Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back From New York

Stayed at the Waldorf Astoria. It's decent, but not as nice as everybody would have you believe. It's an old hotel, but the staff was all pretty nice.

Worked an auction. My eyes were killing me, so it was tough staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Highlight was seeing a doll sell for $200K. For real.

But after the first day's auction we went to get something to eat and look--snow in New York. The first night, I should mention, my brother and I went to find a local pizza place because John Stewart kept talking about how great New York pizza is.  We found one, ate there. It was good, but I still like the place near me better.

Anyway, back now. Figured it's finally time to break down and watch the master FOC2 Blu that I burned so I can finally approve it and send it off to the burners.

Did it tonight. It looks good, but you gotta understand that it's got some issues...many pans in the movie seem to stutter slightly, and I figured out why. It's due to the fact that we shot PA on the Panasonic DVX-100B. When that format is pulled into the computer it duplicates a frame to turn the 24frames into 30frames for video.

Not much I can do about it now. It's in the original DVD, but it's just that the picture is so much bigger now on Blu that it's more noticeable.

I gotta tell you though, I feel like we should do a new commentary. The other commentaries aren't going to line up exactly, as this movie has been changed slightly even from the final copy.

I also should really re-render the final credits in hi-def, as they look like shit. I re-did the opening credits in true hi-def, but the problem with the end creds here is that the plug-in I used to do them originally doesn't work on the new Adobe.

There's a couple of other little things that I don't think most people will notice. Anyway, will decide what to do shortly. If I can get Zig and Luke to do a commentary in the next 10 days then maybe I'll put it on. Otherwise, I'm gonna send it off next week.

Weird as shit revisiting this movie every time. I can vividly remember shooting it. Every goddamn day.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Week From Hell

Throat started feeling scratchy. Got a cough.

Jared wanted me to come out on Friday for a meeting about this project they want to work on--they were having a few filmmakers out to talk to. I figured hey, while I'm there I can get some of the footage I need to make this trailer for them.

I spent all of Thursday night going through the rough of the film that I have and clipping the video/audio sections I think I'll need for this trailer. Took a while. Cleared off a couple of 16gb thumb drives, hoping I could fit the clips on there that I'd need.

Made the haul out to Bel Air--a solid hour trip out. No traffic so that was nice. I get there and the producer of the film as well as the director are there trying to supervise an edit. That means they're on the main edit bay.

I sit down at another computer and start finding the clips I need, using the .mpg I generated from the clips the previous night. It's SLOW. The computer is a piece of shit MAC, first of all. Every time you click to make it do something, it takes like 2 seconds to get going. Clearly my edit machine has spoiled me.

Second, they shot in 5K. So these clips are GIANT. The first clip I was going to pull was like 4gigs, and it was tiny. I spend a few hours going through, figuring I better pull all the clips onto the timeline and then export them as smaller hi-res clips('cause nobody needs a 5K trailer).

I got there at like 1pm and pretty much get nothing accomplished. I try to export about 4 minutes worth of clips and it tells me it's going to take 8 hours to render. That's a FAIL.

The director/producer say they're going out to get dinner around 6pm. So I duck into the edit bay to get on that computer, which they say is faster. It is, but it's still a POS MAC.

I continue finding/trimming clips. But then Danny and Sharif come in and wanna show me the rough edit of what we shot way back here.

I take a look. It's got funny stuff but it also has some weird edit choices. Some shit that doesn't work at all, and this is apparently like a 5th pass. Like, the thing opens up with a wide shot, craning and panning toward some guys walking over. Then they cut to a close up of the dudes. It doesn't work. Very disorienting.

I know we shot a medium to bridge the shots, so I don't know why they didn't use it. If they don't want the additional shot, I tell them they should dissolve between the wide and the close up to ease the transition. Danny, the editor, says "I don't like dissolves."

Now he's a nice guy. I like him. But that is seriously the stupidest thing an editor could say. You use every tool you have to make what you're working on the best it can be.

And the serious thing is, he's editing the movie that I'm cutting a trailer from, and it needs dissolves like a fish needs water. The movie is bloated and slow, and has a number of scenes that should be montages, but they're all missing dissolves. I thought he just hadn't put them in yet(which is weird, since it's just a click and drag of a button), but apparently he just doesn't wanna put them in.

I don't really know how to broach the subject to Jared. If Danny's their main editor then they have a big problem.

Anyway, I break for dinner(Subway) and come back to find out that there's like 25 people there, and they've started drinking before this meeting. It's like a party or something. Then we have the meeting, which is cool and the project interests me, but who knows if I have time--and their deadline is March.

I head back to the edit room to continue. I don't want to be there all night. The people out in the office continue drinking, and get loud and boisterous. Some of them wander into the edit room to talk very loudly, even though it's pretty clear I'm working.

I finally get it all put together, and try to figure out the best format to export a high-quality version of the clips that I can use easily. I know Mac likes the Pro-Res, but PC doesn't. I decide to try a high quality .mp4, but I'm getting some weird specifications--they're using Adobe CC, which I haven't used, so I'm not sure whether it's going to render as nice as I need.

Either way, it's going to take 8 hours. I tell them to dropbox the file to me when it's done. I leave at like 12:30am, so it was nearly 12 hours.

Haven't gotten anything yet. I hope they're not in a hurry, because I'm going away to New York on Friday and won't be back until Sunday evening.

The next night after the edit, I went to the premiere of the movie I was helping Zig out on. Went okay. Some missing sound FX, but I think most people were pleasantly surprised that it was watchable.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Problem

Went over Zig's today and spent another 11 hours editing a movie I had nothing to do with, unpaid. Zig bought me Chik Fil A though, so there's that.

Anyway, hopefully it's good to go. I left it rendering for 13 hours, and hopefully there's no errors cuz I'm not going back.

So, my problem: I watch too much TV. Too damn much. How much? Well, I have decided to shame myself by posting every TV show I watch regularly right here, right now. In no order.

The Walking Dead/Talking Dead
The Daily Show/Colbert
Family Guy
Boardwalk Empire
Hello Ladies
Shark Tank
Undercover Boss
Cops(yeah, there are new ones on Spike TV)
Finding Bigfoot
How I Met Your Mother
Big Bang Theory
Comic Book Men
Pawn Stars
Gator Boys
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Sons of Anarchy
River Monsters
The League
Face Off
Hell On Wheels
Swamp People
Shipping Wars
American Horror Story
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Sons of Anarchy
Agents of Shield
Ripper Street
Saturday Night Live
The Following

Okay, so that's most of them. Some, that are on break, I might have forgotten. But holy shit, that's crazy, right? I don't want to add up how many viewing hours per week that is, but it's got to be off the charts...

Sure, many of them are ones I can play in the background while I work on the computer, but still...


In other news, I got a rough edit of the flick they want me to cut a trailer for. It's a pretty crappy movie. Really, really bad script. Like, written by a first-timer kind of bad. Really shitty cinematography considering the DP who allegedly shot it(he was a DP on a non-found-footage horror movie that came out and made a fortune a few years back, and just recently had a sequel).

There are very, very few good shots, so this is going to be a challenging trailer to make. Like, you'd hope that even on a shitty movie there would be some cool visuals you could try to sell the flick with.

Nope. Am mulling it over.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Woah, week with no posts?

I'm slacking. Is it because I have a ton of stuff to do? Yep.

Here's the draft I started a few days back and never finished:

Couple days left til Halloween. Feeling the pressure to watch all the horror movies I can.

Found all of these on Netflix:
VHS2 - Better than the first, but the connective storyline is crap again. How much freakin' money did Jason Eisener's one cost? Good god it's pretty apeshit.
American Mary - Not bad, but a bit pointless. Seems to meander a bit. The girl from Ginger Snaps looks great though, as well as the cinematography.
Ghoulies -Terrible.
Anyway, what's been going on?

First off, Zig called me and said he had a hard drive go down on the computer he's editing a movie on. It's pretty much been done but the director just scheduled the premiere recently, without seeing the finished movie. Long story.

Anyway, went over there to see how screwed he is. Big time. Hardware breakdown, so it's unrecoverable(short of sending it out to a recovery company that costs a lot of money). He called the director, who brought him the backup drive of footage, but many of the fixes I did on the flick are gone, saved on that hard drive.

Am going back over on Sunday to redo them and see if they can't get a screener of the movie burned for the premiere.

Today I shot some video for the auction company's big New York auction in a few weeks. Have to edit it all together this weekend.

Also got a call from the DP of my last two flicks. He helped shoot a new flick with some decent names in the cast, and is doing the post on it(editing and whatnot). He's like "Hey, you wanna cut a trailer of this flick for us?"

It's actually got Lance Effin H, from Aliens, in it so I was like "Maybe...", and then he's like, "We can pay you", and I was like "I'm in."

Only sucky part is I have to do it at their studio out in bumfuck. It's like an hour away from me, and $8 in tolls through Maryland's shitty new over-priced toll fees.

They're going to upload the movie to me so I can watch it and get some ideas, then I'll go out there ready to do some cutting. If it takes some time I may do a loose edit and then export all the clips, take them to my house and really get to work on it.

Finally got through the FOC2 flick with my final changes. Have exported and am praying there are no problems when I burn a blu and watch it, and that it looks good. Then I can get them printed up, cuz Erik delivered the final cover.

Oh, and did I mention Battlefield 4 came out? It's pretty cool, with a lot of buggy glitches though. But I've spent a lot of time on it already.