Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jersey. Wonderful.

Getting ready to go to Jersey for the weekend for work. Not looking forward to it.

I've been to Jersey exactly 3 times before, and every time it was a bucket of suck. First time I went was for a film festival for my first film HH.(you can read the recap HERE , and holy shit as I look it was exactly 13 years ago to the DAY that we went to it...)

Wanna see some video I've never shown anybody? It's not particularly scandalous, but it does strike me how young my wife and I look.

This is us at the film festival awards dinner, which was nice--free liquor, view of the statue of liberty.

I don't remember what I shot these short videos on, cuz this was pre cell phone videos.

Next time I went was for a horror convention that was a disaster.

Anyway, good news is that I don't have to fly anywhere, and I'll be back Sunday night. Three days that will pay what the normal five day(3 work plus 2 travel days) would pay.

Plus, got a call this past Friday that they needed the video for this big event coming up--they needed it by Monday. The auction's not for two months, so I was caught unaware.

I spent the weekend jamming it together and got it done in time to burn a dvd. (the reason is that these items are going to be touring at museums for the next 2 months, and the museums are going to be playing this video on some screens)


Went location scouting on Sunday. Think I found a good location. It looks like this:
Also saw this, which was weird to find:
So, the big problem right now is the actress. Also have to do a test on the crater special effect I want to do to make sure it's going to look okay. Otherwise I'll just scrap it.

 If you're super bored and want to be even more bored, here's some of the video I rolled on as we were out there. I tested out some of the GH4s look settings. I think I'm partial to the CineV or Custom.

Let me tell you, using the lenses in bright sunlight is a lot harder to get the pretty bokeh, cuz the lowest iso is 200, so you gotta stop down to like f16 just to get a decent pic(at shutter speed 1/50).
(I didn't have an ND filter which would help)

And when I use my brother's Canon lenses, you can't adjust the F-stop at all because they're electronic and the Panasonic doesn't jibe with them--so then you HAVE to adjust the shutter to like 1/200 or faster, and you get that Saving Private Ryan look. So I think I won't be able to use any of the L-glass he has other than for maybe some running parts that will make it look really frenetic.

You'll see what I'm talking about if you watch the vid. But again, you're gonna be bored.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Change. It's Bad.

This post is entirely inspired by how shitty Firefox has become. But I'll get to that.

But first...why do all the good programs have to become so shitty? Why, when shit works, do things have to be updated and changed all the time?

Remember when Avast antivirus was good? It was free, it was small, and it worked pretty excellently. Now it's a fucking bloated piece of crap that once a day has to ask you whether you wanna add some new service or do something to it. It's getting to the point where I'm going to remove it from my computer.

And don't get me started on all the apps on my phone...I don't even update anymore because I can't tell you how many times an update has turned a great app into a giant piece of shit.

And now Firefox...been using it pretty much since Netscape collapsed. Firefox was small and sleek and worked fast.

How is it today? Well, it's a memory hog. And it gets to the point where it's taking up 50% of my CPU's processing power, plus a gig of RAM and increasing...I have to close it with the Task Manager about once a day. That way when I reboot it it will have retain the pages I had opened when I crashed it.

What garbage. If it didn't have most of my passwords stored for easy access I'd probably switch to Opera. (not Chrome, because wtf is with Chrome launching like 7 versions of itself for one web page? I researched it, and I can sort of see what they're saying--and you can make it NOT do that if you'd like to...but do I wanna deal with all that?)

And Opera's pretty small and sleek, and I know they're not spying on my every move like Google.


Man, I just typed two sentences and deleted both of them. I am self-censoring pretty hard core.


I'm rooting for Shyamalan to stage a comeback. I think this looks pretty good.

I haven't seen the preview for the TV show he's doing, but I hear it looks pretty good. I know he's come off pretty bad at times, but I really liked the Sixth Sense and Signs, and Unbreakable has its moments. I even thought The Village was pretty interesting after I got over the idea that it was not the movie they advertised it to be.

And as far as screenplays go, do yourself a favor and read Signs. It's one of the most compulsive scripts I've ever read--meaning, once you start reading you will probably not put it down until you're done, and that's quite an accomplishment. (and some of the logic-gaps in the movie were addressed in the script, but I guess they were edited out as not important)

btw: Wtf is with imdb now? So many specious categories.

What prompts this? Well, I'm looking at John Carpenter's resume, as I sometimes do. It's remarkable(Escape From New York and The Thing a year apart, and he somehow sandwiched in time to write Halloween 2?)...

And I notice...FOC is now on his resume. I'm like...what?

You see, I thanked him in the end credits of that movie oh so many years ago(I may have thanked Spielberg but I don't think that's up there, thank God)...but really? You thank a dude in the end credits, and somehow that's on HIS resume now?

That's some fucked up shit. And who's the person watching all these movies, scrolling through the end credits looking for Thanks and then submitting them to imdb? Cuz there's a TON(I went ahead and checked Spielberg, and I'm not there--but there's a ton of THANKS credits for other films).

Now, I realize as I go take a look at imdb that there is a special section for Thanks. But on the listing I'm looking at(which is imdbpro), it's all just chronological.

Kinda fucked up.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Plodding On

I don't even know what's going on with these demot pictures anymore. It's like they're not even trying, but I guess as long as they keep throwing in the hot naked chicks it's okay, right?

Work continues on the Halloween book. Getting closer to the place where I show somebody just to get an idea of what's most interesting/least interesting to them. I imagine it's super subjective but I guess if I show five people and five people all say so-and-so is boring then maybe I'll pull or minimize the section.

Personally I find it all pretty interesting or I wouldn't have put it in there.

I'm at about the 170 page mark, and there's quite a few things I didn't put in.


Hey, still at the exact same place on the NotC script--page 30.

Been working on the new wraparound. Almost done--basically the last piece, but there's tons to consider. Like, how bloody should I get? Because obviously I have to film this in somebody's house, and if I write "Blood SPLASHES the walls, the carpet", then I may have a hard time getting a location.


Had to go to the dentist. That's always fun. Have to go back next week.


Am making time this week to go location scouting. Has to get done.

Got a new bite on the MM casting notice. She's going to send me an audition video. She's not exactly what I was looking for, but she's pretty with a nice body. Can she act? We'll see.

Talked to Mark tonight about what's up with the T-tory. Trying to figure out the end game.

I think I'm going to shoot Siren in June, hopefully early June--my June's currently wide open as far as the job goes other than that video I'm creating for the big S. Temple auction.

Then maybe follow that up with the wraparound in early August maybe? It's set completely indoors so the heat won't be an issue. Gotta find an actress for that(I think I know the actor I'll ask for that part), and the location.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cool Videos

I think we can all agree this is what Wonder Woman should look like in the movie, right?

Anyway, this video is pretty incredible.

Then this video--how the FUCK is this not a thing? I understand it would probably cost a MASSIVE amount of money to implement, but after it's done...SAVINGS. Constantly. And generating

Monday, April 13, 2015


You know what sucks? Taxes.

And you know why, besides it's horseshit? I actually have to use the software that's helping to keep the tax system so overly complicated that you HAVE to use the software.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Here:

Also, there's this:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Two Cool Videos

Just noting them in case I want to show them to someone later.

A wicked good street drummer:

And a brief mini doc about Monsterpalooza--some INCREDIBLE things here, but that Yul Brenner Westworld piece blows me away:

TV is killing my productivity

As we all know Daredevil debuted on Netflix, and it's pretty good. I wouldn't expect any less from the dude who made one of my all-time favorite shows Spartacus.

So I'm up to episode 9 and will finish it before the weekend's over.

Also stopped by Luke's house and we tried some new shows--12 Monkeys episode 1 is okay. Will give it a couple more. The Last Man On Earth - first two episodes surprised us both by being very good. He hates the lead actor, so the fact that he wanted to watch episode 3 tells you something. (but I hadn't brought it)

We also tried the first episode of iZombie from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas. It's okay. We'll give it a couple more to see where it goes and if it hooks us.

Also got some...alarming news. Not mine to share. Those who know me will hear about it soon enough I'm sure.

Anyway, I've done pretty much zilch this weekend.

I did put a cast call on the MM site(if you know what that is)--got a couple of models who submitted, but only one who seems like an okay prospect.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Short Notes

That's model Charlotte McKinney. Could be one of the hottest women I've ever seen. Rest assured I'd kill you and most of your family for the opportunity to sleep with her just once.


Got another note from Mark. His director buddy is in the states--this is the guy who has come up with the story for FOC Carnivale. Mark thought I could meet up with the guy--either he comes here to Baltimore or I drive up to New York.

I can assure you I'm not going to New York.

The whole thing sounds weird given that they refuse to send me a treatment so I can just say whether it's a maybe, or it's just as ridiculous as it sounds.

Mark did tell me he's gonna be a father in August. That's weird. Don't spread it.

Anyway, he claims they have "seed money", whatever that is. All I know is there needs to be money upfront, an Exec Producer credit, and money on the backend or I'm just not interested. Also, he mentioned it would be the third in my clowns trilogy.

That also won't happen. I have my own third FOC, which probably won't happen but this won't be considered the third part of my trilogy.


Still looking for a woman for the T-tory short.

Still thinking about what gear I need. Don't wanna drag a crane into the woods for one or two shots, but may have to.

But also been looking at that lensrental place--they rent other stuff. They rent a decent slider for pretty cheap, and I was thinking there has to be some kind of way(an L bracket or something) to turn the slider vertical but still mount the camera horizontal. That way I could take the camera up and down like it's on a crane.

I also may just rent some of the cheaper Panasonic lenses--can probably get a couple, plus the slider for around $300 for 4 days.

Page 30 of the NotC script.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Shot A Little Bit

It was Easter, and we were also doing a b-day celebration for my brothers, whose birthdays are within a week of each other.

I took the new cam over there with the stabilizer to mess around a bit. This is actually the footage from the first time I played with the stabilizer. It actually works pretty well except for the big catch, which is that you really can't focus.

See, I'm not one-handing it--I've got one hand on the handle of the stabilizer and the other on the monitor of the camera. It helps keep it steady.

Now I could try to keep one hand on the lens to focus, but the lens I'm using doesn't have an easy focus ring. Turning it puts enough pressure on the camera to make it swing.
Btw: Enjoy my antique oven. Yes, it still works very nicely even though it's like 30 years older than I am.

The stabilizer isn't unworkable. If I shoot wide and dolly left and right rather than forward/backward it's not bad, and I'm sure I'll get better at it. This test was done after spending approximately 60 seconds balancing the camera.

If I was more careful I could get it better. I have to figure out how to add more weight so I can use the heavier, better lenses. Might have to tape some batteries on the bottom of the stabilizer.

Gotta tell ya, not sure how the hell I would actually shoot the scene at the table. It's all sort of white-balance fucked. Outside the window the sun was going down so it's very bluish. Inside it was lit with a fluorescent so everybody's orange.

I tried a couple of settings, and then tried cycling through the temperatures to see what looked best. Nothing did.

I'm reminded of what we used to have to do with film cameras, which was either put a gel over the camera(worked okay, but you still had the differing color temperatures) or putting gels all over all the windows(which would make the sunlight coming through into the tungsten color temps)

Am back to working on the new wraparound for the anthology.

I'm liking it, but now have run into the problem do you keep advancing the story, yet the people keep finding time to tell stories which is where you cut to the shorts we've shot. The first three are no problem, but the last two may be tricky.


btw: Two of the funnier shows you're probably not watching: Episodes and The Goldbergs. You should rectify that.


I feel the shame. Still page 24 of NotC. It's 5am, but I'm gonna go try to work on it a little bit. They won't be good pages but they'll be pages goddamnit!

But I did get to page 10 on the new wrap I mentioned above, so it's not like I've been idle.

UPDATE: It's 6:03am and I'm almost to page 29. Shame me no more! Almost 5 pages in an hour? They're probably terrible! I might be a little high. But man time slows down, and I seem to get a lot done in no time at all...

Will let ya know how bad they are tomorrow. Also sorta watched Wolfcop tonight. It's stupid fun. A phrase I normally don't believe in. But it does have its moments. I also enjoyed this song during the love scene--never heard it before, thought it had an 80s sound to it and turns does, cuz it's from the 80's.

I even used some of my free credit with Amazon to buy it for $.89

Don't judge me.

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Post To Another of My Posts

I don't wanna copy it, cuz I don't want the keywords showing up in another search that leads here, but here's some thoughts on piracy.

I post these because I've discovered a number of full versions of my movies on Youtube. Then I spent significant time submitting copyright violation reports. And because google won't let me change my primary email to something other than the gmail address it gave me, every time I file I have to forward their reply to my kkahn email and then forward THAT back to youtube to prove it's me.

Even though the kkahn email is my backup email on the google account.

It's fucking ridiculous.

And I'm pissed it's taking so much time to take them down, and also to verify me as a copyright partner--once that's done, theoretically youtube won't let anyone upload a video with any name of a movie I claim copyright on(and I also think they actually store copies of your film, so when someone uploads it Youtube matches it and tells them they've uploaded copyrighted content).

Still on same page of NotC.

Cuz I had a clogged downstairs sink--spent some time trying to unclog it, then snaked it and the snake came right out the bottom of the trap--it was that rusted. Flooding commenced.

So spent all day today trying to replace the broken trap, and then turns out the clog was WAY deep. Too deep for my snake, so we rented a big snake from Home Depot. Unclogged the clog.

BUT it broke off the bottom pipe that goes into the floor--it was rusted--and left pieces of that pipe in the threading. So we gotta figure out how to get those pieces out of the threading before we can fix it.

Meanwhile we have no kitchen sink or washing machine. Awesome.


Friday, April 03, 2015

Shame Me

Page 24 on the NotC script.

Finished the shooting script(1st draft) for the new T-tory short.

Got another card for the GH4. Tested the stabilizer a little bit. Seems to work pretty well with the lumix lens. Will have to figure a way to put more weight on the bottom to try the Rokinon.

No luck on an actress yet. I talked to one, but she stopped responding when I told her it involved her being mostly naked(though we won't show any nipples or anything, and it doesn't involve sex at all). It's basically the equivalent of this:
So I gotta look for another.

Fun fun. I also think I gotta drag my crane back into the woods for one shot. That sucks. (not the crane, cuz it's pretty light, but the fucking counterweights which aren't)

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Just like that...April

Made it back from Vegas. Travel takes a lot out of me now. Sitting in those cramped chairs for 5 hours is rough.

Hey, this is weird:

And look at that guy's eyes--remind you of anybody?


Saw It Follows tonight and I gotta say...little disappointed.  Victim of overhype perhaps?

Thing is--no spoilers of course--it just appears to be a very cool, simple idea and unfortunately it goes nowhere and has no ending.

It's not bad per se...had I heard nothing about it I probably would have said it was pretty good.

Lots to do now. Have started making a shooting script for new short.

Web sites have begun posting about my latest ventures:

But as much as I like Dread, they're a little mistaken about us doing similar things. See, I'm not taking ownership of anybody's shorts and the filmmakers involved in mine will be getting paid if we make money.

Only got one short submitted so far, and while it's not terrible it's not all that great either. Also they use Xmas music in it and claim it's public domain...but I have my doubts.