Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jesus, now the teeth...

Told you about going to the dentist. He had mentioned if the tooth hurt after he filled the cavity then I might need a root canal.

Well, it has been hurting pretty steadily since then. So bad that I've been taking some of my wife's old painkillers just to go to sleep. (taking Advil during the day) And the kicker is, called them on Saturday but they weren't there, then they were closed for the holiday Monday, and by today when I called them they told me they couldn't get me in until NEXT Tuesday.

Awesome. I just took a pill an hour ago and I feel kinda high, but the pain is STILL there...not good...

Another valuable web site I've been reading--

Dude has got some EXCELLENT screenwriting advice. He also had a sale on his book on Amazon so I went ahead and got it, and it could be the best book I've ever read on screenplay writing. (and I've read A LOT)

He still has it on sale for $4.99, so check it out and see if you can still get it for that price. Excellent deal, and a very quick read--giving tons of tips while examining movies they worked in. And not the standard BS classic movies.

Dude looks at some of the true greats like Aliens, Terminator 2, Back To The Future, Die Hard and more. Do yourself a favor and get it--it's immediately given me ideas about one script I've written about 50 pages of. I was in a little bit of a rut, and one of the tips zeroed in on the exact problem I was having.


Watching Hannibal. Slick first two episodes, then the next two are like death. Man, slow and sort of pointless, but still stylish. Peter Medak(the 1980 Changeling and Species 2 director--also, if you can believe it, Zorro The Gay Blade) directed episode four.

Also watching The Americans, which is pretty good. Up to episode 10. Man, do you get the impression I watch a lot of TV? Gotta stop it.

Eight days out of KS end. Only at $4486. Can we somehow magically do like $6K a day? I doubt it.

A distributor contacted me out of the blue, did I mention that? They want to see a screener of GOH. Guess I should prep that.

But honestly, I'm going to be upfront with any potential distributor that if there's a tiny or no advance, not interested. Also, I'm not paying for QC. I know my master can make an incredible-looking Blu Ray, as evidenced by my incredible-looking Blu Ray. So if they claim they want changes, that's on their end. I'm not paying for it.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Geez, the eyes...

Did I mention how annoying my eyes are getting? They twitch a LOT. Not my lids...the actual eyeballs. I'm getting floaters, which is bad...some sites say I should get that looked at FAST because it could be a medical emergency.

But I don't have time for that shit, and I don't appear to have gone blind. I'm trying to find an eye doctor who takes our insurance up front. (the eye doctor I saw when I first had issues claimed on the phone that they took our insurance--I get there and they say they DO take it, but we have to pay the doctor and then get the money back from our insurance company. That is not my idea of taking the insurance.

Anyway, trying to read about what might be causing it led me to this super-optimistic site. Just check it out for yourself:

Awesome, right?

Our KS campaign marches on, but slowly. We're like 8% of the way there, with only 10 days left to go. Looking bleak. We just don't have the numbers I wanted--where are the many people throwing in a buck or two?

Anyway, here's an interview we did for the local paper. It's frustrating that a lot of people, including the interviewer, keep getting stuck on the whole "How come you don't try a normal distributor?" Not only have I answered the question explicitly, but it's the exact opposite of innovation. Why did we ever decide walking wasn't okay? That we needed cars? Then planes? Oh yeah, because they're better.

In other news, caught up to the current season of Game of Thrones. It's not bad, but it's got some slow parts. And is there ever enough Peter Dinklage? Answer: no. (where the fuck is my Knights of Bad-Assdom, btw?)

Just started Hannibal, since I've got all the episodes saved up. First episode was decent.

Finished Bates Motel season 1. Grew into a guilty pleasure. It's interesting. You just have to give it a few episodes.

Last but certainly not least--here's the BLOOPERS from our Button Button video from the other day. It starts slow but if you get bored, go to the last 2--worth the admission. (I mean, it's only like 3 minutes worth total, so it's not that long)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

At The Risk of Posting Something Helpful

This web site has TONS of interesting and helpful ideas/solutions for people into filmmaking.

Don't worry, I'll return to the super-important stuff regarding me and my life in the next post. Try to make it through the rest of the day without it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another week gone in an instant...

So it's hard to not look at the amount of work I've put into the KS thing and be disappointed that it appears that it's going to fail. We need to do like $3K a day from now til the end, and we're only barely over 3K for the entire 30 days it's been running.

I always sort of imagined it would fail. Still, having put in the brutal amount of work planning it, and watching the news spread, and the views go up...not sure what the disconnect is. People aren't interested in seeing the movie?

I mean, a LOT of people have hit that page...I was hoping for a lot of dollar drops. Hey, it's not like they're going to lose their dollar. We don't make it, they don't get charged.

Dunno. Really not sure what else I can do. I made a shorter presentation video--it's nice KS lets you just replace your video. I tried to make it informative and sort of funny. My favorite part is the They Live subliminals I threw in there. The last one, if you freeze frame it, features a They Live alien in the middle of the Chik-Fil-A cows saying Eat More Chiken.

Put up a new video I thinks pretty funny and seems to be getting positive response. Well, vocally. Hasn't led to a single donation.

They're all here if you want to see:

Guess I shouldn't be too down on myself. This guy did two pretty big micro-budget movies, and then did what I consider one of the funniest mockumentaries of recent times--and he's only raised like $13K on IG(the other fund raising site). If you make movies and haven't watched Brutal Massacre: A Comedy, do yourself a favor and check it out. It's pretty funny.

Anyway, here's his campaign to make the third in the trilogy of his other movies--straight horror flicks.

Anyway...went to the dentist today for the first time in like 10 years. One of my back teeth lost a little chip and another hurts every once in a while. Dentist said my teeth look pretty good for a guy who hasn't been to a dentist in 10 years. (I brush and floss every day)

He filled one tooth. I did the old Let's-Skip-The-Novacaine thing. I guess not too many people do that. He's like, "If it hurts too much let me know and I'll give you a shot of the painkiller".

I like to pretend he's torturing me for information, and if I ask for a shot of painkiller then I've given up the information. Well, I did not give it up. But yeah, pain still isn't fun. Will Power for the win though.

Gotta go in next week and they'll fix the chipped tooth.

Did an interview for the newspaper today. Will post a link to it Sunday. Hope it's okay. She asked "Well, if you don't make the goal is there a chance you'll release it for free anyway?"

I said there was a better chance I'd release half of it. Man, would be nice to leave it right on a cliffhanger with the text "Should Have Pitched In, Cheapskate".

Christ, did I tell you how little I want to fucking prepare this movie for a distributor? Right now I'd rather shoot myself in the head than deal with deliverables again...

Can you sense my anger from my pictures? Here, you don't deserve that. Have this as a parting picture.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Man, time is flying...

I come check on the blog, sure it's just been a day or two since I blogged last time, and somehow a week has gone by.

Lotta the same shit--the KS seems to have stalled very early on. It gets pretty frustrating trying to figure out why certain people aren't dropping a buck in. It also gets frustrating to watch actors who have parts in the movie pimp other stuff(even crowd-sourcing stuff) without ever mentioning the GOH experiment.

Jokes on them, cuz I got a long memory and NOBODY holds a grudge like I do. Can't wait til those fuckers either A) Ask for some footage for their reel or B) Audition for my next film.

Anyway, had a bit of a frustrating convo on FB. I didn't put the frustration out there, as I'm not looking to make enemies while I run this KS thing, but that's what my blog's for, right?

The Sword Scene In Question

The convo was with some friends and a filmmaker I don't know who shot a sword fight scene. It's actually pretty well done and I enjoyed MOST of it. But there some shots where they strapped a go-pro to the swords, and one shot where he strapped it to his foot as he did a dive/roll.

I watched the guy's BTS thing and he mentions that those kind of shots may get gimmicky. I commented on the FB thread that I agreed--they felt gimmicky. I think he got kind of offended and replied that's not what he said--he said he thought that EVENTUALLY they'd get gimmicky, but he thought his shots were good.

I pointed out that the problem on the shots, from my POV,  is that every one of them pulls you right out of the scene. You're disoriented at first, then you probably go "Hey, cool camera shot". And as a filmmaker I'd say that those two responses are NOT what you're looking to elicit from a viewer. What purpose in the scene did those shots serve?

I mentioned that in the thread. And he said his reply would be, "To show the audience a view they'd never be able to see."

That's where I stopped talking, because that is just stupid. That is not a justification for a shot in a movie. If your movie's about Ant Man, and he's on the sword in the middle of a sword fight--THAT is a reason to show the camera-strapped-to-the-sword angle.

Just to show a new angle nobody's seen? Serves no dramatic purpose in itself, and in fact works at opposite purpose, reminding you that you're watching a movie(and hey, look how cool the director is!)...

This is why I fear for upcoming filmmakers who have access to all this cool tech and gear without ever having to work to get there. It's Jeff fucking Goldblum's speech in JP. This is a shitty video of it, but THIS is exactly what I am afraid of:

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Man, the KS thing just continues to consume my time. Last weekend we shot an update video featuring the popular clown from my clown flicks, which is the video linked above. Had a good time, came home and edited it in 2 nights.

We had written a script for one of the lead actors from GOH to do--sort of a parody of himself--and turns out, he doesn't want to do it. He thinks it's mean-spirited and not enough parody, so people who don't know him might actually think he's like that.

It's ridiculous of course. It's like James Van Der Beek or NPH--imagine if those guys didn't want to play that caricature of themself like they've done numerous times...

So we have to think of something else. I have a couple of other update vids planned.

As for our trajectory--we're way behind. Sure, we've passed two grand, but we need to average like $1500 a DAY. I'm not sweating it too much yet, as we still have over a month to the campaign, but it's certainly worrisome.

They say people wait til the last minute to put in, so we'll see. One of the reasons I didn't do the 30 day like KS recommends is because I knew it would take time for word to get out. More and more people seem to be stumbling on the news somewhere or other, so the longer it's up the better chance I think we have.

In other news, saw Iron Man 3. Thought it was pretty good, but not the best of the 3. Luke thinks it's not only the best of the 3, but one of the best movies he's seen this year.

Went over to Zig's house and watched Return of the Jedi, the ORIGINAL version. It's the first time I've watched any of the movies in 15 years. It was cool, but still kind of depressing; I remember when I really loved those movies, and now it's just a sour taste in my mouth.

Luke and I worked some more on the other script today. I'm actually getting kind of excited because--even if we can't get the names like we want with "bunker", this could get us some serious attention if we do it right.

So we idea of when we'd shoot it though. Hard to believe it's actually been nearly 3 years since I shot an actual movie...