Monday, December 28, 2015

Hateful Eight

No spoilers, cuz you know that ain't me.

I got out tonight to see it. Saw the last showing, figured it wouldn't be that busy but it was mostly full.

All in all I liked it. It had Kurt Russell trapped in the snow. It has unused music from the Thing. There are other obvious Thing references in it.

But like all Tarantino movies it could stand to lose 25 minutes. I don't know what his obsession with chapter break title cards is. And man does he still think every conversation he writes is genius.


Deep in editing. Turns out that not only am I making the regular video PLUS the special banquet video, there's a THIRD. The first two need to be up ASAP but they only just got me the visual elements.

The other I am shooting on Wednesday, then gotta come home and get to work. While I'm there I'll be getting the narration for the first video, plus some other video for the banquet video. So Wednesday's a big day for work.

Know what it means though? BIG paycheck in January. Would be great except I'll be paying off a ton of shit from November/Decemeber/January.

All that and my TV is going fast. There was one white dead pixel, that quickly turned into 1 white pixel 2 black pixels. Then 2 white, 1 fuzzy blinking white, and 3 black pixels.

Now, weeks later it's about 25 black pixels and 4 white.

So probably gonna have to buy a new TV. Awesome. (cuz you know I'm not getting anything less than 65 inch, and passive 3D would be nice)

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