Thursday, October 01, 2015

Stuff. In General.

Finished the shoot. Almost killed me. Toughest 3 days I may have ever had, may have even topped that last auction I did that I said was the most miserable ever.

More on all that some other time.

The Halloween book is done, and out. This should get you there if you wanna see the options.

The print book isn't on Amazon yet(even though it was last night) because Amazon's combining the Kindle with the print in one listing.

They kept turning my book down and then I called them at like 2am--they have 24 hour assistance, can ya believe that?--and I sort of went ballistic. Every time the lady said something it was one of their out-of-the-manual responses, and I'd had enough of those. I shot them down and re-iterated what I said last time I talked to a rep, which is: "You sent me the fucking proof of the book. It looks great. Nothing goes off the page. Why do you keep failing it now when all I did was lighten a couple of images?"

She finally said she'd have the techs get back to me with the exact page numbers that were failing. Guess what? They didn't come back with any pages that failed, they just passed it. No shit, Sherlock, because it's all okay.

Now if only I had some money to order some copies to sell to my friends for cheap. But I am stone cold broke after the T-tory weekend.

Speaking of broke, I make my once-a-year pilgrimage to that horror con and I gotta figure out how to pay for my hotel room and entry in. Yeah, I'm that strapped right now.

Also, sounds like we're gonna get super-fucked with a hurricane on Sunday. Good times.


Anyone watching Project Greenlight? I've watched it every year since it started way back when. How is it that they keep getting such incompetent douchebags as directors?

I mean, what's more important--the show or the movie they're making? Because if it's the show, then I get it. It adds a lot of drama to put an idiot in. But I would think it's the movie, because they don't air any past seasons of Greenlight, or put them on dvd so where's the revenue?

And this guy they got now--not only has he not impressed me as a writer or director(but they all fawn over him as super-talented), but he seems completely unwilling to compromise on anything.

Making a movie is all about compromise. He seems incapable of it, and for that I hope he fails miserably.

Call me petty. If I was on that show it would be the most boring show of all time. Because I'd try for things, but I understand the fundamentals.

Like, first he really wants to shoot on film. Everybody tells him it's going to be impossible because of their budget, but he just keeps on pushing.

Then they're location scouting and he's presented with a bunch of giant mansions he can shoot in, but none of them are perfect. The producer finally says "Gun to your head, which one would you pick?" and he says "None of them."

What a fucking ass. You're being given 3 million dollars and the opportunity of a lifetime. MAKE IT WORK.

Christ man. It's demoralizing seeing assholes like this being given chances they don't deserve. It would be one thing if his footage blew you away, but it's pretty average. He's not the second coming of Fincher or anything.


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