Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why Do Articles Like This Fascinate Me?

Is it because I'm high? I'm cool if it is.


Still waiting on music. Getting a little worried about these final two segments' audio.

The premiere is set.

Now, just gotta come up with some money. Had tickets printed up, a big poster made. September could be an expensive month--gotta get some of my books to sell, gotta get a room at that convention I'm doing, and pay for the table.

Also getting pissed cuz I've gotten no note about being an Amazon Star for July. The friend who got it for June had received his notification by now. And I mean, we did 300,000 more minutes than he either the competition got much MUCH fiercer, or Am's penalizing us for that bullshit TOS violation.

We're over 2.5 million minutes now. And HH is starting to pick up. FOC2 just dropped, so I'm hoping September is a bomb month for it.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Better, or worse?

It's like at the eye doctor's. Better or worse? I've really only changed the tag line font/format and moved the title down a little.

Whatcha think?

I think, since the vote wasn't overwhelming either way, I'm just going to go with my gut which says this poster will catch the eye faster than the other one(due to the negative white space).

On the novelty front, both the other filmmakers mentioned today there's some fixes they'd like on their segments. One guy says he's got "a list". long you gonna wait to tell me this? Why don't you wait until the night before the premiere and hit me up with it?

Man, lot to do, not a lot of time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You damn lurkers

Fifteen of you read that last post, and only three of you got back to me.  I've asked my wife her thoughts, so that a total of four people responded and it's a dead split between the two. Not helpful.

Anyway, have the entire Jack "score" and the entire "Siren" score, and talked to the Siren guy about doing the Prowler one and he's cool for it. He's doing some testing first, going to send me a sample so I can get Mark--the segment's director--to check it out and make sure he's cool with it.

Not much he can say--if he's not cool with it, he's gonna have to find someone to do it because I don't have a backup.

The main storyline's score is about half done. Coming along nicely.


On the DISASTER side, had my main hard drive on the internet computer go bad. It's not the operating system drive, but the 1 TB that I save everything on.

One second it works, next second I get a weird Windows Can't Write To D: with a bunch of weird symbols. I've seen this kind of error before when you're working with a USB drive and you just unplug it, but never saw with a plugged-in drive.

The hard drive shows up in Explorer, but clicking on it now just gives that error and makes Windows hang for like 60 seconds.

So I reboot the whole computer.  D is back. I click on a file, and get that freaky error again.

I'm pretty sure the blood drains out of my face and I have a terrible feeling, because I realize I haven't backed up any of my writing in like 3 months.

Bam, I go get the ice pack. Time to see if salvaging is even possible. I take the hard drive off this computer and put it into one of the hard drive bays on the edit computer. I put the ice pack against it to keep the drive as cool as possible, since heat is often a huge issue with drives)

The drive shows up. I see the folder with my scripts and stuff--I copy and paste it to one of my edit drives. IT COPIES. I breathe a sigh of relief.

I try to copy another folder and the whole thing fucks up again, giving the error above followed by a Cycling Redundancy check error.

I unplug it and order a same-day delivery of another hard drive. I don't know how long before this drive goes totally bad, so I need to do as much as possible when I can.

Next day the drive comes and I spend two days copying folder after folder, and using every trick I've learned from down hard drives to get as much as I can. I've gotten pretty damn good at retrieving files from bad drives.

Then I run a chkdsk to see if it can fix it.(I didn't want to try this first because the repair could conceivably destroy files by patching around bad sectors)

There is definitely a bad sector, as I see when I run a third-party app, but the app freezes after finding the bad sector.

Anyway, I think I got about 95% back so it's not too bad. Hopefully some of the stuff I couldn't get back is stuff that's backed up on other hard drives.

I really didn't have time for that shit, but what are you going to do?


Also just backed out of a work business trip that was scheduled for September 30th-October 2nd. Looks like we're going to have the Senator premiere on the 29th, and then there's a big convention that weekend where I should get a table and sell Halloween books and tell people about T-tory being on Amazon Prime.

And if something goes wrong with that launch, I really need to be here when I can try to fix it.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Help A Bro Out

Okay, let's do a little informal poll. Do me a favor and don't repost these pics, huh?

My question is, which of these do you like better(and feel free to tell me if you don't like either):

And then, would your answer be different if I asked which one catches your eye faster?

Since I don't have my normal poster guy I got another guy to do one, then I messed with his version just for fun. So help me out and comment, eh?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Music Comes In

So been going back and forth with this semi-famous synth guy who's doing the Sm Jack section. He's got like 20,000 followers on his FB and he does worldwide tours, so I wasn't sure he'd even be interested.

He's turning in some shit, and man...I dunno if people are gonna like it or not, but I fucking dig it.

I had him change a few things, little tweaks, and I'm going to add some sound design in places. I'm sure some douches are gonna accuse us of trying to be like Stranger Things but they can eat a dick. If they had any idea, they'd accuse ST of ripping off Drive, the movie that clearly brought synth back into style.

Anyway, Jack's more or less done.

Siren's guy just turned in his first draft of the first 4 minutes, and it's cool as shit too. Totally different from Jack, and reminiscent of a couple of movies I won't mention cuz I wanna see if you guys notice it.

The DC segment's composer has been assigned, so basically I'm just missing the Prowler music guy. I'm thinking worse comes to worse I may get the Siren guy to do it also. He's super excited to be doing this--has never done it but always wanted to. His moniker online is the Bishop of Battle, so that'll give you an idea of how much in our playground he is.

Unless you don't get that reference, in which case, shame on you.

Anyway, we debuted the big plan today that we're going to premiere the flick on Amazon Prime for a month for free in October. We're gonna push the fuck out of it and see if we can't rack up enough money to pay ourselves back for the money we put out. Anything extra, well, that'll go to my next flick, eh? Maybe T-Tory 2?

Here's the link to the new trailer in case you didn't see it:

Come September I'm gonna smash the web with pics and shit about the movie. I want the horror world to know about this flick, and be ready to watch it in the mighty Halloween month.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Moving Forward

Big news of the day is that we broke TWO MILLION minutes streamed. I's crazy.

My original thoughts about releasing on Amazon was that we'd be lucky if 10,000 people watched the film, which would be 20,000 hours. And we did 100 TIMES that? Crazy.

You can read some more specifics here:

I also forgot that I put Bounty under the Western category also. It's at #5 on that list. My first flick is now live but hasn't picked up any steam yet, but that's been the way of it. Not sure what spurs the growth they've seen so far, but here's hoping HH catches that wave too.

Toward the end of this month we'll put FOC2 up and I think we'll see big numbers there, possibly bigger than GOH.

All of this has me'll hear more soon.


T-tory fucked a bit. I wanted to do the local premiere on Thursday Sept 15, or 22nd. Turns out they're already booked on those days. Now I'm fucked because I can't do it the last week of September--I'll be out of town, and October is too late.

Do I go Wednesday? Apparently I CAN get the theater on a weekend but it's expensive. I haven't heard prices yet, but I'm guessing I'll end up doing it Wednesday.

Composer started turning in stuff. It's decent. Not blowing my mind like Chad's stuff, but still pretty good.

Still trying to pick from the synth guys who have submitted. Gonna make a decision by Monday no matter what and assign segments to them.


Hey, new hard drive on the editing machine, new issues. My heat distortion plugin needs to be re-registered. But I can't remember what email I used to pay for it, and  video copilot keeps saying none of my emails are correct.

Had to email them to see if they can figure it out from my name, or I'll have to go try to find a pirated copy of it. How ridiculous--having to find a pirated version of something I've paid for...

Monday, August 08, 2016

Ironed Out. Sort Of.

Got the Premiere thing ironed out, no thanks to Adobe. I seem to have a working version of 15.3 now. I say seem to, because who knows?

I DO notice that this version seems to stop playing audio randomly as you're editing. If you pause and restart, the audio's back. Pretty annoying.


On the T-tory part, I've given up finding one composer for the whole flick. I've settled on having one composer do the wrap-around in the typical classical style of most of my flicks, and then I'm reaching out to some Synth people I've been listening to over the past year to see what they can do.

I mean, fuck it. It'll be an interesting experiment, and if it fails, I'm not paying that much for it. I'll get the whole thing re-scored later and use this as an alternate score. Sort of like the whole Legend thing(where Silvestri did a score, but they used Tangerine Dream's synth score instead).

I'll just say I'm following Ridley Scott's lead.


Saw Suicide Squad. The critics who say it's a mess are correct.

I guess my big problem is this: You know how you watch the Avengers and sometimes you're like "What the fuck is Hawkeye doing in there?" Well, this is basically a team of Hawkeyes. They're like the Dirty Dozen of bad guys, but they're put together to fight incredibly-powerful foes--the people putting them together specifically say that these people would fight Superman if he was bad.

And the thing is--nobody on this team is NEAR powerful enough to do that.

This is like the opposite of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. I saw that trailer and I'm like, "Why is a superhero on the power level of Superman wasting her time fighting Nazis?" They need to switch these movies up--have Wonder Woman fight the big bad "gods" in Suicide Squad, and have the actual Suicide Squad go after nazis, or at least a team of bad guys who are normal.

Also...did the people who wrote this movie actually watch the Superman movies? At the beginning there's a couple of people who are like "We lost a real hero in Superman!"

Uh...since when? Every person in the other movies seemed to hate Superman. In their defense, he seems like a dickhead, and he DID manage to pretty much destroy an entire city.

I dunno. A mess, man.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Fuck Adobe In The Face. Right In The Fucking Face.

So, get the impression I'm pissed?

Those of you who used to use Final Cut Pro know I've been a pretty vocal proponent of Adobe for years. I used a copy of Adobe Premiere 5.1 to cut my first feature HH way back then(1998), when all the douchebags told me you couldn't edit a film on that program.

Every movie I've ever done has been on Premiere(FOC1 was Premiere 6.0). Bounty was CS3.

But now, here were are. The end of an era. The end of me telling people they should get Premiere, cuz right now I don't have a working version of Premiere, even though I pay mutherfucking $40 a month for it.

You see, Premiere 15.1 doesn't work. It adds weird, random glitches in your export. Imagine--you export your movie, which takes like 12 hours. Then you watch it, and there's a video glitch here and there, maybe only two the whole movie.


I had planned on doing the patch workaround, which is to just re-export the tiny sections where the glitch happened, re-import those newly-exported patches, and then re-import the whole thing.

But there's new glitches. They happen randomly. It's fucking insanity.

So I got a new hard drive. I threw Windows 7 back on it--cuz I'm not going past 7, since they all suck after that. I try to install Premiere, but the Cloud is only showing me Premiere 2014.

Huh? I get back to the chat guy. He looks at my computer and goes...oh, you need Windows Service Pack 1 too. I'm like, this is the exact copy of Windows running on my OTHER hard drive where I ran 2015.1

He has no answer. I try to update Windows 7 but it hangs for a long time. I'm afraid it's auto-updating to 10, as Windows is liable to do so I shut that shit down.

Say fuck it--I go get a pirated version of Windows 7 with the Service Pack built in. No, I don't feel bad, because I own a legitimate Windows 7(without the Service Pack) but for some reason it won't update right.

I install this new version, and use my original serial number. Re-install all the fucking drivers.

---Did I mention this takes all goddamn day, installing Windows, then the video drivers, motherboard drivers, etc?---

Then I install the Cloud--except it hangs. An hour, and it only downloads half of it.

I cancel that shit out. Try to reinstall it. Seems to install. I click to install Premiere and get:
"Windows Updates from Microsoft required to install this product are not available on this computer. Please install the required updates and try again."


I'm even more pissed than normal now. I have shit to do. I don't have time to fuck around with this any more. But hey, I go look up the problem and Microsoft says--here's the program you need to add the little files you need.

No prob. I download that program and hit run, and a box comes up that says "Windows Update Standalone Installer" and claims it's "Searching For Updates On This Computer".

That was 2 mutherfucking hours ago. It's still searching.

Gonna be a call to Adobe tomorrow, and I pity whatever mutherfucker answers that phone. I'm going to be getting either a reduction in the price of my monthly fee, or I'm cancelling on the spot. I'll look into Sony's Vegas, and if I have to use the old Premiere on my computer then I still have like 3 months before it auto-turns off.

Monday, August 01, 2016

This Is The Part of The Movie

Where Everything Goes Bad...

Let's ignore where I can't find a good composer for T-Tory.

We were doing A-MA-ZING with GOH on Prime, and then we got banned in Japan. Got a notice about it. Didn't really give a fuck.

But then I notice the link I've been spreading that goes to all my stuff on Amazon--and featured GOH as the #1 item--no longer showed GOH, just the Blu Ray. If you clicked on OTHER FORMATS it took you to the Blu Ray. Didn't show any other formats.

So I go to the horror list that we've been on page 1 of for a few days. WE'RE NOT ON ANY PAGE THERE NOW.

I flip out. How the fuck are people supposed to find us? The only way to know it's on Prime is to use my direct link.

I take another look, punching the actual title in. It shows the blu ray, then there's a checkmark and tiny letters on the side--Include Adult and Mature Titles. I click that, and boom, GOH shows up.

For some fucking reason they've now put us in Adult and Mature, and our numbers PLUMMETED. I mean, we went from almost 120K to under 15K in 2 days. It's insane. I've emailed Amazon four times--they only responded once, with a form letter(hence my 3 follow-ups). Nothing so far.

It's crazy that they could sabotage my flick like that, and all because of fucking Japan--who, let's face it--loves their tentacle porn. There's is NO sex in GOH and barely any nudity. So how it can get labeled an adult title is nuts.


Then the real bad shit. I think I mentioned that Premiere has been acting buggy. And when I read up it turns out the newer update is supposed to fix it. Problem is, the C cloud isn't showing Premiere 2015 as being installed. Even though it is.

Therefore I can't "Update" it, cuz it's not on the list.

I try some troubleshooting from the web site(involving uninstalling C cloud plus a database file). Did all that. Nothing.

I get a chat rep. I let him take control of my computer, though reluctantly. I read someone in the forums who said they had a rep take care of their problem in 5 minutes this way, so I was hoping...

He can't figure why it's not updating. So he uninstalls Premiere 2015 through the Control Panel before I can stop him.

He reboots the computer, and nothing has changed. Except I don't have the most current version of Premiere any more, and there's no way to install it from the C Cloud cuz it doesn't list it as a program.

The rep says I should use the Adobe Cleaner to clean the whole computer, and I'm like EFF NO. I've got like 6 versions of the Suite on this computer, and many of them aren't available. If I lose a version and have a project that only opens with that version then I'm fucked. 

I tell him--fuck it, I'll get a new hard drive and install windows clean, then reinstall everything. He says that'll work great.

I get out of that, and then realize--setting up a new hard drive with all the shit I use is going to take DAYS. I don't really have that kind of time.

I do some digging, and this is where I find something of use to any of you Adobe users.

You CAN install most programs without the C Cloud. This site doesn't look legit, but I looked around(and it's even referenced on the Adobe forums if you did deep enough) and it IS, 100%:

You have to pretend to download an adobe program(from adobe) to get a cookie, but you can cancel the download and it still works. Then you download the program and run it. You don't get free versions--you still have to log in with your adobe ID to install the full version.

I got back into the newest T-tory project, so I know it works. Still can't update(and they tell you why--Adobe changed all their shit so it's a new process that sorta fucks this individual install, which I'd prefer if the Cloud is going to be so glitchy).

Either way, glad I'm at least back to fucked up square one, rather than going backward. Technically I can fix these glitches so they're workable for now(to get a copy of the flick to give to the composer--in case I ever find one-- with timecode).

But yeah, gonna have to get a new hard drive and install windows and all my drivers and programs again.