Thursday, April 26, 2018

Web Site Designing For Phones Can Suck My Dick

Man, I swear to Christ that if I could go back in time and kill either Hitler or Steve Jobs as a baby, it would be Steve Jobs. Sure, a lot of people died because of Hitler, but the world ended up changing in a better way because of it.

Can't say the same for Jobs, can you? People are more anti-social. They can't put the fucking phones down, whether it's while they're watching a movie in a theater or even driving, for fuck's sake.

And now, on top of it all, I have to design my web site so it looks fine no matter if their phone is an old iphone(small) or a new Samsung(large). It's fucking insane.

After looking into a while, I figure I'm going to do the "easier" thing, which is to simply check what the person hitting my site is using, and if it's a mobile device, I'll direct them to a SUPER simple version of my site that will work on any mobile device. It's gonna basically suck, but I don't have time to fuck with this.

(and yeah, Stewie, I looked into Wordpress, and I guess the biggest problem with it is that they want to charge me a monthly fee to use it--$18 a month. I'm not paying a monthly fee--I already do that for my domain space)

I would love to just, you know, make movies. Write/direct. But instead I gotta be a web designer, a dvd/blu ray designer, a social media guru, a gigolo(okay, that's on me), a graphic designer, and more.

It's tiring. I am literally too old for this shit.


My wife's aunt died a couple of days ago, and because there are so few of them left in decent shape, I not only had to go to the funeral but I had to be a pall bearer also.

I don't do funerals. I don't do churches, period. The insanity of people all pretending that their made-up deity is real, while scoffing at the absurdity of the other people's, the hypocritical nature of it all gets to me.

The people that wrote their holy book would have shit their pants and bowed down to me if I showed them a stun gun. Hell, maybe even just a cigarette lighter.

So I'm there amidst a bunch of religious people as they do their prayers--responsive prayers, which just feels cult-like. You know, the pastor's like "The Lord Keep You" and all of a sudden the rest of the people in church are like "AND ALSO YOU". It's hard to keep a straight face.

I liked the lady(her aunt). She was a bit talky, like most of that family, but she was nice enough. But hey, she was 98 years old. Even her son was ready for her to go--she was in rough shape the last year.

I dunno. Can you tell my mood is just not fucking good?

Not helping--tonight I drink my last Coke Zero. Yes, the 100+ two-liters are now gone. I'm not gonna drink that new shit they put out; it tastes like ass. I'm also not going to buy any Coke products any more(except the Slurpee, but that can't be helped)

Gotta find a replacement. I drink so much water that I just NEED something different around 2am at night. Something fizzy.


Was going to continue work on the 2nd Halloween book, but then I'm like, "Why bother?" I make so little money on them that I'm not sure it's worth it. The first one I did because I wanted to, and it was fun to immerse myself in Halloween all year long.

But now that I've been working on the new one a bit, I remember just HOW MUCH work it was. And I can do all that work while Amazon collects 80% of the money that comes in? Fuck, man.

I gotta go out and blow off some steam somehow. At this point it's not going to take much to finally push me over the edge.


Steve Pattee said...

LOL at the church, sorry about your aunt, and WordPress is 100% free. Both my blogs have it running and I've never, ever paid anything. You just download it and install it on your server. Or, depending on who you use, your host company might do it. I know GoDaddy does it. I just clicked a box, "Install Wordpress" and BOOM! done.

I don't know what you were looking at.

Aric Blue said...

Both your blogs? Do you have a real web site? I only know what I saw when I went to and punched in the info--

Did you have an established web site when you did the wordpress?

My control panel in my domain DOES have a Wordpress button, so I clicked it and it took me to a place where it would cost either $99, $199 or $399 depending on how much stuff I wanted from Wordpress)

Steve Pattee said...

The hell?? Yeah, I pay for my domain. When my site got hacked, I completely blew away the blog and just pushed a button for a reinstall. No charge at all.

Here's the download page.

I don't see anything about pricing.

Steve Pattee said...

Dude, that pricing on wordpress is if they host the site.