Monday, April 23, 2018

Bored of This

btw--why can't we get a good Critters 1&2 Blu Ray? Shout Factory keeps releasing mostly garbage--how about hit this up?

So anyway, I'm kinda tired of doing the blog. It's been a fuckton of year, but it gets to the point where it just seems like I'm saying the same thing. On occasion I got something to put up, but really this was always just sort of a journal I was keeping for myself.

It helps me keep dates clear, cuz if I don't remember what year something happened, I just search the blog for whatever it is and I can find when it happened.

Not much lately. Pushed Fountain again. The weather won't get above 49 at night. My next shot will be May 12th. If it's still fucking cold then, I may just say fuck it. I've already spent around $500 on it and not shot a frame.

Got some music from the wrap. Putting music on a movie is always a highlight for me, because really--until that movie has music, it never REALLY feels like a movie. Once there's music going...yeah, man.

It's sounding good. It's just the opening titles and the next 3 minutes, but it sets the mood well. Goes nicely with the picture. Terry's doing this and one other section.

I sent the Pumpkin Trail to Ben, the other composer. He'll be doing the synth stuff. Called him a couple of days later to chat. I didn't want to give him an inkling of my feelings until I'd spoken to him. I asked him what he thought. He seemed to enjoy it, and had some ideas about it.

So I said, "Hey, I'm open to hear whatever you think works", and then I told him how campy I thought it was. I said I didn't want to steer him one way or the other as far as campy vs serious/scary stuff. I think he's going to go with serious/scary stuff with some slightly lighter stuff when there's joking.


The DP from FOC1 and 2 was in town doing some work for my DP on GOH. (that's a lot of acronyms) I went up to visit him since they'd be wrapped by 7pm. (these slackers finish on time)

Watched them shoot some PSAs and then went over to watch a gigantic bonfire that can't be legal in Jared's backyard. Saw some footage and chatted for a while. I don't get to hang out with the people I actually like all that much, so it was nice.

This was our mini FOC2 reunion pic:

Mun's finger doesn't seem to be growing back very fast. I mentioned it to him and he said he was noticing that.

The best part was Jared telling me if I needed someone to get weed from, give him a call. I laughed and showed him my card. I'm like, "I'm okay..."

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