Saturday, December 24, 2016

Nothing Much

So...Xmas eve morning.

Not a lot to report. Saw the new Star Wars movie. Kinda disappointed.

The characters, with the exception of the robot, were some of the worst characters that have been in a SW movie. Like, ever.

Not saying the movie was terrible, but definitely a step down. It does feature one awesome scene toward the end of the movie. I won't spoil it, but it's amazing.

In fantasy football news...again, I'm a Yahoo stud. I've been in the superbowl three out of the last four years. This year, in there once again. And my team's pretty weak due to injuries right now.

Here's what the league looks like:
I'm pretty glad I don't have to go against the grapplers in the superbowl...he's clearly got the best team in the league, but they didn't play well last week.

In my other league, not so much. It's a new league I joined last year, and it has some weird scoring. Not used to it. Not used to needing a punter on my team either...

Just barely didn't make it into the playoffs. I was 8-6, and so was another team--they got into the playoffs because they scored more points than I did total.


On the AmZn video, it's dead. People are not watching much horror on there in December, I can tell you that. Will be interesting to see if there's any resurgence on any of them. If not, I may turn them back to pay only.

PS: Japan apparently doesn't pay. We did about $3.30 in July for Japan. I know, big money, right?

And Am-Zn noted that it was in the process of paying me as of  October. At the end of the month, all the other payments had come through. But no Japan.

As of last night, it was still "in process".


Anyway, Merry Xmas, in case I don't get around to it before then.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Ha, bet that pic won't distract you.

End of the year means shooting the big dolls videos for the LA auction. As usual, they're getting longer and they want them up fast, so I shot them on Thursday. Couldn't start working on them until late Friday, but spent the entire weekend, like 12 hour days, editing them, exporting them, and uploading them.

The bigger problem is that they definitely want that January banquet video too.

I asked them at the beginning of December if they'd need it, because if so I wanted to start working on it. Not only was last year's rushed, but this year's auction is a week earlier.

They said no, they were going to do something different this year. Cool, I thought. I get a breather this holiday season.

Last week they tell me they need one. It can be shorter, they say, but they definitely want it.

Now I'm gonna be slammed doing this thing. It's all After Effects work, which is the time-intensive shit. So will be working pretty steadily over the holidays...


Gonna go out and see the new Star Wars tomorrow. Have managed to dodge all the trailers other than the first, but my friends are working hard to spoil it.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Them Clowns...

Did I mention that, between my writing, I'm still working on FOC1? Holy shit. If you had any idea of the difficulties in getting a new HD version of that...

I think I mentioned that I originally exported the whole movie and it was like 2 hours long. (well, my first cut was like 3 hours, but less said about that the better)

I can't remember exactly why I did it, but the way I originally put the movie together was to export each scene individually, then reimport them all and piece them together with whatever transition I wanted.
(in retrospect, I probably did it because nested timelines wasn't a thing back then, and trying to import the entire movie into one project would have dragged down my computer)

The problem arose when I decided to trim more in the movie, and what I did was just trim things in the timeline in each scene. And now, since I don't have the original premiere file, I gotta try to reconstruct this Frankenstein.

So I ripped the LGF file of the video of FOC, which was actually kinda problematic because of the copy protection on it. Got some weird errors, but did it.

Now I've laid that into the timeline above the new version of FOC I'm working on. Trying to trim where I trimmed before. Keep it all lined up so I can make sure the music(which was a separate file, as was the MnE and dialogue tracks) lines up.

And what a fucking trash heap this movie is. I look at it and remember how prepared I thought I was, and it's just...sad. Don't get me wrong; I wasn't confident. I was scared shitless. Spending a bunch of dough that wasn't entirely mine, working with new actors I'd never worked with.

But still...I had done so much prep that I thought I was ready.

Looking at it now, it's discouraging. If I directed this movie today, with the same exact resources, the movie wouldn't be half as embarrassing.

So not only is the work brutally tedious, but on top of it I get to continually look at my failures as a director.

It's rough.

Let's look at this and try not to think about it anymore...

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

End of the Year? Fuuuuuuuuuuck....

That is an awesome poster, btw.

So...presented the idea to Mark. He seemed hesitant, as expected. Basically it puts him in the driver's seat on Ttory 3, which means--if he runs it the way he did Ttory1 before I got there--that it won't get done. Hopefully he understands he's got a lot of work to do if he accepts.

A few days later he got back to me and said he's excited about it, so it seems like he's going to.

That means, once I get the SOLID yes, and we put all the terms on paper that I spoke to him about so there's definitely no confusion, that I will really start putting the pedal to the metal.

If I could--no saying I could--I would try to schedule all the segments into May/June/July. Edit them as we go too, and have a solid cut by August 1st. Have it completely done in time to premiere it on September 1st, 2017.

This is HIGHLY unlikely to happen for so many reasons that we might as well call it a fantasy.

Better odds that it gets done by the end of next year. Then I have to decide whether to premiere it in an "off" month, or wait to premiere it in September so it gets big views for 2 straight months.

I'm simultaneously working on scripts for the stand-alone anthology. Wouldn't it be funny if there was some way to get it done also? Again, fantasy.

So I spend a lot of time fantasizing, is what I guess I'm saying.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Continuing To Plan

So here's what I'm thinking:

In a week or two I'm going to present my plan to Mark. Either I go forward with my stand alone T-tory, and he can begin planning his and Dan's, or I move forward with my own anthology not related to it.

I've already finished the wrap for T-tory 2(and sent it to Zig for notes), and am finishing up the first segment's script. The good news is that this segment isn't T-tory specific, so I can simply use it if I go do my own anthology.

Once I'm done the first draft of that segment, will start looking at some other segments I can write. Like I said, I have some ideas that I have to flesh out into scripts. I figure 80 pages of stuff and I'm good to go.

I mean, other than the fact that some of this shit is pretty ambitious. The segment I'm finishing up is really gonna stress my brain on how to make it not look super shitty.

Friday, November 25, 2016


Watched a couple of movies for Thanksgiving. Addams Family Values. Always a good one.

Then Home For the Holidays. It's sobering to think that movie came out in 1995, which was the last time I watched it. Actually saw it at the Senator Theater premiere when Jodie Foster came to town for it(it was shot in Baltimore).

If you'd told 25 year old me that I would have not just one movie, but three, premiering at that exact same theater I'd have told you that you were nuts. At that point I hadn't even considered directing. I was writing screenplays then, and had maybe taken a few film classes.

Here's a pic of me and my girlfriend at the time(now wife) when we went to it. Jesus, look at how young and dumb I was. With a terrible suit to boot.

Anyway, I think my opinion of the movie's still about the same. It's not bad. Weird title breaks.

Had a chance to watch a screener of In The Deep. I have no fucking idea what the studio is thinking burying this flick. Especially after seeing The Shallows make big dough. This movie's as good as that movie. My wife actually screamed at one shot in the flick. And if those sharks are CGI, they are freaking great.

Now watching The Truman Show. Haven't seen it since it came out. It's on Am-zon Prime. It's actually a really well-done flick. Great idea, smart script, with some good acting.


Speaking of watching, maybe I addressed this before. I've had thoughts about maybe doing webisodes of HH. My buddy Luke had even suggested basically every episode shows Aric(I'd have to recast him) killing someone in a new and clever way. Basically a how-to kill people show.

Under-30 me wouldn't have hesitated.

But I gotta tell you, 46 year old me does. For instance...I came up with a pretty incredible way to kill a lot of people, and in a way that would CHANGE THE WORLD. I'm not exaggerating. If someone actually did this--and it's fairly easy to do, and get away with--then every single one of us in this country would find certain things in their life changing in an effort to stop this from ever happening again.

Do I put that in a webisode? Where some dickhead could pick it up and do it?

You may be like..."But hey...what about those serial killers who had your movie? Don't you feel bad about that?"

I do not, because they weren't aping my movie in their killings. They just gravitated toward my movie because it obviously feels authentic, and they could identify with it.

But if someone, for instance, goes out and kills people in a movie theater the way my guy does...well, it wouldn't make me feel great. Unless he killed them all because they were texting in a movie. Then I'd feel great.

So if I did this webisode series, and somebody DID kill people with a method I devised...while I might not feel TERRIBLE about it like most people, I wouldn't exactly feel good.

Censoring myself, though, feels pretty shitty too. As an "artist"--a title I have a hard time using on myself, but still do begrudgingly--should we worry about stuff like this?

Dunno. I miss my sociopathic under-30-year-old self. He didn't give a shit about ANYTHING.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Current Thoughts

Still thinking about what's next.

See, I feel like there may definitely be a window on Am-zon for getting your flicks up there and making some cash. Their deal could change, or more probably, there will just be so much competition on there that it will be ten times as hard to get it up the charts.

And to have any shot at making your money back, you NEED it to get up those charts.

Now the easiest thing to do, as I said before, is T-tory 2. Problem is, the more I think about it, the less I want to do it with other people's stuff in it.

The reasons are multiple, but let's start here:
1) Even if I only do the wrap and one or two segments, I'll end up editing the whole thing, having to do all the post work, get it captioned, get it up on Am-zon, work the socials and other tricks to get it up the charts. And at our current split I'd only be getting about half the profits. Doing 95% of the work to get 50% of the money doesn't sound like something I want to do.

2) It dilutes my product. On the one hand, it is interesting to see different styles in an anthology. On the other hand, I feel like I've now taken their basic concept and really applied some mythology and rules to the whole thing. The wraparound for the sequel that I wrote really fleshes some stuff out.
I don't feel like other people will play in my sandbox as well as I would. Just like I wouldn't play in their sandbox as well as they would.

3) Convenience. Let's face it--working with other people isn't that convenient. They're not on my timeline. I was getting bits and pieces of the last segment right up to within weeks of the premiere. I know I'm reliable, and I know I get shit done. Other things in my life suffer, but I will get the movie done, you can count on that.

4) I have the feeling that if we get other people to do segments, I'm going to have a repeat of the first film. Meaning, I'm gonna have to go out and shoot them all, shot list them all, and in general make sure they don't suck too bad. Then someone else's name gets put on the Director card for that segment. I did it on the first film, and I'm fine with it, but that doesn't mean I want to do it again.

But I came up with an idea that appeals to me greatly, that solves my issue. I think I'm gonna hit the boys up with it soon and see what they say. They may get offended, but life's tough.

My idea is this: Let's do TWO T-Tory movies, shot nearly back to back. (or as close as they can to mine) One will be all me, with the exception of a segment that's already been written and I'm going to help shoot. The other will be the other two T-tory guys and whoever they wanna bring on. I will help in whatever way I can other than directing or shooting the segments.

Basically, I'd be doing T-Tory 2 and they'd be doing T-tory 3.

I fully expect them to not like this idea, because I believe they understand that they may not be up to the task. Their problem is that I can do this without them(and have 5 times). Granted, T-tory is their baby, but I'm fully able to go shoot my own anthology. The segment I'm working on right now for T-tory 2 can easily NOT be set in the T-tory. Frankly, it's not even mentioned in the dialogue.

So we'll see what happens. I'm also seriously thinking about trying to kickstart the vampire script. Shoot the opening  scene for the video presentation.

Am probably going to order this drone before the end of the year, so I can include it in this year's tax write offs.

All the reviews I've seen are very positive, and it'll only cost me about $1100 total for the drone and an extra battery. Then, say goodbye to ever carrying crane counter-weights around ever again.

Wait list is over a month long though.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Too Much TV

There is WAY too much TV on that I'm watching. Like, these are SOME of the shows I'm currently watching(or in some cases, saving up the current season to try to binge-watch):
The Strain
The Flash
Last Man On Earth
Walking Dead
The Exorcist
You're The Worst
Lethal Weapon
Ash Vs Army of Darkness
American Horror Story
The Goldbergs

This is just some of them. I've fallen quite a bit behind in many of them. This doesn't count any of the funny shows I watch, like Colbert, Last Week Tonight, @midnight, etc.

So one more black mark on it--as I'm trying to catch up on TV, I really can't concentrate on writing. I gotta shut the TV off, dive back into some of these scripts I've been working on for years, and get them done. much TV to catch up on, and you know which of those two choices is easier? Yep, TV.


On the Just-When-You-Think-You-Understand-Selling-On-Amazon front: Sold probably 25 copies of the book through October. I think I had the price at like $32.95. Probably made about $125.
(they could have bought a copy on eBay that I sell for $27.99)

On November 2nd I figured--Halloween's over, why not jack the price up to $39.95 and see if someone buys the eBay one.

You know what? They did. Then I checked my Amazon, and they had sold TWO copies at the outrageous price of $39.95

Couple days later I check back and we've now sold SIX copies at that price. In November. I've probably made over $60 at that price point.

So why, every time I raise my price on Amazon, do I tend to sell books?  It's kind of weird. If it's as simple as changing the price gets us put into some "new" column, then why don't we get sales like this when we LOWER the price?


On the Whose-An-Idiot front, I climbed up on my roof on Monday to try to get some cool time-lapse of the supermoon. Turns out it was all cloudy, and you couldn't even see the moon.

Then I'm driving home from dinner tonight and see the moon, and it's BIG. I get home and climb back up, shoot some shots. But it's so low the trees are in the way, and the higher it gets, the smaller and brighter it gets.

So didn't get any great stuff. Was pretty cold though.

You can see the bunch here(note--no super moon in the 1st two because clouds):

Monday, November 07, 2016

Friends Don't Let Friends Post High

Yeah, was pretty high last night. That post was all over the place.

Just a note though, in addition to the couple of scripts I mentioned, there's also:

--Wounded Creature. Could I do it for 20K? Maybe. It's not that complicated, but involves some CGI that I'd want to be very cool. On the bad front, it's a very strange, surreal movie open to various interpretations.

Given my low opinion of a lot of Am-Zon viewers, I'd expect more "Terrible--doesn't make sense to my pea-brain" reviews.

--There's also the "Trailer Park" horror script that's sort of like Stand By Me, but with a supernatural horror slant. I've only done about 25 pages of it--been working on it here and there for almost 10 years now.

I feel like I keep having this problem where I'm now so used to writing scripts I plan on directing that I may be writing "down" in terms of things that could happen. Meaning, I'm always like "What might I actually be able to get the resources/locations for in order to shoot this?"

Which leads to scenes and scripts that aren't as good as they could be. I mean, yeah, maybe I want a big car chases with a spectacular crash at the end, but...never gonna happen on the budgets I'm working on. For fuck's sake, you couldn't get an okay new car with the entire budget of T-tory...


On the H-ween anthology front, I was mulling it over. Maybe I do whatever I want. Like a Kentucky Fried Movie, but not comedy. So, no wraparound or through story. No set number of segments or lengths.

I have some very short script ideas, like two minute long ones, for instance. Maybe I call it Tales For Halloween Night or something(might be too close to the Tales of Halloween title), and just make some of them set on Halloween, which frees me to work on the others whenever I want.

Just spitballing to myself, and putting it here so I remember it.

Note: Maybe make it "Terrors For Halloween Night". Dunno.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Behind. Put It There.

Ok, the big H is behind us. My wife has already taken down all the decorations--and there were many--and even started putting out the C decorations. Actually makes more sense to me. If you're going to decorate as heavily as she does, the stuff might as well be out as long as possible...

Otherwise, why bother?

This is gonna get rambley. You've been warned.

Starting to think about what's next on the movie thing. My choices are:

1) Give up. This appeals to me. I'm not as young as I used to be. Doing all this stuff isn't easy.

2) Shoot another anthology. Either T-tory2 or perhaps an anthology based around Halloween stories. That actually appeals to me more than T-tory 2, because of how much I love Halloween. The bigger issue will be how to do you shoot 5 stories set during Halloween without shooting it all in October? I have no idea.

T-tory2 would probably be the easier option, seeing that I have the wrap-around already written and a decent idea for one of the other stories. We'd go the same way as before--we need three, maybe four other filmmakers. (One is already lined up--I'd be shooting it to ensure less suckitude)

Downside to this is that I'd be doing 90% of the work for far less money. On T-tory 1, we will split the profits evenly--6 stories means 100% divided by 6, with each director getting 16.66% of whatever we make once the budget is paid back.

Since I did four stories, I get 16.66 X 4...66.64% of all profits come my way. It's decent, but given that, again, I did 90% of the work on this thing and am dealing with distribution side of the whole thing.

Do I want to do this again for less? I can already tell you that I'm not signing up for this unless I get at least 50% of the profits for part 2, and that's assuming I only do the wrap and one other story. (the wrap is actually going to be around 35 minutes long this time--probably 30% of the movie)

Man, this is a lot to read. How about another picture of boobs?
Yeah, that's the stuff.

Okay, those are the first two choices.

#3) Do a feature. This is probably the hardest option. Okay, probably the second-hardest option after #1--who am I kidding, I'll quit when I'm dead.

Feature-wise I don't have anything right now I can do for $10K, which is about the max I think I'll have from my Amazon earnings after I get raped by the tax man. (and frankly it'll probably be less than that, because I'm seeing the total earnings but I have to pay back John and Tom from Bounty, and Dan and Mark from T-tory)

Which means I try to raise MORE money for a feature, but even then...what? Even if I could get to $20K, do I have something I could do?

--There's the vampire flick. Not sure I could do this for $20K unless I can figure out a way to build cheap "sewer" sets. Cheap, but not cheap-looking, and fairly long too.

--There's the flick I was calling "Backyard", that's sort of a weird, personal ghost story. I kidded a while back about calling it "Autasm". It's not completely finished, but I could probably do this for $20K. I'd have to kick my family out of the house for the shoot since it's set here. That would be problematic, but doable. This doesn't have the mass-appeal that the vampire flick would have.

--There's a Halloween horror flick I've been working on for a couple of years. I've written about 45 pages of it. Could finish a draft pretty quick if I thought this was happening. $20K is tight on this one. Needs a lot of locations(houses/neighborhoods) and an abandoned asylum that a guy jumps out the window of.

That's really just about it. I'd feel pretty confident of the vampire one in terms of popularity and getting a lot of views on Am-zon. It's a fun, scary return to the days of Lost Boys and Fright Night. Has some characters I really grew to love...

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

Any way I look at it, I gotta start getting my ducks in a row. Especially if it ends up being a Halloween thing. That means I gotta be ready to shoot it in October--all of it that involves major Halloween backgrounds or decorations.


Watched Scout's Guide to the Apocalypse. Thought it was a fun horror movie. Even my wife liked it. I thought it would make a good double-feature with Cooties, so I went ahead and played that for my wife.

She liked that too. I find myself gravitating toward the more fun horror flicks lately. The long, drawn-out bleak ones...just don't hold my interest right now.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016. Wrapped.

Don't know what exactly was with this year, but as much as I tried it was very hard to get INTO the spirit. Maybe just life in general getting in the way.

Took the kid out trick or treating, and once again I don't know what's WITH people, but tons of people coming out before it's even close to dark.

Then actual houses turning off their lights at like 7:45, out of candy I guess. you remember trick or treating? Fuck man, we were out until at least 9:30pm, sometimes 10pm. NOBODY went out before dark.

Kid dressed as a DJ this year. Wife helped him make a cardboard turn table and taped on some strobe lights, that were actually pretty obnoxious. Annoyed kids who were that height who would get blinded, or people sitting on steps out front giving out candy whose faces were level with the lights as he came up.

All in all, pretty funny.

Watched Halloween 4, second year in a row. It's not a bad movie, not a great one, but it's just one that's on my computer. Lazy lazy. Don't wanna go have to put the blu rays in.

The wife and I watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown--neither of us has seen it in about 20 years. It seems super bizarre now. Funny in a lot of places. But we didn't remember it being so disjointed...or Charlie Brown getting rocks...why would people give him rocks? I dunno, made us laugh though.

Sorta wanna make a horror anthology set on Halloween, but how do you do that? Either you get people to decorate their houses(your sets) with Halloween stuff on the off season, or you try to film the whole thing in October...

I guess both are possible, but both present their own challenges. And I don't necessarily have stories for them yet. Vague ideas, but nothing concrete. One of the segments I had planned for Ttory 2 could be a segment, because it's sorta of Halloween based.

OR, I could finish the feature I've been writing that's set during the holiday, but I'm just not sure I can do a feature like that for under 10K, which is basically what we need to stay at to ensure we're profitable on A-zon.

Don't know. I really wish I was back in my 20's again, because I could really get some shit done. But fuck am I starting to feel my age...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How is it 5 days til Halloween?

Man, she's coming fast. Okay, that sounded wrong.

Trying to get into the spirit. Last week went to a pumpkin trail, which you can read about and see pics at my other blog:

Came back and watched the new blu of Waxwork. Still a fun movie--new blu looks pretty great.

Been watching a lot of my favorite Halloween tv shows. Got my wife to watch all the Brooklyn 99's.  Got the pumpkin party this Friday, and the wife wants to go out Saturday night.

On the one hand, I sorta wanna go out too. On the other hand, I have no money and no costume, and most of our friends don't go out any more. So I'm torn.


On the T-tory front, news I haven't even posted anywhere yet. We just passed 3 million minutes. I mean, that's only one blog post and we've jumped a million minutes. It's insane. We're #7 on the Top Horror list, pushing Interview With A Vampire out of the way.

Still concerned with the reports of "looks like it was shot on a shitty iphone" and "terrible audio", but the mystery's starting to clear up. Sounds like quite a few people watched the movie on a phone or an ipad/kindle.

If the connection speed is bad then the movie DOES in fact look like shit. Audio wise it's definitely tinny coming out of those devices, but the kindle I tried it on still sounded okay. Certainly not studio quality, but acceptable in all the cases but Prowler.

So I don't wanna discourage people from watching(cuz we get paid the same no matter what they stream on), but feel like I wanna add to the description: "It's in your best interest to watch not just this movie, but all movies on something other than a phone or an ipad. If you're on a plane, then it's okay to do."

You know, a disclaimer.


Halloween book's been picking up quite a bit. Would be nice if I made more than $5 a copy(and I'm only making that because I upped the price)...think about it: If they sell 10 copies at $32.95, that's $329.50 in cash spent. I see about $50 of that. Doesn't seem like an equitable split, right?

But can't complain on the quality of the book. Printing is very high quality.

Just gotta remind myself...passive money. I've already done the work, so it's all just collecting now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Holy...crap...'s a little surreal to process. The quick rundown.

It took GOH 18 days to get to 1 million minutes streamed on Am Zon. Got to like 1.5 million and it's petered out now.

It took Bounty about the same time, and that also is about the same place, and petering out.

The metrics just got updated on Ttory and this is where we are after 16 days.
Like...I don't know. It's what I had hoped for but never really believed. I had said I thought we needed at least 3 million minutes to have a shot at the bonus money, but was never sure we'd get anywhere near there.

But, if this keeps up then 3 million seems likely. Heck, 4 million seems possible since the first week we'd only done about 100,000 minutes. In the last 6 days we've done 1.2 million minutes. We did a 250,000 on Sunday alone.

I'm pretty happy about that. Less happy about the reviews. It's one thing if someone doesn't like it but then you get these people who are like "suspect camerawork", "bad writing", and the inexplicable "Some creepy concepts, terrible prop and angle quality. The first story was a great concept though." What the fuck is a prop and angle quality?

Then you have this: "Someone made this movie in their living room with a 1990s camcorder." As someone who has seen MANY crappy movies filmed in the 1990's with camcorders I can tell you that this movie looks NOTHING like that. 

Also: "Poor acting not a well written movie." Well, let me see. All this guy had to do was write one sentence with proper punctuation but instead gives me a run-on sentence, so I'm supposed to trust that he/she knows what a well-written movie is?

It's hard not to get irritated that a lot of people don't like it. It's currently at like 2.7 out of 5 stars.

But that 2 million helps the attitude, I'll tell ya that.

Monday, October 17, 2016

'Nother Day, 'Nother Not Dollar

Am-Z still hasn't updated. At this point I'm getting a bit, did their system collapse? Can we count on their numbers being right? It's a bit worrisome.

We're up to #11 on the top horror. #102 on Popular, which is pretty big.

On the movie front I tried watching two terrible indie Halloween movies. Gave up fast.

Moved on to some other movies on my watchlist. Deadly Blessing. An early Wes Craven flick.
Pretty goofy. And some oddities I noted.

First--he stole from himself with the shot of the woman in the bathtub--shooting up between her legs, and a snake slithers toward the girl. Later used it in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Also during this scene, the main girl is clearly shown in the bathtub wearing a bathing suit bottom AND a towel over her breasts. Which is weird, because we see her breasts pretty clearly earlier in the movie. But it's hard to figure out why they didn't fix the bathing suit bottom thing--a couple of shots cover it by using bubbles. Why'd they use the non-bubbles shots?

Also funny to see Jeff East. I always confuse him with Lance Guest from Last Starfighter, but he's really the guy who played young Clark Kent in the first Superman movie.

Not sure what else is on the list for tonight.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Quest To Get In The Halloween Spirit

Having a hard time getting into it. That goddamn melancholy S.A.D. seems to be hitting. Fucking hate it.

Started watching some horror movies.

Watched Final Destination 1. Still entertaining, and you have to admit the concept is pretty great. I think we've seen people "see" their future deaths and avoid them in other things, but have we ever seen Death go after them? Nope.

Most Likely To Die: It's on Netflix so I figured screw it. It's okay. Not as bad as Netflix thought I'd say(1 star!), but nothing to phone home about. Does seem very reminiscent of 90's horror flicks but without the fun. The killer is pretty cool looking, and Gary J. Tunnicliffe provides some cool gore effects.

On the not-horror, started watching Goliath--the Am-zon series starring Billy Bob Thornton. First episode's not great, but it gets pretty good after that. Billy Bob is, as always, awesome.

Also watched Sky High with my kid. Still a fun movie. Wish it was just starring Kurt and Bruce though...THAT would be a movie...


On the T-tory front, we're up to #12. But Am-zon statistics are stuck on Tuesday. Pretty sure when it puts up Wednesday's stats we'll be at 1 million minutes. That's twelve days to a mil, which is 30% faster than GOH did it.

We need to continue that. I honestly am not even sure 3 million will put us on that bonus list at this point. And that's what we're gunning for.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hoo Boy

So I bit the bullet and said, "Hey, let's take a look at this FOC thing, see what it would take to put it together".

I have each scene as its own .avi(yeah, like, remember .avi's?) with the dialogue and MnE track as separate audio files. Then I have the complete audio track of music.

There's the problem.

First couple of scenes are fine. Drag the video in, bring the two tracks of audio in and it's all lined up. Try to remember whether I dissolved or cut between the scenes. Try to line up the music where it should go.

Then I get to the scene where Shivers kills Amanda. The music doesn't line up AT ALL. Ends a good 30 seconds before the scene does. That's when I remember what I did...

I had the whole movie on a timeline with each scene as its own rendered file. But the movie was still too long, so rather than edit the scene and re-export the file, I just started cutting at the .avi file.

It's going to be very hard to piece this back together without ripping the video from the dvd and laying it in, and trying to match the edit. That's fun., this movie's bad. At this point I think I'm going to finish doing this, get the whole thing together, and then I may try to to edit the movie from scratch.

That's right...clearly I'm a sadomasochist. The fact that I'd consider trying to re-edit from scratch...but the editor in me feels like he's a lot better than he used to be, so maybe there's a way to make the movie better. Maybe.

I'm not making any promises.


Trying to watch some horror flicks. Won't mention the couple I started and turned off cuz they were bad. Finally settled on Sleepaway Camp 3 because it's on Amazon Prime and is rated nearly 4 stars.

And it's certainly ridiculous 80's fun. The fact that a 50-year old Michael Pollard is making out with a SMOKING HOT 20 year, I'm guessing he took this role for free.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Notes To Self

I thought about this last month and promptly forgot:
PUT FOC on Amazon Prime. You may be thinking, if you're aware of this, "Hey, doesn't LGF have the rights to that?" Yes--in the US.

So technically I can put it up on Amazon Prime in the other territories though. It won't mean near as much money because the US is the bulk of rentals, but it's something--and will save time for me once I do get the rights back in 2020--I can just click the US button and republish.

The thing standing in my way is not having an HD master of FOC...but I do have all the elements, so I guess I could put it all together and color correct it. I imagine it'll have the same weird issue on the export though(the weird stuttering effect on pans) that FOC2 has, since they were essentially shot with the same kind of camera. (FOC1 was the DVX100A and FOC2 was the DVX100B)


Some movies I want to watch before Halloween:
Scream 1&2 - been years since I watched them
13 Ghosts remake
Nightmare on Elm Street 1 and 4(gonna give 4 a 2nd try--never liked it and Matt gave me the dvd)
Poltergeist original
Idle Hands
Final Destination 1-3
Dead Zone

Just wanted to make sure I had that there so I don't forget.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

So, like, Halloween...wanna get into the mood

Here's an article about an Elvira book coming out featuring a lot of great pictures of her.

Anyway, have been doing just about nothing the past few days. No writing. Very little work.

Last night I had a dream--a good one for once--that Ttory was released to theaters, and imdb put out the box office totals--and it came in #3 with seven million. I was fucking elated. I was, we can get some actual name actors in the sequel, some real FX.

I woke up and I was like...fuuuuuuck. I almost prefer the bad dreams, cuz when I wake up it's with a feeling of relief.

The numbers have started moving. We're over a quarter million minutes in 7 days. That would certainly put us at the million in a month plan, but we need more than that to hit the bonus that we really need to pay for the budget. (I can testify to this because we did more than a million minutes on two separate movies, and neither hit the bonus)

We're at #51 in the horror category. REALLY wanna break into the top 10. It's full of bigger budget, well-known movies, and would really make a statement if we got there.

Kinda kicking myself for not putting the movies up that first month like Chance did.

Have gotten some good reviews, some bad reviews. I'm actually considering changing the order of the segments to the movie and resubmitting. The second segment in the movie is bad--it's not my segment at all--and I put it there to sort of get it over with, after a first strong segment.

But now I'm wondering if that's a mistake. Like, maybe people will stop at that point, thinking the rest of the movie's gonna get worse. Maybe I should put the strongest stuff all first, and figure the people will keep watching as long as they're entertained...


So it's October. Hard to believe we're already more than a week in. Haven't started heavy-duty watching horror flicks yet. I oddly don't feel into it yet.

We went over Zig's and watched a local indie horror movie. I feel bad for the guy, cuz he's young and working even smaller budget than I do, but his newer movie is actually worse than some of his other ones. More eyeline problems, worse script.

Dunno. The more you work, the better you should be getting. His first and biggest problem is script. If you don't have a good script then you have about a zero percent chance of making an okay movie.

And there are some inexplicable choices in this script.

After that we watched Vamp, an 80's flick I had never seen. It was on cable back in the day all the time, but for some reason I never caught it. It's fun. Goofy, comedy fun. Not the scary kind of vampire movie though.

Stars the kid from Meatballs and My Bodyguard. Worst part was seeing what he looks like today...looks REAL old.

Not sure what it's gonna take to get me into the holiday spirit.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Ttory Epilogue

I don't care if it is fake--it's magnificent.

Anyway, premiere is over. Could have gone better in terms of attendance, but we had the misfortune of pouring rain and horrible traffic. I got a lot of texts, email, and FB messages from people who would have been there but apologized that they weren't coming.

We still had a decent crowd--probably like 250. The movie played fine, people seemed to like it. Afterparty was a little weak, but whatever. I had to get ready for the convention the next day anyway.

I'm not gonna recount all of that cuz I'm doing it here:

Am also talking about other Ttory stuff.


Am-zon has been WAY behind in their metrics. Like 5 days behind. The lists online haven't been updating either. Was waiting to see what day 1 looked like, because we got a shit ton of press and handed out hundreds of fliers at the show.

Which is why I'm a little surprised that today Am showed that Ttory did like 7400 minutes on day 1. That's only like 90 views.

Now, I'm not sure it's done adding up, but it's working on the 2nd day so it may be. But I am HIGHLY skeptical of that number. Between friends and family alone I think we should have beaten that, so...I'm unsure what to do.

I'm thinking...what if their numbers aren't right? Is there any oversight on them? Who's auditing the numbers to make sure they're correct?

I'll wait and see I guess. If that number hasn't changed by next week, I may send a message to them with some questions. I don't want to piss them off, but this is weird. Also, T-tory hasn't shown up on the top 1000 list at all. All my other movies started with less numbers than that, and they were all in the top 1000.

Don't know. I'm still tired, and I really should get on the whole Halloween book signing thing.

What I really wanna do is NOTHING, but even that's not true. I notice that as miserable as I am when I have a shit-ton to do, I'm just as miserable when I'm sitting here doing nothing. I wish I could just be content to know that regardless, I'm going to be miserable.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Here We Go

Premiere is tomorrow night. I'm ready as far as that goes I think.

Sounds like it's gonna rain, which sucks.

Biggest worry is that the movie's still not up on Amazon to add to a watchlist. They gave me some hassles about my synopsis, if you can believe it. So there's a little bit of danger that we may not show up in time for our online premiere date...that would be awkward.

The exclusive clips have been sent out to the different web sites, so hopefully we'll see something there soon.

So after the screening we're going to an afterparty at a local bar. Then back to my house, get some sleep, get back up and load the car and head out to the horror convention I have a table at all weekend. Spreading the news of T-tory on Prime...

We also just passed the big 3 mil on there. FOC2 is finally starting to take off--and at this point, I wish it would just wait until October 1st to take off, but I guess you really can't plan it.

After the weekend I'm gonna try to get some serious sleep, then work on setting up some things for my Halloween book. I know it's not October, but I already feel like I'm a little behind there.

Oddly enough I'm up to page 28 of the T-tory 2 wrap-around script. Not sure I'll do it, but I definitely enjoy exploring the territory a little more. I think some non-writers don't understand how you could possibly write something that you don't intend to ever get out there,'s what you do as a writer. You write. Good, bad, whatever.

And I've never been very good at stopping myself from exploring ideas that interest me, even if I know it's almost certainly not going to do anywhere. I think I mentioned I wrote an entire sequel script to HH that involved my serial killer protagonist fighting vampires. I don't know whether you should blame my impulse control, or From Dusk Til Dawn.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Final Horse Shit For Ttory

Trying to export the final master of the flick so I can upload it to Amazon.

On the good news front, turns out the theater can project a blu ray, so I don't have to worry about attempting to figure out how to make a DCP version of it.

Technically I've read about how to do it--it involves exporting a TIFF sequence of your movie(so, roughly 133,000 frames), then turning those into jpg2000 frames, and exporting every channel of audio into mono sequences, then using a free program to integrate it all, and hope it works.

So once I get the .mp4 master of the movie, I'll export an .m4v for the blu ray. (I know, this is the most exciting blog post EVER)

Thing is, I've exported the movie three times in the past 2 days, and fully watched it each time. Each time it's got an issue. If you can believe it, the last time I saw a microphone onscreen that I'd never seen before.

It was in a dark spot that wasn't the focus of the shot, but it's there nonetheless, and on a giant screen someone might see it. So I took it out, re-exported.

And, on my birthday, watched my movie for the third time in 2 days. Getting pretty tired of watching it.

LOT of stuff to do. Trying to get the word out, get us on the local calendars, maybe get an interview or two set up. Also prepping the shit that we'll have at the ticket table(might as well sell some dvds/blu rays of my other movies, right?), and then the very next morning I'm going to a convention where I'll have a table to promote the Amazon release of Ttory.

I dunno. Man, feels like it's gonna be another October where I'm too busy to enjoy Halloween, which has been happening far too often. It's the reason I wanted to premiere Ttory in July or August...

Oh well...

Thursday, September 08, 2016

And so it begins...

Let's all just take a minute to appreciate that .gif above. Yeah, that's the stuff...


We're three weeks away from the premiere, but only about 2.5 weeks away from when I need to submit to Amazon to make sure the flick is on there for the October 1st deadline. I'm getting dribs and drabs of the final music now.

One filmmaker is still handing me fixes for his segment, but on Monday he's cut off. It's done as done can be, cuz I gotta start mixing the audio into the acceptable-but-not-good that I always do because we can't afford to pay a sound mixer to do this.

I've been trying to find the perfect end credits song. Found like eight of them I liked, did a little pick your favorite with Zig, and where we overlapped I took the best four.  Contacted the people involved to see if they were interested.

My #1 pick read the FB message and didn't respond. I gave him four days after that, and then went after another choice. That guy got RIGHT back to me, and seems interested. I'm just gonna be a little pissed if the other guy hits me up after I make the deal with this guy.

Man, it's hard to blog with that image up there.

Also, besides finishing the movie, I have a paid video to do. Then dealing with ticket sales, printing up flyers, spreading the news, trying to worry about doing the con at the end of the month, trying to figure out how to get some book signings set up in October.

Meanwhile my sciatica thing is fucking flaring up bad. Really gotta get a new chair. It will be the fourth chair I have bought in under a year. The hunt for a decent chair you can spend eight hours in a day...

Oh man, in November am I gonna take a fucking break...

Monday, September 05, 2016

Reviews on Bounty

First off, something weird. Late August I check my Amazon thing to see how many Halloween books I sold. Two. Which meant I got a total royalty of like $6.80(like, $3.40 per $28 book--insane).

I shake my head. I mean, sure, it's passive money. I do no work. But that's so fucking little...

Just for the heck of it, I changed the price from $27.95 to $29.95--works out to a royalty rate of like $4.52

Not much, but what the hey. I've seen crappier books for that price.

Within a week I get three orders. Like, huh?

So I'm thinking about raising the price to $49.95. :)


Reviews showing up on Amazon for Bounty. They're always fun to read. How about these? They crack me up. (and remember, Bounty was under the documentary category)

1 Star
Just one word to describe this film,"phony"!

2 Stars
Probably not a true documentary.

 Then this one.
1 Star titled "Trash"
trash. pure trash

And then this one that I have no idea what the hell they're talking about.
Movie glorifies the scumbags that make a living by kidnapping people and generally threatening them with violence and mayhem. It's horror story, but not for the usual reasons.

Liberal sentiments not withstanding, it's just a poorly made and acted movie. Boring and derivative

 There are some good reviews and they're obviously better to have, but the bad ones are the fun ones to read.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Why Do I Do This?

The dude who was doing the DM segment of T-tory hadn't gotten back to me in two weeks. I hit him up, and he's like, "Yeah, been working on it. Have something to you soon."

I get something from him, his "first draft". It's about 7 minutes long. The segment is like 15 minutes.

I listen to it, and it's not bad but it's fairly repetitious, and doesn't really add tension to a couple of moments. (or, if it adds tension it's all at the same level, whether someone's being chased or someone's being killed--no level change.)

I send him a list of changes, and also ask him why the music doesn't start until like the 4 minute mark, and ends at about the 10 minute mark.

He replies the next day and says, and I quote:
"To be honest, i thought you wanted one scene from me.As the dollars would be ok (for me) for lets say up to 4 minutes, this is a very long and work intense sequence! I am afraid to say that this is way too much work for this money. greets, Patrick"

Uh...seriously? My original email to him was crystal clear on what I wanted.

So here I am about 3 weeks out from the premiere and I don't have a music guy for one segment. I scramble and talk to the guy who did one of my segments, and is currently doing another segment(cuz I didn't have another guy), and I ask him if it's even possible for him to get done the one he's doing PLUS another one.

He thinks it is. So I tell him, go ahead, hit it up.

Meanwhile, Premiere STILL has those fucking audio problems AND weird video glitches. This time not just the occasional little video noise. In one clip I exported it flipped 1 frame upside down for no reason. It shows up as a stutter(cuz it's only one frame), but if you move to the frame you can see it.

It's unfuckingbelievable that something I'm paying for, that is necessary for my work, is this goddamn glitchy. I have to figure some workarounds to ensure I'll be able to get a working copy for the premiere.

Super awesome.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why Do Articles Like This Fascinate Me?

Is it because I'm high? I'm cool if it is.


Still waiting on music. Getting a little worried about these final two segments' audio.

The premiere is set.

Now, just gotta come up with some money. Had tickets printed up, a big poster made. September could be an expensive month--gotta get some of my books to sell, gotta get a room at that convention I'm doing, and pay for the table.

Also getting pissed cuz I've gotten no note about being an Amazon Star for July. The friend who got it for June had received his notification by now. And I mean, we did 300,000 more minutes than he either the competition got much MUCH fiercer, or Am's penalizing us for that bullshit TOS violation.

We're over 2.5 million minutes now. And HH is starting to pick up. FOC2 just dropped, so I'm hoping September is a bomb month for it.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Better, or worse?

It's like at the eye doctor's. Better or worse? I've really only changed the tag line font/format and moved the title down a little.

Whatcha think?

I think, since the vote wasn't overwhelming either way, I'm just going to go with my gut which says this poster will catch the eye faster than the other one(due to the negative white space).

On the novelty front, both the other filmmakers mentioned today there's some fixes they'd like on their segments. One guy says he's got "a list". long you gonna wait to tell me this? Why don't you wait until the night before the premiere and hit me up with it?

Man, lot to do, not a lot of time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You damn lurkers

Fifteen of you read that last post, and only three of you got back to me.  I've asked my wife her thoughts, so that a total of four people responded and it's a dead split between the two. Not helpful.

Anyway, have the entire Jack "score" and the entire "Siren" score, and talked to the Siren guy about doing the Prowler one and he's cool for it. He's doing some testing first, going to send me a sample so I can get Mark--the segment's director--to check it out and make sure he's cool with it.

Not much he can say--if he's not cool with it, he's gonna have to find someone to do it because I don't have a backup.

The main storyline's score is about half done. Coming along nicely.


On the DISASTER side, had my main hard drive on the internet computer go bad. It's not the operating system drive, but the 1 TB that I save everything on.

One second it works, next second I get a weird Windows Can't Write To D: with a bunch of weird symbols. I've seen this kind of error before when you're working with a USB drive and you just unplug it, but never saw with a plugged-in drive.

The hard drive shows up in Explorer, but clicking on it now just gives that error and makes Windows hang for like 60 seconds.

So I reboot the whole computer.  D is back. I click on a file, and get that freaky error again.

I'm pretty sure the blood drains out of my face and I have a terrible feeling, because I realize I haven't backed up any of my writing in like 3 months.

Bam, I go get the ice pack. Time to see if salvaging is even possible. I take the hard drive off this computer and put it into one of the hard drive bays on the edit computer. I put the ice pack against it to keep the drive as cool as possible, since heat is often a huge issue with drives)

The drive shows up. I see the folder with my scripts and stuff--I copy and paste it to one of my edit drives. IT COPIES. I breathe a sigh of relief.

I try to copy another folder and the whole thing fucks up again, giving the error above followed by a Cycling Redundancy check error.

I unplug it and order a same-day delivery of another hard drive. I don't know how long before this drive goes totally bad, so I need to do as much as possible when I can.

Next day the drive comes and I spend two days copying folder after folder, and using every trick I've learned from down hard drives to get as much as I can. I've gotten pretty damn good at retrieving files from bad drives.

Then I run a chkdsk to see if it can fix it.(I didn't want to try this first because the repair could conceivably destroy files by patching around bad sectors)

There is definitely a bad sector, as I see when I run a third-party app, but the app freezes after finding the bad sector.

Anyway, I think I got about 95% back so it's not too bad. Hopefully some of the stuff I couldn't get back is stuff that's backed up on other hard drives.

I really didn't have time for that shit, but what are you going to do?


Also just backed out of a work business trip that was scheduled for September 30th-October 2nd. Looks like we're going to have the Senator premiere on the 29th, and then there's a big convention that weekend where I should get a table and sell Halloween books and tell people about T-tory being on Amazon Prime.

And if something goes wrong with that launch, I really need to be here when I can try to fix it.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Help A Bro Out

Okay, let's do a little informal poll. Do me a favor and don't repost these pics, huh?

My question is, which of these do you like better(and feel free to tell me if you don't like either):

And then, would your answer be different if I asked which one catches your eye faster?

Since I don't have my normal poster guy I got another guy to do one, then I messed with his version just for fun. So help me out and comment, eh?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Music Comes In

So been going back and forth with this semi-famous synth guy who's doing the Sm Jack section. He's got like 20,000 followers on his FB and he does worldwide tours, so I wasn't sure he'd even be interested.

He's turning in some shit, and man...I dunno if people are gonna like it or not, but I fucking dig it.

I had him change a few things, little tweaks, and I'm going to add some sound design in places. I'm sure some douches are gonna accuse us of trying to be like Stranger Things but they can eat a dick. If they had any idea, they'd accuse ST of ripping off Drive, the movie that clearly brought synth back into style.

Anyway, Jack's more or less done.

Siren's guy just turned in his first draft of the first 4 minutes, and it's cool as shit too. Totally different from Jack, and reminiscent of a couple of movies I won't mention cuz I wanna see if you guys notice it.

The DC segment's composer has been assigned, so basically I'm just missing the Prowler music guy. I'm thinking worse comes to worse I may get the Siren guy to do it also. He's super excited to be doing this--has never done it but always wanted to. His moniker online is the Bishop of Battle, so that'll give you an idea of how much in our playground he is.

Unless you don't get that reference, in which case, shame on you.

Anyway, we debuted the big plan today that we're going to premiere the flick on Amazon Prime for a month for free in October. We're gonna push the fuck out of it and see if we can't rack up enough money to pay ourselves back for the money we put out. Anything extra, well, that'll go to my next flick, eh? Maybe T-Tory 2?

Here's the link to the new trailer in case you didn't see it:

Come September I'm gonna smash the web with pics and shit about the movie. I want the horror world to know about this flick, and be ready to watch it in the mighty Halloween month.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Moving Forward

Big news of the day is that we broke TWO MILLION minutes streamed. I's crazy.

My original thoughts about releasing on Amazon was that we'd be lucky if 10,000 people watched the film, which would be 20,000 hours. And we did 100 TIMES that? Crazy.

You can read some more specifics here:

I also forgot that I put Bounty under the Western category also. It's at #5 on that list. My first flick is now live but hasn't picked up any steam yet, but that's been the way of it. Not sure what spurs the growth they've seen so far, but here's hoping HH catches that wave too.

Toward the end of this month we'll put FOC2 up and I think we'll see big numbers there, possibly bigger than GOH.

All of this has me'll hear more soon.


T-tory fucked a bit. I wanted to do the local premiere on Thursday Sept 15, or 22nd. Turns out they're already booked on those days. Now I'm fucked because I can't do it the last week of September--I'll be out of town, and October is too late.

Do I go Wednesday? Apparently I CAN get the theater on a weekend but it's expensive. I haven't heard prices yet, but I'm guessing I'll end up doing it Wednesday.

Composer started turning in stuff. It's decent. Not blowing my mind like Chad's stuff, but still pretty good.

Still trying to pick from the synth guys who have submitted. Gonna make a decision by Monday no matter what and assign segments to them.


Hey, new hard drive on the editing machine, new issues. My heat distortion plugin needs to be re-registered. But I can't remember what email I used to pay for it, and  video copilot keeps saying none of my emails are correct.

Had to email them to see if they can figure it out from my name, or I'll have to go try to find a pirated copy of it. How ridiculous--having to find a pirated version of something I've paid for...

Monday, August 08, 2016

Ironed Out. Sort Of.

Got the Premiere thing ironed out, no thanks to Adobe. I seem to have a working version of 15.3 now. I say seem to, because who knows?

I DO notice that this version seems to stop playing audio randomly as you're editing. If you pause and restart, the audio's back. Pretty annoying.


On the T-tory part, I've given up finding one composer for the whole flick. I've settled on having one composer do the wrap-around in the typical classical style of most of my flicks, and then I'm reaching out to some Synth people I've been listening to over the past year to see what they can do.

I mean, fuck it. It'll be an interesting experiment, and if it fails, I'm not paying that much for it. I'll get the whole thing re-scored later and use this as an alternate score. Sort of like the whole Legend thing(where Silvestri did a score, but they used Tangerine Dream's synth score instead).

I'll just say I'm following Ridley Scott's lead.


Saw Suicide Squad. The critics who say it's a mess are correct.

I guess my big problem is this: You know how you watch the Avengers and sometimes you're like "What the fuck is Hawkeye doing in there?" Well, this is basically a team of Hawkeyes. They're like the Dirty Dozen of bad guys, but they're put together to fight incredibly-powerful foes--the people putting them together specifically say that these people would fight Superman if he was bad.

And the thing is--nobody on this team is NEAR powerful enough to do that.

This is like the opposite of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. I saw that trailer and I'm like, "Why is a superhero on the power level of Superman wasting her time fighting Nazis?" They need to switch these movies up--have Wonder Woman fight the big bad "gods" in Suicide Squad, and have the actual Suicide Squad go after nazis, or at least a team of bad guys who are normal.

Also...did the people who wrote this movie actually watch the Superman movies? At the beginning there's a couple of people who are like "We lost a real hero in Superman!"

Uh...since when? Every person in the other movies seemed to hate Superman. In their defense, he seems like a dickhead, and he DID manage to pretty much destroy an entire city.

I dunno. A mess, man.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Fuck Adobe In The Face. Right In The Fucking Face.

So, get the impression I'm pissed?

Those of you who used to use Final Cut Pro know I've been a pretty vocal proponent of Adobe for years. I used a copy of Adobe Premiere 5.1 to cut my first feature HH way back then(1998), when all the douchebags told me you couldn't edit a film on that program.

Every movie I've ever done has been on Premiere(FOC1 was Premiere 6.0). Bounty was CS3.

But now, here were are. The end of an era. The end of me telling people they should get Premiere, cuz right now I don't have a working version of Premiere, even though I pay mutherfucking $40 a month for it.

You see, Premiere 15.1 doesn't work. It adds weird, random glitches in your export. Imagine--you export your movie, which takes like 12 hours. Then you watch it, and there's a video glitch here and there, maybe only two the whole movie.


I had planned on doing the patch workaround, which is to just re-export the tiny sections where the glitch happened, re-import those newly-exported patches, and then re-import the whole thing.

But there's new glitches. They happen randomly. It's fucking insanity.

So I got a new hard drive. I threw Windows 7 back on it--cuz I'm not going past 7, since they all suck after that. I try to install Premiere, but the Cloud is only showing me Premiere 2014.

Huh? I get back to the chat guy. He looks at my computer and goes...oh, you need Windows Service Pack 1 too. I'm like, this is the exact copy of Windows running on my OTHER hard drive where I ran 2015.1

He has no answer. I try to update Windows 7 but it hangs for a long time. I'm afraid it's auto-updating to 10, as Windows is liable to do so I shut that shit down.

Say fuck it--I go get a pirated version of Windows 7 with the Service Pack built in. No, I don't feel bad, because I own a legitimate Windows 7(without the Service Pack) but for some reason it won't update right.

I install this new version, and use my original serial number. Re-install all the fucking drivers.

---Did I mention this takes all goddamn day, installing Windows, then the video drivers, motherboard drivers, etc?---

Then I install the Cloud--except it hangs. An hour, and it only downloads half of it.

I cancel that shit out. Try to reinstall it. Seems to install. I click to install Premiere and get:
"Windows Updates from Microsoft required to install this product are not available on this computer. Please install the required updates and try again."


I'm even more pissed than normal now. I have shit to do. I don't have time to fuck around with this any more. But hey, I go look up the problem and Microsoft says--here's the program you need to add the little files you need.

No prob. I download that program and hit run, and a box comes up that says "Windows Update Standalone Installer" and claims it's "Searching For Updates On This Computer".

That was 2 mutherfucking hours ago. It's still searching.

Gonna be a call to Adobe tomorrow, and I pity whatever mutherfucker answers that phone. I'm going to be getting either a reduction in the price of my monthly fee, or I'm cancelling on the spot. I'll look into Sony's Vegas, and if I have to use the old Premiere on my computer then I still have like 3 months before it auto-turns off.

Monday, August 01, 2016

This Is The Part of The Movie

Where Everything Goes Bad...

Let's ignore where I can't find a good composer for T-Tory.

We were doing A-MA-ZING with GOH on Prime, and then we got banned in Japan. Got a notice about it. Didn't really give a fuck.

But then I notice the link I've been spreading that goes to all my stuff on Amazon--and featured GOH as the #1 item--no longer showed GOH, just the Blu Ray. If you clicked on OTHER FORMATS it took you to the Blu Ray. Didn't show any other formats.

So I go to the horror list that we've been on page 1 of for a few days. WE'RE NOT ON ANY PAGE THERE NOW.

I flip out. How the fuck are people supposed to find us? The only way to know it's on Prime is to use my direct link.

I take another look, punching the actual title in. It shows the blu ray, then there's a checkmark and tiny letters on the side--Include Adult and Mature Titles. I click that, and boom, GOH shows up.

For some fucking reason they've now put us in Adult and Mature, and our numbers PLUMMETED. I mean, we went from almost 120K to under 15K in 2 days. It's insane. I've emailed Amazon four times--they only responded once, with a form letter(hence my 3 follow-ups). Nothing so far.

It's crazy that they could sabotage my flick like that, and all because of fucking Japan--who, let's face it--loves their tentacle porn. There's is NO sex in GOH and barely any nudity. So how it can get labeled an adult title is nuts.


Then the real bad shit. I think I mentioned that Premiere has been acting buggy. And when I read up it turns out the newer update is supposed to fix it. Problem is, the C cloud isn't showing Premiere 2015 as being installed. Even though it is.

Therefore I can't "Update" it, cuz it's not on the list.

I try some troubleshooting from the web site(involving uninstalling C cloud plus a database file). Did all that. Nothing.

I get a chat rep. I let him take control of my computer, though reluctantly. I read someone in the forums who said they had a rep take care of their problem in 5 minutes this way, so I was hoping...

He can't figure why it's not updating. So he uninstalls Premiere 2015 through the Control Panel before I can stop him.

He reboots the computer, and nothing has changed. Except I don't have the most current version of Premiere any more, and there's no way to install it from the C Cloud cuz it doesn't list it as a program.

The rep says I should use the Adobe Cleaner to clean the whole computer, and I'm like EFF NO. I've got like 6 versions of the Suite on this computer, and many of them aren't available. If I lose a version and have a project that only opens with that version then I'm fucked. 

I tell him--fuck it, I'll get a new hard drive and install windows clean, then reinstall everything. He says that'll work great.

I get out of that, and then realize--setting up a new hard drive with all the shit I use is going to take DAYS. I don't really have that kind of time.

I do some digging, and this is where I find something of use to any of you Adobe users.

You CAN install most programs without the C Cloud. This site doesn't look legit, but I looked around(and it's even referenced on the Adobe forums if you did deep enough) and it IS, 100%:

You have to pretend to download an adobe program(from adobe) to get a cookie, but you can cancel the download and it still works. Then you download the program and run it. You don't get free versions--you still have to log in with your adobe ID to install the full version.

I got back into the newest T-tory project, so I know it works. Still can't update(and they tell you why--Adobe changed all their shit so it's a new process that sorta fucks this individual install, which I'd prefer if the Cloud is going to be so glitchy).

Either way, glad I'm at least back to fucked up square one, rather than going backward. Technically I can fix these glitches so they're workable for now(to get a copy of the flick to give to the composer--in case I ever find one-- with timecode).

But yeah, gonna have to get a new hard drive and install windows and all my drivers and programs again.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Latest Doings

Been keeping up with the GOH stuff. You can see the numbers at this blog of mine:

Bottom line is that GOH has gotten up to #8 on the chart. Bounty is now #77--it appears to be on about the same pace as GOH if we start counting from the first day I let people know.

I doubt it will have the full-on blitz like GOH because it doesn't have the titties cover, but who knows? I think it will probably be better reviewed. It's much more of an accessible movie.


On T-tory I've discussed the idea of world-wide premiering it on Prime with one of the other filmmakers. He's cool with it. If the other one is, maybe we'll try to premiere it in October.

Problem is, we can't get a fucking composer.

I've talked to five different composers who all can't do it by September, my new attempted local premiere date.

There's one guy who can do it but I'm really not sure how good he is at nuance. He's great at making trailer music, I'll tell you that. But his sample he did for me was a little big.

Still trying to finish the compositing stuff. So, so close.

Really wanna get back to writing. Would be nice to finally finish off some of these scripts I've been working on for, literally, almost 10 years...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Too Busy For Blogs

Watching the stats and keeping records on how stuff's going is very time intensive. But man does it appear to be working. We just hit #22, which is awesome.

Reached out to this other composer, and his manager contacted me. No idea why. Doesn't give me warm feelings. Besides, I like all discussions in emails because then there's no misunderstandings. You can point to the actual email and say HERE'S what I said.

Conversations lead to misunderstandings.

So I dunno. Time is really starting to crush.

Wanna get this damn thing done, but can't forget that I want it done WELL.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July. Suck Month.


Been playing with the whole Amazon thing. You can read the details here:

My last two flicks are now on Prime, but I've only advertised one. Running a test, ya know?


Definitely lost my composer on T-Tory. Fucking sucks. Looking for a replacement, but now the premiere's gonna be tight to fit in August, and that was my LATE date.

Nearly locked the picture. Definitely gonna be 93 minutes long. Good length for a movie, but you never seem to have enough time during the commentary on a movie that short.


This Idiocracy we live in saps my will to live every day. The sheer stupidity of people online and in real life...texters in theaters and driving in cars. Clinton/Trump supporters, who believe the other candidate is SO BAD, but won't admit the obvious truth that THEIR candidate is just as bad. Or worse, they do admit it but say voting for a third party candidate is a waste.