Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sucked Into The Vortex of Another Man's Movie

That's an actual vintage ad. Not a joke.

Anyway, I went out and shot the credits sequence for a buddy's movie that's premiering October 29th. I even cut them, masked out what needed to be masked out(which involved creating clean plates by cloning out what shouldn't be there), and gave them to him.

Problem is, he showed me the other clips that were playing between these credit shots and some of them are ROUGH. Like, one shot is a wide of a plane flying in and hitting a building in the inner harbor as shit is on fire and all. Beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

I ask him what's up with the shot--is it rough? He says he had a guy working on it, but the guy just did that much and hasn't responded in like a month. I tell him I'll take a pass at trying to fix it.

I spend a couple of days making it better. Can't do all that I want because I'm working from a flat movie, not the After Effects file. The plane is embedded, and as it flies in the whole screen shakes and blurs. Trying to track things as it crosses and everything goes blurry/shaky--way beyond the pay-grade and time-crunch I'm on here.

So I make the plane hit look better. As is, the plane just hit and there was an explosion. That's it. And unfortunately the dude used 100% opacity on all the explosions in the scene so they don't look too realistic.

I added a ton of particles raining down from the explosion--like 9 layers of them at different speeds and sizes. I find a hi-res shot of a plane and take off pieces, animate them as if some bigger parts survived the explosion.

There was a boat on fire in the scene. Dude made the flames too big--they don't look great. Also only did one layer. I added some more layers of smaller flames, and also a reflection in the water.

Did a bunch of other shit to the shot. It's definitely better now. Not amazing, but better.

Then there's a shot of a zombie with regular eyes. I fix that. At least that's easy.

There's a shot of some swat guys in an alley who appear to be pretending to shoot guns but they're not. So I guess I'm gonna work on that next.

Then fuck it, I'm back to my wrap. I don't have this kind of time to devote to other people's projects, even good friends.


Hey, did ya see my book is out? Do me a HUGE favor and go leave like a 3 sentence review. Pretend you read the book and liked it. Don't say you know me.

Seriously, reviews are important. If you have something on Amazon, I'll gladly return the favor. You can do it here by clicking on the Amazon logo:

Am gonna try to do a signing at a local bookstore.

Getting ready to go out of town next week for work for a few days, then back for some medical bullshit I don't wanna do.

I was supposed to have seen this movie already. Won't go into it. Cool that Drew Struzan still does stuff when he's interested.

Watched Wyrmwood Road of the Dead--pretty entertaining movie, I must say. Them Aussies are crazy...(and Brett was asking about where my crew was at Monstermania, you fucking losers who didn't go)

Watched Tremors 5. Not terrible. And surprisingly I thought the CGI was pretty well done for most of the movie. But still, absolutely nothing new is brought to the table.

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Steve Pattee said...

I'd suggest removing that amazon link, or making it "not linkable". Amazon has been cracking down ridiculously on reviews, and if they find this, I don't know what they'll do, but I do know they'll remove all reviews hit from that link.

There might be something like "nofollow" you can put in the code so Amazon can't backtrack the link, but I don't know.