Friday, November 27, 2015

2 Weeks Since Last Post? Must be Fallout 4

Went to NY for an auction. It was okay.

Did I tell you what the hotel wanted to charge for wired internet access? Let me just show you--you won't believe it. This is for TWO DAYS.
That is some insane shit there. I guess they talked them down quite a bit, but let's face it--we've been charged $2500 for two days of internet before, and THAT'S fucking insane.

Came back and felt like I was getting sick.

And yeah, boy, did that happen.

Coughing pretty bad. Almost didn't go to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. Went, but didn't get too close to anybody, and washed my hands constantly.

Then today I got up and coughed so hard that I threw up. I haven't been to the doctor for a cough in 30 years, but today I went. Bronchitis.

Not sure I ever had that before. They gave me some stuff. Some cough medicine with codiene that I took, and that knocked me out.


Oh, bonus for when I got back from NY. My wife tells me I can't use the bathroom at all, or any running water. Our main water line is blocked. We have to have roto-rooter come out, it's that seroius. My dad even came over to take a look and concurred.

Know what that costs? $499, the second they bring in that big metal clearing thing. That's the minimum.

They did clear it, but still...


This is a pretty accurate article on lies distributors tell.


We shot the pickup stuff for the wraparound. The FX did look better. Still have some issues but it's workable.


Am really feeling like I wanna get back on the writing bandwagon and finish some of these goddamn scripts I've been writing for years. They are--and the purpose of this is to shame and remind myself:
That ridiculous-premise one that sounds like an Asylum movie
The Creepers one
Trailer Park One
Night of the Cs
"Backyard"--I started this one nearly nine years ago, not sure I'll ever finish it
The other found footage one

Now, these are the main ones, but I've got a bunch of new ideas including a "superhero" one. Given that I owned a comic store for 17 years, I'd get the question a lot about why don't I write a superhero movie but I simply never had an idea that interested me.

I do now, but only the beginnings of it. Not sure where it would go, but MAN is it an opening...

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