Thursday, March 23, 2017

March. Suck.

Didn't realize I'd been so neglectful of the blog...

Not that I haven't been busy...

So when last I'd posted, I'm in Florida and they're saying snow is going to hit Maryland the night we get home. I have a short scene in Ttory2 that requires snow, that I figured I'd just have to scrap since we got none this year.

But here it final chance...and I'll be coming home from a sleep-deprived weekend, getting off a plane and running home to get things ready to shoot in the snow. Technically I wanted it to be a day shot, but the weather report is saying we'll have up to 12 inches the next day, so I doubt I'll get anyone to go out then.

Gotta do it the night I get home.

So we do it. I contact Mark, and he's got a guy with a decent costume for a monster. Not great, but acceptable since you're only going to see a flash of it. I talk to the guy via texts and he's good to meet up out there.

I get home, start charging batteries, clearing media. Getting everything ready. The new lights.

The weather's changing. They're downgrading it to like 6 inches. Still okay. But they're now pushing it back. Said it was going to start at like 7, now it looks more like 9. I've already made plans to be out there at 8pm.

We get Stewie to be our actor. He's got no lines. He's basically just wandering through and gets attacked.

It's 8pm and the light light snow is just starting, and we're in the parking lot waiting. I need some white on the ground not just for light, but because it's the purpose of the whole thing.

So we walk out and do some tests. Set up lights. Shoot some test shots. The snow is more like sleet, and it's getting on all the equipment.

We finally get enough sleet/snow on the ground for it to register...a little. We've been out there like 90 minutes and it's FREEZING cold. We try to do the drone shot I want, and let me tell you this: DRONES HATE SLEET. I mean, I've seen high winds not affect the drone as much as the sleet did. Couldn't keep it steady, couldn't get any great shots without wobbling.

I ended up getting one I can sort of use but it's not great. The lights I got are pretty great. If I had another 2...may bite the bullet and get 2 more, and then I'll have 4 pretty powerful lights to light up the woods.

Then we moved to the shot with the creature. It came out okay, but at one point my hands are so cold I can't feel them any more. I put them in my mouth to warm them up, and it's like someone's pushing needles into them.

At this point I'm just hoping anything I'm shooting is in focus, because the viewfinder on my camera's getting wet(so I'm worried about the equipment). Turns out, it's not bad. Not great, but not bad considering. It'll work for the flick.

Meanwhile we end up getting like 2 inches. Could have shot it the next day and had far less problems. Fucking weathermen.

This is us at the end of the night. I've blurred the creature, cuz I don't want it out there yet.


Met a local author who does horror books. It's weird that this guy's been around here forever--graduated from my high school--and I never ran into him in our circles(of which we have quite a few overlapping friends).

We were just gonna meet for a beer, chat for an hour...three and a half hours later we finally call it. We have a lot in common, and he's a funny dude. Gonna definitely hang out more.


Am breaking down the wrap into shooting script format. I did a rough schedule over 4 days and it's TIGHT. Should prolly break it apart into 5. Will probably do that. (which technically means 6, because I have us shooting the final, drone, CGI-intensive shot all along on one day so we can take our time)

Have sent out some inquiries about casting to people I've met to see if they can do video auditions. Would be nice to cast this without a lot of work. Doesn't have a giant cast, so I'm hopeful.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Goin' Away

Off to Naples Florida for work this week. Fast jaunt--out there Friday, back on Monday.

I have broken down the Ttory2 wrap into the scheduling program, and have started the shooting script. This is technically the reverse of how I usually do it, but shouldn't be a big deal. I'm going to try to do it in 5 days, which is roughly 8 pages a day.

Not crazy, but some of those days are heavy FX. Still have no idea how to do the CGI FX shot at the end that I wrote.

But man, this week I have been on the "Am I SURE this is the flick I wanna dump this money into?" train. Part of me thinks I should do my vampire movie. I'd need to raise probably another 10K through crowdfunding to even have a shot at it, but I think it's possible if I shot the opening of the script and a teaser trailer.

Don't know.

Watched the Expanse season 1 on Am-zn. Pretty good, if a little confusing at times. They did bring it all together at the end, so I'm curious about season 2.

Note to self: Really gotta start getting my tax shit together. I am gonna get hammered this year and have to find as many receipts as I can to lower that bill. That means going through my credit cards and finding all the bills related to the flick or my freelance job.

Have started putting that shit in a spreadsheet for this year so it'll save work for next year. I'm wondering if there's a better way to file than the way I've been doing it. But do I really wanna go consult a tax person?

Fucking taxes.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

It's Gonna Be A Busy Year

Here's the list of things I'm going to try to do before the year is out:
  • Finish Halloween book 2. Considering I'm still in the early organizing stage and I need to have this done by September...I'm way behind.
  • Finish my book containing most of the crap I've written since I was 14.
  • Finish the re-export of FOC1 so I can put it up on the non-US outlets, and be prepared for when I get the US license back.
  • Finish the Ttory Making Of, author the dvd and slipcase, and get some made.
  • Make T-tory 2, every segment, get it completed ASAP.
  • Finish writing at least ONE of the goddamn albatross screenplays that I've been working on for over 5 years. Those are HH2, Backyard, Stand By Me With A Scarecrow, and Creepers. None of these are the actual names of the scripts, but I've been working on and off of every one for between 5-10 years. They are dragging me down.
  • Turn one of my more-expensive screenplays into a book. If it's any good, put it up on Amazon.
A lot of shit to do. And this doesn't count all the regular shit I have to do to pay the bills.