Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some Crazy Shit

So a package is coming to me, shipped from Fedex. Keep in mind it's coming to Maryland.

Here's the tracking info:

2/21/2014  -  Friday
7:56 pm   
Picked up       
9:45 pm   
Shipment information sent to FedEx 

Okay, we're in Michigan. Cool.

2/22/2014  -  Saturday 6:29 am   
Departed FedEx location       
3:24 am   
Arrived at FedEx location
 Ohio, on our way.

2/24/2014  -  Monday 6:24 pm   
Departed FedEx location
4:36 pm   
Arrived at FedEx location       
Sweet, in Maryland, almost there.

2/25/2014  -  Tuesday 8:30 pm   
Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service
 8:21 pm   
Departed FedEx location  
12:38 am   
Arrived at FedEx location

Uh...I'm sorry, what? How smart is your smartpost if you've now MOVED TO ANOTHER STATE? You were in MY STATE, and now you're not...


Work On The New Script Begins Again(Finally)

So, like, I still wanna shoot a movie this year. I mentioned it a ways back, but if you think I'm gonna go find the link for you then you don't know me so well.

Since we can't get the $150K we'd need to do the script we want to do, we're going to move forward on my other idea which is a return to killer clowns. We've been working on the skeleton of the story for like six months, off and on. Hard to get Luke motivated on it.

But finally I've convinced him we need to get moving on this so two big things can happen: 1) We can make sure the investor is still on board for doing it and 2) I can start making fucking plans. Breakdown the script. Start figuring out the location and where money's going to be spent.

Cuz the guy originally said he'd be good for like $60K. My thoughts go along this line, then:

Plan A) Spend it all on the movie, that is, the production of the movie. Shoot ultra-low SAG and maybe populate it with a few up-and-coming actors you've never heard of who are breaking into the genre in the hopes that one of them becomes a name or gets a following by the time the movie's done. Then when I've got a final cut of the movie, beg(Kickstart or Indiegogo) the money needed to complete it. (get an actual professional color-correction and audio mix. Cost approximately 20K) If we don't make it though...that would suck.

Plan B) Spend 40K on the production. Populate it with talented nobodies. Keep the 20K to finish the movie professionally.

I think plan A is the better plan. But you just wouldn't believe how fast money starts disappearing when you're budgeting...I'm hoping to keep it to only 2 weeks or less, and I'm not taking a dime personally...but it's so easy to watch that money disappear and you've barely begun paying anybody...

Saw 3 Days to Kill. It is not the movie it's advertised to be. It's not action/spy serious movie. It's got weird moments of goofy comedy...it's okay, and I still like Costner but it's not great. Needs to lose 15 minutes.

Also watched Sorority House Massacre II. It's on Netflix and somebody else mentioned it. It's got hot girls getting naked and running around in lingerie getting killed. So you know I enjoyed it, even though it's not really a good movie.
The GOH Blu is exceeding my expectations. Amazon acted like they didn't get my first shipment--had to send them messages with tracking info, and finally they put it all into inventory. Sure enough, that first batch is completely sold out though Amazon does some weird thing where some of them are sold but some are "customer owned", which Amazon defines as "The number units in Amazon's Fulfillment Center(s) allocated to some outbound process (customer order or removal)".

We'll see what happens when they get the bigger shipment I sent last week. Right now it still shows up as Sold Out on the site, so I haven't spread the news beyond Fango and Dread.

Dread: http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/74056/kevin-kangas-opens-his-garden-hedon#axzz2tiPxb2fX

Fango: http://www.fangoria.com/new/enter-the-garden-of-hedon-with-clowns-director-exclusive-photos-comments-blu-ray-info/

Goh is also on the imdb meter at like 21,688 which is pretty high for a movie with no real distributor behind it. To put it in perspective, that Blair Witch with a vampire movie that came out two weeks ago with a major push behind it(you couldn't go to a horror web site without seeing an ad) is at like 10,333.

If we break under 10,000 next week it would be pretty awesome though I don't see it happening.

Am going to go out to the studio to finish cutting the trailer with the 5K footage. Wanna wash my hands of the whole thing.

My favorite comment from my buddy who helped shoot it, on my trailer: "I like it, but the beginning's a little slow." I LAUGHED...the whole fucking movie is slow, man. Like death. It's 80% talking with 15% of a woman wandering around in the dark with 5% of other stuff.

Here's the rough I did with the footage they exported. Shh, don't tell anyone I'm showing you.


Monday, February 17, 2014


So remember how I said Amazon had ordered a bunch of Blu Rays of GOH? I shipped them, but they still haven't gotten them.

Not the surprising part.

Today I got ANOTHER purchase order for MORE GOH's and it's DOUBLE THE PREVIOUS ORDER...

This is crazy. I don't know what kind of orders they're getting but now it's getting to the point where I'm going to have to cut Amazon off--they're taking a significant portion of our entire print run, and since they take such a big cut from each sale it really starts to minimize what we're making.

But it's pretty cool knowing there's this kind of demand. (I'm just hoping this isn't some sort of estimation thing, and they end up sending us back a bunch)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow and Streams

So we got some snow. Like 6 inches or so. Kid got off school and for some bizarre reason I'm not sleeping so great. I was up at 10:30am after going to bed at 6am.

Dunno. Could be cuz I'm STARVING. I started the killer diet again. Time to get back in shape.

My wife was like Let's Go Sledding. Been a while but okay.

We headed out and shockingly there was NOBODY on the hill sledding. Clearly there had been people there at some point but it was all ours.

Had some fun, went down it like 15 times. Gotta tell you though, trudging around the track to get to it and then going up the stairs after every slide...I'm not taking in enough calories to do any kind of exercise, and man was that exercise.

Here's a couple of videos I took with my iphone on the way down.

On the other front, I'm not sure anyone has any idea how much work is involved in self distributing a movie. We got quite a few orders for GOH this week, so I've packed them all up and shipped them out.

Then I've had to encode a new version of GOH exclusively for streamable medias. (And I burned a dvd and sent it to Amazon for their streaming)

There's a TON of web sites that handle streaming and I picked two others that I think have the best chance at succeeding.

The first is Distrify. They take a 30% cut of your streaming--less than Amazon--but what's interesting about them is that they actually pay other people to spread your movie. So if someone becomes an affiliate--it's easy to do by just signing up--then pimps your movie, THEY get paid also whenever someone watches the movie from their link.

Pretty cool.  They will stream as a rental and also sell your movie outright if you like.

The other is called VHX. Yeah, it's a cool name. They take 15% plus $.50 per transaction, which is clearly lower. Only downside here is they will only sell your movie. They don't give a shit about streaming--which they consider renting, and they're anti-renting, calling it the "old" way.

Here's an interesting article about them:

The good thing about these sites is that their players play in just about everything. Phones, ipads, whatever. I'm not sure how you go about watching on your TV unless you've your TV plugged into your computer, but it sounds like more and more people are watching their media via non-TV sources.

On each of these sites you have to set up your account, upload a trailer, a poster, and the movie. Set your prices and your preferences. It takes a good bit of time.

May go with some others--haven't decided. Definitely not Vimeo pay one. They force you to get the Vimeo Pro plan, which right off the bat costs you $199/year. That's fuckin' steep, man. Especially given that at one point Vimeo was higher quality than Youtube, but as has been shown in a few tests recently this is no longer the case.

That's the plan for now. Will be cool to make Luke's money back on the blu rays, then start paying him off on the budget.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


So the printers again beat their estimate. GOH Blus arrived yesterday. Amazon surprisingly placed a decent sized order on their own. Normally they'll request like two copies and I'll have to send a stock up request before they actually ask for a reasonable amount.

This time they ordered more than I would have even requested, so I'm not sure if that's a sign of how much interest it's getting or what. It's more copies than I ever sent of FOC2, and that's sold pretty well on the site...

The podcast is up now. If you're really bored and want to hear a lot of hate it's right here:

Watched a couple of Amazon Prime shows--you know, they're doing pilots and if they'll give the most popular ones a season.

Bosch, based on the Michael Connelly books of which I'm a big fan, is decent but ends without tying up anything. I liked it but wish it had maybe gone with two mysteries and at least solved one rather than just leaving it open as if the whole thing is going to be like the first season of The Killing.

The After, by Chris Carter, is okay if pretty derivative. I never read the books or saw the movie but it sure feels like that whole Left Behind thing. It's good enough I'd continue watching to see where it goes--well, I'll give anything with my main man Adrian Pasdar(Profit himself) in it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Podcast Doings

Tidbits of what's going on:

Did a podcast on Sunday. It's not your normal kind of podcast. I was warned ahead of time that it would take between 5 and 7 hours to do.

I was like, What? We actually hang out and work on a skit for a while, then a commercial, then we do the podcast, and it's all incorporated and edited down into like 90 minutes.

They got best podcast in Baltimore last year, so they must know what they're doing.

I got up early and went out there. It actually ended up being about 8 hours, but I actually had a pretty good time. I said some stuff I probably shouldn't have said, but fuck it. I really am getting past where I care about my image. Yes, I'm a horrible person. But I'm a funny horrible person so it's cool, dig?

I'll post a link when it's up on the off chance ya wanna check it out.


We're less than a week away from the release of GOH. Look here!

Cool thing is that apparently the movie is getting some attention, because Amazon placed a decent order for them without me even asking. See, the way it normally works is that Amazon will want you to send them two copies of your item. Then you have to contact them to place a Stock Up Request and provide them with some sort of bullshit reason they should order more than two copies.

But not this time. Before I even asked they sent me a decent order request.

The printer claims I should have them between Wed and Fri.

I guess blu ray.com has some deal with Amazon or something, because soon after my flicks appear there they also appear on blu ray. See?

Same thing happened with FOC2. Look here if ya don't believe me.


Man, there's too much TV. I hear True Detective is pretty great but do I have more time to devote to another show? Even if it's an HBO series, which has smaller seasons.


Wanna see something weird?

I had told my brother we were going to be doing another clown movie, one featuring a lot of clowns. So I said I was going to need some new clown designs. (He designed the makeup for Shivers, which is universally regarded as the only good thing about FOC1, though I still say the score is great. Basically, anything I didn't do is pretty great in that movie)

For Christmas he gave me a sketchbook full of new clown drawings he'd done.

Now maybe I gave him the wrong idea by telling him about the storyline because rather than giving me new makeups for clowns, he gave me full concept ideas. Some are cool, some are weird, some are just goofy.

Like this one. It's like what someone would draw if the question were asked "What would Gravity look like if it was directed by Kevin K?"

Still, kind of a cool pic.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Monitor down, Monitor down!

I got home from the superbowl to discover my monitor wasn't on. I thought...maybe it's the screen saver that I hardly ever use(it comes on after like 6 hours).

Moved my mouse. Nothing.

Then I smelled something toxic. If you've ever had a computer or computer part go bad on you then you've probably smelled that horrible burning plastic/motor smell. It's terrible. And it was getting worse.

So I pulled the plug on the monitor. It was my #1 monitor in the two monitor set-up.

I only use the two monitor set up on my editing computer because of the KVM switch--it will only handle one monitor per computer. I had to switch the #2 monitor over to the KVM switch, and now I have to go out and get a new monitor tomorrow.

Fun! I love spending money!

Also, have been having nothing but problems setting up the new hard drive for my editing computer. I'd go into details but it would bore you.

Like, I mean, superbowl boring. That was quite a blow out, huh?