Thursday, July 09, 2015

Another month blazing along...

Mostly locked down. I'm still working on the shot of my kid's head in a bag. Tried to put the bag on him, but even cutting the bottom out and the sides it barely fits down far enough. The shots I got of him like that aren't great.

Also shot some without the bag, with him acting as if the bag was there. I'm trying to composite them into the shot but it's not looking great. I'm taking a flat pic and inserting it into the bag. The head we have in the bag moves as the bag is opened, and in a way my kid's head isn't.

So even adding shadows and motion tracking the head, it doesn't look right. What a pain in the ass.

In other shots, have to go back to the exploding head soon.

I've also removed a mailbox from one shot and a rifle from another.

Started the end credit sequence.

Saturday I go to Kansas City. Big auction. Sounds like it's going to be a nightmare. One of the days may be an 18 hour day.

And I won't be doing my normal job, so that'll suck. As tedious as it is, at least I'm used to it. Don't get back until Thursday. Then I'll be back to prep for the horror con that follows the next weekend.

Then I have to get serious about this last segment. Cast it, shooting script it, get all the crap ready for us to shoot in late August. (or maybe early September)

And then hope we get another submission or two so I don't have to do any more of them...

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