Saturday, April 30, 2016


First, this video is kind of funny. Didn't go exactly where I thought it was gonna go, I can tell ya that:

So anyway, I edited quite a bit of the flick but hitting the place where there's four cameras became a massive speed bump. Trying to sync them all up when we didn't slate them all(I audio slated them, but sometimes we didn't roll all the cameras, so it's not like I can just line them up one on top of the other, and all four tracks line up--nope).

I had a brief idea I toyed with about using picture in picture on this portion of the flick. Might violate the found footage thing a bit, but when I accidentally did it, it was sort of interesting. Sent a copy to Zig and he thought so too.

But after starting to look at the bunches of them together it's clear I can't do it without massive work. It would work if I had a whole take with all four cameras I could use, but I don't.

So I'd be mixing and matching takes, and that would mean trying to edit so everybody's cameras are pointing in the right direction on cuts, and fuck that shit.

Had to stop because I shot an auction vid on Thursday morning, came home and immediately started editing but then...

Bad stuff. Not going into it, but I gots big problems that are going to fuck with me for the next couple of years I'd guess. I've got to make some big changes--really need to start making money to pay for what's sure to be some big bills, so this is almost assuredly the death of me making these little movies.

Once I get back from Vegas I'm going to buckle down and really start applying places.

I finished the paid vid after working on it for 48 hours--only sleeping about 4 hours a night--and now I'm working on my demo reel. Some of the editing jobs I've seen won't even consider you without a reel, and I've never put one together. I had started one a couple years back, but now I'm putting it on the priority list.

Only problem is I'm not even really sure what it should look like, or how long it should be. The demo reel I'd started touts me as writer/director/editor, and attempts to show pieces of each. Not sure if I should just finish that, and then maybe tone it down and do a separate editor one only.

Figure I'll throw in some demos of my AE work too, but I'd hate to actually get a job where that's all they want me to do. I'm not sure I could do any of that sort of thing on a time-line, as much of what I do is trial and error, and fucking around until shit works okay.

Fuck it, I'll post it on here and see what you people think. Honest opinions--if something in there looks like shit, just tell me. You can't hurt my feelings.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

T-tory Day 2: Zig Takes It To The Face

Day 2

Only slept about 6 hours. Woke up REALLY sore. Arms, legs. Didn't do THAT much physical stuff yesterday but I guess going from 0 for a year, then to a 6 can still hurt you when you're as REALLY OLD as I am.

We didn't need Charlie today since his character was killed off, but he'd expressed interest in coming back to help so I contacted him and said, sure, come on out if you want. He said he would, which is doubly nice because he lives near Alex so can give him a ride home.

I get a text that's pretty infuriating. It's Mark. It said:
We have a major problem.

There are 3 pictures of what I think is supposed to be the head cast of Mikayla. His message continued:
The silicone didn't cure. This is the same issue we had with the gotz appliance. It's the same smooth on silicone we used for that appliance that Shawn Jones gave us from camp site killer. I think it's a bad batch. Rich and I have been working with silicone for years and never had issues with it not curing. I did a perfect 1 to 1 mixture down to the gram using a gram scale. I have no fucking clue what's going on.

The only option is to recast Mikayla's face and get the shot at a later time. We'll buy all new materials so that the common denominator is gone and we are going to call smooth on and file a complaint.

I'm pretty pissed. My response is that I'm not coming back to reshoot anything because it would be too late. I end by saying what first came to mind which was "Why isn't the head done? I figured it was done and ready."

He called me right away. Guess he could figure I was pissed. He tells me that he's been working 50-60 hours a week on his regular job. I'm not super sympathetic. This is HIS creation, and he wants to use this as a show piece for his FX.

But nobody's gonna hire him for this because over half the effects have failed or been executed to an average degree. If he REALLY wanted to showcase this shit, he'd make time.

I mean, I'm not even talking COMPLETING the head. I'm talking simply running the foam into the cast--that should have been done before now. If he wanted to wait until the end to do the eyebrows and the painting, okay. But to not even have it CAST by the day of the shoot? Nuts.

So I'm gonna go with the backup idea I'd had in my head anyway to do with the head, but we'll use an old head from FOC. The only female head I have, actually. With the wig and the speed of the decap maybe it'll look okay.

We head back to the woods. We have to blow up and tie about 60 balloons, and I've clearly underestimated the time it would take. We get them done, losing a few balloons, and shoot the first couple of scenes. No prob--well, the clown forgets to wear his clown collar.

Also the actor decided to poke a balloon in one take--these are balloons with motion track markers on them that I'm going to have to work with later. No touching.

Sent Mike out to get food. Heather wanted to go with him to use the bathroom. She was afraid to do it in the woods, which is kind of weird. Who can't pee in the woods? She did the same thing the night before, which led to me shooting one scene without her.

We kept going. There was a weird dog/fox thing that kept coming over and shriek-barking at us. It was annoying, fucking up my takes. It had come by the previous night and I'd chased it off, but now it was back.

The fire kept burning FAST. The logs wouldn't last and we'd throw more on. End up throwing on leaves when we got desperate, but they'd blaze super bright so I bet editing those shots together will be fun. Also, they made a TON of smoke and if it blew into the camera it fucked everything up.

You absolutely CANNOT composite believably through smoke. Maybe ILM can, but ain't nobody around here including me who can do it.

We got to the tough scene--the decapitation. I shot the stuff I needed then we pulled out the neck stump appliance. Did a small blood pump out. Zig was holding it. We did another one, with bigger blow.

People started laughing and I couldn't tell what happened. It was ALL over Zig's face, his glasses. We did another take like that just to see what would happen.

From there it was pretty easy. We ended the night at 2:30am, a half hour earlier than my wrap time. A lot of the cast was gone by then so we had to make multiple trips to load out.

Zig stayed at the camp while we took most of the remaining stuff out. I wasn't sure how much was left. Mike said he'd take the girls back to their car, and I'd head back in. I said I'd call Mike if I couldn't get the rest into my car.

I head back into the pitch black woods. Place is pretty creepy when you're alone. Back at the camp the fire's out and Zig left his light off until I got close. We grabbed what we could(yeah, left two empty boxes there cuz we couldn't carry them) and humped back to the car.

It was dark so I didn't get a look at Zig's face. We go to the 7-11 and then I can see he didn't get all the blood off his face. Bet the clerk was freaking out inside a little.

Slurpees to go. We unloaded the shit at my house and I said fuck it, I'll take Zig home. Got to his house and back in just under an hour, which is pretty great.

Went to sleep and dreamed I had to take the cast back into the woods to do foley. We all headed out to the woods, but it was the woods I used to play in out front of my parents' house. We got what we needed there and I said we have to go into Baltimore to get some other foley/looping.

No idea why that would be. We pull into Baltimore just as some cop in front of us gets shot. Another cop comes running in and for some reason I have a prop gun in my hand, and the cop is screaming at me, and I'm like "It's a prop!"

He ran off after the shooter. Next thing I know I'm back at my parents' house by myself and can't find my car. My parents are like "That one's yours" and pointed at a weird, 80's looking car. They tell me they bought it for me because I needed a new car.

I'm like...thanks, but I'd like to pick out my own cars.

I woke up. 5:30pm. Got about 12 hours of sleep.

Ready to capture some footage(yeah, this was shot on HV40's--actual mini-DV tape). It's funny, every segment of T-tory that I've shot has been shot with a different camera.



I've edited the first 4.5 minutes of the flick. It's the first 6 pages of the script. The actors really ran over each other in their dialogue--good thing I'm pretty much using each camera's dialogue so it matches up.

One scene was pretty challenging already, but most of them were a matter of finding the best performances.

Very soon we get into dicey territory with multiple cameras, and I have to decide which takes are best, and how to cut between them(because if one person is pointing their camera at OBJECT X and I cut to the other person, but they're pointing at US--then it doesn't work).

So even if we rolled two cameras, if I like the performance of different cameras on different takes then I'm not sure I'll be able to make them match.

I think we shot about a 4:1 shooting ratio.

Monday, April 25, 2016

T-Tory Clown Shoot Day 1

The big stress-filled weekend is over. The shoot is done.

Here's what happened.

I went to sleep pretty early, around 2am. Figured I'd get about 7 hours of sleep. Woke up at 6am and thought, "That sucks."

Texted Zig to tell him he could get dropped off here whenever. I loaded up the car with the equipment and waited.

Zig comes by--fast forward to pick up time for Alex. We head to the light rail and he's sitting there eating something. Turns out he'd been there for like almost two hours. I'd told him to text me if he was gonna get in early and we'd come by pick him up, head down early. So much for listening to instructions.

Off to the parking lot where we're gonna condense cars. One by one the actors show up. Some of them we think aren't in the lot but they text me to ask where we are, and we're like "We're HERE"...turns out they were just sitting in their cars. Like, somehow they're going to know we're there if they don't get out and look?


All of them show up except Charlie. He's the guy I was worried about because of his colorful past. We're supposed to meet at 3pm, and 3:30pm rolls around and he's still not there.

Now, we're going to be fighting the clock because the weather says it's going to rain off and on from 4pm, and then at midnight it's gonna pour the rest of the night.

That cuts my intended shoot time(4pm-3am) to 4pm-midnight at best. (we don't really wanna be loading out of the woods in the pouring rain)

And now it's 4pm and Charlie's not even there. We should have been moved, and shooting the first scene already.

Charlie eventually shows up right before 5pm. Yes, 5pm. The rain has begun spitting at us off and on. I'm panicking inside.

We rush off and I get the actors to shoot the scene in the car. I'm worried about it because I'm not shooting it, and I can't be there. So I'm going to have to watch what they do and see it's okay.

They do four takes and come back. They're not great. (and as I've found out now that I've watched the stuff, the actors want to keep talking right up until the scene starts, and sometimes even INTO the first words the lead actor says)

I send them back to do a couple more takes, then don't even look at those. I figure, fuck it, gonna use one.

Off to the main trail. And my only major mistake, which is going to affect the quality of the project a bit--but whatever.

We run the two scenes on the trail and they go pretty well. I fake tie some balloons on a tree, but by the time we're done the scene they've floated like 15 feet up and are caught in another tree. Sucks, because we need them for a later scene.

We pick up and move everything to the main camp area where we're shooting. Note: This is just some place in the woods. We technically have no permission to shoot there. Or to light a big fire there.

We start banging out the scenes, and I move some of the early night scenes to day scenes because it doesn't matter too much.

We send Mike off to get some food. One of the actresses doesn't want to pee in the woods(wtf?) so she goes with Mike. But then it gets dark(which is what we were waiting for) and now I can shoot a scene but she's technically in it.

Fuck it, we frame where she'd be out of the picture and we nail that scene.

I need those balloons but don't feel like going back to the cars and blowing up more with the helium tanks, so I head out into the dark(we're still waiting for food) and look for the balloons. Hard to find the exact location in the dark. I eventually do. Then I climb two trees and use an eight foot stick to try to get them down.

Eventually I do get them. Back to the camp.

Then there's another scene and I'm gonna stick Zig in the missing actress' sleeping bag and pretend that's her but she finally comes back with Mike and food.

We eat fast.

The actors are all pretty good. Some more so than others. One of the actresses can cry on demand, and I mean, within like 10 seconds of you looking for tears they will be streaming. It's nutty to see. I don't know how she does do it.

We blaze through scenes. It starts raining and we stop, then continue, then stop again for more rain. It's not that the rain bothers the equipment, but it's hitting the leaves and you can hear it for sure. Would fuck up my sound.

We get all the way to the semi-complicated death and FX scene, and we're in good shape. We set it up, run it all down, get some publicity stills, and it's starts drizzling.

I check the time--it's before midnight. We've actually finished three hours early even though we started two hours late, and with breaks for rain.

We pack up the stuff and hustle it out of the woods before the rain starts coming down hard. Only thing is, the rain never comes. We drive home and it's not there. We unload some equipment, still not there.

I could have done another scene if I'd known that. I check the weather at home and it's pushed the rain back into the morning.

Worried the woods will be muddy now. We covered my logs for the fire with a tarp, so at least we should have dry wood.

I eat a giant pot brownie and go to bed, exhausted. Hoping to get a solid 8 hours of sleep.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Or...YOU SHALL RAIN. (fucker)

Now the weather report has basically decided to turn nearly as bad as I think it could for me. Thunderstorms and the rain is coming in later, maybe even staying later.

Fuck it, I'm committed now. We're going out to see how much we can get done tomorrow, and whatever we don't get done, we get done Saturday night.

I mean, the only thing that may suffer is the quality of the piece, so who cares right?


Fuck you. If I had a time machine I'd go back in time and warn my younger self that filmmaking is NOT the way to go. Stick with that computer science thing and you'll do okay. Also invest in Marvel Comics when they go public, and google.

Chopping Wood

Back to the woods.

Original plan was that we'd shoot on another trail, then move to the main camp area. So I found a good place to put the props that the actors see, then went to the other trail that I'd only ever been on at night.

Turns out that THAT trail will work too, so we'll just say fuck it and go right there. On the way to our main camp site we'll shoot that scene, save some time.

I've given a LOT of time to the scenes that take place in daylight--perhaps too much. I took another look at the script. If we get ahead of ourselves then I can turn a couple of the scenes that are supposed to be mostly dark into evening scenes and make them work.

Then if we somehow find ourselves ending early then we can pick up a scene from tomorrow before we head home.

Probably won't happen, but I'm prepared.

I chopped a bunch of fucking wood. Broke a bunch too. My wife bought me a hatchet. I was a little confused at this warning on it though:
Like, if I EAT it?

After all that horseshit I went to my parents house and dropped all the stuff off. My brother has to go by and pick it up Friday to bring to the set. It's a lot...

Rain seems imminent Friday early. We can deal with that I think, as long as the wood I gathered doesn't get too wet.

Wanna see the set? Here's a cool 360 degree Panorama shot I took.

I also did a time-lapse while I was there, because why not?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

T Minus 2.5 Days

The shoot is imminent.

And the weather is pissing me off. Sunday, thunderstorms were in the forecast for Friday.

But miraculously on Monday they were gone from the forecast. I thought, YES! Lucked out.

Then today they're back in the forecast. Fucking suck.

So anyway, today was a go out and get shit day.

Head to price club to buy some snacks and drinks. Check

I'm stopped at a stoplight. Someone's in front of me. I notice their license plate is EASTER. I'm waiting for the light to change because I'm late to head to my buddy Dennis' to borrow some sleeping bags and hiking bags.

The car in front of me begins to drift backward towards me. I let it go 3 feet before I SLAM my horn. Doesn't matter. Two seconds later this person's car bumps me.

Now, I don't know what this person was doing that they don't notice they're drifting backward and they don't notice a good two seconds of BLARING HORN...I don't know, because they don't get out of their car to even check if there's any damage.

The light turns green and they drive off.

Personally, I don't give a shit much about my car. The beauty of driving an old car you don't care about. I'm a little irked that this person didn't even bother to get out and check, maybe say sorry. Technically I think it's a hit and run, what they did.

But I don't have time to dick around. Because before I can go to Dennis', I have to go to Target to get a helium tank for balloons.

My SECOND helium tank. I went to the first Target, whose web site says it has 2 of these tanks, and they only had one. So they called the other Target, and they have another one. They put it on hold for me.

So I head for the other Target. I'm thirsty, and there's a 7-11 on the way and it's been like three days without one. I figure, grab it, hustle into Target, grab the tank and on my way to Dennis'.

I get to Target, run in--and there's a woman returning a full shopping cart of stuff from her wedding registry. I patiently wait five minutes and there's a break--I tell the lady at Guest Services that I'm here for the helium tank. She grabs it, brings it over...and it's the wrong one. It's the small size.

She calls over a manager. The manager's like, "That's the number they read to me on the phone." I tell her, "No, I was standing there and I bought the other tank--the one she read the number off of."

I show her on my phone the correct number. She looks it up in her little handheld device--claims it's not there. She pulls out ANOTHER device--finds it. It's in the stockroom.

Let me just say that it took 20 minutes to get that fucking helium tank out to me. By the time I got to my car, my fucking Slurpee was half melted. I was PISSED.

Off to Dennis'--got the sleeping bags and hiking bags. Grabbed two more sleeping bags from my older brother.

Then home to put guide wire into five balloon strings so they hopefully won't rotate when the character walks with them. Five strings took me almost two and a half hours. Tedious.

I have a bunch of shit in my car that I was GOING to take to put in my brother's car today(Wednesday)--because with Zig and an actor in my car, I'm not going to be able to put much extra in it.

But I talk to my brother tonight and his car is broken down and in the shop. what point do we just admit this fucking thing is CURSED?

ANYWAY, the plan now is to take the shit down to my parents' house today which is close to the shoot, drop it off there. My brother will have to go by and load it up in his car when he gets his car back, assuming he does.

Then I'm going to head to the woods to do a final walk through and see exactly where I'm going to put the props in the 2nd scene(where they walk on the trail). Then head to the main site and chop a bunch of wood. My brother's going to meet me out there and help out after he gets off work.

Hopefully the canopy's pretty full not just to block us from the houses a ways away(I'm only worried they may see the fire and call the fire department)--but also in case of light rain it won't make it to the ground inside the forest.

Monday, April 18, 2016


Ok, I was looking for a pic of Gandalf from LOTR, you know--with the staff? But every pic actually has the words YOU SHALL NOT PASS on them, or they're moving gifs.

And then the picture above appears. Uh...okay, sure.

You get my point.

After all this stress and work to fill out my cast, the forecast seems to be saying not just rain on Friday but THUNDERSTORMS.

A little rain I can probably deal with. We'll be under a canopy(I think--I haven't seen what the woods looks like yet but I think the leaves have come in), so not too bad. The bigger worry would be finding wood that's not wet for the fire.

But thunderstorms? That's bad.

My choices then become: Shoot the day shots in between rain on Friday, and then literally shoot 15 pages in one night. 15 pages with FX.

If there IS no rain let up on Friday then we shoot all 18 pages in one day. A guaranteed 14-16 hour day.

Because I CANNOT get these actors back together again until June, and that's too late.

FML has never been more appropriate.

Saturday, April 16, 2016 problem fixed...

So after a brutal 4 days of scrambling, begging, talking to filmmakers I know, and finally posting on a local message board I got an actor to fill each of the two roles I was missing.

(I also got another actor give me a $150/day quote--think about that...there are 7 actors on this movie at 2 days apiece. If I paid that, and NOT A DIME ON ANYTHING ELSE, this segment would cost me $2100 alone).

The first guy's had issues in the past, and he's doing that whole actor thing of "How can I play this guy?"--my answer is always, "Realistically." The problem with a lot of novice actors is that they all wanna go Daniel Day-Lewis on a role. They wanna find some weird angle they can take to make the role "memorable".

When all they really need to do is make me BELIEVE they are the character. I don't want showy, fake characters. Anyway, I've told him to play it naturally, and if I have to talk him down on set then I will.

Anyway, the other guy's coming quite a distance but seems willing to do it. I like the attitude, and he's a good actor(I actually saw him in something else last month)

The two problems with him are this: He's black, and he's well-built. The black thing is only a problem because of our lighting, or lack therof. The well-built thing may make people ask themselves "Why doesn't he just kick the bad guy's ass?"

So I've told him to wear a long-sleeve baggy shirt so we don't show off his physique.

This is how the group dynamic looks.

And yeah, really upped the diversity on this one! I have a black guy and an Indian! And, in an unsettling bit of self-realization, I figured out that most of my shorts end up with the woman surviving and the man...not so much.

I gotta start letting the guys win again!


I got a WEIRD health thing going on this weekend. Dunno if it's the stress of this shit or not but, I've been feeling very...lethargic. And light headed. I actually slept for about 10 hours, got up for 2 and then went back to sleep for another 3.

I don't feel sick otherwise, so it's weird. Two days in a row like this.

The only other BIG problem involves a certain sonuvabitch who reads this blog. He's been my right hand man on many of my flicks--he got called away on the wrap-around, so we had to do that without him, and now he may only be around on the first night.

NOT because of a death in the family, though that may come if he DOES bail on me on night 2. But because of some ridiculous dinner engagement.

I know, sound ridiculous. Don't worry, I'm currently shopping for a pair of pants for him to wear since his wife appears to be wearing his right now.

We'll see what happens.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Bad As Expected

Took the kid to karate on Thursday with the wife. Went to early voting. Bern'd it up. Voted for all the Sanders-supporting delegates too.

Picked the kid back up afterward and said "Hey, let's go get our last Slurpee from 'our' 7-11 since today's the last day." My kid didn't get it. Not yet.

We go there and THEY'RE ALREADY CLOSED. At freaking 7pm.

My kid's like "They can't close! What are we gonna do?" Starts pulling on the car seat.

Normally I'd be like "Calm down", but not this time. This time I'm like, "Appropriate reaction."

I drive off to go to the "other" 7-11 whose machine never works. My kid keeps saying "This is horrible...", which makes my wife laugh. But I completely agree with him.

We get to the other 7-11, and this is gonna come as a fucking shock but the fucking cola machine doesn't work. It NEVER works.

As I walk out I say pretty loudly, "Worst 7-11 ever."

I've never thought more seriously about moving.

The Things That Haunt Me

--The FOC2 thing. I coulda made a shitty follow up for 5k then had a fuckload of money for the next film. Who knows, people might have liked a shitty FOC2 because...

I worry that maybe the people who really like my movies really just like shitty movies--if not shitty, then at least campy or B-movie-ish. Which is maybe why some of my fans don't love my newer movies because they're not (as) terrible. 

--That time I almost moved to Cali. What would my life look like now?
I wouldn't be married, at least not to my current wife. Would I have a kid? I might have networked and worked my way into a serious writing or directing gig by now.
I certainly wouldn't be here killing myself to make no-budget flicks, I can tell ya that.

What Ifs. They're fun.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Worst Day Ever

Still trying to get this segment under control. Two actors down.

So I put out the SOS to my friends. A lot of them referred some names to me. One guy sounds good. I talk to him and he says, "I don't know how I can get there, I don't have a car."

Seriously? 2nd actor with no car? wtf?

Another guy I reach out to. He worked in a friend's movie a while back. I say "Hey, where you based now?" He says he moved to Georgia.

So I'm like "Oh, cool. This is garbage money so it wouldn't be worth it to you."

He says, "Well, I still have family there and I'm coming back for my birthday soon, so what's the role and how much?"

I tell him it's a good role, a main role, but the pay is literally $50. Which is actually more than I'm giving anybody else other than the boob-show girl.

He replies, "Oh, well my minimum is $150 a day."

I'm thinking "Why the FUCK did you respond to me after I said garbage money? Nothing NEAR $150 a day is garbage money." $150 a day is almost $40K a year, which is most certainly not garbage money for an actor. Hell, it's more than most teachers make a year.

Fucking dick.

Then the girl who we did the head cast of, who seems super cool, hits me with this out of the blue: "Are the actors going to be signing a contract?" I'm not even sure what she means. The actor release? I send it to her and say, this is all you'll be signing. It's standard.

The other kid who's supposed to send me his auditions has been yanking my chain and claiming problems. His first video showed up and it wasn't good. He said the 2nd vid would be coming but that was like four days ago.

UPDATE: It came tonight. It's not bad, and I'm running out of options so I'm casting him as Walter.

Now, all this pressure is coming down on me now to fill the final role/s and I still have a ton of shit to do. Things to buy. Head to the woods to chop enough firewood for two nights(and that's a LOT of wood).

So on this bad day I'm like, "I need a Slurpee. A Slurpee makes everything better for a little while."

Riddle me this then. When DOESN'T a Slurpee make everything better?

When you walk up to the door and there's a note that says "Thanks for your business. We're closing the store and tomorrow's our last night in business."

What. The. Fuck.

We used to have three 7-11s near us. This one closing was always #1 because their cola machine works most of the time. The others were backups. One of the three closed about two years ago so we were down to two.

Not that bad because the #1 7-1 was there. Now the closest 7-11 is a shitty one that almost NEVER works right.

So seriously, Wednesday SUCKED hard.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Don't Know How To Give Up(But I Want To Learn)

Problems. Problems. More problems.

I get one more problem and I'm gonna fucking can this segment. Jesus.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fx and Fucking Actors

Woke up to a beauty. I've sent out the notice about call times and shit to expect.

First thing I get is this response from one actor that I've talked to via email no less than 10 times:

Thanks Kevin, unfortunately I don't have a car; would it be possible for someone to pick me up? I can take the bus to 5600 O'Donnell Street Cut Off, Baltimore, MD 21224 and then get picked up if possible.

So do you see anything strange about this? Like maybe HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT MENTION THIS BEFORE NOW?


Anyway, went over to Mark's place to get the head cast done of one actress, and get my tripod legs cast. Here's the time lapse I did of the process. Was easier than actually rolling video, and takes up less space on my card.

I like the new guy Mark's brought on--his name's Rich and he's worked on some big movies like Riddick. Which is weird because he's actually an engineer.

But he seems really knowledgeable about FX which is sweet.

Still two actors short and we're 11 days away from filming.

This is fun.

Okay, that was sarcasm. It's sad because I WAS enjoying working on this flick up til now. I mean, the wrap around was pretty rough but NOTHING like this.

And to make it sadder my brain keeps chugging in the T-Tory. I've already got some really interesting(to me) ideas for T-tory 2. Like, the return of Sm Jack. (I abbreviate so search engines don't find it)

I pretty much have the idea for the wrap already, which--let's face it--is always the hard part. You pretty much have to come up with interesting ways to get stories told, and most of them involve people sitting down to tell them. That's boring enough if that's all they're doing, but I fixed that by actually telling a STORY in the T-Tory wrap, and figured out a way for the stories to keep being told even as I was ramping up the tension.

Like, let's say two people are telling each other stories but after story two they are threatened by something. They're not gonna keep telling stories, are they?

Well I solved that problem in the first wrap, and I've already solved it in a different(and slightly ingenious if I do say so myself) way.

Anyway, trying not to think about it because I gotta just get done this flick and see what happens. After I'm done this I can write whatever the fuck I want and see what's what.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

So yeah, this happened

Well, obviously not what's in that picture.

So I've been scrambling and contacting every person I know to find an actress who's cool with flashing her boobs. It's sad because really, they're just boobs. No sex. Doesn't last very long. The character's not an extra, so it's a decent part.

Lotta bullshit excuses.

All of this has culminated in me casting an actual amateur porn actress in the role. That's how desperate I am. She's done some other low budget horror. She's not that great an actress on the others that I've seen, which worries me. Because I can't fix this in the edit--it's found footage so she needs to act natural.

And I'm sure she's going to be nervous around me because this is quite a step up from the stuff she's done(well, porn and then tiny indie movies by nobody directors, when I'm a guy who appears to be relatively successful with his movies...I say APPEARS TO THEM to be).

But at this point it's roll the dice on an iffy actress or fucking don't do the thing at all.

So I'm going with casting her. We're going to get her head cast done Thursday. I'll be there to meet her and videotape it, and hopefully can break the ice so she's not so nervous on Day 1.

I sent out some sides to another local actor. He's an iffy proposition because he's had a...let's just say rough past. So I wasn't sure if he's reliable. But he seems very interested in redeeming himself and making good, so I'll see how his audition is.

If he works out then I'm just one short. I DEFINITELY lost that other actor. Says he's SAG and was forced to join. I'm doubtful, but can't figure out why he wouldn't want to join the cast.

He's done a SHIT TON of crappy local stuff, so it's weird that he wouldn't want to try something that he wouldn't be embarrassed about.


Watched a documentary called Sherman's March. About a doc filmmaker who sets out to make a movie about William Tecumseh Sherman and ends up making a doc about his horrible dating life. It was made in the 80's.

It's only on Netflix for like another week so if you're interested, check it out. I'm not sure why, but I found it thoroughly absorbing. It's a little too long(two and a half hour running time) but I'll admit that I was fascinated by this guy's life, and it was fun seeing that time again.

Then watched He Never Died. It's okay. I enjoyed it but there was little things that kept bugging me.

Like: He gets shot a bunch of times and pulls the bullets out of his body. And the bullets are always perfectly bullet-shaped. How did nobody tell this guy that when a bullet hits nearly ANYTHING at projectile-speed they flatten?

Also, weird framing at times. Like he'd put people dead center of the frame looking left, then cut to the person on the left who's on the RIGHT side of the frame looking right, so there's all this dead space to the left.

It was weird. I don't know what effect he's going for. Your eye is drawn to the empty space. For no reason. It was distracting from the story, and I think that's bad news just about always.

But Henry Rollins is a lot of fun, and it's definitely a decent watch.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Movies and T-Tory

I went through on my "last" passes at Jack, Siren and the wrap. Jack and Siren are done done except for score and finalizing that audio once the score is locked in.  Jack may have some tweaks done to the color in spots but for the most part they are finito.

The wrap took a lot longer. I spent some serious time color adjusting and something I don't do much of, which is color correcting with masks. Really helped improve a lot of it, and match some shots.

I have to go get 2 foley sounds from the original location and then it's pretty much done.


The clown front--still looking ugly. I THINK I'm about to lose another actor who may be claiming he's guild but I'm pretty sure that's bullshit cuz he does a lot of work with a local guy who is DEFINITELY not union.

He hadn't responded to my email in 5 days so I finally hit him up and said "Did you get my email with the script? Any interest? Gotta lock this down", and he responds "I already gave you my email. And is this {union}"?

The already gave you my email shit pisses me off because I clearly ask him if he GOT MY EMAIL. I didn't ask him for his email again. Where's the fucking reading comprehension? Fucking actors.

One girl who would have worked out can't shoot the weekend I need. Another girl hasn't responded and it's been a week. Emailed another girl recommended to me and she's like "I live in NJ, so I'll need a ride to you since I have no vehicle." She had more shit, like Is it paid, do you pay travel and lodging expenses?

She lost me at "need a ride", much less the rest. I ain't driving to NJ unless I'm picking up Emily Ratajkowski. Who, you might ask? Oh, well let me post a picture to help you.

So, I'm starting to sweat it. We're 3 weeks away from shooting. That's not a lot of time.

I think we've nailed the look of the clown down. And I think I've decided to make things extremely hard for myself by compositing freaky eyes on the clown. Freaky eyes always make them look scarier, and I don't have the money/time to get an actual pair of contacts(that costs between $250-$400 a pair).

The bad news is that I'll be trying to track and composite on dark footage that's all handheld. HAHAHA, I love that shit.