Thursday, November 12, 2015

Location Scouting/Too Much Shit To Do

Yay, more woods!

The guy who's going to do a T-tory segment called me and said Hey, let's get together for a meeting. I was like, okay. It turned into, Hey, let's go look at this location and see if this cross is still out there.

According to the internet, it was.

So we went out there. Had to hike around a bit, up some some steep hills. Lotta cool scenery though, and yes, the cross is still there.

Also, this pit of hell:

No idea where it leads. We didn't go in there. The location looks to work though. He wants me to shoot it, and I'm afraid I have to because otherwise I can't guarantee it'll look good.

I'm putting my foot down though on that it can't be more than 3 shooting days. The shoot out in the woods shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. All the other stuff is interiors.

This is a cool tunnel. Apparently the train still runs here.

The weird thing is how many other people were wandering around here, even in the dark. I think that'll be the worse part of the shoot--trying to control other looky-loos while we're shooting. The place is supposed to look desolate.

Perkins, the guy in the photo, who's doing the segment seems to want to work with me on other stuff. Says he knows some money people. This is the third time he's said "We should really work together". I'm all for it. He's a cool guy I've known for years who has MASSIVE connections with everything and everyone.

Only problem is that I think he wants to work on getting his script set up first, and I'm not sure where I fit in there. It doesn't sound like something I'd want to direct. Don't know--am trying to stay focused on T-Tory. Gotta get it done, and done well.

Got some paid work--shot a video, am editing it. Then got the wrap pickup to prep for today, then shoot tomorrow.

All that, and mutherfucking Fallout 4 came out! Am playing it sparingly between working.

Still sweating a 5th segment. Should I write it? I feel like I'm sort of committing the second I put words on the page.

If I'm rambling it's the oxy.

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