Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just About Done With Movie Theaters

So I went to see The Shallows tonight. Decided to go try a theater in Laurel that has reserved seats, the recliner type.

Got there, took our seats, which were excellent. Sat down.

The movie started. The black woman next to my wife started talking almost immediately.

Now, some of you may think this post is racist. Frankly, I don't give a fuck. I'm a pattern guy. I note patterns. Patterns can't be racist.

And I gotta tell you, approximately 90% of the problem people(talkers, phone people) in movie theaters that I go to are black people. I keep a mental count every time I have a problem in a theater.

Now obviously this is not a scientific study. Perhaps I just have really really shitty luck. But given the stereotype that exists I'm gonna say it's a major problem.

So this lady starts talking, and I hear people shushing her. It seems to me that she's with a girlfriend or something who's embarrassed of her talking friend. But the talking friend doesn't stop.

She does that stupid shit like say "Oh, she should NOT have gone in!" when Blake Lively jumps into the water. Or "He just stole her phone!", when we all just fucking saw it.

I try to tolerate it, but I can hear it even though my wife is partially blocking the lady. So I shush her at one point. She ignores it.

About halfway through the movie I lean forward and shush her VERY loudly, and stare at her. And this is priceless. She turns to look at me, and gives me this look of indignation like HOW DARE I shush her in the middle of talking during the movie.

I can see she didn't understand, so I go ahead and just say "You know this isn't your fucking house, right?" She frowns and says, "Calm your nerves." I reply, "Stop talking." She repeats herself.

She pipes down a little bit for the next couple of minutes, but then goes right back to her fucking commentary. I'm thinking "This is why people get shot in movie theaters."

So we make it through the movie, but it's ruined for me because the whole time I'm just fuming. I'm considering throwing popcorn at her every time she talks, and if she says something to me about it I'll just say "Calm your nerves."

I walk out. The wife goes to the bathroom and here's where it gets good.

The woman, with her young son(maybe 14), comes out. And she stares me in the face as she's walking by, shakes her head disapprovingly.

So I say, pretty loud, "Rude bitch."

She says "You a punk."

"I'm the punk? You're the one talking through the whole fucking movie."

She's stopped, by the way. She says "We were laughing, enjoying the movie, not talking."

"You were fucking talking non-stop," I reply.

"You a punk," she repeats, and starts to walk away.

"You're a fucking bitch," I reply, not giving a shit about her kid. He looks pretty embarrassed by the whole thing, and if my mom was a cunt like his, I'd be embarrassed too.

I was hoping she'd turn back around but she kept going. The line of people still leaving the theater is going by and one guy with his girlfriend nods to me and says "You ain't lying." I'm thinking he was probably the person behind her trying to shush her in the beginning of the movie.

Needless to say, as nice as the seats are, I'm not going back to that theater. Frankly, just about done with theaters. I didn't mention but when I took my kid to Captain America there was a guy--white guy--who kept checking his phone roughly every 10 minutes. I'm not exaggerating.

The only reason I didn't say anything was because he was way down the end of the row, and he WAS trying to be covert about it. But still--you can't put your phone away for 2 hours, then don't come to the theater.

The surprising thing is that he was probably about 30-35 years old, so it wasn't even a millennial.

So if theaters want to really help people have better experiences they need to lose the guy-walking-with-a-glow-light checking the theater every 15 minutes, and instead put someone in the theater to listen for asshats who can't shut their mouths or wanna pull out their phones.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Tired of Compositing

Fuckin' tired of compositing, I can tell you that. Six monitors in every shot, and two foreground objects to mask out, one of them moving.

My composer is probably out. I don't want to stop to think about it right now because it sends me into a fucking panic. Like, I think I'm doing some of my strongest work now on no budget and NOW I'm not gonna get my awesome composer to make it even better?

Shit, he's the only reason FOC1 is even watchable. Believe me, I've seen it with no score.

Anyway, only good thing about compositing is that I can watch TV while I'm doing it(keeping half an eye on both). Blazed through the 1st season of Spartacus. Man, what a great show that was.

Watched 11-22-63 or whatever it was called. Actually pretty interesting and well done.

Watched Scream Queens. Jesus, how much did that amazing 80's soundtrack cost? Fuuuuuuck. It was okay, but should have been 10 episodes instead of 13. It is RIDICULOUS, so you really have to eat your suspension of disbelief. But it has some fun to it.

Why is this so catchy to me? I can't get it out of my head.

Link below it in case the embed goes away.

Will have some more info about Amazon Video Direct now that they have the new dashboard up.

Saw Conjuring 2. Liked it a lot. James Wan really is the best working horror director out there right now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

To Quote One Of My Favorite Kurt Russell Lines:

Got word that there's a FAIRLY big chance that my composer won't be able to actually do the score in the time I need it. He'd actually been under the impression--which could totally be my bad--that I only wanted him to score two segments.

That was originally what I wanted--you know, back when I was only going to DO two segments.

But I thought I clarified to him later.

So I've now sent him the rough of the entire movie so he can see just what would be expected to see if it's doable to his standards in the time I need it.

If he can't, I have to scramble to find someone else. I would cry greatly if this were to happen, as I think this is some of my best work, so to get a sub-par composer--which I consider anybody but Chad--would break my little black coal of a heart.

Monday, June 13, 2016

154,000 Blog Page Views

Had never actually counted up the views on all my blogs, but it comes to about 154,000. Sounds like a lot, but most of them have been on this blog(87K views), and that's over more than 10 years so it's really not that many.

No particular reason. Just bored.

Am waiting for the other footage for the last segment--the explosion and the footage for the monitors. He's supposed to be uploading them today.


Hey, did I tell you my Kindle Fire shit the bed? Had it for like one month and the screen got all wonky with weird colors, and the text was barely readable.

Called 'em, they said send it back and they'd get me a replacement. My wife dropped if off at UPS and didn't get a receipt, and that's the last anybody ever heard of it.

So I call Amazon and tell them. After some debate, they say they'll send me out another one. I mean, doesn't matter to me--I'll simply never buy another Kindle book if they don't.

I get the other one. Looks new, looks good. I boot it up, tell it to back it up to my old Kindle and it FAILS. Keeps saying it loses the internet connection, hit Continue. I hit continue and it says it's still connected, then tries to redo the backup.

Does that 3 times and just fails. Then it launches into a Kindle For Kids screen. And this screen CANNOT be bypassed. Swiping at the top doesn't bring the Settings menu. The only options are to sign up or read the terms(and reading the terms only has the option to go back to the main page).

I go see what the fuck Kindle For Kids is. It's apparently something that looks just like a Kindle except--and follow me here--it's for kids. I go into my account to see what they thought they were sending me and it's this: REFURBISHED KINDLE FOR KIDS.

Ok, now I'm pissed. It's not new, and it's not a regular one.

I call them up. Their customer service barely speaks English. I tell them the problem, but have to go tell them the ENTIRE story, from the first one to the current. Then they pass me off to someone else who doesn't understand why they sent me a kids thing.

Then THEY pass me off to someone else who says "What was the problem with the original Kindle?" I think they're asking me about the first one, so I tell them screen was all wonky and broke.

But then they start saying things that make me think they were really talking about THIS new Kindle. But I don't fucking care, because they're talking about sending me a new one to replace this Kindle for Kids.

That's what they say they're going to do. Now I have to go drop THIS one off at UPS. And yes, I'll do it myself and get a receipt. But this is IT. If this fucking Kindle doesn't work out, I'm back to paperbacks.

Way too much fucking hassle for e-books.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Work Continues

So, end credits pretty much done. Front creds nearly done, though I'm still tweaking them.

Finished that other video for that buddy. You can see it here if you'd like. It's pretty short.

Started making an ISO for a buddy's movie but he gave me too big a file for a single-sided DVD. I started making it a double, and he says no, they want single. So I tell him I don't have time to do re-rendering so he's got to do it.

A writer who's interviewed me for Moviemaker magazine twice(yes, actual printed articles) contacted me to see what I'd been up to. Wanted to do an article for A little premature for my media blitz on T-tory but I figured what the hell, I'd give him something.

You can see the link to the article plus I forgot to mention I did a new post at this blog about the whole Amazon streaming deal thing that's going on now.

Hey, sweet fucking poster here!

Also this fan-made one.

Friday, June 10, 2016

I Fucking Hate Titles

Man, do I hate titles.

I'm not just talking about the actual words, though that often irritates me when I'm writing a script.

In this case I'm talking about the actual design of the title sequence for T-tory. Oh, do I miss the amazing text on black background of HH and Bounty, or the actual non-existent opening creds of GOH.

This is actually going to be my most complicated title sequence because of how I decided to do it. Most of it's not a big deal, though it's a little more complicated due to the 3D camera moves and me not being that great at it.

But I've spent roughly a week of dicking around on the actual word T-tory. Like, does it fade in, then blow away like sand? Like smoke? Or disappear in some other way? And for fuck's sake, what font? Sweet mother of God, WHAT FONT?

Now though, I think I'm close. The only bad news is that I'm using CC Force Motion Blur, along with some other complicated effects, so that my 16 seconds total is taking two hours to render. Mostly, I suspect, because of the above mentioned effect.

Not even sure how much it's doing, but it definitely looks better than any of the other blurs, or simply turning on the compositions blur settings for each layer.

I'm not sure the effect I came up with fits the FEEL of the movie...but it's pretty cool and I'm happier with it than anything else I came up with. If people don't like it at the premiere then maybe I'll revisit it, or ask around to see if anybody else wants to take a whack at it.


Finished Blood Lines season 2. Not as good as 1, but still very entertaining. I blazed through the 10 episodes in three days.

Am also up to season 4 of Lost. Trying to finish this season's Vikings, then will move on to the final season of Banshee. Most of that stuff I can't do while I'm editing anything with the headphones on. Anything I need to listen to, I put bullshit that I've seen before(Lost, Family Guy, Quantum Leap, Supernatural, etc) so I don't have to pay attenntion.

Done a pretty decent version of the final segment. Dan has to get me one scene, some "monitor" shots, plus some foley sounds, and then we gotta figure out if Dan can do any of the composites well enough, or if I have to do them myself.

I hope I don't have to do them all. They're going to be a fuck ton of work. Masking a foreground object out while motion tracking monitors and then compositing what's supposed to be ON the monitors into the picture.

Man, this post if probably dull as fuck to anybody who doesn't work with AE. So, apologies.


Also did a full edit of a 90-second piece for a friend. Am supposed to get paid for it, but no timeline on that.

Also submitted my resume to a company for the first time in like 20 years. Not sure I'd take the job even if they offered it to me, but figure I'll deal with it if they do, and see how much they offer. I suppose if the money was good then I'd do it.

But could I actually handle a 9-to-5 job after all these years? And it's in Baltimore no less...that would suck, but it's near a light rail station(I think), so I guess I could do that instead of dealing with traffic and potholes every day...

Monday, June 06, 2016

Bam--rough cut done

I worked like a madman and on Saturday I had an assembly cut of the piece. Lemme tell you, chopping that much audio into individual takes was not fun.

Then syncing 6 tracks of audio for each take, also not fun. Way I'd do it is to sync an entire scene, then take a break and edit it. Then move on to sync, then edit.

Most of it actually plays pretty well. I went in and massaged the audio a bit, creating some ambients from bits of non-talking. There's not a lot of it because the actors FUCKING TALKED CONSTANTLY.

Then I took a break and went back to the original timeline of the full flick. Gotta figure out exactly what I need. Back on Prowler for a bit.

And here's where Premiere's going wonky again. Remember how I said it doesn't like nested sequences? It STILL doesn't.

I purged my cache a while back to get some more hard drive space back, so it had to re-conform all the Prowler files. But oddly when I play the nested sequence of the first part/second part/third part, there's a weird jump glitch while playing.

I rendered the jump glitch. It still jumps. I double click to go INSIDE to the actual sequence and that glitch is not there. WTF Premiere?

So I individually render each sequence, re-import, and apply the color correction. Workaround that takes more time and hard drive space.

Back to Midnight. Did I tell you how much Premiere hates mpeg videos? Like, actual .mpeg. It took forever to conform those files, and then partway through editing, it decides it needs to conform some of the files AGAIN. This happened to me a lot back in the Bounty days, but I thought they'd fixed it.

Anyway, then went to work on credits. Am finally getting all the info from the guys, so I can finalize the end credits, and then can complete the front creds. Really gunning to get this to Chad by June 24th at the latest. Then I can give him a month to compose, while planning the premiere for August.

Also have two other people's projects to work on, but not in a hurry. There's no real money there, so fuck 'em if they can't wait.