Sunday, May 13, 2018


I don't really have nightmares any more. It's probably been 15 years since I last had one(that I can remember).

Until now.

The other day I only got three hours of sleep for some reason. Then went out and did stuff, came home. The wife and kid weren't home. So I laid down to try to catch an hour nap.

Had a hard time getting to sleep but when I did--

--my family had rented some sort of house in NJ. (Yeah, it figures the nightmare would involve the worst state in the nation). It was a vacation for all of us--a very big house.

For some reason my wife and I were given the biggest bedroom. At some point my dad even showed me a pic of when we came here to NJ as kids to go camping, and I swear to God I can still see that pic in my mind and it feels like it really happened. I asked my mom about it later that day, and she says we never went camping in NJ...

Anyway, in the dream, my brother and his family were packing up a day early to leave, so my parents were like, "You can go stay in that bedroom cuz we're taking the big bedroom", so the wife and I moved into this bedroom, which immediately felt weird to me. It didn't feel right.

So we're sleeping(in the dream) and I wake up and my wife is lying down, face away from me. There are two people in bed on either side of her not moving, covered in some sort of shroud. I'm confused. I lean over to the wife, but she's not actually sleeping.

She's staring wide eyed at the figure lying next to her, and I whisper, "What's going on?" and she shakes her head violently, whispering, "Don't say anything!"

But then the figures next to her start to move, and I don't exactly know why but I am terrified--which is an emotion I just do have EVER. I'm so terrified I actually start hyperventilating, like almost whimpering.

That's how I woke up--to the sound of me sort of whimpering, trying to scream. It was SUPER freaky. I've only ever had one nightmare that bad, which I think I mentioned at one point--it was back in my 20's, and my girlfriend at the time woke me up because the nightmare was so bad.

Dunno. I guess what I'm saying is, stay out of NJ. It's just bad, for even more reasons than I previously thought.

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Steve Pattee said...

Holy shit. Now i'm freaked out.