Thursday, December 31, 2015

Final Post of 2015

I'm so busy with these videos to do anything. Spending all my time jumping between AE/Premiere/Photoshop.

And the mandate on the banquet video is that it not be "too good".

See, the joke is that the company sees how much money that's being made in big movies, so they wanna substitute dolls in, and cash in(somehow).

So we went through and picked some iconic scenes from big movies, and now I have to put the dolls in. If you know anything you know that the right way to do it is to try to wipe out the original subject completely from every frame, then insert the new subject.

I don't have that kind of time. It would also be "too good".

What I'm doing instead of simply trying to lay the doll on top of the movie layer and keyframe to it stays always in front of the person.

But this all leads to some interesting exercises like this: We're going to do the "Heeere's Johhny" scene from the Shining, but we want it to be a doll's face looking through the busted door.

What this means is that I can't ever show Jack's face in the previous shots because you'll see it's not a doll. So I'm having to RE-EDIT Kubrick so somehow Jack chops down the door without you ever seeing his face.

It was tough, and one of the cheats isn't great but I was able to do it. When I get back from LA I'll post the whole video, because I'm supposed to do as many as I can in this time-frame, and many of them do involve me clean-plating a shot with no clean plate, ie, wiping out the subject so I can stick a doll on top. I'm having to do this when the shape of the doll wouldn't cover the original subject due to either size or shape difference.


Anywho, don't have New Year's Eve plans, but that's good. I kinda hate NYE. Sort of always have.

I think we're going to go to dinner--just me and the woman--then come home and hang out.

I've got like 5 movies to watch before I do my semi-decade horror movie countdown for the year. I'm not so excited about that much, and if I see another list with that fucking over-rated It Follows on it then I may puke.

So Happy New Year's, those who enjoy it. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hateful Eight

No spoilers, cuz you know that ain't me.

I got out tonight to see it. Saw the last showing, figured it wouldn't be that busy but it was mostly full.

All in all I liked it. It had Kurt Russell trapped in the snow. It has unused music from the Thing. There are other obvious Thing references in it.

But like all Tarantino movies it could stand to lose 25 minutes. I don't know what his obsession with chapter break title cards is. And man does he still think every conversation he writes is genius.


Deep in editing. Turns out that not only am I making the regular video PLUS the special banquet video, there's a THIRD. The first two need to be up ASAP but they only just got me the visual elements.

The other I am shooting on Wednesday, then gotta come home and get to work. While I'm there I'll be getting the narration for the first video, plus some other video for the banquet video. So Wednesday's a big day for work.

Know what it means though? BIG paycheck in January. Would be great except I'll be paying off a ton of shit from November/Decemeber/January.

All that and my TV is going fast. There was one white dead pixel, that quickly turned into 1 white pixel 2 black pixels. Then 2 white, 1 fuzzy blinking white, and 3 black pixels.

Now, weeks later it's about 25 black pixels and 4 white.

So probably gonna have to buy a new TV. Awesome. (cuz you know I'm not getting anything less than 65 inch, and passive 3D would be nice)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Not Gonna Be The Biggest Blog Year

I hadn't noticed the blog count per year until just now. It shows me how many posts I've done each year, and apparently in 2006 I blogged a bunch.

136 times. That's like once every 2.7 days or so.

This being my 85th post of the year now officially beats out last year by one and the previous year by a bunch, but I got over 100 in 2012 so it doesn't look like I'm getting anywhere near that.

Did not get much Xmas viewing done. Got to watch Die Hard 2. Still fun, but that moment where they throw like 12 grenades into the plane with McClane?

I would have edited the fuck out of that scene, because as is the grenades roll in, then they roll in some more, then he straps himself into a chair as more roll in, then he finally ejects.

What kind of timer were these grenades set to? Would have had to be like 10 seconds or more.

I'd have edited it so John decides to get into the chair when he hears the dude outside say "How many grenades you got? Three apiece!" Then the grenades bounce in as he's strapping himself in, and then he ejects as they explode.

And I never realized that Meat, Robert Patrick, and John Leguziamo are all henchmen in the flick.

Anyway, playing Love Actually in the background on Netflix while I work. Definitely one of my favorites, which will surprise most people who know me.

PS Merry Fucking Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Star Disappointment

 Lotta butt shots in my blog lately. Dunno what that's all about, cuz I'm a boob man.

But anyway.

Finally got to see the Wars. Went to imax, the first show in the morning. Got there early so we got the seats we wanted. Wasn't that crowded at first, but by the time it started it was packed. On a Monday morning.

There will be no spoilers here, so don't sweat it.

I will say this. It was entertaining enough as it went on, but more and more little things began to bug me as it went on. In particular, one of the characters is GREAT at literally everything they do in the movie, and completely without justification why.

I came home and found out there's not only a term for this, but there's a big argument online about it. The sad part is, I agree with that douche Max Landis. That's the worst part of the whole thing.

But he's right, for once.

So the movie's okay. MILES better than the prequels but disappointing nonetheless. And the bad guy's pretty cool right up until he takes off his helmet and you see what a goofy doofus he looks like.

One thing nobody's pointed out, but I couldn't stop thinking, is that the  main girl is like Keira Knightley's sister. I couldn't stop seeing it every time it went to you. If they're not related, I need to see proof.


On page 10 of the T-tory new short. Part of me wishes I didn't have to shoot it found footage, but it would simply take too much time/work to shoot it normal.


Still gotta watch some Xmas movies, but I have so much editing work to do. They just hit me with all the images for me to make this video with--since I didn't go out and shoot video, I'm going to make a Ken Burns type slideshow and we'll put narration over it.

THEN on Monday we finally came up with an idea for the January presentation video, and the bad news is it's gonna be AFX intensive. We're basically going to take some of the most iconic shots in movies, and I'm going to put dolls into them in place of some of the actors.

I told them given how little time I've been given it's not gonna be perfect. Especially since we still haven't settled on WHICH movies we're going to do. I'm definitely going to do a parody of the new SW trailer.


I dunno, I don't think I've ever been this broke in December before. I've had some bad Xmas'es before, but this is BRUTAL.

I'll be getting a big check in January, but that doesn't really help me right now.

I'm about 90% sure I'll be applying for a job at Discovery in the next couple of months. Jesus, driving to Silver Spring every day will probably finally make me eat my gun.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Who's The Worst?

Did I mention how great Fallout 4 is? Man, complex game. I'm now about to break the 5 day mark. That's 5 actual days of playing it. Hell, what could I get accomplished on anything else in only 5 days anyway?

Watched You're The Worst season 1. It's only like 10 episodes--an FX series. Pretty good. Will definitely check out season 2.

Gotta watch some Xmas movies. Saw Die Hard and Gremlins last year so this year it's Die Hard 2 time, then maybe Scrooged.

Bill Murray's Xmas special on Netflix is fucking terrible. The wife and I watched about 25 minutes of it before we turned it off.


Went back to the T-tory wrap. Working on putting in the eye on the creature. I'd explain it but fuck is that boring.

Still haven't done shit for Xmas. If there's anybody who's LESS into the Xmas spirit, I don't know who that could be.


It's painful that I haven't seen the new Star Wars yet. Gonna get to it soon.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Why It Then With The Man If Too Much

I'm tired. There's always too much shit to do.

Not the least of which is Fallout 4. Holy fuck is that game good. My TV schedule's been slacking because of how much time I'm putting into the game.

On the Bounty front I spent a little more time working on that god-forsaken SRT file when I thought--there's GOTTA be a way to automate this. I looked once before and didn't find anything, but that was at the beginning of the year.

First thing I find makes me wanna kill myself. There's a company that will do English subs for $1/minute. My flick is like 78 minutes without end credits(because I don't need subs for the end credits)...

Will they do good work? Fuck it, it's only $78...I do it. The file's excellent. Some spelling mistakes with names, and a few mis-typed words that was mostly my fault because the audio at times isn't great.

I fix it all, and now I have an SRT file.


I have bought like 3 Xmas gifts. No time, no money, no ideas on what's good and I long ago gave up on buying stupid shit just so I can have SOME gift for people. If I can't find something cool, you just don't get anything this year.

Fucking Christmas.


Ha! I have another blog! I have like 10 of them now!


Andrew and I agree that Jessica Jones on Netflix is pretty crappy. It's a shame because the comic book was great, and the talent they have on the show is pretty great. But they took a relatively short storyline in the comics and stretched it the fuck out into the first season, and it feels every bit of it.

I watched 10 of the 12 episodes, but it feels like I watched about 100 episodes. Not sure if I'll bother finish it. I got a lot of other stuff to watch before then.

Red Oaks on Amazon is pretty entertaining. Still greatly enjoying the Goldbergs. Have to catch up on the Flash because apparently there's a Xmas episode and I won't watch that after the holidays so...
Going to the Ice thing today. We've done it every year for the past two years, and this year they're doing the Rankin and Bass Rudolph/Santa stuff. Should be cool.

Dunno what's going on with T-tory. Have heard nothing from the guy who was supposed to do a segment. There was talk of ANOTHER local filmmaker wanting to take a whack at a segment. So I'd said send me a script.

Got nothing.

So I'm writing another segment now. Sort of wish I'd done it already--with this weather I'd have loved to shoot it. The nights are cool and perfect for shooting with this unseasonably warm weather.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Hard Drive Showdown

Andrew mentioned on Twitter that he had a lot of hard drives, and I took that as a personal challenge to my manhood. I bet him that I had more. Then he bet me HE had more.

It was ON!

I have never counted my hard drives before. I only know that I have tons. Now, it's almost like partially cheating because I've been editing since 1998 and have kept all of those hard drives that haven't failed.

So I have a couple hard drives that are only like 500MBs apiece, along with a buttload of others right up to 3TB.

So I did a count--it comes to 42, not counting the various hard drives that are in my 4 working computers. Add those in and it's probably around 52.

Here's a picture of the top of my editing computer, and I picked an angle where you can see a small portion of the hard drives cluttering up everywhere.

There's 15 hard drives in this picture alone, and these are all hard drives I use fairly frequently. I used Iomega for quite a while(they're the silver metal container ones), but they sort of went away so I started buying these My Book Essential by WD.

The newer ones I'm getting are the Seagates, but then I picked up ones of these:
You just plug any SATA drive into that and it's so easy to switch out it's great. I actually got two of them--you can technically get one that has two slots, but I thought accessing both of them at the same time might create a bottleneck on the one USB cable.

They're only like $25 on Amazon. (I put the link on the picture if you wanna go check it out)

Anyway, we're waiting to see what number Andrew comes back with. I actually wouldn't be shocked if he had more Terabytes than I do while having less hard drives, but we can play that game next!

PS: Rendering half of HH with color-correction and de-noising took nearly 24 hours. That's fucking insane--I mean, sure it's also resizing it up from 720X480 to 1280X720--but this isn't 4K or anything...

Got a render of it just color-corrected AND de-noised. Hell, I can probably put BOTH on the blu ray and just let the viewer choose. Now I have to decide, since I have all the separate audio tracks, whether I want to do a new mix on the audio.

I SHOULD...but fuck, I hate audio, and I'm really not great at it anyway...

Thursday, December 03, 2015

HH Work

Not feeling the holiday spirit at all. Haven't bought a single present. Honestly, feeling pretty uninspired this year. Haven't seen a lot of stuff I think would excite people, and even if I did I really don't have the money.

That buddy I did work for on his zombie movie asked me to take a look at one of his scenes with bad CGI zombie eyes. I agreed they were bad. Said maybe I'd take a look. He gave me the footage.

The big problem is that he wore contact lenses in the scene. They don't look TERRIBLE--frankly, they look better than the CGI version his friend did over them. But I don't blame the friend. I can't do any better now.

The trick to making zombie eyes look good--for me at least--is that you need to find a nice milky texture(don't just use a layer of white), and then use a matte that's frame-by-frame tracked to the eyes. Lastly, drop that opacity on the milky layer to like 75% or so. It will go over the actual eyes, so it not only has depth but it adds the realism of an actual pupil under there.(sort of the way the eyes cloud over in death)

But because he wore contacts that already give it a zombie look, I can't drop the opacity of the layer. This is about as low as I can go, and it still looks kinda shitty. And this took like 8 hours. This is only one of like 5 shots.

So I don't think I'm going to do any more, even though he likes this.

Decided to go back and continue work on the color-corrected HH. I'm pretty close to done on the picture front. Not sure I'm going to do anything on the audio front, but maybe.

I went ahead and tried to export a copy of the color corrected version--it went for like 12 hours, then just froze at 69%. (giggity)

Weird part is that it acted like it was doing something, but I gave it another 2 hours and it didn't budge. I canceled the render, and it all went back, so it's not like Premiere froze.

I broke it into 2 parts, exported them separately and it worked.

Then I went in and applied some de-noising. Set it to export half the movie. That was 6.5 hours ago and it's at 24% of the FIRST PASS(it's set for the 2 pass VBR, the highest quality version). So it'll be interesting to see if it's still going in the morning.

I actually couldn't find a nice copy of the HH title screen, so I went and dug into the old boxes and went through EVERY old hard drive I could find. Found a lot of old stuff I haven't seen in a while, which is weird because I thought I dumped all this shit onto other hard drives.

Like all these bts videos from FOC2:

Buncha other stuff. Found original copies of every scene from the first FOC, so I guess when those rights come back to me I can color-correct that and put out a new copy. Ya know, if I'm still alive.


I have to tell you that I'm terrified that I'm going to have to do another T-tory segment. Even if technically the movie could be long enough, I'm not sure it's got enough scare in it.

But going out into the woods at night in the middle of winter? Does that sound like fun to anybody over the age of 25? I mean, in college it would have been loads of fun. Now it just sounds like cold agony...