Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KS Progress (UPDATED)

Been a busy week. Spreading the new about the campaign. Some of my news peeps are being slower than normal putting it up--not sure if they're backlogged, or just reluctant to post something related to crowd-sourcing. (cuz I'm sure they get tons of emails about people's campaigns)

Lead actor RC sent me this, after we chatted for like 2 hours on the phone:

It's an info-graphic about 3 years of KS.

Here's a weird public website that gives stats about our campaign:

Horrortalk posted this about us:

S Or T posted this:

Horror Movie News

Horror Society posted this link:

Horrorbid has a handy You Post The News feature, that takes your post and cycles it to the newsfeed if they deem it worthy. Mine was:

There was a Reddit post that blew up a little with some fairly weak-minded arguments against and a few for. Don't get me wrong, if you don't want to see the movie, don't drop a buck. But don't say there's "no incentive" to donate. I mean, unless you think there's no incentive to pay Red Box a buck when you take a movie, and no incentive to pay Netflix $7.99 a month to watch movies.

More stuff will be coming...maybe even stuff in PRINT. (that's an ancient type of media where they put words and pictures on paper, and people physically hold the pages and turn them to read more)

Also, the KS dashboard has some nice features, showing you where the pledges you got originated from. That way you have a better idea of where to concentrate your time. Here's what it looks like right now(as it tells me my average pledge is just above $22)

Some new sources have hit:

Ain't It Cool News

In addition you can see one of our new update videos on our Youtube page:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Behind The Curtains of The "Experiment"

Just how long have I been working on the KS launch? I went back in my blog and can find me talking about it as early as October of last year.

So what took so long for the actual launch?

Well, planning was #1. I have put nearly as much work into this campaign as into an actual movie. I have researched why they fail and why they succeed. A huge part of it is the social networking, which I'm not particularly great at. So I've made more of an effort there.

You need people to hit your page a lot. You don't want to piss people off by constantly posting "Hey go look at my KS page!"

You can go around this by doing updates, especially video updates. If you have new content then it'll bring people to your page and not look like you're just shilling(which, let's face it, you are).

So I've got video updates planned--some of them are done already, others I'll be shooting in the next couple of weeks.

After all of this I figured I was ready to launch. That was like 2 months ago.

In order to use KS you must register to receive Amazon Payments. This involves registering your business and verifying a bank accout and promising your first-born child. It took an immense amount of time because they couldn't verify our business ID. They said get the letter that the IRS sent us and fax it to them.

So Luke had to get that from his accountant, which took time. Then he faxed it. Amazon said they didn't get it. So we faxed it again. Hey, they got it. We're approved. (took weeks)

But then I go back to KS and click the review button and it tells me my Amazon payments isn't complete. Click on a link to see what's missing. I click that link and it takes me to Amazon, where it automatically shows me 4 checkmarks with big letters YOU'RE APPROVED TO RECEIVE AMAZON PAYMENTS.

Weird. I go back to KS and get the SAME message. It's a vicious loop. I contact KS and Amazon. Neither is sure what's going on, and they take their time getting back to me. There's a chance, they say, that somehow the email I registered with at the beginning isn't linked to the project. But they don't indicate what email that was, and it was month's ago. (and I have like 30 emails)

I finally say fuck it and create a NEW project, copying and pasting it all over, every reward. Takes like an hour because I have to do the drop down tabs for where shipping is available as well as when each reward is to be delivered.

Then I click Review--and to my surprise it accepts it. BUT it's not for me to review...turns out KS has to review my listing and will get back to me within a few days to say if I'm accepted.

I did not realize that was part of I have to wait LONGER.

THEN KS gets back to me and says, and I quote:
Thanks for submitting your project to KS. It looks interesting. However, KS hasn't traditionally been used as a straight distribution/marketing platform. Is there any aspect of your project you can focus on that still needs funding -- encoding for digital release, DVD creation, etc? If so I would advise you to focus on this aspect of the film.
Please give this some thought and let me know what you come up with. Thanks for your cooperation.

On the one hand I'm encouraged because they're basically telling me it hasn't been done before. On the other hand they're saying No.

I send them back a nice response basically saying that KS has made its name being non-traditional, and that my campaign is still in the spirit of KS--technically I could have asked for the money BEFORE we shot the movie, and promised to upload it free to the internet. But in this case I have ensured no KS funders will get ripped off, because the movie is DONE.

To my surprise they agree. Finally, I got to launch.

So that's where we are. Today I upload the first video update--the final trailer I put up here a few weeks ago. I have been very encouraged by the fact that a number of people have commented that they think it's a great idea, and wonder whether it's something they could do with their film.

We're only at like $400 right now, but that's with ZERO media support. I've begun contacting the various horror sites and torrent sites, so we'll see if it starts to pick up.

The sobering thing is that we have to average like $1200 a day to make it. We're way short of that since we've been live for 2 days, but like I's all been word of mouth so far. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Experiment Is Live

So I been dropping hints now for months about something experimental I was going to try. That something is Kickstarter.

Now I know what you're saying--wtf? That's not new or experimental.

Well, what I'm trying to do with it is(and even Kickstarter said so...)

We're going to try to raise approximately our budget on GOH, my last movie we shot on the Red One. And if we do, I am literally going to GIVE THE MOVIE AWAY TO EVERYBODY. No, not digital downloads. I will upload it on Youtube, on Vimeo, on the torrents.

As far as I know nobody has done this before with a feature film. I am aware of some web series doing it, but they're web series by definition, so nothing revolutionary there.

But I am going to completely relinquish control over my movie without any hope of ever selling a single foreign territory or any domestic rights whatsoever. The only money I could possibly make after the release would be whatever Blu Rays we have left over from the rewards(the $40 reward gets you a Blu Ray), and possibly if I put some ads on the Youtube version after a year or so.

And if you read the fine print on my Kickstarter page you'll see I mention that this scares the shit out of me. It does. I don't work for nearly nothing. But the main investor in GOH says whatever money he gets back goes right back into our next film, for which we already have a dude who's good for $60-$80K.

We're looking for 52K which, after Kickstarter/Amazon fees and Reward Fulfillment, will net us around $42-ishK. It's a little more than the movie cost, but I took no fee whatsoever for dedicating 2.5 years of my life to it, so I'm getting the remainder as payment. I think it works out to like $3500 a year, which I think we can all agree is a fortune. If it wasn't for the cocaine and hookers I don't know why I do it.

Anyway, feel free to spread the link if you're inclined. I will shortly tell you about just why it took me about 5 months to launch this bad boy. Our first update for the campaign will be that final trailer for the movie. I have some more updates planned, one that I'm shooting next Saturday(hear that, Zig? We're on for the 27th)

But my end result is to see whether this is something viable as perhaps a distribution paradign. I mean, let's say I make the $150K movie featuring known genre actors--is it a stretch to think we could perhaps Kickstart distribute that? I guess we'll see.

And if you have any questions about anything--yes, anything--post them here. I'll be doing video question/answer once a week for the campaign, and I won't be reading the question until I start rolling on the camera. It might be amusing.

UPDATE: This is weird. I launched the campaign around 2:30am. I told no one, figuring I'd throw it up on FB at like 8:30am. But when I went back to copy the link at 5:30am there was already 4 backers(at only $1 apiece).

But that's weird. Not sure where they came from, but it feels like a good omen. I mean, I'd love to get as many $1 donations as possible, because then it really will feel like a lot of people want to see the movie. (as opposed to having 1000 people put in $50 apiece)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back FROM L.A.

 Universal City Walk

It went okay. Got to see Jacky, but Tom had a last minute thing so he didn't show up.

Jacky and I had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe cuz it was close--I was walking distance from Universal City Walk. We chatted, had a good time, caught up with each other. She's getting married later this year and I talked her out of inviting me. (I hate weddings)

Weather was nice, as you can see here.A little chilly for CA at night, but by no means uncomfortable.

Fly back today to hear the bad Boston news...which was also a bummer because I was gonna launch my big GOH experiment when I got back...

...but anyway, I will outline it here tomorrow since it's imminent.

Hey, remember that unlisted video edit I did of that AWESOME movie? I only passed it to like 6 people. I thought I put a link here but don't see it, so check it out for yourself if you haven't already:

Anyway, somehow it's at like 100 views...I hope this douchebag doesn't get famous like that Birdemic guy. I hate people who get famous from being super UN-talented.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Back To L.A.

So Thursday I'm heading back to the alleged city of angels. Am going to have dinner with Jacky(leading lady from both FOCs) and the Proctor(star of Bounty).

Will get back by next Tuesday and if something hasn't happened regarding my "experiment", someone's getting murdered.

Hey, it occurs to me I never did put up anything about the one time I went out of town(can't remember, might have been New Orleans), and the couple in the next room were fucking so loud you could hear it plainly. How plain? Here's what I recorded from my iphone--I pumped up the volume with Sound Forge.

You might have to fast forward about 40% of the way in where she really kicks it into high gear. And no, it was definitely NOT a TV.

Saw Evil Dead and Jurassic Park 3D this past weekend. Evil Dead is decent...some cool gore from an FX guy I've never heard of. Didn't scare me at all, but it was better than most remakes. JP still kicks major ass and looks incredible. The movie is 20 years old and still holds up.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013


The douchebag saga continues. Apparently he put the link up but took it down very fast. Luckily one of my buddies managed to download it real fast, and he got me a copy.

I sorta watched it--as much as you can really watch something this bad. But...You. Will. Not. Believe. It.

So in the interest of helping you people to see the wonderful "magic" being made one movie at a time, I have exported a few clips. I wanna stress--seriously--I have not touched this footage other than to clip some scenes(and I may add some text comments).

It's exporting now. Having some weird issues with the audio(and the movie appears to be missing the last 8 minutes or so).

Will put a link here, so hold your breath! It's worth the wait.

UPDATE: It has some issues that I've had to iron out, and I had a new idea so this will take a couple of days. But I'll have something for you soon...anticipation...