Monday, March 24, 2014

Starting To Believe In God...

And he hates me.

The irony of my last post wherein I talk about how wrecked I was feeling...

...Sunday morning I woke up and felt worse than I have ever felt in my entire life. Every muscle in my body ached. The slightest movement was agony. I involuntarily moaned with every breath.

I felt like throwing up, but didn't. My stomach felt bloated like gas was just building up inside. I won't go into the gory rest. Suffice it to say that suicide was a serious consideration.

I slept for just about all of Sunday and into Monday morning. My wife left me alone, took off work and got the kid to school. I woke up Monday morning feeling less achy but mentally I was wrecked because I had a dream I had won the lottery. I was super-psyched--granted, after the direct cash payout I was only getting 33 million but I had some immediate ideas about how to spend it.

So the rest of Monday was spent trying to get some fluids in me. And forget the feeling of being loaded with more money than I knew what to do with.

I go to Florida for an auction on Friday, so am just hoping I'm back to at least 80% by then.

For the record Luke appears to be on this week, as he sent me a picture of this "prop" he got today for the clowns flick. It's apparently real and weighs like 20 pounds. You're just going to have to picture what we're planning to do with it.

Bad news is, I'm not feeling too into the whole clown thing right now. To be honest, not feeling to much into the moviemaking thing right now. Hoping it's just the exhaustion of being sick, but who knows?

With no real light at the end of the miasma called distribution it gets more and more depressing.

Friday, March 21, 2014


That's how I feel. Dunno, been a weird couple of days on the sleep front. How do people do regular sleep schedules? I don't understand...

So, Vampcock. That's my fast-moving, highly misogynistic vampire script that I find very amusing. I think it would be a fun movie, an audience-pleaser. The only thing it might be lacking is nudity but maybe I can work that in there somewhere. I mean, you DO get to see a dude's cock but I don't think that's what you want, is it?

Anyway, even though Luke is sort of ON the fence about the clown script right now, there's no telling where he'll be next week so I'm gonna let that go wherever that goes. Have seriously been thinking about trying to move forward on Vampcock. If Clowns happens, then I somehow do two movies this year.

What do I need for Vampcock to happen? Money. Let's say 20K. Can I do it for that? (I hear Bellware out there right now shouting "I can do TWO of them for that!")

Not sure. If I get 20K then I'd say my biggest hurdle then become locations. The last 20 pages of the script take place in a sewer. I have ZERO idea how to get access to a sewer, or if we even HAVE the sewers I wrote.

Like these:

Or just hit this google search--any of them would work. So how do you get access to them? (and then let's say I do--how the fuck do you light them on no budget?)

If I got a sewer and figured out a way to make it work then most of the rest isn't too bad. I've already talked to the actors I'd want and they all seem psyched to do it.

I talked to the FX people about helping me shoot the first 3 page sequence from the script as a KS teaser. They're cool with it

Dunno...have worked up a decent little breakdown. Couple of very tough days, but on the whole I think it's workable, especially if I go in with a rock-solid shot list and we shoot on DSLRs.

Friday, March 14, 2014

This And That

Backed up some data from my other hard drives. I'm at a dangerous point in that I have a lot of info that is now on 1 hard drive with no backup. I need to get some more drives and back them up, as I've already filled up the new one.

I still don't know the extent of the loss, and won't until I start looking for something in particular and find it gone. I did manage to re-create the trailer for the flick I was editing. It's a good thing I went to Jared's, cuz I used most of what I took to his studio to finish the whole thing.

Luke is super moody. He goes from one day being all good, working on the script, to the next minute acting like the whole movie's not going to happen. And make no mistake--he knows the investor, not me. So if Luke backs out, it goes away.

But I wanna shoot a fucking movie this year, so I immediately went back to work on what I called Vampcock. Obviously not the real name. I do another pass on the script. I still really enjoy it. I know who I'd cast in every main part.

It's still pretty FX intensive. Could I shoot it for 20K? Dunno. Could I come up with 20K? Also dunno.

I went ahead and tagged the script, then brought it into the scheduler. Breaking it down. Could probably do a ten day shoot. There would be a couple of high-page days but I'd shoot a little more traditionally. Do some wide masters and then just pick the shots I need and do them next. Spend the bulk of time on the cool FX/action scenes.

If nothing else I'd love to shoot the first 2 pages, if only for a Kickstarter thing. Will start seriously looking at trying this soon.

Which is ironic because Luke just emailed me this evening with a script question on the Clowns thing, when the last time I talked to him he was like "Just leave me alone".


Watched a local movie from a dude I know. It's got the word President in it. I had seen a small portion of it at one time and thought it looked pretty terrible, but it's actually a fun little movie. The scene I had been shown was indeed pretty terrible, but not really an example of how the rest of the film is.

Then I started watching the original The Haunting. Man, Robert Wise was a pretty interesting filmmaker. Running the gamut from sci-fi(The Day The Earth Stood Still) to horror(The Haunting) to musicals(The Sound of Music, West Side Story), to others I haven't seen.


Hey, it's Steak and BJ Day! I always remind the wife--I was actually surprised when I mentioned, with a grin, that an important holiday was coming up that she knew exactly what I was talking about. I have trained her well.

On another note, I really wanna get out and see 300 in 3D and Non-Stop. Two movies out there I wanna see...weird.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Fuckin' Cold Pain In The Ass

We got snow. Again. And it's supposedly like 5 degrees outside right now.

Inside's not much better. One of the reasons for the longevity of my hard drives is because my basement "studio" is always cool. In summer, cool. In winter, cold. And it's damn, damn cold right now.

UPDATE: GODFUCKINGDAMMIT, I knew if I typed something like that it would bite me in the ass. Not three hours after I did this update I had one of my OTHER fucking drives go down. An external. So I figure, no big deal. It's not making any noise. It's probably just the USB housing. Take it out and connect it directly to the motherboard.

NOTHING. This is also--no joke--where the trailer I've been editing is. And when I exported those trailers I put the watermark in them, and didn't export a NON-watermark version.



Edit computer went down. You can boot it back up, but it takes like 10 minutes to get to the main screen. Then sooner or later it's gonna lock up while I'm doing something.

So I got down to business. Re-formatted the new hard drive from scratch, put Windows on it. Set a restore point. Put the CS5 suite on it. Set a restore point. Started adding on all my various programs and plugins.

Do you have any idea how long that shit takes? There's like a million of them, and each one has its own serial you gotta put in. (many of them you have to boot Premiere or AE just to get it so you can register it)

Also many of them aren't working right off the bat. They're not showing up in my list of Effects. So I gotta start moving them around--you see Adobe has like 500 different folders it could be putting your plugins in. I'm not sure why the plugins don't know which is the proper folder, but it's annoying. (There's a folder for plugins under EACH program like After Effects and Premiere and also a COMMON plugin folder under each, and then there's just a folder under Adobe that's called Common--and any one of these could be the right one.)

I use trial and error to figure out which.   I got an idea. How about ONE GODDAMN FOLDER for ALL your plugins. If it's not an appropriate plugin, the program will ignore it anyway.

And what a pain in the ass some programs are. Quicktime. Nope. Don't have it, and I won't connect to the internet over it. So they can eat me--got one from the torrents(cuz the only way to get it on their site is to download the "installer" which connects to the internet and downloads the rest of the program).

Why isn't Acrobat part of the CS suite? I got pdfs I can't read all of a sudden because I don't have Acrobat on. Gotta go find that. Install it.

It's taken me all day and night, but it's nearly there. I'm missing some filters for that trailer project I did--am looking for them now. They're on one of these hard drives.
The first 15 pages of the new script have been written--Luke finally just told me to take the next pass since I'd done the first 9. He had some notes and changes--the ones I agreed with I changed, and the others I'll wait and see if he says anything about it later.

I'm gonna have Luke write the next scene, but then comes the sexy dance scene that I want. You know, a staple in a lot of 80's movies from Night of the Comet(where they shop and dance around to Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun--well, okay, a cover of it but it's pretty close) to Fright Night to whichever F13 that was where Crispin Glover spazzed out.

So I'm writing that scene. But we're still a bit stymied on the ending. We have a disagreement and I'll give you an analogy--note, these are not the names nor the situation but this is a very close analogy.

Say you're watching a movie. Three characters are the only ones left alive. Brian and his sister Mary, and then there's Kathy. Now Brian's pretty cool--you've gotten to like him. He's tough, no nonsense, an ass kicker. His sister you don't know a ton about.

Kathy's a good looking girl who you thought was gonna die early, but turned to be not only tough but pretty smart too, and she can handle herself. I'm betting the audience likes her just as much as Brian, if not a little more.

Brian's sister has been bitten by a pod-person. You know, like an Invasion of the Body Snatchers thing. But there's no telling if it turned her into one or not, because like, how would you know?

Kathy wants to kill the sister now. Doesn't trust her. Brian, of course, wants to protect his sis.

We writers--we got a dilemma. One of us wants Brian to kill Kathy. The other of us thinks the audience may not be happy with that choice, especially if they're rooting for her slightly more than Brian.

The OTHER one of us would like Brian to be forced to kill his sister, though they're foggy on exactly WHY he would do that(self-preservation because the sister tries to kill him or Kathy?). The thinking by the other being that it's more of a torment for him to have to do that.

So we're going around and around on it, and we finally just said fuck it--let's get to writing and see what it looks like when we get there. I think we're pretty short, because this script scene-wise is like 40 scenes shy of most of my scripts. Then again, I'm only going for 80-90 pages on this.