Monday, September 07, 2015

Busiest Week Of All!

The wife took the kid and went to the beach with her parents and cousin. Know that what means? Kevvie's on the loose!

Not really. It always becomes this combo vacation/work weekend. I get a little intoxicated, watch some movies, and work like a mutherfucking madman.

Almost done the book. Like, completely. I can't tell you how much work has gone into the book and I'm sure--just like my movies--that you'll never realize by looking at the final product just HOW much has gone in.

But I'm pretty happy with it which is more than you can say for many of my movies so that's a plus. Here's a look at an early concept cover from Erik. I dig it. My biggest issue is that people might assume the cover is actually made of leather.
It'll have some changes to it I'm sure but I kinda like that it's pretty simple and tells ya everything you need to know right away. I keep looking at that nostalgic like it's spelled wrong but it's not. I wanna spell it nostalgiac.


Next on the work front I went back to Siren. I had been thinking(ever since before we shot it) of adding a light effect to the Siren, like a beam of sunlight that shines down on her from the sky to attract men.

Wouldn't be too complicated. I figured I'd use a Levels or Curve adjustment, draw it where I wanted and feather it out pretty big. Only time consuming problem is that motion tracking of every shot she's in to make sure it stays on her.

I thought about making the beam of light go away after our hero finds her(because she wouldn't really need it anymore now that she "caught" him, right?) but didn't really like that. Then when I was done I realized it actually helps sell the later shots where the sun actually DID hit her. The shots match more now.

I actually used the new Exposure setting instead of Levels or Curves though.

Did all but the last couple of shots because those shots require me to fix some of the FX that didn't quite work because how hot it was(the actor was sweating so it was hard to make the fake skin stick).


Wasn't all work though. Watched a bunch of movies. Braveheart was first. Man, still a great movie.

Then had a VWZ to do--that's that commentary that Zig, Luke and I do for movies that maybe we'll eventually put up online. We usually do 3 movies in one night but we did 4 this time...

We started with Midnight Madness. It was okay. I'd never seen it. Sort of wanders. I can see liking it if I'd seen it when it came out.

Then my pick of Golden Child. I remember liking it a lot. As much of those things go, it's not so great now. Not terrible, but nothing special especially if you look at the talent involved. Fun thing is Zig's recorder apparently ran out of battery 5 minutes into the movie.

But he was so...intoxicated, let's say, that he wasn't talking much anyway...

Then finally Zig's pick of Commando. Still a fun movie. Arnold's the fucking man.

And we decided just for fun to watch another, since those were all short flicks. We watched Chopping Mall. And again, a fun movie.

Now tonight I'll bookend the weekend with another Gibson flick, The Patriot. Haven't seen it in a while.

Tomorrow my mom's having a cookout, so I'm going to go over there and do some camera/lighting tests with my brother. Try to get an idea of what this is going to look like.

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