Friday, August 28, 2015

Full Court Press On The Book

 Coming down to the wire. And at this point, I'm not even sure how long it will take Amazon's final checkers to go through the book and approve it, so I'm going to try to hand it in early September.

Erik's working on the cover. For some reason he really wants to put my name up top near the title, which just looks egotistical to me. It's not like my name is going to sell the book, so why not just put it down at the bottom?

Have continued scouring the mags/newspapers for pics of interest to include. Not sure why, because the book currently has 692 images in it. It's packed. But that's where I found the Mark of Zorror pic above, and the funny ad below where you can buy a Sony Betamax for only $329! Act now!
Have continued updating the Halloween blog with cool little knick knacks. If you didn't check it out, here ya go. Even has a 20% off at the Spirit Store coupon.
On the T-tory wrap front I've cast both lead actors. One is the actress from NY that I wanted. She's agreed, and now the only things I have to worry about is a bus ticket to and from, and her gluten allergy.

Oh, and my current list of things to do is growing big time. So much shit to do, and I really have almost no crew on this thing. It's probably the most important part of the flick, and it turns out it's going to have to be the cheapest. That'll work out, right?

I've decided to rent a Canon Mark III with these lenses(to compliment the ones my brother has for his Mark II--and remind me to check and see if they can use the same batteries and battery attachment)--I'm getting a Canon 50mm 1.2 and the Canon 24mm 1.4 and I'll have my 70mm 1.4 Rokinon.

Do you know what that means? A LOT of blown focus. Imagine this--I'm shooting my actress from 10 feet away with the 50mm 1.2 lens. Know what my depth of field is going to be?

And in the dark with no monitor, which is another reason I'm going for the Mark III--they say it's not only better at low-light but the display on it is supposed to be much more accurate than the II.

A little bummed that I can't shoot 4K on my GH4 but what are you gonna do?

So now I'm polishing the shooting script. I have to do a prop list. I have to get some replacement bulbs for my lights(cuz wouldn't that be awesome to get all this shit together to shoot and then I can't light the outside of this house.

Lot to get done, less than a month to do it...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Stuff, aka, I Hate Coming Up With Titles For My Posts

So I really gotta shoot this wraparound. My only problem involves me having ZERO money. I haven't cast either of the two actors.

But btw, FUCK actresses. Holy shit I am beyond speechless on this one, folks. You know how I posted on Backstage about looking for an actress? Found about 25 I liked WHO APPLIED TO IT, so I sent them sides with instructions.

I only got 2 responses. But then again, I was in the middle of changing my web provider and had some glitches while I changed mail servers, so I thought maybe some of them didn't make it through.

I individually emailed all those people back, and the first two responses are this:
"Thank you!
But won't be able to audition at this point.

Hope to speak to you in the future.

Best wishes, 

Cunty McCunt"


Hi , unfortunately I'm signed onto a project that's keeping me very
busy at the moment. I won't be able to audition. I appreciate you reaching
out. Best to your production.

Ok, so I changed the first one's name. But seriously, who the fuck doesn't have time to AUDITION? For a goddamn feature from someone who's had movies distributed? I mean, I do not talk myself up typically but the thing is I have more of a name than anybody on any of these actresses' resumes(I looked)...

Both of these actresses have one small demo reel so it's not like they've got footage coming out of their asses. It's pretty amazing. These are all New York actresses, by the way.

I still remember the one bitch who told me $200 for one day of work wasn't worth her time coming down from New York.  I guess they pay extras that kind of money in New York...


Have all the other shit to get done--FX, more lighting tests(have to order the glow sticks to test that out), will probably end up renting some super fast lenses(an 85mm 1.2?) to make it possible to shoot in near darkness.


All that and the deadline for the holiday book approaches. I had a graphic guy who was going to go through it and spiffy it up a bit. He just got back to me but doesn't have the CC he says he can mark up my pdf and I can do the changes, but that doesn't work for me.

Now I gotta talk to another guy about it. Gotta get on the cover guy to start working too. He's told me many times he needs a deadline, an actual dated deadline, and he works better.

And oh, I started that other blog where I'll put some overflow stuff from the book. Anything that catches my eye that's related to Halloween. It's here:

Man, kid goes back to school soon. Not super happy about that--my mornings go back to being super late and I have the hassle of driving him to school in the morning.

Can't believe this year is already blazing past...almost September...


Am watching the Brett Ratner Hercules that's on Netflix. Not really hating it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Humanity: A Lost Cause

I've fucking had it with people. It's unbelievable how goddamn rude and stupid they are. Case in point:

At the grocery store today. I grab three bottles of Coke Zero and a bag of Funyans. I head for the single 12 items or less line and am stunned to see a dumb cunt with like 50 items on it, and pulling more out. The lady in front of me, who has like 5 items looks at dumb cunt, who says, and I quote: "I'm sorry, I didn't see the sign."

You didn't see the fucking RED sign that's purple on every other lane, the red sign that says 12 ITEMS OR LESS?

I'm telling you that the world would be a better place if this dumb cunt didn't live another day longer. I'm not kidding or joking or being hyperbolic in any way. If I had the power to wipe this woman from existence with a thought, she would be history.

So I go to another line where a guy's got like 30 items. I'm hoping he'll be fast. Turns out he's got a kid in his cart I hadn't noticed. While the lady rings his stuff up, the kid stands up in the cart and starts poking at the screen the grocer looks at while she scans. She tries to be nice and says to the kid "Be careful", but the man doesn't take the hint.

The man says "Don't." He says it again. The little girl pays no attention to him, keeps doing it. The man is in easy reach of the little girl but not once does he physically grab her or push her to sit.

The grocer gives him his total, "$122" and some change. He reaches into his pocket slowly and pulls out some bills, as if he didn't know he was going to have to pay. He counts some bills out and then decides--even though he has more than enough--to use a credit card.

So he reaches into the other pocket and pulls out his wallet, selects a credit card. I'm about ready to kill everybody in the goddamn store on principle alone.

After all that I get my fucking 3 items and leave. Fucking tired of all the assholes in this world, and the number seems to be growing.

Watched Blade Runner The Final Cut. I started to live blog it but it wasn't that interesting, so here's what I had:
2019? Man, that's not very far away. Where are our fucking flying cars?

Man, this score is trippy. Feels like the Flash Gordon score. Did Vangelis do that also? I could look it up but I'm lazy.

Like the sequel to Black Rain, lookswise. Same DP?

Wow, Harrison's giving some weird grimace/smiles during the interview at the police station where he's shown video of the replicants...

Boy that joanna cassidy kill is weird. Like, he's aiming right, shoots her in the back. She stumbles, falls, gets up, next shot he's aiming LEFT, shoots her in the front? How'd that happen? Especially when they cut back to the wide shot where he's standing exactly in the same spot from the first shot.

Weird cut when Leon swats gun from Deckard's hand.

Why are there all those b&w and sepia photographs in Deckard's place from? Like, this is 2017, who the hell would have photographs of their great great great great grandmother on their piano?

That freaky eye effect on Sean Young is awesome. Gotta look up how they did it.(imdb says this "Ridley Scott and Jordan Cronenweth achieved the famous 'shining eyes' effect by using a technique invented by 'Fritz Lang' known as

the 'Sch├╝fftan Process'; light is bounced into the actors' eyes off a piece of half mirrored glass mounted at a forty five degree angle to the camera. ")

Wow, this whole Ford/Penn getting it on scene got rapey real fast. He sort of forces himself on her...

Man, Rutger Hauer had a great look.

Man daryl hannah had a body on her...and her death is pretty brutal. The spazzing out is freaky.

With broken fingers he's climbing a building?

Weird sequence, ford's hanging, hauer's looking down on him, backs away, hey then he's got a pigeon? When did he catch that? And if they really wanted to the pigeon sendoff, why not have him get it AFTER he saves Harrison Ford?

Next night watched Hot Tub Time Machine while high. It was funny when I saw it sober. High, it is hysterical.

Today watched Top Secret(again), then followed it up with Working Girl. I haven't seen this movie in 20 years. Did not remember all these actors in it(Alec Baldwin, Kevin Spacey, Oliver Platt, Joan Cusack). I just remember the main 3, Sigourney, Harrison and Melanie.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

For Fuck's Sake

I told you I redid the end creds for HH, right? Since I couldn't find the AE file I used originally.


For end credits. What the fuck was I thinking?

Hey, good news, I found the 3D max file along with a ton of the original HH files. Went through about 14 old hard drives, copied a lot of files to newer drives. I found a bunch of 3d max files which is nice, because I really need to re-render the opening HH logo even though it looks pretty ghetto.

Not even sure what half of these max files are because I don't have a computer with 3D max on it anymore. See, for some reason the version I used(version 2) doesn't wanna run on any of the newer operating systems.

So I loaded a trial version of Max9 onto my computer. I have 30 days to do what I gotta do, but turns out none of those files is the opening HH logo. No idea where it is.

Don't know. I don't even remember 3DMax that well, so recreating it doesn't seem like something I wanna do, especially with a program that's 7 generations newer than the one I used to originally work on.

Well hey, let's not focus on the fucked up news, right? I found the masters of the Making Of which is cool--I thought I was gonna have to rip it from the dvd which would suck quality-wise. I found some other stuff, all the Making Of interviews so maybe I'll take another look at those and see if there's anything that was said that's wasn't included the first time.

I found masters of the actual movie without the cropping. See, we shot 16mm which is 4:3 format. To make it look more movie-like we cropped the top and bottom with black bars to give it more of a widescreen look.

Do I wanna do that again, or do I wanna let our 4:3 freak flag fly? I have that choice now. Have to decide.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

HH Train Rolls

So hey, decided to update the HH blog since I hadn't done that in like FOUR YEARS. That's the problem with having like 8 blogs: you just don't have time to update them all regularly.

I've got some new stuff in there, not just the same stuff from last time. I point out some of my terrible mistakes I made as a douchebag doing his first movie.

What I didn't mention is that I finished the rough color correction tonight, after spending all day on it. I also redid the end credits from scratch. Guess I should do the opening credits too.

Wish I had original audio files separated so I could fix the mix, but that's not going to happen.

Also had a thought like, "Wouldn't a cool extra be me going to interview the actual serial killer who got caught with the film?" I think he's in jail in New Jersey. Not sure if they'd let me film that or not.

Also thought it might be cool to actually have a screening of this at a local movie theater. The color corrected version. See if I could get some of the original cast to come, interview them, throw it all on the new blu.


Hey, what the hell is this?

Loved Spartacus(as you well know), and they have a bunch of major characters coming, including the dude who's blown up into a real actor--dude's been on tons of stuff, but most notably Arrow playing Deathstroke.

It's RIGHT HERE IN MD in a couple of weeks. Might go, who knows?