Saturday, December 24, 2016

Nothing Much

So...Xmas eve morning.

Not a lot to report. Saw the new Star Wars movie. Kinda disappointed.

The characters, with the exception of the robot, were some of the worst characters that have been in a SW movie. Like, ever.

Not saying the movie was terrible, but definitely a step down. It does feature one awesome scene toward the end of the movie. I won't spoil it, but it's amazing.

In fantasy football news...again, I'm a Yahoo stud. I've been in the superbowl three out of the last four years. This year, in there once again. And my team's pretty weak due to injuries right now.

Here's what the league looks like:
I'm pretty glad I don't have to go against the grapplers in the superbowl...he's clearly got the best team in the league, but they didn't play well last week.

In my other league, not so much. It's a new league I joined last year, and it has some weird scoring. Not used to it. Not used to needing a punter on my team either...

Just barely didn't make it into the playoffs. I was 8-6, and so was another team--they got into the playoffs because they scored more points than I did total.


On the AmZn video, it's dead. People are not watching much horror on there in December, I can tell you that. Will be interesting to see if there's any resurgence on any of them. If not, I may turn them back to pay only.

PS: Japan apparently doesn't pay. We did about $3.30 in July for Japan. I know, big money, right?

And Am-Zn noted that it was in the process of paying me as of  October. At the end of the month, all the other payments had come through. But no Japan.

As of last night, it was still "in process".


Anyway, Merry Xmas, in case I don't get around to it before then.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Ha, bet that pic won't distract you.

End of the year means shooting the big dolls videos for the LA auction. As usual, they're getting longer and they want them up fast, so I shot them on Thursday. Couldn't start working on them until late Friday, but spent the entire weekend, like 12 hour days, editing them, exporting them, and uploading them.

The bigger problem is that they definitely want that January banquet video too.

I asked them at the beginning of December if they'd need it, because if so I wanted to start working on it. Not only was last year's rushed, but this year's auction is a week earlier.

They said no, they were going to do something different this year. Cool, I thought. I get a breather this holiday season.

Last week they tell me they need one. It can be shorter, they say, but they definitely want it.

Now I'm gonna be slammed doing this thing. It's all After Effects work, which is the time-intensive shit. So will be working pretty steadily over the holidays...


Gonna go out and see the new Star Wars tomorrow. Have managed to dodge all the trailers other than the first, but my friends are working hard to spoil it.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Them Clowns...

Did I mention that, between my writing, I'm still working on FOC1? Holy shit. If you had any idea of the difficulties in getting a new HD version of that...

I think I mentioned that I originally exported the whole movie and it was like 2 hours long. (well, my first cut was like 3 hours, but less said about that the better)

I can't remember exactly why I did it, but the way I originally put the movie together was to export each scene individually, then reimport them all and piece them together with whatever transition I wanted.
(in retrospect, I probably did it because nested timelines wasn't a thing back then, and trying to import the entire movie into one project would have dragged down my computer)

The problem arose when I decided to trim more in the movie, and what I did was just trim things in the timeline in each scene. And now, since I don't have the original premiere file, I gotta try to reconstruct this Frankenstein.

So I ripped the LGF file of the video of FOC, which was actually kinda problematic because of the copy protection on it. Got some weird errors, but did it.

Now I've laid that into the timeline above the new version of FOC I'm working on. Trying to trim where I trimmed before. Keep it all lined up so I can make sure the music(which was a separate file, as was the MnE and dialogue tracks) lines up.

And what a fucking trash heap this movie is. I look at it and remember how prepared I thought I was, and it's just...sad. Don't get me wrong; I wasn't confident. I was scared shitless. Spending a bunch of dough that wasn't entirely mine, working with new actors I'd never worked with.

But still...I had done so much prep that I thought I was ready.

Looking at it now, it's discouraging. If I directed this movie today, with the same exact resources, the movie wouldn't be half as embarrassing.

So not only is the work brutally tedious, but on top of it I get to continually look at my failures as a director.

It's rough.

Let's look at this and try not to think about it anymore...

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

End of the Year? Fuuuuuuuuuuck....

That is an awesome poster, btw.

So...presented the idea to Mark. He seemed hesitant, as expected. Basically it puts him in the driver's seat on Ttory 3, which means--if he runs it the way he did Ttory1 before I got there--that it won't get done. Hopefully he understands he's got a lot of work to do if he accepts.

A few days later he got back to me and said he's excited about it, so it seems like he's going to.

That means, once I get the SOLID yes, and we put all the terms on paper that I spoke to him about so there's definitely no confusion, that I will really start putting the pedal to the metal.

If I could--no saying I could--I would try to schedule all the segments into May/June/July. Edit them as we go too, and have a solid cut by August 1st. Have it completely done in time to premiere it on September 1st, 2017.

This is HIGHLY unlikely to happen for so many reasons that we might as well call it a fantasy.

Better odds that it gets done by the end of next year. Then I have to decide whether to premiere it in an "off" month, or wait to premiere it in September so it gets big views for 2 straight months.

I'm simultaneously working on scripts for the stand-alone anthology. Wouldn't it be funny if there was some way to get it done also? Again, fantasy.

So I spend a lot of time fantasizing, is what I guess I'm saying.