Friday, March 29, 2013

Waste of a Night

Remember that douche bag local filmmaker I ragged on a while back? No? Well go look here first:

Tonight the guy's new movie was having its "Red Carpet" premiere at the same festival(pretty much) where his other film won a bunch of awards. And lo and behold, this new film is also up for a bunch of awards.

Zig and Ryan(both above) wanted to go see it, because Ryan got fired off of it because he wouldn't go along with the ridiculousness and Zig quit(the first movie he's ever quit in his 20 or so years of working on them).

I'm all for checking out a train wreck. I figure, hey, at the very least I can hang out with the guys(and Amy, Ryan's wife) plus Stewie showed up.

We get there early, grab a ticket and then go get a bite to eat. Scheduled time for movie to start is 8:30pm. We come back at 8pm to some shocking news. The filmmaker isn't there because he's rendering out the movie.

We're all sort of in shock at that. The night of his premiere and he doesn't have a finished film? Are you fucking kidding me?

We stand around chatting with everybody. A lot of the actors who worked on the film are there, and most seem to be not overly impressed with the filmmaker. All have some pretty ridiculous stories from the shoot. I'm a little surprised they even showed up.

It got later and later. The guy running the fest kept making excuses. The filmmaker's on his way, etc.

At 10:30pm they finally said "Hey, sit down...he's here, we're going to show it." Honestly, I was ready to leave. But we went in and sat down anyway.

The guy in charge of the fest got up in front of the crowd and vamped very poorly for a while. Talking about how the heavy work of filmmaking really takes place AFTER the shoot. Bull. Shit. Editing may take longer, but is certainly not harder than actually MAKING the film.

Then they got the cast up in front to introduce themselves. The movie starts at 10:45 but immediately you can tell it's framed wrong. It's like twice the size of the screen and getting cut off. They shut it down and announce they've got to fix the aspect ratio.

You'd think that would take 60 seconds. You would be wrong.

At 11pm I tell Zig and Ryan, I'm ready to go. They still wanna stick it out. Stewie's ready to leave also. At that moment the lights go down again. The movie starts.

It's just as shitty as I thought it would be. There's camera-mic audio in the first scene, strange cuts that don't follow and seem randomly timed, out of focus shots and other shots that drift around like they're searching for the subject.

The audio goes out of sync within like 5 minutes. They keep stopping the movie and restarting it. Turns out the movie wasn't rendered at all; they're playing it right from the Timeline.

After stopping and starting it about 10 times they finally give up. Seriously...3 hours of waiting and we didn't even see the movie. The director came out and didn't even apologize, though you could tell he was feeling like a douche. He promised anyone who left their email would get a link to the movie so they could watch it on Monday.

So hey--if you wanna see what I'm talking about, check back here Monday. I'll post the link and password so you can see it. It'll blow your mind how inept it is.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Kicking Veronica

So we all know about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter thing, right? They raised their goal in like 11 hours and they're probably gonna make like 5 million before it's done.

A lot of people are wigging out, saying things like "Kickstarter's just for people with no money" and stuff. It's going to set a bad precedent that people are funding studio movies for chrissakes.

I'll weigh in. I've used crowd-sourcing before and I'll use it again.

And I contributed to the VM campaign. See the thing is that it doesn't hurt any indy campaigns. Nobody who contributed to VM is going to look at another project and go, "Man, that was my only $25, and if VM hadn't done this I'd TOTALLY have contributed to the indy one!"

No. And the other hand is that people have to understand that it may be a studio project but it's a studio project that WOULD NOT have happened without this. And it's not a donation. I contributed so I can get a dvd of the movie and some other perks. I'm just prepaying.

On the good side I think this has raised a bit of awareness for some people who didn't know what Kickstarter was.

Anyway, I think most of the people pooh-poohing the idea are non-fans of VM. I bet there's a show they liked that went off the air that they'd gladly contribute to. So in that vein, here are some other projects I would gladly fork over money to see launched. (in no particular order)

1) Firefly - Duh. Like, a no brainer. But it'll never happen until Joss gets done with his Marvel crap. Contrary to what they say, Fillion's Castle commitment isn't 12 months a year, so he'd be available if they worked around his schedule.

2) Profit - One of the greatest series of all time. Canceled far too soon...

3) Quantum Leap - The money would not come out of my wallet fast enough. One of my all-time favorite shows.

4) Journeyman - Sort of a newer Quantum Leap with a great soundtrack. If you haven't seen it, go torrent it. (they haven't put it out on DVD and probably never will)

5) Freaks N Geeks - Not a chance of this ever happening, but still.

6) Party Down - The other great show by VM creator Rob Thomas. If you haven't seen it, go check it out. It's a  lot of fun and there's a lot of VM regulars in there.

7) Jericho - Not sure it's necessary but it was a series that got better as it went on

8) Carnivale - Man, what a crappy place to end this series. Let's see a tie-up movie.

9) Invasion - This was a slow-boiler but if you're a fan of Invasion of the Body Snatchers you should check this out. Starring William Fichtner, Tyler Labine and Leslie Vernon himself Nathan Baesel. It's on Netflix streaming right now, so check it out.

10) The Invisible Man - Fun little series on Sci Fi, back when it was Sci Fi.

11) Earth 2 - Thought this was a fun little Lost In Space feeling show, with Tim Curry  and Clancy Brown in it. What more do you want?

12) Alien Nation - Loved this show when it was on TV. They did wrap up some stuff with some TV movies after the show was done, but would love to see more.

Honorable Mentions that I'd consider: Reaper, Greatest American Hero(really would depend if Katt was coming back as a regular), Terriers(another good one on Netflix), The Good Guys(also on Netflix), Surface, Drive

Monday, March 18, 2013

One Week Progress

Ended the week at 207.6. So, not a bad first week considering I'm not killing myself. Over 7 pounds lost.

Weird though, as yesterday morning I was 206.8 so for some reason I was slightly up. Maybe I needed to take a dump or something.

Watched Seeking Justice. The Nic Cag movie flew like an arrow to dvd rather than the movies. It's directed by Roger Donaldson(Species, 13 Days, The Getaway), which surprised me.

It is so thoroughly mediocre that it's apparent right away why it went straight to dvd. (streamable on Netflix which is where I watched it)

Watched the full first season of Derek, Ricky Gervais' new series. (It's only 6 episodes) First episode is not good, but after that it gets very entertaining and also pretty touching at parts.

Also am now fully willing to admit that Banshee is a pretty fun, stylish little series. Glad Cinemax greenlit season 2. They have some awesome fight scenes, nudity/sex in every episode, so what more could you ask for?

Jesus I watch a lot of TV. Sort of wish they'd cancel some shows but they just keep putting out more and more.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update & New Rough Trailer

209 today. Sure, I'm starving. But dropping the pounds. I think the 216 was deceptive as it was middle of the day and I was fully clothed. I was probably more like 214. But 5 pounds in 4 days is a pretty good start.

Using an app to keep track of my calories, keeping it under 1800 every day.

Finished a rough version of the new trailer. Thoughts? There's stuff I like and stuff I don't. I realize after going through the footage looking for shots that there's a FUCKLOAD of walking in this movie. That's really what audiences want in their movies, right?

TEST - DO NOT SPREAD(PS Make sure you put it in 720p)

Wife made me some steak today, because in case you didn't know it's Steak and BJ day. Don't believe me? There's a web site.

I'm hoping the BJ part is later on tonight. Fingers crossed.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Die It

Haven't had a scale in my house for a while, cuz it just stopped working. Been hassling the wife to get another one so I could see just where I stand.

Holy shit.

Got one today. The scale says 216. Say what? That's about 10 pounds more than I thought I was, and 16 pounds over where I'd like to stay.

So today begins the agony again. Time to go hard-core shake diet again. Will be even harder because of the Coke Zero embargo.

But if it comes down to me eating food or drinking Zero, I'm going back to Zero until I get the weight under control again.

It's funny, I didn't think I had gained that much. I don't feel like I look that fat, but when I was 230 I never thought I looked like Jabba until I saw it on the screen.

There's your boring update for the day.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Winning The Zero Battle

So, it's been a fight. Going from 2 liters-plus a day to almost none really taxes you.

I'm averaging about half a 2 liter a WEEK right now. I had almost none last week. (I went to the movies and got a large one there)

I have to get a new scale--old one stopped working--and start checking my weight. I know I have to lose some pounds, but just wanna make sure I'm not eating too much in compensation for the Zero. I've been drinking a shit-ton of water.

Am working on a new GOH teaser/trailer for something. It's hard, because I was pretty happy with this trailer--it says everything I want to say and I think it's enough to get people interested without revealing any big spoilers.

So I'm trying a few different things, messing with stuff. Every time I go through the score for pieces to use in the trailer I am further amazed by just how good it is. One of the reasons I'd love to get a budget on a movie is so I could pay Chad what he's worth as a composer.

No movement on scripts.

Oh hey--I couldn't find some of my old old short stories. I thought I'd backed them up years ago. I went and pulled out the old 3.5 inch disks(yes, I still have one computer with a drive on it) and went through them and VOILA! No, I had some stuff on those that I don't have on any hard drives.

Man, 1990 I did a TON of writing. I have like 10 short stories all dated that year, plus a bunch of other writing. I found the first 30 pages of the novel I wrote when I was 17. I found all sorts of weird shit.

And it was all in Wordperfect format. Anybody remember that? Luckily Word reads it, even if it puts some funky symbols in every couple of paragraphs. I went through and fixed them, resaved them in the newer format.

One of the stories made me wince--it's pretty fucking gruesome. Until I started reading it, I had totally forgotten it. Maybe I'll post one up here eventually.

Also went out to a dinner with the local horror dudes. Was fun. Shooting the shit, bitching about crappy distributors, making fun of some local wannabe-directors. Good times.