198.

At this point, I figure I'll keep at it and see if I can make it into the 180's.


Watched Pacific Rim 2 with my kid. It was decent. Better than it looked from the trailers.

Saw Solo also, by myself. It was also okay, if a little long and unnecessary. Considering it was written by Kasdan, it's a little disappointing.

Snuck out today and saw Upgrade by myself also. Jesus, I'm seeing a lot of movies by myself. It was very cool. Upgrade and Deadpool 2 are my favorites of the past few months, maybe of the year so far.

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