Friday, May 11, 2018

Why Won't The Brain Stop?

Started a new screenplay. WHY? I have no idea. I can't shut the brain off when it gets excited about an idea. Sure, I have like 6 incomplete screenplays that I'd love to get around to finishing.

But this was an idea I had a while back but hadn't done anything with it. Then I saw A Quiet Place and realized that simple movies CAN work. This script is VERY simple--so simple I could probably shoot it(but I mean, I only have the general idea, so it may go places that I couldn't afford to shoot).

So I'll keep working on it whenever. It's funny that it shares some big similarities to my other script Wounded Creature, at least visually.  The two don't have any relation though other than that.


Saw Bad Samaritan for the hell of it. It was okay. Harkens back to the 90's movies where they put big talent in mediocre but fun movies, like Sleeping With The Enemy, Single White Female, Pacific Heights and more.

It's not like you have to rush out and see it, but if it's on Netflix or Red box, definitely worth a look. (and Don't Breathe could learn a thing or two about how you make your protagonist likeable from this flick)

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