Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vegas Bound

Not looking forward to another trip. Can't stand travel. Airport's security--belt and shoes off, pull laptop from bag, sit around waiting for the plane, getting in boarding line, getting on plane, waiting in the seat while dreading to find out who's going to sit next to me for 5.5 hours--then do it all again.

I mean, the auction's not the bad part. That part's relatively easy. Incredibly tedious--I mean, I basically sit for 8 hours with one piss break and stare at a screen, manipulating numbers and making sure everything runs smoothly online.

Luke's admitted he'd never want my job. It's mind-numbing, and you need your mind in the game the whole time so it's a constant fight to stay sharp. If my mind wanders, they will literally lose tens of thousands of dollars.

I suppose it's why they pay me well and treat me nice.

I'm taking a ton of the TV shows I've fallen behind on. Seasons of shows that just ended: Banshee,  Episodes,  The Americans. Couple of movies. I really have no interest in getting out and checking out Vegas. This will be the fourth time I've been there, and without a ton of extra time there's no reason to go out much.


Binge watching Bloodline, the new Netflix show. I like it a lot. It's curious because it's not a show that's action packed or anything. It's just the incredible chemistry of this family unit that's dealing with a bad seed brother, and the mystery of what happened in the past to fuck him all up.


Got the stabilizer. And get this--everything on the web site says it handles cameras up to 2.5 lbs--I mean, it's in the fucking title of the product on Amazon. But when you get it it says up to 2.1 lbs on the back of the box.

Dunno what to do. I opened the box from the bottom so I can still return it if I want. It works okay with the GH4 and the Lumix lens. The Rokinon really weighs it down, so I dunno how much weight I'd have to add to the bottom to make it work.

It's not perfect, mind you.  Seems like a second hand is necessary to steady it perfect, which makes focusing a problem.

When I get back I'll spend some time on it. Really gotta do some extensive testing on looks anyway.

Also gotta break the new short into a shooting script/shot list.


This is a FB friend of mine. I don't KNOW her, but she sent me a friend invite at some time. And she's real. I think she wants me to put her in a movie.

I know what movie I'd like to put her in.


Let's public shame me. When I started back on the NotC script it was at page 14. Now it's at 21.

Let's see how long it takes me to get into the 30's.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fuckin' Fuck Fuck

Man, part of the reason for putting up that list is that there are times where I sort of get paralyzed with the sheer amount of shit I'd like to get done. It's like--there's so much to do, where do I start? Fuck it, I won't start anything.

Then I have days like today, where I got plenty of sleep but when I got up I could not shake the tired feeling. I wanted to get out and see It Follows but I had no energy, just fatigue. A bad bad lupus day.

I just went back to sleep, effectively sleeping from 7am to 6pm. Waste of a day.

Hope this shit goes away, cuz I gotta leave for Vegas on Thursday.

Am prepping to release the info about the Xmas anthology I'm going to try to do. At this point I'm curious/dubious about whether I'll actually GET five or six great submissions. I've seen a lot of awesome internet horror shorts but none that were set at Xmas. (other than the one that was apparently paid for by a web site, so it's not available to license)

This is the web site I'm putting together--am I missing any questions or things you think I should say/ask?

I'd tell you about the shit going on with Bounty right now but it's boring and disheartening. It's a fucking nightmare trying to get the final, done done rendered version of the flick. Thought I had done it, turns out there was still some goddamn subtitles in it.

Putting out feelers for an actress for my Siren short for T-Tory. Got a couple of good choices--not sure they're good with the nudity part. They won't be showing nipples or vag, but will be pretty much naked otherwise.

Ordered that cheap stabilizer. It's free, since I got a bunch of Amazon cred for stuff ordered through my affiliate link. Figure I better get it, start testing it. I wanna be extremely balanced when I use it so it doesn't wobble.

Haven't paid much attention to my Youtube page. Took a quick look--turns out that my 10 most-viewed videos have around 175,000 views on them. Crazy.

Google ad-sense for this month was way up. For all their vaunted tracking tools, I still have a hard time figuring out which ad on which site brings the most money. (to be fair, it's mostly my fault--I created an ad at one time called "movie" that seems to be doing the best...but I have no idea what that title meant, so can't remember where it is)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My To Do List

This is something I'm putting down here for me. This year is stacking up to be insane. Here's what I'd like to accomplish(in addition to the regular paying work so I can, you know, keep the house and whatnot):

--Shoot/edit another short for T-Tory(May-ish?)

--Shoot/edit the wrap(and maybe have to write it) for T-Tory(August-ish?)

--Finish S-Jack for T-Tory(final edit, color correction, figure out score)

--Shoot/edit an Xmas short for a possible Xmas horror anthology(December-ish?, but if so I can't possibly get this anthology out this year)

--Gather some good shorts from people online for the rest of the anthology

--Finish the SRT for Bounty and submit it to Kino

--Possibly shoot some other vids for a side project of Luke and I

--Wife wants to go to the Bahamas. November?

--Finish Halloween book(get final releases, have graphic guy go through and make it look a little prettier, get cover done by EA, needs to be submitted by early September at latest)

--Work on script for NotC--perhaps shoot a crowdfunding video, try to raise some big money(at least, big for a no-budget flick--maybe 50k? Can I do it for that? Dunno). This is the 2nd highest film on my imdb list as far as popularity goes, and it doesn't even exist. That's how popular the C word is.

--Finish my set-at-Halloween script I've been working on for like 3 years.

--Finish my "backyard" script that I've been working on for like 8 years.

--Finish HH3 script which I've been working on for like 8 years.

--Finish the Syfy script I started.

--Work on the "ghost" one that I've got like 20 pages of, plus a bunch of notes.

--Would be nice to jam out the other found footage script I'd started. There's really nothing like it out there, and that's saying something because there's a fuckton of FF movies, right?

--Come July, take back the rights to HH--would like to color correct it and get it on Amazon so it's MY dime once again.

There's more--I know I'm forgetting, but that's what this list is here for. I'm gonna add to it every time I remember.

It'll be fun to see how few I get done!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Friday the 13th 2015

Second F13 of the year. Went over to Zig's.

That's me in his mask. I'm wearing my baseball and my glasses. Super nerdy Jason!

This was the setup Zig put out beforehand.

Was a pretty full house. We took votes to see what movie/s we'd watch. Basically put our top 3 choices on paper--gave 3 points to each person's #1 choice, 2 points to the #2 choice and 1 point to the #3 choice.

It was close but F13 #4 won out by a slim margin. We watched that and still had time for the #2 choice, which turned out to be the remake.

I'm sure it's not our second favorite movie, but most of has hadn't seen it in a while. I hadn't seen it since the movie theater originally. I thought it was okay--certainly not the abomination that the Halloween or NOES remakes were.

Zig had made the dinner that they had in F13 #5, which meant I went to Five Guys ahead of time. But anyway we had a good time.

Then back to the house to edit a paid video. Gotta have it done by Sunday night. Shouldn't be a problem but my Saturday's kinda busy because you know what day it is!

This is another article about it with a brief piece on the possible origin:

And this is a picture from that actress friend of mine who writes/directs porn flicks. It shows just what the day should look like.
Hey, did I mention this blog's Not Safe For Work? Sue me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Happy 10 Year Anniversary To My Blog

Yep, today is exactly 10 years after I posted my first ridiculous post on this blog.

Really didn't think I'd last this long. To be honest this is all mostly for me, since most of you fucking deadbeats never post any kind of response. That's right, I called you deadbeats. Go ahead, post something, I dare you.


Anyway--and while we're at it, is that my most used word on the blog? It's either "Anyway", "So", or "But". Gotta be.

Finished a draft of the new short I may shoot for the anthology feature that I was only supposed to shoot one short for plus the wrap. Now it's looking like it'll be more like 2 shorts plus a wrap. (and that's not counting the other short that I shot camera on for half the shoot)

See, it appears some of the other "filmmakers" who were brought on are...well, let's just say it, terrible. And my stuff is not going in if the rest of the shorts suck. My name isn't going on that, and I made it clear when I spoke to the guy who brought me in. He understands and is totally willing to ditch people if they're not working out.

So I may be working on a new wrap-story also.


Watched Housebound on Netflix. Pretty entertaining, as I'd heard.

Started watching Marco Polo. It's pretty good. Definitely has that Shogun vibe, but with a lot more naked Asian women. A lot less Richard Chamberlain.


Also wanna die. See, I'm having to create an SRT file for my flick, in order to submit it to some of the bigger companies. An SRT file is a simple text file that contains every bit of dialogue in your movie, labeled with the exact timecode of when your actors are saying them on screen.

For instance, this is how some of mine looks:

00:10:11,230 --> 00:10:13,711
You know, they think it'll
lead back to drugs,
which is

00:10:14,062 --> 00:10:14,985
total bullshit man.

00:10:18,202 --> 00:10:19,118
I ain't going back to that.

00:10:24,102 --> 00:10:25,377
What's up guys?

00:10:29,812 --> 00:10:32,477
See, the drug thing's why I
can't carry a gun like the
rest of them.

00:10:33,154 --> 00:10:35,886
I got a conviction so it's
against the law for me.

00:10:37,122 --> 00:10:39,021
So, uh...

00:10:40,034 --> 00:10:41,282
I get the pepper spray.

So I have my dialogue spotting list, but it was never exact(and it also applied to a file that had a Universal Counting Leader), and I have to play the movie on VLC, trying to note when they say a line--beginning and end.

Then go over and add those times to that line in the text file. Note--VLC doesn't display milliseconds, so you're guestimating numbers. You save that text file, then reload it into VLC and check to see if you're exactly right.

You never are. Let me just say, I'm at the 11 minute mark in the movie and I've spent about six hours working on it. It's the worst thing ever.

Please excuse any typos or stuff in anything in this section. I sort of got high between those two sections.

Glad I picked the technically complicated section to be high on. Here, have some bonus tits. You deserve it for 10 years and still going!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Writing and Stuff

This is the story of a guy who's written some big movies, and it's got more than a few nuggets of wisdom, and brutal pieces of truth to it about writing.

I've followed his blog for a few years(we're internet acquaintances since at one point he put out a notice looking for a working copy of an old scriptwriting program--and turned out it was the one I first used years back, so I gave him a copy)--and now we follow each other on Twitter.

He's a good guy, so you should check it out:


Did I tell you I keep a file of little writing nuggets? Anything that comes to mind--sometimes it's just a line of dialogue, sometimes it's a whole scene to something percolating.

I call this file Stuff. It's password protected, so will die with me when I do.

I add to it here and there. I wish my brain were wired to it, because there are many times I think of something and don't remember to add it in, then later can't remember what it was I wanted to add.

Anyway, been adding to it a couple times the past couple of months and something strange has happened. Normally each entry in the file is completely unrelated in every way. Every once in a while you get two blurbs that you feel like you can put together and use, but that's about all that's in common.

But I noticed that the past five or six entries all have the same "feel" to them. It's starting to look like I have the makings of something. Something hard and mean. I like it.


The Halloween book continues. Tons of revising, shifting, trying to make it look better.


I've gone through Bounty and removed the subtitles from the couple of scenes they're in, and took out the URLs from the credits. I tried to render the whole thing as an .mov and keep getting an error at the end of the render.

Says I didn't have room on the hard drive, and since I have about 200 gigs free I think it's not correct.

So I try to export it in the h264 format. It works. But there's a problem. Here's what the company wants in a final file:
  1. No video file size less than (approx.) 1GB per minute for HD. e.g. 88 min movie = approx. 90GB upload file.
  2. No video with bitrate lower than 100 Mbit/sec (HD) or 30 Mbit/sec (SD)
The first h264 I create is like 6gigs. I didn't notice the Mbit thing above until after I rendered it. That's CRAZY bitrate. My normal bitrate export on Blu Rays is like 30Mbit/sec.

But I say fuck it. I tweak the Mbit to see what it'll take to get an 80gig file. Premiere says 160Mbit/sec will do it. So I export it at that setting.

The export finishes fine, I check the file--it's like 18gigs. It looks great, plays fine. I have no idea why Premiere's estimation was off so much.

So now I gotta find out whether they'll take it or if it'll get automatically rejected. They already told me they'd take an h264 file when their guide says they only accept Prores.