Friday, January 31, 2014

Fango spotlights FOC2 and mentions the next thing

Am finishing up the trailer I was supposed to be working on. I think it's decent...certainly much better than the movie of which it's advertising. Bad news is I'm almost certainly going to have to go out to their studio and cut it to the 5K footage...there's a lot of digital pushes and zooms and other things that just don't look great with however they exported the footage I'm using.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Popular With The Ladies(Over 35)

I'm sure you know I eat at BK a lot. I may have even mentioned that I don't even have to place my order--when I walk in the door they start ordering for me before I even say a word.

Sad in a way, but I think it's cool.

Anyway, there's a manager there that would give me free food like every other time I'm there. For no reason. Like, sometimes I throw in a value fry with my double-cheeseburger and large coke. I don't want a big fry cuz as it is that combo will fill me up.

Half the time she doesn't even charge me, and sometimes gives me a medium fry even though I really only want the value one.

I just figured it was cuz I'm friendly and they see me all the time, and I don't complain like some of the people who come in.

Then recently they got a new manager. She's like 35-ish and cute. First time she was working one of the other employees let her know right away what I wanted. She brightened up, all smiley, gave me a real intense look. Like, if I was single I could be taking her home.

Every other time I've gone she gives me free stuff. Every time. Like, if I don't order the fries, I'm getting them anyway now. And every time with a big smile and nice words.

Couple of days ago I stopped in with the wife and kid. The new manager was there. Still smiled but no piercing gaze. And no free food.

Yesterday I stopped in by myself and she was there. Didn't get any free food.

So whattaya read into that? I mean, was she "courting" me with the free food, but now that she realizes I'm taken(cuz I don't wear a wedding ring) I'm persona non grata?

Dunno. In the end I'm okay with it. I'm gaining weight--they're killing me with all their kindness. (Like, one time I stopped in just for a soda--paid for it and walked over to fill my cup, and the kitchen girl in the back calls out that they already made my sandwich--just gave it to me for free)


Anyway. My GOH blu burn had a failure. I'm FUCKED. I gotta put the whole goddamn thing back together from scratch when the new hard drive comes in. (but first, I gotta get it, partition it, install Windows 7 and put all my fucking programs back on, which is gonna take a full day)

Man, being a filmmaker is a suck job nowadays.


Met some film friends and other youngsters cuz they like to come to Crabtowne near me to eat and play arcade games. I played Addam's Family Pinball--my all-time favorite pinball. Broke 89,000,000 and got a free game.

Chatted with some of them. Nobody's enjoying the new film distribution motif. Motif being, no money for your film.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hard Drive Failure?

Been having some weird issues with the edit computer lately.

You see, I was finalizing the GOH Blu Ray when I realized I had forgotten the dedicated-music track that I like to put on my discs. It would take some time and a little work but I figured fuck it, I'd go do it.

I tried. But partway through the Blu Ray render my computer just locks up. Then when I try to reboot the computer it just hangs on a black screen. I can't even get it to go to windows safe mode by jamming F8.

So I throw in my Windows 7 recovery disk. It says it can't find any errors to fix. So I just tell it to go ahead and boot normally. For some reason it now does, even though nothing was fixed.

I get back to work. The blu ray render starts failing with some really weird errors I've never seen from Encore. Screw it, I don't have time to mess with it. I start editing that trailer I'm supposed to be working on. It's going to be tough to make a trailer where like 90% of the movie is the main actress wandering around in the dark.

I work on that for a couple of hours last night, a few hours today. I close Encore out, it begins closing and I switch over to my internet computer(my monitors are connected to all of my computers through a 4-way KVM switch). A little while later I switch back to the edit computer and see a window I've never seen before.

It says "Windows detected a hard disk problem. Back up your files immediately to prevent information loss, and then contact computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace the disk." Then it gives me options to backup, or ask again later."

Super! It's pointing at the main hard drive that I partitioned that has all the programs plus windows plus a bunch of other stuff.

So I guess the hard drive has had enough. I guess I should be happy it lasted over 3 years given the intensive shit I put it through. I'm pretty good on the backing up, so I just have to copy off all the newer stuff and order a new hard drive.

Guess I'm going to be reinstalling all my programs and whatnot. May install the newer version of CS.

Meanwhile I put on Spring Breakers since it's on Amazon Prime. I heard it was a pretty shitty movie. That is not correct if you like B-roll footage of Spring Break including all the titties and shaking asses you can, well, shake a stick at.

I would guess that 50% of this movie is B-roll footage. No joke. But yeah, I'm like an hour in and the movie's going nowhere.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Am I So Busy?

Man, two weeks since I posted? I am getting bad. Not like Stewie bad, but bad nonetheless.

New Year's Eve I didn't do much. Went out to dinner at Romano's, which I'd never been at. It was pretty good. We met some of my wife's friends, and then afterward went to one of their houses--more food and drink there.

Shot some pool, which I hadn't done in like 8 years. It was a regulation-sized pool table. That's why I was so shitty, I told myself.

Guy has a nice house. Big. He apparently also went in on some land like two hours away with some friends of his and they built a "house" where they vacation and go hunting. I put the house in quotes because I saw a bunch of pictures of it, and it looks like a 12 room motel. It's two stories with like six doors on each level.

It's huge. I asked him, "Who stays in it when none of you are up there?"(which is most of the time). He says "Nobody."

I'm thinking, fuck, ought to rent it out to film crews. It's out in the middle of nowhere, woods all around, plus it looks like a little motel. All sorts of movies could be set out there.

Anyway, watched the ball drop and heard some racist comments from a guy named Jerry. He put his foot in his mouth because apparently one of the party-goers has a daughter who's married to "one of them niggers"--Jerry's words. He didn't know this fact when he said it--he was referring to someone on TV--so there was a bit of a thing. Not too big.
The big L.A. auction was this past week, so Luke and I got together to work on the presentation. It was going to be tight, and then on top of it the weather started dumping snow on us. I said fuck it--production value--called up Luke and said we're going out to shoot something.

He bitched and moaned, and tried to talk me out of it, but I was already on the very-slick road to his house. The snow was coming down so hard I could barely see at points.

We shot some of it that night, more the next two days. I edited it as fast as I could and showed it to him. We both found it very funny, but weren't sure if the L.A. people would agree.

Turns out, they did. Many people thought it was our best video. Course, they laughed at different parts than I do...

Here it is if you wanna check it out. The third segment is the funniest.

I'm a little ashamed of how long it took me to make that title in After Effects.

Anyway, the trip out was eventful.

It all started with an incredibly-shitty flight on United. I recommend you NEVER use them. Ever. Like, never ever.

When we got to the airport our flight was already delayed 2 hours due to mechanical issues. This is going to make our connecting flight in Houston a little tight. Super.

We get on the plane after the two hour wait, it takes off. I notice the plane seems to be flying a little funny, and we're not flying very high. A half hour later the pilot comes on the radio and says the issue doesn't appear to be fixed, and we're landing at Dulles and will get another plane.

Great. We land, and Luke scrambles to find some other flight because we're not going to make the connecting flight. He manages to find a direct flight to San Diego. From there we'll drive the 90 minutes to where we're going.

We get on that plane. We sit on the plane for like a half hour before the pilot comes on and says there was a leak with the previous flight in the first-class bathroom, and they're fixing it and must check to make sure no crucial elements of the plane were damaged.

A half hour later the pilot comes on and says we're deplaning--we have to get on a different plane because this one's not okay.

That's right, we get on our THIRD PLANE and we're still only about 25 miles from my house.

Eventually it took off, we made it to San Diego, and then got to our hotel a full seven hours after we should have.

The first night before setup some of the others needed a spreadsheet program to finish set up. I don't have one on the company laptop, and all I had was the hotel's shitty wi-fi at that point.

I tried to get a free office program from a legit company. Next thing you know not a single one of my browsers will open up. Double-clicking on chrome does nothing. In the task manager you can see it flicker on and then just disappear from the list.

I try to open IE. It starts to open and then crashes. It gives me an error message, and windows says it's trying to fix it. Then says it failed to fix it. I go get my laptop and try to look up what it could be. Everything says malware, which is weird because I have an active virus checker. Also, did I mention the legit freeware I downloaded?

So I download Opera on my other laptop, load it on the company laptop and run it. It works. Sweet. I uninstall Chrome, then redownload it and install it. It works. Sweet.

I close the laptop because I have to head back to my hotel room. In my hotel room I boot the laptop up and find a deadly screen that says Windows is missing files and has failed to start.

Long story short, the Windows repair can't fix the laptop. It's dead. No option to even safe mode boot it.

Did I mention this laptop is necessary to run the auction where they literally are going to sell over a million dollars worth of stuff? I'm starting to sweat it.

What I end up doing is factory resetting the whole laptop to Dell's factory settings. I'm praying this isn't just a wipe so that I can install Windows, because I don't have Windows with me. I'm hoping that it will reinstall Windows 7 on there.

It does. But it takes a LONG time. Then even worse, I have to reupdate all those Windows updates. It guesses it's going to take 8 hours. At this point I can barely get that much sleep before having to get up to go downstairs and set up the camera and computer, so I tell it go ahead and I take a sleeping pill. Hoping it will be done by morning.

Wake up at 7:30am. The computer has frozen with about 96 updates still left.

I shower, dress, and run the computer downstairs. Plug it in, restart it, and tell it to continue updating. It's taking FOREVER. Luke asks me if it's going to be ready in time for the auction, or should they go to plan B which is run down the street and buy a new laptop.

Anyway, it finishes up with about an hour to spare. I get it all going, and there's some other minor wrinkles, and one other major wrinkle, but the auction goes okay and much money is made. We eat at a nice restaurant two nights in a row.

The flight home sucked too. If you can believe it, on the second half of our itinerary one of the TV's was out in the plane and they were holding us until somebody could fix it. The pilot came on, clearly sounding exasperated, and said that he tried to talk them into letting us go but they refused, saying they needed to fix it.

Fuck it. Home now.
Got home, immediately had work to do. My side shit first.

Then I had to finalize the GOH Blu Ray. Gotta get that done ASAP. The youtube videos are getting mad hits. The first three chapters alone are now over 20,000 hits and they've been uploaded for only about a month.

Had to upload a new chapter, which is up now. In case ya wanna see, they're here:

For the record the one I just uploaded starts with one of my least-favorite scenes in the movie. Also of note is that there's an actress in the movie who is acting REAL strange. She pimps all the shit she's in, including some REALLY terrible Youtube video she did.

But she's like mum on GOH. I even asked her about it in a private message. She read it, and didn't even reply to me. It's not like she's avoiding me, because she still replies in random FB messages and sends me emails.

So wtf? I think she might be mad that I didn't go for distribution. She's got a couple of other movies coming out this year, and she tried to get me to send a GOH screener to a guy who has had his last two movies released through Image. I tell her I'm not sending it to another filmmaker--if she has a name and address for someone AT Image then I'll send one.

She sends me an address--I google streetmap it. It's somebody's house. It's not an office. So I just tell her that, and then ignore it. So that's all I can figure, that she's pissed I didn't give the movie away in order to get it out there.

The funny part is that there WAS a part for her in either of the two movies I'm going to try to shoot this year, but did you see my use of tense? WAS a part.
Next thing  I have to get to work on is the trailer I mentioned a while back(HERE). They finally got the footage to me nearly two months later. I grab it from the drop box, so tomorrow I'll start working on it. Time to polish a turd!

There's your super-long update.