Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Weekend at Monstermania

This is me with my buddy Dom who reps a bunch of actors. Here's one, it's Bernie from Weekend At Bernie's. (Terry Kiser)

Went up Saturday, and was met right away by friends who were WASTED. It was like 1pm.

Wandered around, wished I'd had some of my books because I could have sold 50 of them, and chatted with a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while.

It was a fairly crowded show for a MD one. Matthew Lillard had a huge line, biggest of the con. Dom and his people were so busy I didn't even get in to say hi until they closed the celebrity room.

Grabbed a bite to eat with a buddy Perkins, then came back and had a special brownie. Went downstairs and saw a little of Alan Howarth's live concert(he's another of Dom's clients). Dude was impressive--I just figured he'd play keyboards along with his music, but he started with keyboard then went in to guitar on some songs--he was jamming like a 21 year old in a band.

Seemed to have a lot of fun, and it was a packed house.

Everybody crashed early--it was me, Dom and Brett as the last ones to go to bed in a con. I think I have to start going on Friday, because everybody seems partied out by Saturday.

On Sunday I went down and chatted with Dom and his crew a bit. He's really got the coolest clients--don't think I've met any of them who are assholes. Alan was very talkative, answering all my questions about Carpenter. Told some interesting stories too involving helicopters and Carpenter.

Came home to work on that credit sequence for my buddy's movie(did I mention that?) I can't remember shit anymore.

Right after my nightmare 3 day shoot I had told a buddy I'd come over and shoot his credit sequence for him. So I did, even though I felt terrible.

We melted a zombie. It was a cool gelatin with bones inside zombie, and he had a heat gun. I thought it would take like 3 hours. It took like 8.

Then I get home and he's hoping maybe I can CUT the credit sequence. No way. No time. I tell him I'll do some of the heavy lifting(speeding up all the sequences by like 95% and removing my friends hand/heat gun from the videos by making clean plates from frames where it's not in the shot).

Gotta try to finish it this week, so I can get to the wrap. I'm going out of town to Phoenix next week, then back for something terrible. Maybe I'll talk about it, but who knows?

But hey, the book's out and they shipped me my copies like 10 days early.

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