Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Got back from Phoenix. Wasn't fun. Didn't eat well, didn't sleep well. We were on a resort, so the only food to eat was THERE, and it was fucking expensive. Like, my per diem doesn't cover shit that expensive. Also, it wasn't very good so even though I could have afforded it, didn't want to.

So Sunday I ate this: 2 packs of peanut butter crackers. 1 pack of Doritos. A Snickers bar. Handful of iced animal crackers. That's it.

I slept a couple of hours Saturday night, getting up on Sunday at 7:30am. The next time I went to sleep was for three hours on Monday at 4pm. Taking time-zone change into it, I went almost 30 hours without any sleep. It was brutal, but not much choice with us going to the airport at 4:30am Monday morning.

I'm sick too, so I postponed the c-oscopy to Friday. Hopefully I'm better by then.

Got back to looking at the T-tory footage because my buddy wants a teaser to play in front of his movie premiere. Exported some clips to use from Jack and Siren and the other dude's short, then dragged in everything from my wrap-around.

FINALLY got to look at some of the other footage. Let me just say that I am mutherfucking impressive.

Maybe you don't know shit about DSLR's. But if you do, take this shit into account:
I was on my little shoulder-mounted rig for 99% of the shoot.
Every lens used was a rental so I was not used to them.
The lenses were 1.2, 1.4 and 2.0(this was 100mm)
I didn't use the monitor for most of the shoot, just the tiny LCD screen on the camera. The camera I'd never touched until the day before the shoot.

And after all that, my focus is fucking gorgeous for most of this thing. I mean, the actress crosses the room and I keep her solid the whole way. I have no idea how I did it, to be honest. I was shooting wide open because all the lights were off.

And I was worried the picture would be muddy and ugly on account of us lighting the room with 1) A candle 2) 2 glowsticks and 3&4) My 2 little LED lights I put on the camera typically.

But the picture is sweet. For most of the shots it's not only pretty consistent but it's buyable as night with no power. It's slightly grainy, like I said, but not in a bad way.

I looked at most of the footage and as is I only see 2 shots I really wanna do again. One has mismatched eyelines because I had an actor cross the axis and didn't compensate, so he's looking frame left when he should be looking frame right. Good news is, he's local so it's no problem.

Another problem has a slightly soft-focus shot of the stick in the door. Not sure why I blew that, cuz neither me nor the stick are moving.

There's another shot where I technically jump the line but because both actors are in the shot it's not that big a deal. I know why I did it--it's a shot where the guy's outside the sliding glass door, and the girl's inside. I couldn't get to where I wanted without seeing my reflection in the glass(which was a big problem all night for every shot from outside)--I don't think the audience will get confused.

(as an aside, the audience may get awful pissed at me because the lead actress doesn't get naked; she wears this super tight low-cut shirt that shows how STACKED she is, so they're going to be pretty frustrated...)

All this isn't to say the edit won't be challenging. There's some actor inconsistency in a few actions but I think I shot enough coverage to make it work.

My #1 thing right now is to figure out the angle I'm going to take with the teaser. Only want it to be like 40 seconds long or so. Don't want to give away anything. Just tease 'em.

Going through my sound library to get some ideas, laying down some beds and testing.

Oh, and also completely missing mutherfucking Halloween. Is there any way we can just start celebrating it in September? I NEED MORE TIME.

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