Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Holy. Mother. Of. God.

So in case you were keeping track, here's some of the setbacks I've encountered in trying to shoot a little 12 page segment for Ttory 2:

Tried to shoot in the fall. The weather kept screwing us. The naked actress I had in mind for one of the roles kept being unavailable after I pushed the shoot dates due to the weather.

Then when we were finally ready to for-sure shoot, the lead actress stopped talking to us. A week ahead of the shoot. No response to calls or emails.

So I had to cancel the shoot at the last minute. Which caused me to lose my lead actor--I guess he had enough, and I don't blame him.

Pushed the shoot to Spring. Have been trying to shoot it for over a month now. Weather not cooperating. Recast all roles.

The store we were going to use for the interiors was completely MOVED to a new location. It doesn't work out as well as the other location. Had to go back over and figure out a new shot list.

Everybody's vegan. So that makes meal times tougher.

Today I found out that the store we were using for exterior shots--the store I'd talked to back in September about shooting there, and they were cool with it--it's now permanently closed. I found out by looking on FB. I don't know if it LOOKS permanently closed, or if some of the signs are still up.

It's like 2 hours away from me, so I can't exactly go check it out. I still was able to contact the owners, and they still don't care if I come out and shoot there, but they didn't answer any of my questions about whether it still looks like it could be open.

Thunderstorms are like EVERY DAY this week. It doesn't matter, I've now moved stuff and we're shooting on Sunday regardless of what happens. If I can at least get the parts with the NY actress done, the rest will be easier.

But we'll be shooting way out of order, and it slipped my mind that the actress is going to need two different outfits because the one gets wrecked. The actress responds that nobody talked to her about wardrobe(pretty sure that's wrong), and she's having car issues and may have to get a new car this week, so she can't go out and get doubles(even though we'd pay for it).

I am so done with all of this.

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