Sunday, May 27, 2018

Picture Wrapped. Insane.

btw--how is it that I've never seen these pics of Barbara Crampton? Man, she was amazingly hot. (and still looks pretty good)

So, finally I set a date for Fountain and was going to shoot it no matter what.

Couple of days early, my brother and I went over to the outside location and set up the fountain. It wasn't as easy as I'd hoped it was, but we got it set up.

The next night my kid had a concert. I packed up everything and double checked the prop list. The gear list.

Last minute stuff.

On Sunday we shot from about 11am to 4:30am. Yeah. Long day. I'll talk more about it later.

The weather was going to be sweet on Thursday(the next day we could all do it), so I told everybody that we'd do the final day then. I had to extend the camera rental also.

Thursday we met up at 11am and finished shooting by 7pm. We met Malfi at a local restaurant and I treated everybody to dinner, since craft services was basically non-existent.

The bottom line is, it's all shot. I'm cutting the audio now, and will immediately start editing it when I do.

But by Crom, it's done. I wasn't sure it was going to happen.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Holy. Mother. Of. God.

So in case you were keeping track, here's some of the setbacks I've encountered in trying to shoot a little 12 page segment for Ttory 2:

Tried to shoot in the fall. The weather kept screwing us. The naked actress I had in mind for one of the roles kept being unavailable after I pushed the shoot dates due to the weather.

Then when we were finally ready to for-sure shoot, the lead actress stopped talking to us. A week ahead of the shoot. No response to calls or emails.

So I had to cancel the shoot at the last minute. Which caused me to lose my lead actor--I guess he had enough, and I don't blame him.

Pushed the shoot to Spring. Have been trying to shoot it for over a month now. Weather not cooperating. Recast all roles.

The store we were going to use for the interiors was completely MOVED to a new location. It doesn't work out as well as the other location. Had to go back over and figure out a new shot list.

Everybody's vegan. So that makes meal times tougher.

Today I found out that the store we were using for exterior shots--the store I'd talked to back in September about shooting there, and they were cool with it--it's now permanently closed. I found out by looking on FB. I don't know if it LOOKS permanently closed, or if some of the signs are still up.

It's like 2 hours away from me, so I can't exactly go check it out. I still was able to contact the owners, and they still don't care if I come out and shoot there, but they didn't answer any of my questions about whether it still looks like it could be open.

Thunderstorms are like EVERY DAY this week. It doesn't matter, I've now moved stuff and we're shooting on Sunday regardless of what happens. If I can at least get the parts with the NY actress done, the rest will be easier.

But we'll be shooting way out of order, and it slipped my mind that the actress is going to need two different outfits because the one gets wrecked. The actress responds that nobody talked to her about wardrobe(pretty sure that's wrong), and she's having car issues and may have to get a new car this week, so she can't go out and get doubles(even though we'd pay for it).

I am so done with all of this.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


I don't really have nightmares any more. It's probably been 15 years since I last had one(that I can remember).

Until now.

The other day I only got three hours of sleep for some reason. Then went out and did stuff, came home. The wife and kid weren't home. So I laid down to try to catch an hour nap.

Had a hard time getting to sleep but when I did--

--my family had rented some sort of house in NJ. (Yeah, it figures the nightmare would involve the worst state in the nation). It was a vacation for all of us--a very big house.

For some reason my wife and I were given the biggest bedroom. At some point my dad even showed me a pic of when we came here to NJ as kids to go camping, and I swear to God I can still see that pic in my mind and it feels like it really happened. I asked my mom about it later that day, and she says we never went camping in NJ...

Anyway, in the dream, my brother and his family were packing up a day early to leave, so my parents were like, "You can go stay in that bedroom cuz we're taking the big bedroom", so the wife and I moved into this bedroom, which immediately felt weird to me. It didn't feel right.

So we're sleeping(in the dream) and I wake up and my wife is lying down, face away from me. There are two people in bed on either side of her not moving, covered in some sort of shroud. I'm confused. I lean over to the wife, but she's not actually sleeping.

She's staring wide eyed at the figure lying next to her, and I whisper, "What's going on?" and she shakes her head violently, whispering, "Don't say anything!"

But then the figures next to her start to move, and I don't exactly know why but I am terrified--which is an emotion I just do have EVER. I'm so terrified I actually start hyperventilating, like almost whimpering.

That's how I woke up--to the sound of me sort of whimpering, trying to scream. It was SUPER freaky. I've only ever had one nightmare that bad, which I think I mentioned at one point--it was back in my 20's, and my girlfriend at the time woke me up because the nightmare was so bad.

Dunno. I guess what I'm saying is, stay out of NJ. It's just bad, for even more reasons than I previously thought.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Why Won't The Brain Stop?

Started a new screenplay. WHY? I have no idea. I can't shut the brain off when it gets excited about an idea. Sure, I have like 6 incomplete screenplays that I'd love to get around to finishing.

But this was an idea I had a while back but hadn't done anything with it. Then I saw A Quiet Place and realized that simple movies CAN work. This script is VERY simple--so simple I could probably shoot it(but I mean, I only have the general idea, so it may go places that I couldn't afford to shoot).

So I'll keep working on it whenever. It's funny that it shares some big similarities to my other script Wounded Creature, at least visually.  The two don't have any relation though other than that.


Saw Bad Samaritan for the hell of it. It was okay. Harkens back to the 90's movies where they put big talent in mediocre but fun movies, like Sleeping With The Enemy, Single White Female, Pacific Heights and more.

It's not like you have to rush out and see it, but if it's on Netflix or Red box, definitely worth a look. (and Don't Breathe could learn a thing or two about how you make your protagonist likeable from this flick)

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Another Shoot Looms. The Last...?

So I'm prepping the final segment for Ttory 2. Hoping to shoot the 19th, FINALLY.

Of course, the weather keeps telling me there's a possibility of thunderstorms. Why not? I've only been trying to shoot this segment for 6 months.

Will this be the last thing I shoot? Who knows. It certainly feels like it might unless we get some real money for this book I'm adapting.

The head lady at the place I work freelance has suggested pretty strongly that they'd love me to come work for them full time. I don't know what they'd pay, and it would certainly tie up much of my free time, but there WOULD be a regular paycheck...

Dunno. Haven't had a regular job in so long that I'm just not sure whether I could hack it unless the pay was GREAT.


Can't remember if I mentioned it--and don't see it in the recent posts--but some dude bought literally every movie I sell from me on Amazon. All copies of them.

I only keep a couple in general in stock because people are far more likely to buy if they see there's "Only 2 Copies Left" than if it says "10 Copies Left".

So this guy in Utah buys two GOH blu, four FOC2 Blu, 2 FOC2 DVD, 3 Ttory DVD, and pays the full shipping. Then I freak out when I can only find one GOH blu--I knew I was running out. I find one other copy with a price tag on it--it's the display copy at the cons, but it's unopened, so I pull off the sticker and send that.

I just can't figure out WHY this guy wanted them all and paid full price plus shipping. If he's a dealer, he overpaid. Only way I can see it working to his advantage is if he owns a video rental place. More power to him if he does.

I threw in a couple of freebies and a note saying if he needs more to contact me directly and I can hook him up wholesale. (but the GOH's are GONE)

Which leads me to wonder...should I do a GOH DVD? I never intended to, but over the years people keep asking. And as I've mentioned before, the FOC2 DVDs have still FAR oustold the blu's...

So I took a couple of days and made a dvd fairly fast. Then I think..."Man, with the new color correction tools, I could probably make this flick look better..."

What do you think? I won't tell you which is which, but tell me which frame looks better to you.

It's subtle in most places, but when I play it on the screen it definitely looks better. You like the first version or the 2nd version better? Make sure you blow them up to see the diff.

I didn't think I could fit anything other than the movie on the dvd, but with some work I managed to get the Making Of and the commentary on there. So when I get some time/money, I'll probably do a run of 100 just to see how fast it sells. It's pretty cheap nowadays, so worth a try.


That actress/model who's going to be in Ttory 2 has now gone from like 40K followers on Instag to a quarter million. I feel like she'll be quite a catch to be in the flick, which is one more reason why I really can't afford to NOT do it.


Did I mention that my brother and I have been trying to watch the Star Trek Discovery show with my dad? It's been less than interesting. So much so that I told them that if the mid-season finale(episode 9) wasn't better than we could just give up on it.

They were all cool with it. Episode 9 was pretty mediocre, but at the end they get thrown off course by a wormhole, and don't know where they are.

Whatever. I told them we were done, that I'd watch the rest in the background while I worked and let them know if it got interesting.

Well, episode 10 finally did. (which is a pretty shitty track record...)

Turns out they got thrown into the mirror universe, and a semi-main character gets killed. We get to see some alternate versions of the characters. Still not endorsing the series, but at least it's gotten a little better.

Finished Counterpart, a Starz series. Very good, and worth watching if you like realistic sci-fi. A more grounded Fringe, really.