Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Day, Another Request

Got another request today about the serial killer and HH:

I'm a producer with E! Entertainment and we are doing a story on XXXX who
was attacked by SERIAL KILLER, we were hoping to use the cover and any other
promotional materials related to your film as b roll in our story, I'd like to send
you a materials release form if you're willing to send us some high resolution
images of the box art, as we will most certainly reference your film during our
show. Please feel free to call at NUMBER or write me at the email included

I replied that I would need the request to include a clause that says that I get a copy of the show on dvd within 6 months of the first airing, or the network would pay me $1000. This is a new clause I've had added to contracts because of those fucks at Discovery and ID network promising to send me a copy and then never following through.

So we'll see if they do it. If not, like I care. Less work for me to do.

Saw World War Z. That movie cooks, man. It's non-stop after the first five minutes, which is why it works. It's not a great movie but certainly has great moments, and as I mentioned it cannot be called boring. You know how I know?

Not one time did anybody pull out a cell phone in this movie. Not once. THAT'S how you know you've got a fast-paced movie.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Writing = Fun? What?

Okay, don't know what happened after I wrote that blog but I went to fuckin' town on a bunch of shit.

First, I cleaned up the area around my desk. I mean, I went through a bunch of boxes of Video/Filmmaking related magazines that I never threw out(I always fold pages that have interesting information on them in case I wanna go back and look at them).

Only, many of these magazines are from like 2003-2009, so I'm guessing all that crucial information is worthless and out-dated. (though I still looked at every folded page just in case, and kept some of the mags that dealt with sound--working with sound really doesn't change much)

Then I vacuumed the area--so much dust! Where does it all come from?

THEN I sat down to write some of the 80's script. I put my 80's music on the Xbox and played it, and let me just say that I blew threw a pretty solid 7 pages in like 2 hours. The strange part?

I actually enjoyed myself.

That never happens when writing. For me, writing is a lot like torture. Always has been, but I've been compelled to do it the same way I'm compelled to make movies even though there's no money in them any more.

But this time...I enjoyed myself. I can only guess it's the return to the 80's. I refreshed myself on the slang, the cars, spent some time remembering how it was. Then I threw it on the page.

I really feel like if we can capture that 80's feel then this is a movie that could sort of put us on the map. I've never felt more confident as a director, so if this thing cooks like I think it will it's gonna be a fun ride that reminds those of us from the 80's what it was like to be there, along with what it was like watching those great horror flicks from the decade.

On another note--Luke asked me offhandedly how many movies I'd make a year if I had all the money in the world to make movies. I said three or four. He's like "What?" How could I possibly do that many?

It wouldn't be that hard if I didn't have to fuckin' do everything. If I could just write/direct with a final polish edit...three wouldn't be hard at all.

Dreamin'....anyway, going to see World War Z with my sisters tonight. They're in town for a week from Wisconsin.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June Continues To Fly By

Not sure where it's going.

Sent out some press kits and screeners, but not to my rep yet. Directly to the distributors who asked about them. Not particularly hopeful but I guess you never know.

Did an interview for a web site--shot it on my cameras and told him I'd do a rough edit and send it to him so he could knock it down to whatever he wanted. That way I can also take out anything I accidentally said. Why am I a control freak? Mind your own business, fucker.

Went over Luke's. We continue to work on the script for What Will Probably Come Next. I can tell you this: It's a hard-core horror film featuring clowns. It is not FOC3. It takes place in the 80's, and yes we're going to blow some money on 80's clothes and a stylist for the awesome hair.

Hardest part is that the beginning takes place on a street so I gotta figure out how to get some 80's cars to place strategically so you only see those(and the non-80's cars are out of focus in the backgrounds).

Luke's not loving the script outline so far, which probably means we're on the right track. The movie is not convoluted and has about zero point zero exposition. This movie is basically distributor bait(as the first FOC was) and WHFW. (What Horror Fans Want)

When they ask me what genre this is I don't have to say it's "myster/horror" or "action/horror". This is horror. Period. Fuckin' A.

Next problem on the "making it" front will be actors. Everybody short of the clowns(who, let's face it, aren't going to need to act all that much) are high-school age(or needs to look it). Most of the actors I work with are older, so I'll have to do castings. Hate casting. Mind-numbing, tedious work.

Anyway, we've plotted out the first thirty pages or so. We're both going to write the first 10 pages and then see where we differ and what we both like best.


Saw this at the mall last night. That is a lot of hair.


Oh yeah, sunk a lot of time in the past week to an incredible game called State of Decay. Zombie game that's pretty much like living in the Walking Dead universe. You have to rebuild a mini-society and try to escape this city. Scrounge for food/ammo/medicine/materials so you can build forts and hold off the zombies. Pretty incredible.


New Filter album came out. You might remember them from their hits "Hey Man Nice Shot"(which played in Tales From the Crypt Demon Knight) and "Take A Picture". I downloaded the album, liked it a lot so went and bought it from Amazon.

There's not a single loser on the whole album. If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be this rocking little tune:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Superman

I'm just gonna say it. Superman 2 is still better. Much better.

You can talk all you want about the "dated" effects. Sure, some of the green screen at times is apparent. But when Superman lifts off from the ground in a medium shot, he's lifting off the fucking ground. They have a fucking crane with wires picking him up.

In the new movie, just about every time you see him fly it's from a LONG distance so he looks like a CGI mosquito. During the big battles it's a CGI fest that I checked out of every time. It felt like there were no stakes, because I never bought that any of it was happening.

There's all sorts of little plot problems I won't spoil here. Maybe later.

But what it amounted to for me was...I was bored. I said to myself about three times in the movie..."I must be getting old."

Then I remember that I loved the Avengers and that was last year. So no, this movie was just not good.

I gotta blame a lot of it on the CGI--Snyder can direct an action scene between actors in good movies(300, Watchmen) and in bad movies(even many of the fight scenes in the vapid Sucker Punch were good)...but these 100% CGI fights are just terrible.

And a whole lot of the blame goes to Goyer. The guy, for me, hasn't written a good comic book movie since the first Blade.

As the AICN dude says, this movie leaves you cold.

BUT...all is not lost. Saw This Is The End tonight and had a much better time. Man, if I'd been stoned I probably would have wet myself during parts of it. It's a movie that really shouldn't work...but it does. And it actually has some really nice CGI creatures in.

So if you get your pick, go for the End.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Does It Mean?

Bought these recently.

I make no further comment other than this: I technically didn't need the gun(a compressed-air BB gun) yet, but it was on sale so I figured what the hell. You can see a video demonstrating it here(he fires it around 6:20):

Friday, June 07, 2013

Life Continues

So, our final total was just south of 18K. A far distance from 52K, but still a respectable amount.

My next step then is to make up some press kits and send one to Maxim, and then the rest to my producer's rep to see what he has to say. Wasn't too pleased with the Bounty result we've gotten so far so I may be in the market for a new rep.

Anyway, am making up press kit pages and here's one that's not too bad. It's still got some issues(a few uneven things) but I think it's close to workable. Sue me, I'm not a graphic designer.

I took the background texture from here, which has some cool grunge textures you can download for free.

Would like to take a couple of weeks to decompress. I really spent a ton of time putting together and then running the KS campaign, and I gotta tell you that it's hard not to be bitter about it. A lot of people just didn't understand a very simple concept that happens to be different than what they're used to.

And what really chaps my ass is the people I know, as well as actors IN the movie, who didn't bother spreading the link once. Not once. It's hard to figure out why they wouldn't, especially when a couple of them spread OTHER links to movies trying to get funded to get made.

I can only assume they never want to be in another of my movies and/or ever want any help from me regarding anything.

Wait, I'm working to not be bitter, right? Failing, I know.

Luke and I are going to get together and talk it over. Honestly, right now I'm tired of the fight to make movies.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

KS Final Days

41 Hours Left. At $14,599. Clearly, it's not gonna happen.

I'll do a post-mortem exam on it later. For now, the important thing to think about is this: I had a root canal today. It was not fun.

So not so talkative right now. Maybe later.