Thursday, May 29, 2014

New HH review

Well, newish for me as I haven't checked on Amazon in a while. This person is pretty confused...

I don't want that dud coming after me Like he did with the first craze guy. Rick Ganz is there a beginning too this book I mean the way the cover show the guy already made some kills ( Look at his hand) I Like this book so you just became my new read for a good scare. 9/12/13 6:07pm

 He/she thinks it's a book? What first craze guy?

Man, they need to have IQ tests before people are allowed to post reviews on Amazon...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back From Vegas

Relatively uneventful. Wandered around a bit. Worked. Had  a minor problem on the first day of work but got it ironed out.

My cousin who I haven't seen in like 10 years happened to be in town, so I met up with her for a couple of frozen drinks at an out-door bar. All at a bargain price of $16.25 a drink. I mean, they were huge drinks--like about the size of a red solo cup.

I enjoy Vegas, but it was pretty crowded.


Saw X-men Days of Future Past when I got back, even though I'm getting a serious sore throat. Here's what I liked and didn't like:

Things I liked about the X-men movie

1) Michael Fassbender's Magneto. Once again, if they made a Magneto movie featuring Fassbender in the role then I would be lining up to see it first. This is all the more impressive because I don't even like the character in the comic books.

2) Overall I enjoyed the story.

3) Quicksilver. Another character I don't like in comic form, but his scenes were some of the best in the movie.

4) Some of the nods to the original storyline. Spoiler--Storm dies in nearly the exact same way in the comic as she does here.

5) Blink. Even if her power and its uses are totally stolen from the Portal game.

Things I didn't like

1) Since when does Kitty Pryde's power allow her to send people's minds back in time? What? I don't even know why they would have thought this made any sense at all.

2) Bone claws. I'm not kidding when I say that whoever ret-conned this into the comics should be killed. (I can't remember what douchebag came up with it) Every time Wolverine popped them, part of me died.

3) Magneto's a little overpowered.

4) Why did they have to make the Sentinels into over-powered T1000s from T2? Yeah, I know they're the "future" sentinels. Also, the original Sentinels should have looked closer to the comic versions.

5) After-credits sequence. Very short, and has to be inexplicable to non-comic people. I'm assuming that guy was Apokalypse but I'm only thinking that because we saw four horseman. The guy didn't look much like Apokalypse from the comics other than being vaguely bluish.

6) No Nightcrawler?


Speaking of super-heroes, Stewie passed me this link a while back. It's pretty entertaining but not sure everybody would get the jokes. Some aren't great, but some are.


Another link. This is Bear McCreary's site. He's an up-and-coming composer who's done a ton of work in the past couple of years. I first saw his name on the new BSG series, but he does Walking Dead and movies now.

He keeps a blog, even detailing how he comes up with individual episode themes and whatnot. It's super detailed, sometimes too much so. But I find much of it fascinating.


Last link:
If you write screenplays and don't read this guy's site then you are a moron. He has had more informative posts in one year than the Save The Cat Book has in its entirety. And his book is FAR superior. Rather than tell you how to piecemeal your ideas into a formulaic screenplay, he shows how great screenplays work and gets your brain going.

Also here's one of his latest informative posts. Good info here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Off To Vegas, Bitches

And you know what I may do on my free day? Go see the new X-men movie, naturally. Fuck it, will be cheaper than losing all my money in the casino, right?

Saw Godzilla and enjoyed that, though the first four times they cut away from an impending fight between monsters was pretty frustrating. The first two times it was a tease, after that and you're just fucking with your audience's good will.

Nothing more to report on the filmmaker front. Am doing some visual effects for one of my actor-friend's web series. There's a ton of shots, and it's on crappy green screen so it takes a long time to key out stuff, and the costumes for the aliens are pretty bad so I've been disguising that through flares and strategic blurring.

Also made the aliens blink. He told me he liked it at one point, but now he doesn't. Oh well. Easy enough to shut off those layers, but doing it took some time on each clip. (tracking each eye, creating a matte for each eye and then putting the eyelid in there and animating the blink)

Outta here!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bored Fun

Sometimes I play that know, where you type in a partial question into google just to see what the popular questions are. So I put in some random starts. Pretty funny, frequently surprising to see what people are asking the interwebs.

I mean, in this day and age there are still people asking how do women get pregnant?

Watched A Boy And His Dog. Man, that movie is pretty strange. Basically our hero is a rapist. That's a weird angle to take, you know? Also, until I saw the credits I didn't realize it was based on a Harlan Ellison story.

Then I watched Ace In The Hole. A Billy Wilder movie starring Kirk Douglas. Always loved Kirk. He's playing a fairly unlikeable reporter in this flick. Does some despicable things in the name of getting the story. It's a good movie, which is no surprise from Wilder. Guy was a great writer.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


I guess jealousy and envy are not the best fruits in my character tree, but they're there. When younger filmmakers get breaks and/or get heralded for what I'd consider pretty mediocre work, my first response for the jealous or envious anger.

It's not so bad with my local peers though. Got a buddy whose movie showed at this past week MD film festival , and got some press for it. The jealousy and envy is still there, mind you, just not so bad. He's a buddy after all.

But it's still there. I guess it's just because I'm a horrible person.

On the other hand, my wife's cousin Matt went to Libya and shot some video of him freedom-fighting alongside the rebels, and getting caught. He brought the footage back and got an Oscar-nominated filmmaker to edit a documentary, and that doc has gone on to win some awards--even won a top Tribeca award.

I guess it's going to get some distribution, and my father-in-law saw me and immediately started bitching that it ought to be me.

There's a couple of reasons Matt's success doesn't bother me. First, it's like comparing apples and horseshoes. A documentary and its path has no relation to the path of a fiction movie. They don't play the same festivals typically, and they certainly don't get the same sort of treatment or distribution.

Second, even if it gets distribution, I'm pretty sure it's not going to make much money or much of an impact in general. The problem for Matt is that people in general just don't give a shit about the problems of foreign countries--we have enough problems here. And Libyans? Nobody here likes them, given that the most famous of them is a guy named Qadafi.

So I don't think the film's going to get much traction, other than the awards it's winning and some minor distribution. It's not that Matt really needs the money--his family's pretty well off.

Third, I think Matt's a decent guy. He comes to the annual Christmas party, always bringing his girlfriend. She's got an enormous rack, and always wears a low-cut dress. It makes conversations rather awkward, as it's hard to not look at the valley of cleavage every time you talk to her. But they're a pretty funny couple, especially after they've had a couple of beers.

He also has come to all my movie premieres, which is more than I can say about some of the family.


Busy week. I worked an auction Monday night and was asked to shoot a video for the upcoming Vegas auction. I did that, then they asked me to edit it fast, but I'm in the middle of doing the memorial video for my grandfather.

Worked on both. But my editing computer--the newly set-up hard drive--HATES the DSLR footage from the auction shoot. I'm exporting 15 minute segments that are taking 3 hours to render...and crashing right before they're done.

I mess around with some settings and eventually get it to work. Probably edited for about 36 hours in the last three days, but managed to finish four videos for the auction plus the dvd for the memorial.

Have done absolutely zero of anything else. No writing. No planning a movie. I feel more and more like a movie isn't gonna happen again this year.

Indy moviemaking is brutal, man. Hard to stay positive.

But I'll try. Hey, did I tell you I was gonna be a guest at an upcoming horror festival? You should come and see my amazing magic trick--I will make a TON of vodka disappear over the weekend.

The con is here, and you can even see my picture up there now. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Gonna Get On That Soon

The whole turn the TV off and work thing. It's just, I'm still sick as shit. Hard to muster any enthusiasm or brain power when you're sick.

What did I watch recently? Yep, this blog has turned into my TV diary.

Inbetweeners - I watched the first two seasons a while back, and was just informed that Netflix got season 3. So since they're only 6 episode seasons and only a half hour long, I just went ahead and rewatched the first two, then the movie that takes place after the second season.

Sure, the show is incredibly juvenile, but it still makes me laugh out loud at times. Watched the first episode of three. Will sort of save the rest.

Finished the new season of Banshee. Another good, if unbelievable, season.

Watched the first six or so episodes of the new season of Bates Motel. Show's really grown on me. I'm glad I didn't give up after that terrible first episode.

Tonight watched Joe Kidd. Man would I love to make a Western. I even have the idea for one in my head--it's been there for like ten years. Have written pieces of it. Not in a hurry to finish it, cuz making Westerns isn't in my near future. But I'd like to.

Was anybody ever as tough as Clint Eastwood in these Westerns? John Saxon playing a Mexican was kind of amusing though.

Hopefully my next post will be more exciting.