Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Think I'm Gonna Get This

It doesn't cost anything to upload any picture you want, so I think this is pretty cool. Might add the FOC logo to the top left.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar And Withdrawal

So, did the Oscar thing with the mom again. We always do the sheet to see who can pick the most winners and pretty much every year she beats me by one or two.

Dunno what she was smoking this year, but she only got 16 right. I got 20. Wasn't even close. I even picked Ang Lee to win the director, though I am of course always rooting for the movie God Spielberg.

All in all it was a pretty lame Oscar show. Much as I like Seth McFarlane, he was clearly restraining himself. And some of the bits they gave to actors to do were horrible.

Anyway, did I mention that I've been reading more and more studies that show aspartame can be really bad for you in big doses? I can't ignore it anymore, given that a lot of the side effects are some of my problems. (memory loss, fatigue)

And sure, those are also problems with my disease but who's to say what's caused by what? So I decided, gotta cut down on the 2 liter a day Coke Zero habit. And of course I never do anything half ass.

I figured I'd cut it down to 2 liters a week. That shouldn't be too much.

Five days ago I just decided not to have any soda at all that day. Got a massive migraine that night, probably caffeine withdrawal. The next day I had half a Burger King cup of the Zero. Since then I haven't had any.

Been craving it, oh yeah. But I figure I might as well see how well I can do when I put my will toward it. I've been drinking massive quantities of Coke Zero for pretty much as long as it's been out. (2005 Wiki tells me) So for 7 straight years.

Let's see how hard it is to go cold turkey for a little while, then I'll reward myself with it in limited doses. And see if I feel any difference in my body/mind.

Today am catching a preview of 21 and Over. Thursday there's a get together of horror filmmakers I'm going to go to. Shoot the shit with some of the guys I don't get to see that often.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Web Series

Ya gotta admit, you can see some pretty cool shorts on the web if you weed through stuff. Like this one:

I mean, that's got some pretty great effects, some excellent cinematography and if they hadn't killed off the hot girl early I'd even give it higher marks.

Anyway, had seen a couple of videos from these guys where they demonstrate how they do some of their stuff. I knew it cost decent money(they took their crew to some resort to do one short), but I had NO idea how much until they came clean on what it cost to do their web series. (which I haven't watched yet)

They did a kickstarter long ago looking for like $60K and got like $275K. But check out their cost...$625,000 they spent on the series.

Wow. So, I don't feel bad that my stuff doesn't look anywhere near that good because you could add up the budgets on all five of my movies and then multiply by five and you still wouldn't have that amount.

But it's cool that they're putting out info. If all of us indy filmmakers got together and shared, there would be a lot less getting-dicked by distributors...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wow...Almost 8 Years

Another couple of weeks and it will be the 8 year anniversary of me doing a blog. That is CRAZY.

I still remember when I first sat down to write one. Not really sure what the whole "blog" thing was about. (because it was a pretty new word to me...remember those days?)

So it's crazy to think that I have kept up semi-regular updates on here for that length of time.

Anyway(which is probably the word most used on my blog), watched a movie I was pretty sure I was gonna hate. Pitch Perfect. I had heard good things about it but it basically looked like Glee, and who needs more of that?

Turns out it's pretty good. With a high hottie-count, which is nice, and a lot of catchy songs. Also showed quite a reverence to The Breakfast Club, so you know at least they have their values straight.

In other writing news, because we're having a hard time finding the other 80K or so that we need to really move forward on the "Bunker" movie, I told Luke that we should start brainstorming something else we could shoot for the 60K we have now.

We wouldn't be able to get Lance for that, but we could try to populate it with the Shep, Vernon, Proctor, and a couple of other minor names. If we put up $15-$20K for the talent, that leaves us about $40K for the film.

So we need something high concept with very minimal locations that we don't have to build. I'm trying to come up with a rough budget for it. I told Luke to sort of look at the Predator model for a screenplay. We need some sort of creature/monster to have a shot at Syfy money, and we want it to be another fast-moving script like Bunker.

I'm drawing not much right now though.  At least, not much that seems original. Nothing high concept yet. I think Luke's drawing a blank too.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Comets And Asteroids

Ever since they started the stories about the asteroid that was gonna come close to us, I was thinking I should be messing around with After Effects and learning some new tricks. I always wanted to attempt a comet falling from the sky. I figured it wouldn't be too tough...

Then today I fall asleep for two hours and wake up to find out some comet smashed into Russia and there's all sorts of awesome video footage.

So I said fuck it, I'll mess around a bit. This is what I did after about four hours of fucking around. It's not great, and if I spent more time on it I could make it better.

The oil rig background was a free stock clip from Pond5. They have a free clip every week, and sometimes they're not bad. I probably have a couple gigs of free clips that someday I might use on something.

Anyway, wanted to see a movie this week but didn't. Sounds like the new Die Hard movie is dogshit. I'll probably try to catch Soderbergh's Side Effects, for which I haven't even seen a preview.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Yep, another Valentine's Day. (or Valentime's Day as my wife says it)

My wife was hoping to get some more of those giant chocolate-covered strawberries she had last year or the year before. Unfortunately they weren't making them this year at her work because they couldn't find the strawberries.

I could have sworn I took a picture of them and put them on this blog, but when I tried to search I found nothing about them. (searched for both strawberry, strawberries and chocolate)

But as I was scrolling through some of the past years I realized that I HAVE put up a few duplicate demotivational  pics. It's weird--I download ones I find funny, put them in a folder and after I use them I move them to another folder called USED.

I guess sometimes I forget to move them.

Anyway, no big plans. Me and the wife went out to our favorite restaurant only to find out they've changed the menu. Everything's ala carte now. I mean, it was expensive before...

My "Filets of Haddock" platter has now been called Fish & Chips...though why that is, I'll never know. Also the first time I've paid $28 for Fish & Chips. My wife got the sirloin steak($28) plus a stuffed potato($6). After her glass of wine and the chicken tender appetizer(which was 4 tiny pieces of chicken for $10) our bill came to $84.

The "chips" that came with my fish were horrible. Different than the steak fries they used to serve.

Yeah, and people wonder why I think change sucks.

Anyhow, the first new episode of WD of this year was okay. Some stuff happens only because it needs to. (I mean, Andrea's rally speech was the weakest speech I've ever heard, but everybody's like YEAH!) And the ending came out of left field.

Started watching an original show that is on Cinemax called Banshee. It's kind of fun if you can get past the premise that's pretty outlandish. It has some nice nudity also.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

GOH More Stuff

So, went over Luke's last night and listened to the whole commentary to make sure we didn't say anything we shouldn't have. Nothing too bad.

But if you wanna have a fun drinking game, take a drink every time I mention banging Luke's wife or I say the phrase "Eat a dick". You WILL be drunk by the end.

You can definitely hear some eating of dorito's and pretzels at certain times, but it's not through the whole thing.

Anyway, here's my rough of the Blu disc.
Again, it's adequate. But I just don't feel like that's enough. So I emailed my bud Erik who did the GOH poster and asked him if I could send him the roughs and have him give me some pointers on what to do to make them better.

And him, being far too nice, said "Fuck that, send 'em to me and I'll fix 'em."

So hey, these are gonna get much better. Good stuff! He's the man.

I continue to plot "the plan". If this fails, it will be the best-plotted failure ever.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Rough'N It

I went back to look at the rough Blu Ray cover I'd worked on. First thing I notice is that it said I had "deleted scenes", "out-takes" and "Trailers". Uh...didn't have them on the Blu.

So I went and removed Out-Takes, cuz we don't really have any super-funny ones. I changed the Deleted Scenes to Deleted Scene(but hey, it's over 4 minutes long!), and then I found the teasers and trailers and put them on the Blu.

I think I'm officially done with it now. This is the rough cover, but I'm not in love with it. Portions are acceptable but fuck do I hate that synopsis I pulled out of my ass. Will need work.

Then I gotta go design the actual disc cover. Now that I think about it I'm not sure you can even do multi-color discs--I don't remember any of my Blu Rays being overly colorful or designed. If I can't, no prob: I'll just slap the logo, the copyright shit, and I'm done. UPDATE: I was incorrect--they can be colorful and all that shit, so I'm working on that now.

Also, Jared my DP called me today. He also has his own studio. He's looking to get some local directors together to make some 2-5 minute shorts for an anthology. He supplies all the equipment(the Red and lights, etc), and I supply the script and pizza(I suppose).

Any genre(which frankly means this has no chance to get distributed), but he says they might just put them all online as a calling card for what locals can do. I don't care either way--I'm just kind in the mood to make a short. Have been for years.

So I'm contemplating it. At some point I'd just love to do a 5 minute action piece with fuckin' guns BLAZING, man.

Also, this is kind of funny, link from Bill Martell's bloghttp://screencrush.com/movie-poster-cliches/

Monday, February 04, 2013

Commentary Done. Cue Hangover.

Last night had the boys over for the GOH commentary.

Had to clean the place up, then figure out how to hook up the whole system again. Hell, it's been over 2 years since I did a commentary. So basically I gotta figure out how to run audio out of my blu ray player and split it 3 times for headphones(because that's how we hear the movie)--then figure out how to run all the mics into the mixer, and then into the Zoom recorder.

Now, it's not hard to figure out if you have all the adapters you need. But I got a million adapters, and it's a trial and error sort of thing.

Anyway, did it. Got set up. Boys came over and we had pizza. Stewie came by briefly and watched the Making Of segments.They went over pretty well. Hopefully people will enjoy them.

Stewie took off, we began drinking, and our warm-up movie this time is the classic Real Genius with Val Kilmer. (If you're keeping track, previous commentary warm-up movies have been The Wraith, Red Dawn and Teen Wolf)

I went ahead and recorded it just in case it was funny I could upload it to the web for free. But I don't think that's a problem. We laughed, had a good time, but there were a lot of silences and at one point we got into an argument about what was the last movie to win an Oscar as Best Picture that deserved it--and Luke hit the web and we went through like 10 years of movies.

Moved on to the main flick and I'll admit I was pretty drunk by then. I also misjudged my mic's sensitivity, as I was eating hard pretzels but I backed way off the mic when I did. Clearly, not far enough, as I listened to some of the commentary and you can hear me pretty easy.

We started watching Willow for a while, and Luke left, and Zig and I watched Top Secret. I can't explain why we were on such a Val Kilmer kick.

I haven't listened to much of the actual commentary, but I went ahead and imported it, sweetened it a bit, and then added it to the Blu Ray. I still had about 2 gigs free, so I built 2 chapter indexes and added that.

It appears to all work great, so I think I'm about done with the creation. I'm waiting for a few cards to fall but we should be a little over a week until I start announcing things and get the ball rolling on this experiment of mine. I'll tell you this: It's scary stuff.

PS: Super hung over today. Went to the inlaws to watch the superbowl. Bored as fuck for the first half, but the second half got better.

Also: Saw Warm Bodies with the wife on Friday. It's okay. Nothing surprising in it, but it's competent and mildly cute.