Saturday, December 22, 2012

Watched Movies Must Report

So, watched two VOD movies tonight. One is Killer Joe, so let's talk about that.

Let's say William Friedkin directed a movie about drug addicted rednecks that was based on a play. No, not Bugs--that was his last one. Why is he doing another?

Well, good news is this one is better than Bugs. Bad news is, it's still not great. It's got some cool moments but in the end it's just a big bottle of nothing. Not much happens and then the ending is just...I blame Sopranos. All these crappy clipped endings that come out of nowhere at inappropriate moments.

Of course, this movie is high art compared to the next one I watched. VHS. I wanted to like it. I'd heard good things about it. The trailer is pretty cool. And I know it didn't cost much.

BUT fuck, man. Edit your fucking movie. This movie drags so often and has so much footage of absolutely nothing happening that it makes the PA movies look action packed. And if VHS was only like 80 minutes long you might forgive some of that, but this movie is 1hr52 minutes...

It can take some shaving off.  The script is pretty terrible and the "through-line" story is pretty irrelevant.  A big disappointment.

Also am watching the Silent Night remake now. It's not very good, but it's not so bad I'm turning it off. Just feels a bit like it's missing the point of the original.

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