Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Here We Go

Premiere is tomorrow night. I'm ready as far as that goes I think.

Sounds like it's gonna rain, which sucks.

Biggest worry is that the movie's still not up on Amazon to add to a watchlist. They gave me some hassles about my synopsis, if you can believe it. So there's a little bit of danger that we may not show up in time for our online premiere date...that would be awkward.

The exclusive clips have been sent out to the different web sites, so hopefully we'll see something there soon.

So after the screening we're going to an afterparty at a local bar. Then back to my house, get some sleep, get back up and load the car and head out to the horror convention I have a table at all weekend. Spreading the news of T-tory on Prime...

We also just passed the big 3 mil on there. FOC2 is finally starting to take off--and at this point, I wish it would just wait until October 1st to take off, but I guess you really can't plan it.

After the weekend I'm gonna try to get some serious sleep, then work on setting up some things for my Halloween book. I know it's not October, but I already feel like I'm a little behind there.

Oddly enough I'm up to page 28 of the T-tory 2 wrap-around script. Not sure I'll do it, but I definitely enjoy exploring the territory a little more. I think some non-writers don't understand how you could possibly write something that you don't intend to ever get out there,'s what you do as a writer. You write. Good, bad, whatever.

And I've never been very good at stopping myself from exploring ideas that interest me, even if I know it's almost certainly not going to do anywhere. I think I mentioned I wrote an entire sequel script to HH that involved my serial killer protagonist fighting vampires. I don't know whether you should blame my impulse control, or From Dusk Til Dawn.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Final Horse Shit For Ttory

Trying to export the final master of the flick so I can upload it to Amazon.

On the good news front, turns out the theater can project a blu ray, so I don't have to worry about attempting to figure out how to make a DCP version of it.

Technically I've read about how to do it--it involves exporting a TIFF sequence of your movie(so, roughly 133,000 frames), then turning those into jpg2000 frames, and exporting every channel of audio into mono sequences, then using a free program to integrate it all, and hope it works.

So once I get the .mp4 master of the movie, I'll export an .m4v for the blu ray. (I know, this is the most exciting blog post EVER)

Thing is, I've exported the movie three times in the past 2 days, and fully watched it each time. Each time it's got an issue. If you can believe it, the last time I saw a microphone onscreen that I'd never seen before.

It was in a dark spot that wasn't the focus of the shot, but it's there nonetheless, and on a giant screen someone might see it. So I took it out, re-exported.

And, on my birthday, watched my movie for the third time in 2 days. Getting pretty tired of watching it.

LOT of stuff to do. Trying to get the word out, get us on the local calendars, maybe get an interview or two set up. Also prepping the shit that we'll have at the ticket table(might as well sell some dvds/blu rays of my other movies, right?), and then the very next morning I'm going to a convention where I'll have a table to promote the Amazon release of Ttory.

I dunno. Man, feels like it's gonna be another October where I'm too busy to enjoy Halloween, which has been happening far too often. It's the reason I wanted to premiere Ttory in July or August...

Oh well...

Thursday, September 08, 2016

And so it begins...

Let's all just take a minute to appreciate that .gif above. Yeah, that's the stuff...


We're three weeks away from the premiere, but only about 2.5 weeks away from when I need to submit to Amazon to make sure the flick is on there for the October 1st deadline. I'm getting dribs and drabs of the final music now.

One filmmaker is still handing me fixes for his segment, but on Monday he's cut off. It's done as done can be, cuz I gotta start mixing the audio into the acceptable-but-not-good that I always do because we can't afford to pay a sound mixer to do this.

I've been trying to find the perfect end credits song. Found like eight of them I liked, did a little pick your favorite with Zig, and where we overlapped I took the best four.  Contacted the people involved to see if they were interested.

My #1 pick read the FB message and didn't respond. I gave him four days after that, and then went after another choice. That guy got RIGHT back to me, and seems interested. I'm just gonna be a little pissed if the other guy hits me up after I make the deal with this guy.

Man, it's hard to blog with that image up there.

Also, besides finishing the movie, I have a paid video to do. Then dealing with ticket sales, printing up flyers, spreading the news, trying to worry about doing the con at the end of the month, trying to figure out how to get some book signings set up in October.

Meanwhile my sciatica thing is fucking flaring up bad. Really gotta get a new chair. It will be the fourth chair I have bought in under a year. The hunt for a decent chair you can spend eight hours in a day...

Oh man, in November am I gonna take a fucking break...

Monday, September 05, 2016

Reviews on Bounty

First off, something weird. Late August I check my Amazon thing to see how many Halloween books I sold. Two. Which meant I got a total royalty of like $6.80(like, $3.40 per $28 book--insane).

I shake my head. I mean, sure, it's passive money. I do no work. But that's so fucking little...

Just for the heck of it, I changed the price from $27.95 to $29.95--works out to a royalty rate of like $4.52

Not much, but what the hey. I've seen crappier books for that price.

Within a week I get three orders. Like, huh?

So I'm thinking about raising the price to $49.95. :)


Reviews showing up on Amazon for Bounty. They're always fun to read. How about these? They crack me up. (and remember, Bounty was under the documentary category)

1 Star
Just one word to describe this film,"phony"!

2 Stars
Probably not a true documentary.

 Then this one.
1 Star titled "Trash"
trash. pure trash

And then this one that I have no idea what the hell they're talking about.
Movie glorifies the scumbags that make a living by kidnapping people and generally threatening them with violence and mayhem. It's horror story, but not for the usual reasons.

Liberal sentiments not withstanding, it's just a poorly made and acted movie. Boring and derivative

 There are some good reviews and they're obviously better to have, but the bad ones are the fun ones to read.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Why Do I Do This?

The dude who was doing the DM segment of T-tory hadn't gotten back to me in two weeks. I hit him up, and he's like, "Yeah, been working on it. Have something to you soon."

I get something from him, his "first draft". It's about 7 minutes long. The segment is like 15 minutes.

I listen to it, and it's not bad but it's fairly repetitious, and doesn't really add tension to a couple of moments. (or, if it adds tension it's all at the same level, whether someone's being chased or someone's being killed--no level change.)

I send him a list of changes, and also ask him why the music doesn't start until like the 4 minute mark, and ends at about the 10 minute mark.

He replies the next day and says, and I quote:
"To be honest, i thought you wanted one scene from me.As the dollars would be ok (for me) for lets say up to 4 minutes, this is a very long and work intense sequence! I am afraid to say that this is way too much work for this money. greets, Patrick"

Uh...seriously? My original email to him was crystal clear on what I wanted.

So here I am about 3 weeks out from the premiere and I don't have a music guy for one segment. I scramble and talk to the guy who did one of my segments, and is currently doing another segment(cuz I didn't have another guy), and I ask him if it's even possible for him to get done the one he's doing PLUS another one.

He thinks it is. So I tell him, go ahead, hit it up.

Meanwhile, Premiere STILL has those fucking audio problems AND weird video glitches. This time not just the occasional little video noise. In one clip I exported it flipped 1 frame upside down for no reason. It shows up as a stutter(cuz it's only one frame), but if you move to the frame you can see it.

It's unfuckingbelievable that something I'm paying for, that is necessary for my work, is this goddamn glitchy. I have to figure some workarounds to ensure I'll be able to get a working copy for the premiere.

Super awesome.