Thursday, October 22, 2015


Working like a dog on the teaser. Have a rough rough of it. There's definitely some cool parts, but the jury-rigged build up is a little wonky. Probably nobody but me notices it, but I'm gonna tweak it some more, maybe even change it up.

It's actually like a minute forty, because of the lead-in where I let the wrap-around characters talk a bit to set up the whole thing. I've tightened it quite a bit, cutting stuff out but it still runs a good 40 seconds before I get into the quick-cuts and the other footage.

I also found a cool little piece of music I might try to license from one of those stock audio/video places that plays a little better than mine(with some tweaking to my vids).

And hey, remember when I patted myself on the back for how amazing I was? Well I am starting to notice a little bit of the noise in some shots downstairs. I'm betting it's when I went from 2000iso to 4000 iso. It's still not too bad. Probably won't even de-noise it. Gotta see what it looks like after it gets rendered.

But either way, not quite as spotless as I first thought.

Still a little sick, but I guess I'm going ahead with the fucking c-ostomy. So the worst 48 hours of my life begin at 11am today. Starvation followed by horrible drink followed by runs to the bathroom, then more horrible drink, then probably next to no sleep and the VIOLATION.

I did not watch BTTF today, much as I wanted to. Doesn't feel right given how much Halloween movie-watching I'm missing. I watched The Stranger--it was okay, but didn't make much sense. (They supposed to be vampires? Then why does the "bad" vampire burn in sunlight even though he has a hoodie and a ton of clothes on, but the "good" vampire doesn't burn cuz he's wearing a fireman's outfit, complete with a see-through face-plate?)

Stacked weekend--wife's pumpkin party Friday night(how am I gonna feel at this after the procedure at 11am?), then Saturday I'm gonna try to hit Zig's for the pumpkin trail and maybe some Halloween movies afterward.

The Halloween book--did you think I was kidding about the big royalty numbers? Here's a screencap to illustrate the point. Yes, it would be nice if people used C-space to get the book, but nobody's gonna.

Who wants to sign up for a whole new account, enter all that info and whatnot, when they can just do it at A-zon?
See why I'm not selling it in Europe? The price I'd have to charge to make like five bucks is ridiculous...

Wish I had more time to send some .pdf review copies(with watermark) to some web sites, but I've got my hands full right now. Also, haven't heard from that asshat with the bookstore--talked to two people who have met him and they both say he's a dick.

I don't understand how business people can turn down free advertising--and even better--I'd be BRINGING CUSTOMERS TO THEIR STORE. Paying customers who don't know you exist...and you're not interested? I give the guy a year in business.


Steve Pattee said...

JFC. That royalty business is insane.

The bookstore, is that the new one at the mall? The one where no one heard of that author you asked about? Not a good start for them if it is. It's fucking insane for them to turn or ignore an author in their store.

As far as the party, you'll feel fine. I was a-okay the moment I woke up from the procedure. I felt perfectly fine, so you'll feel fine too.

Kangas said...

Yes, the one in Marley. I talked to a reporter who interviewed him for an article on the opening(she said he was a bit of an ass) and Luke said he'd met the guy when the guy had a store in Savage Mills. Says he's a dick.

And I've heard differing opinions on how people feel afterward, so we'll see. PS: I'm starving right now. Jello and chicken broth is fucking dogshit.